Chapter 383 - Treasure the Person in Front of You

MGA: Chapter 383 - Treasure the Person in Front of You

At that instant, she who was usually strong had actually moistened her eyes. Suddenly, she loudly yelled,

“You damn guy, leave! I don’t need you to save me!”

“Even more so, I don’t hope that you give up your life in order to save me! Quickly leave!”

“We were unrelated from the start and you don’t owe me anything and there is no need to help me like this! Leave, quickly leave, don’t care about me!”

This time, from the bottom of her heart, Zi Ling didn’t want to Chu Feng to die for her. She hoped that Chu Feng could continue living. After all, the reason why she was trapped in that place was all because of her selfishness. It was all because of herself, and it was unrelated to Chu Feng.

However, Chu Feng still ignored her and with determination, wanted to stand up. And when he was in the situation where he could no longer stand up, Chu Feng then resolutely chose to crawl. With his frozen stiff hands and feet, bit by bit, he moved his body.

At the start, Chu Feng only wanted to do everything he could to save Zi Ling. If he had no way of saving her, then Chu Feng would decide to leave. He didn’t want to send his life to the grave because of Zi Ling.

But when Zi Ling started to urge him to leave, Chu Feng’s heart wavered. His heart had actually shook, and unfathomably, a thought that he had to save Zi Ling emerged. Also, that thought became more and more firm and up until this point, it was indestructible and immovable.

Although Chu Feng’s determination to save Zi Ling was immoveable, his body no longer followed his heart.

Right now, his line of sight became blurry and his awareness became blurry. In his brain, there was only one thought, and it was to finish gathering the picture scroll to save Zi Ling.

But that thought could no longer support his actions, and at the end, Chu Feng’s body went limp and he powerlessly laid on the ground, sinking into a coma.

After Chu Feng lost consciousness, he had no way of using his Profound power to block the chilliness outside his body. The chilliness was like an invisible fierce and wild beast. From all directions, it surrounded and attacked him. Very quickly, Chu Feng was solidified into a huge ice block and he was thoroughly frozen.

“Chu Feng!!!” Seeing that scene, Zi Ling’s face greatly changed and she started to hysterically yell.

At that very instant, her Profound power was sealed and she could not use her Spirit power. She didn’t know how Chu Feng was and she even thought that Chu Feng died.

As long as she thought that he died, and died because of herself, the tears in her eyes started to flow down like a flood and it completely soaked her face of absolute beauty.

“Although his strength wasn’t good enough, his perseverance is applaudable. It seems like this boy truly steeled his heart to save you.”

“From the start, he had never planned to escape himself.” But just at that time, the Gold-cloak World Spiritist appeared next to Zi Ling soundlessly. He said to Zi Ling, “Do you want to see how much he loved you?”

After speaking, without even waiting for Zi Ling to reply, he flung his sleeve a few times downwards at the palace and the chilliness that covered the bottom part of the palace was absorbed into his sleeve.

At that instant, the palace underneath had returned to its original form. Not even a single strand of the chilliness was left behind. However, Chu Feng’s appearance was greatly changed.

The current Chu Feng was completely unrecognizable. There were surface wounds all over his body, and certain places even ulcerated, revealing eerie white bones. He had frostbite that went deep into the bones throughout his body.

“Chu Feng!!!” Seeing Chu Feng who was in that state, Zi Ling’s eyes suddenly widened and her little mouth was slightly opened, showing unspeakable shock from deep within her heart.

“Have you seen it? This is the pain that his body endured. It is a lot more serious than yours, yet he held on to this point. Say for yourself, what was the thing that supported him?” The Gold-cloak World Spiritist smiled and asked.

“Wuu~~~~~~” Zi Ling at that moment already sobbed so much that no sound formed and she couldn’t even speak.

“Little lady, you should treasure a person who loves you like this well.”

“The remains that I left behind here are for people who are fated to get them. However, some people were too greedy so I didn’t give all of it to them.”

“This rank 9 martial skill shall be gifted to you two. I hope that both of you can develop quicker and I hope that one day, the figures of the two of you can be seen on that land where heroes gather.”

The Gold-cloak World Spiritist calmly smiled and his body started to dissipate. It became seven-coloured brilliance that covered the sky, and after the seven-colored brilliance descended down and landed on Zi Ling’s body, the golden-coloured Spirit Formation chains that tied Zi Ling disappeared.

And when the seven-coloured brilliance landed on Chu Feng’s body, his utterly ruined physical body instantly healed.

“Chu Feng!!” At that instant, Zi Ling who had recovered her freedom leaped and arrived in front of Chu Feng, then propped Chu Feng, who was laying on the ground, up.

“Mm~~” Chu Feng confusedly opened his eyes and a painful expression still appeared on his face.

“Zi Ling, you?” After seeing Zi Ling in front of his eyes, his pupils suddenly shrunk and immediately, he was shocked. He couldn’t help but raise his head to look at his surroundings, and he discovered that everything was so normal and the bone-piercing chilliness disappeared extremely thoroughly, as if it had never even appeared.

“I wasn’t caught in an Illusionary Formation just now right?” Chu Feng rubbed his head, and he even suspected that everything he experienced before was only an illusion.

“No, it wasn’t an illusion. Everything was real. Your perseverance moved him, and it is you who saved me.” After seeing Chu Feng awake, Zi Ling’s alluring body fell and she pounced into Chu Feng’s embrace, tightly hugging him.

“This...” At that instant, Chu Feng was a bit bewildered because the happiness came too suddenly. He got Zi Ling just like that?

But no matter what, at least, it was something that Chu Feng hoped to happen. So, he did not restrain himself. He opened his arms and tightly hugged Zi Ling’s waist.

“What are you doing?”

But who would have thought that just as Chu Feng touched Zi Ling, her body couldn’t help but violent tremble and she subconsciously got rid of Chu Feng. Her palm that made wind-piercing sounds also flew towards Chu Feng’s face.

But luckily, when that palm was half an inch to Chu Feng’s face, it stopped, and only then could Chu Feng escape a disaster.

Looking at Chu Feng, a hint of shame emerged onto Zi Ling’s body. After that, she stood up, leaped, and rushed towards the upper part of the palace again. She stretched towards the rank 9 martial skill and grabbed.

“Zi Ling, you...” Seeing that scene, Chu Feng was so frightened that his heart could jump out. He thought in his heart, “This girl truly wants money but not life! After escaping so uneasily, she actually still has her heart on the rank 9 martial skill! She truly doesn’t learn.”

*whoosh* But who would have thought that this time, Zi Ling actually successfully grasped the rank 9 martial skill within her hand, then after that, she floated down.

And when Zi Ling landed again, she held Chu Feng’s left hand and forcefully put the rank 9 martial skill into Chu Feng’s hand, then said, “You keep this.”