Chapter 382 - Risking One's Own Life to Save

MGA: Chapter 382 - Risking One's Own Life to Save

At that instant, since he hadn’t directly attacked to finish off Chu Feng’s and Zi Ling’s life and was asking Chu Feng some questions meant that he didn’t want to kill Chu Feng and Zi Ling yet. Or at least, it was like that for now.

If he truly didn’t want to kill Chu Feng and Zi Ling, then they still had a strand of chance to live. Then at that time, it would be the best time for Chu Feng to take away Zi Ling’s heart.

Before, no matter how Chu Feng said he liked Zi Ling, she didn’t believe it. Instead, she felt disgust and felt that Chu Feng was saying flowery but false words.

But in a crucial life and death situation such as this, Zi Ling’s inner heart was extremely weak. At this time, by standing out for her to express his heart’s intentions was the easiest to move her.

Since it was unknown whether they were going to live or not, Chu Feng decided to stake it at this time. He was staking that the Gold-cloak World Spiritist would give them a chance. A chance to continue living.

“Senior, I implore you to let her go and don’t torment her. If you have any things you want to do, do them to me. I’ll endure them for her.” Chu Feng patted his chest and said with an attitude of “charge towards him for Zi Ling’s crimes”.

“Haha, interesting. Lady, you have quite the charm to be able to make such an excellent young man face you like this.” The Gold-cloak World Spiritist looked at Zi Ling, then after, said to Chu Feng again,

“You cannot endure her crimes.”

“However, since you insist on saving her, I will still give you a chance.”


As he spoke, he waved the sleeve of his cloak, extended his palm and lightly pointed at Chu Feng. Then, within the palace that Chu Feng was in, bone-piercing chilliness encircled him. The chilliness was extremely domineering and almost instantly, it turned the palace into an ice house, and Chu Feng’s surroundings became ice.

Even if Chu Feng used his Profound power to block, the chilliness still invaded his body. At that moment, on his skin, layers of frost was condensed and that frost was rapidly increasing.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh* Quickly after, the Gold-cloak World Spiritist waved his fingers in the air and very quickly, in front of Chu Feng, a picture scroll that was two meters tall and ten meters long appeared.

“Remember the contents of this picture scroll.” The Gold-cloak World Spiritist said.

In reality, before the Gold-cloak World Spiritist even spoke, Chu Feng already cast his gaze onto the picture scroll and diligently engraved the contents of the picture scroll in his head.

*whoosh* However, just as the Gold-cloak World Spiritist finished speaking, his big sleeve was suddenly waved and at the same time, the picture scroll was fragmented and they were scattered within the vast palace.

“If you can restore this picture scroll to its original form within an hour, she can be saved.”

“If you cannot restore this picture scroll within an hour, then she will be split into pieces by this Spirit Formation chain and a complete corpse of the one you love won’t even be left behind.” The Gold-cloak World Spiritist said.

*swish* After hearing those words, Chu Feng didn’t hesitate and with a leap, his waved his hand and Profound power surged out. He wanted to gather the picture scroll fragments floating in the vast palace.

However, the thing that made him feel helplessness was that his power was unable to move those picture scroll fragments. The other thing that shocked him was at that instant, within the palace, he was unable to use any martial skills and his feet were abnormally heavy. Every step he walked required extreme effort.

At the same time, the bone-piercing chilliness was endlessly eating away Chu Feng’s body. Chu Feng felt that his body got more and more numb, more and more stiff, and gradually, he was going to lose control over his own body.

“Dammit. You sealed my power! If you do this, how can I restore this picture scroll within an hour?” Chu Feng was a bit furious. The Gold-cloak World Spiritist simply gave him an unfinishable problem.

“That’s your problem.” The Gold-cloak World Spiritist laughed as if he was watching a good show, then after, he added, “That’s right. Although you won’t die if you don’t restore this picture scroll within an hour, the chilliness here is strong and with your cultivation, you have no way of bearing past an hour. Which also means that you will also die before an hour.”

“Of course, the exit is over there. If you don’t want to die, you can leave at any time, but if you leave, she will die.”

“As for whether you want to risk your life to save her, or to die together here will depend on your own capabilities. Hahaha...”

Suddenly, the Gold-cloak World Spiritist laughed loudly, and within his laughter, his body also started to dissipate and at the end, blended into the palace above.

“Ahh~~~” And after the Gold-cloak World Spiritist disappeared, Zi Ling shrieked again in pain.

Raising his head to look, Chu Feng astonishedly discovered that the golden-coloured Spirit Formation chain that coiled around her body had actually started to shrink again. Although the shrinking speed was extremely slow, it still caused great pain to Zi Ling. If that went on, Zi Ling’s body was truly going to be stifled to death.

“Dammit. I don’t believe that I cannot restore this picture scroll within one hour!” Seeing that, Chu Feng did not hesitate anymore. The two lightning in his blood surged and his aura instantly climbed to the 5th level of the Profound realm.

And following his rise in strength, Chu Feng’s steps were also no longer as heavy as before and he could even run.

So, Chu Feng started to run around to gather the picture scroll fragments in the palace which was like an ice house as it was filled with chilliness.

But as the time he spent staying in the ice house became long, and the chilliness that corroded his power became stronger and stronger. Chu Feng’s entire body was covered by frost and his walking speed became slower and slower, and his skin was currently losing signs of life.

Seeing Chu Feng give so much to fight for a chance for her to continue living, Zi Ling’s clenched her teeth. She did her best to endure the sharp pain coming from her body and she no longer made any sounds from pain.

It had to be said that Chu Feng’s memory was very good and he was able to place every single picture scroll fragment in the correct position. However, as time passed bit by bit, Chu Feng’s body gradually found it hard to hold on and at the end, he even continuously tripped and his entire body started to quiver.

“Chu Feng, don’t care about me! Leave! Or else, both of us will die!” At that instant, even Zi Ling couldn’t bear it anymore and she had actually urged Chu Feng to leave.

“Shut up girl. How can I leave you?” Chu Feng forced a slight smile and he no longer cared about what Zi Ling said. He continued to go around, collecting the picture scroll fragments.

However, the current Chu Feng truly had the heart to do, but not the strength. The chilliness had already entered deep into his bones and his entire body was frozen as hard as iron. He already gradually lost his control over his body and at the end, Chu Feng powerless laid on the floor.

“Chu Feng, you...”

And seeing Chu Feng who already powerlessly fell onto the ground yet was still doing his best to stand up, Zi Ling seemed to have already forgot the pain of her own body because her heart was trembling and her soul was trembling. No matter what, she never would have thought that Chu Feng would truly not care about his own life to save her.

When she faced a person who was unrelated to herself yet gave so much to save herself, Zi Ling had no way of being not moved.