Chapter 445 - Forbidden Mysterious Technique

MGA: Chapter 445 - Forbidden Mysterious Technique

“No, not a Divine Body. It’s a Forbidden Mysterious Technique.” Just at that time, Eggy spoke.

“Forbidden Mysterious Technique?” Chu Feng suddenly came to a realization.

“That’s right. It is definitely a Forbidden Mysterious Technique. Looking at him, he seems to have cultivated it for a very long time and has already proficiently grasped this Mysterious Technique. He is a lot more practiced in it than Yan Ruyu, and he can already nimbly grasp this special power.”

“But, no matter how much better he cultivates the Forbidden Mysterious Technique, there are differences in it and Divine Bodies in terms of essence. His power is very strong, but it’s only because he cultivated the Forbidden Mysterious Technique and not because he is a Divine Body.” Eggy explained.

“It seems like I’m right. You have indeed also cultivated a Forbidden Mysterious Technique, but sadly, your cultivation is too weak. If you were also the same as me, being in the 3rd level of the Heaven realm, I would definitely not be able to defeat you. However, regrettably, you are only in the 1st level of the Heaven realm. Thus, you will not be able to defeat me.” Zhang Tianyi said while being full of confidence.

“Hmph. Then let’s see who’s strong and who’s weak.” Zi Ling coldly snorted then drove the purple-coloured huge bell with full strength. As it crushed the air, it pressed its way towards Zhang Tianyi.

A purple-coloured aura surrounded the huge purple-coloured bell. The might was simply incomparable. It was not something doable by martial skills. It was innate might. It was the power of a Divine Body.

“You overestimate yourself.” However, Zhang Tianyi coldly smiled, then with a thought, the blue-coloured flames in his body were like a volcano as they instantly exploded out.


Finally, a furious roar resonated out and the blue-coloured flames formed a huge blue-coloured beast of flames in the air. Its large mouth opened and swallowed Zi Ling’s purple-coloured bell all at once.

“Ahh!” At that instant, Zi Ling’s little face instantly turned incomparably white as if she received a heavy injury. Her body swayed and she almost fell from the sky. Luckily, Chu Feng’s hands and eyes were quick and he caught Zi Ling.

And seeing Zi Ling’s painful appearance at that moment, Chu Feng was immediately enraged. Blue veins popped out as he roared at Zhang Tianyi, “I will kill you!”

“Junior Chu Feng, it’s just a joke. There is no need to go so far as to truly have thoughts of killing right?”

However, just as the great battle entered the moment of life and death, what Chu Feng did not expect at all was Zhang Tianyi suddenly changing his face and kindly smiling at Chu Feng.

At the same time Zhang Tianyi said those words, the blue-coloured beast of flames in the air opened its mouth and released Zi Ling’s purple-coloured bell. At that instant, the face of Zi Ling who was originally in pain immediately turned quite better.

And after releasing Zi Ling’s purple-coloured bell, the blue-coloured beast of flames also started to disperse and finally, all of them returned to Zhang Tianyi’s body and he had actually, truly, stopped his attacks.

After doing all that, Zhang Tianyi flicked the Divine Wood Sword in his hand two times. This time, he didn’t put the Divine Wood Sword in his Cosmos Sack. He put in on his back.

Seeing Zhang Tianyi suddenly retracting his attacks when he completely occupied the advantage, Chu Feng tightly furrowed his brows and alertly looked at Zhang Tianyi. He wanted to know what he was hiding for him to stop attacking.

Because, Chu Feng knew that Zhang Tianyi was very strong. If he was also in the 3rd level of the Heaven realm, perhaps he wouldn’t be afraid of Zhang Tianyi, but he could do nothing as his current cultivation was still too weak. No matter how much more furious he was, he would absolutely not be able to defeat Zhang Tianyi. At this moment, he could only endure.

“Junior Chu Feng, just now, I was only testing your and Lady Zi Ling’s abilities. I must say that I am very pleased.”

“The two of you are the same as my expectations. Indeed, you both grasp special methods. Lady Zi Ling’s cultivation in the Forbidden Mysterious Technique is even more practiced than me, and she has simply neared the state of being one with it. I really admire her on that.”

“As for you, Junior Chu Feng, you can actually directly climb into the 1st level of the Heaven realm from the cultivation of the 6th level of the Profound realm. I have to say that your method simply invokes my admiration from its strength.”

“Right now, both of you are still very young. If, in the future, you reach my age, I believe that the two of you will definitely surpass the current me.” Zhang Tianyi first clasped his hands towards Chu Feng and Zi Ling with an apologetic face, then only after did he kindly speak.

At that very instant, the difference in Zhang Tianyi’s attitude was like the difference in heaven and earth. It could be said to be a 180 degree turn.

Before, he had fierce killing intent and his appearance was as if he was truly going to kill Chu Feng and Zi Ling. But now, his face was filled with kindness and the gaze he looked at Chu Feng and Zi Ling was as affectionate as looking at relatives.

“So, Senior Zhang, you were only testing us. I wonder then what business you have by waiting for us two in this place?” Chu Feng asked, but he was still a bit cautious.

He discovered that he truly could not see through Zhang Tianyi. He was still unable to confirm whether he was an enemy or an ally. He had to seriously observe his words and actions in order to be able to roughly be sure what kind of person he was.

“The reason why I waited here for you is, of course, because I want to cooperate with you.” Zhang Tianyi lightly smiled, then quickly after, said, “At first, Murong Yu challenged me and he even said that if he lost, he would give his Divine Wood Sword to me.”

“But I could do nothing about the fact that after losing, not only did he not admit it, he even wanted to escape. In a moment of fury, I cut him down and took his Divine Wood Sword away.”

“But I never would have thought that it would even affect the Azure Dragon School, causing the Azure Dragon School’s seniors who have already died to receive humiliation that they shouldn’t receive because of the disaster I stirred up.”

“Right now, the Azure Dragon School is no longer existing, but I, Zhang Tianyi, still see myself as a person from the Azure Province as well as a disciple of the Azure Dragon School. I believe that you, Junior Chu Feng, are the same as me.”

“So, I want to invite you two to hurry together to the Sword God Valley with me and make the Sword God Valley pay the price for their actions, and also let the people of the entire continent to know that even if only two people remain in my Azure Dragon School, we can still make the glory of the Azure Dragon School a thousand years ago reappear and exterminate his Sword God Valley.” Zhang Tianyi said.

“Your strength is very strong. I believe that even those in the 6th level of the Heaven realm will not necessarily be able to defeat you and you should have no problem to invade the Sword God Valley yourself. Why do you need to go with us two?” Clearly, Zi Ling was even more distrustful towards Zhang Tianyi. Rather, currently, she was still filled with fury when facing Zhang Tianyi.

“Haha, Lady Zi Ling… Nonono, to be more precise, I should call you sister-in-law.”

“Sister-in-law, I know that you still feel resentment for my actions just now, but like I said, I just wanted to test your abilities. It was only a joke, so please forgive me if I offended you.”

Zhang Tianyi was very smart and he saw Zi Ling’s displeased emotion. He took the lead to apologize to her, then said afterwards to Zi Ling and Chu Feng,

“I am more familiar with the Sword God Valley than you two. Right now, there are at least fifteen Sword God Valley Heaven realm experts and innumerable people in the Profound realm.”

“Of course, in our eyes, those Profound realm guys are weak people who cannot even take a single blow from us. Even if there are a lot, they aren’t enough to cause fear.”

“The important ones are the fifteen Heaven realm experts. Within the fifteen Heaven realm experts, ten of them are in the 1st level of the Heaven realm, two are in the 2nd level of the Heaven realm, and one is in the 3rd level of the Heaven realm.”

“There are two more. One is Murong Yu’s father, the current head of the Sword God Valley. He has the cultivation of the 5th level of the Heaven realm.”

“The last one is the former head of the Sword God Valley, the current old ancestor of the Sword God Valley. He can be said to be the strongest person in the Sword God Valley, having the cultivation of the 6th level of the Heaven realm.” Zhang Tianyi said.