Chapter 2666 - The Great Law Enforcement Hall

Chapter 2666 - The Great Law Enforcement Hall

Could it be that it was not a dream at all?

However, upon carefully recalling it, Chu Feng was determined that it was a dream.

The reason for that was because the sensations he felt and everything that occurred when he saw his father were so very unrealistic. It was truly like a dream, and most definitely not real.

That was a dream. That was most definitely a dream. Chu Feng was determined that it was a dream.

“Eggy, I also dreamed that dream of yours,” Chu Feng said.

“You also dreamed it? You’re saying that you had the same dream as me?” Her Lady Queen was very shocked.

“That’s right, it was the same dream,” Chu Feng said.

“You’re kidding. That’s simply too miraculous,” Her Lady Queen grew even more astonished.

Miraculous. Sure enough, this matter was very miraculous. That was the reason why Chu Feng and Her Lady Queen were so astonished and feeling such disbelief.

Had it been before, Chu Feng would definitely ponder something like this deeply.

Merely, Chu Feng did not have the heart to do so right just then. The reason being, he was very worried. He was worried that the Evil God Sword had done some sort of irreversible thing during the time when his body was occupied by the Evil God Sword.

However, to Chu Feng’s joy, after he continued to travel for some time, the ground below was no longer filled with cracks. Instead, living things could be seen.

He was able to see emerald-green grass and dark green mountains, as well as waterfalls and streams. Upon seeing those, the unease in Chu Feng’s heart immediately lessened greatly.

This meant that even though the Evil God Sword had unleashed massive destruction, the range of the destruction was limited. The entire Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm had not experienced heavy destruction.

This increased the possibility that his friends would be alive.

Afterward, Chu Feng discovered an Ancient Era’s Teleportation Formation. Using that teleportation formation, Chu Feng was teleported to the vicinity of Hero City.

A sea of people were gathered outside Hero City. Many of them were kneeling on the ground.

Those people were practically all people that had experienced the calamity that day.

To those people, the gates of Hero City remained shut. 

That was understandable too. After all, Hero City had witnessed the true appearances of these people.

Likely, the people from Hero City would never show any consideration for those people in the future. Furthermore, they would most definitely not allow them to join Hero City.

That said, although the fact that many people were still alive indicated that the Evil God Sword had not unleashed a massacre, Chu Feng’s worry was still not completely eliminated.

The reason for that was because he did not sense Ying Mingchao and the others’ auras upon entering Hero City. He only managed to sense Grandmaster Pocket’s aura.

For the sake of finding out what had happened, Chu Feng decided to go and find Grandmaster Pocket.

“Almsgiver Chu Feng, is it really you?”

Grandmaster Pocket was extremely emotional upon seeing Chu Feng. He, who had always been a calm individual, actually moved toward Chu Feng and started to touch him all over. It was as if he did not dare to believe that it really was Chu Feng who stood before him.

“Grandmaster, it’s me. I’m alright now.”

Chu Feng smiled faintly. He was emotionally moved.

He could tell that Grandmaster Pocket was truly worried for him. Otherwise, he would not have reacted in such a manner.

Then, Chu Feng came to find out what had happened afterwards from Grandmaster Pocket. 

That day, after Chu Feng had been devoured by the Evil God Sword, the calamity came to an end.

However, Ying Mingchao, Wang Qiang and the others were all extremely worried for Chu Feng’s safety. Thus, they did not return to Hero City. Instead, they separated with one another and began to search for Chu Feng separately.

Fortunately, they had all left methods to communicate with one another.

Thus, through those methods, Grandmaster Pocket conveyed the news of Chu Feng’s return to Ying Mingchao, Wang Qiang and the others.

After some days passed, Ying Mingchao, Wang Qiang and the others that had received news of Chu Feng’s return, all returned to Hero City in succession.

Without any exception, they were all shocked and pleasantly surprised upon seeing that Chu Feng was truly safe and sound. The person that reacted in the most exaggerated manner was Wang Qiang. Not only was Wang Qiang so emotional that his speech grew unintelligible, but he even started to weep bitter tears, and rubbed his snot and tears all over Chu Feng’s clothes.

However, Chu Feng did not blame Wang Qiang for his reaction. Instead, he was speechlessly moved by him. It could be seen from Wang Qiang’s reaction that Wang Qiang truly cared about him. 

After verifying that Chu Feng was safe and sound, the crowd began to ask Chu Feng about where he went, and what happened after his body was devoured by the Evil God Sword. 

As for Chu Feng, he answered that he was not sure.

Chu Feng was not lying. He was truly unsure.

Regardless, the crowd was feeling very happy, overjoyed even. After all, Chu Feng, the person that they were worried about the most, had safely returned. 

After what happened, Chu Feng’s status in their hearts had changed completely. Chu Feng was no longer an ordinary genius. Instead, he was a hero now. He was a great hero who had saved them from a demon’s clutches. 

Chu Feng was also feeling very happy. It was not because the crowd viewed him as a hero. Rather, it was because the people that he cared about were all safe and sound.


Right when Chu Feng was having a reunion with his friends, another scene was happening in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm.

This was a vast palace hall. It was not extremely extravagant in appearance. However, it appeared very imposing. A solemn and dignified sensation filled the entire palace hall.

It made it so that people did not dare to have the slightest blasphemous intention there.

That palace hall was called the Great Law Enforcement Hall. It was a place under the administration of the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Law Enforcement Hall.

At that moment, Chu Huai and Chu Yue were kneeling in the Great Law Enforcement Hall. There were tens of people standing on either side of them.

Those people were all standing there in an orderly fashion. Each and every one of them possessed strength above Chu Huai and Chu Yue.

They had stern and imposing expressions and there was no trace of emotion on their faces. They gave off an invisible sort of oppressive pressure.

That said, even though those people all possessed powerful strength, and there was a seat behind every one of them, not a single person dared to sit down.

They seemed to be waiting for someone.

No, not all of them were standing. There was a single exception. It was a girl.

That girl had a head of pink hair tied into a long ponytail. Her hair was so long that it reached down to her heels. Perhaps it was because she took great care of her hair, but her hair was emitting a faint shine under the sunshine. It was quite eye-catching. 

One could not determine what the true exact age of that pink-haired ponytailed girl was. However, her appearance was truly that of a young girl. Her skin was very young and tender.  

Furthermore, she was not only limited to having a youthful and tender skin, but her appearance was also very stunning. 

Her skin was fair like jade; Her facial features charmingly refined. This was especially true for her eyes; they were quick-witted and spirited.

Even Chu Yue, a beauty in her own right, was eclipsed by her beauty when appearing in the palace hall alongside her.

That said, although that woman possessed excellent beauty, she gave off a prideful air. She sat there with a proud attitude, and gave off a sensation of looking down on everyone.

Even though she was facing all the seniors present, she did not reveal the slightest bit of humility. On the contrary, she simply did not place the crowd present in her eyes at all.

However, faced with a girl acting like her, none of the people present actually dared to voice any complaint.

It seemed that they had already grown accustomed to the girl’s prideful attitude. Furthermore, they had already accepted it.

“My apologies. I was delayed by some matter. I have made everyone wait.”

Suddenly, an apologetic voice sounded. At the same time, a figure appeared in the palace hall.

That person was a middle-aged man. He was over two meters tall, and had a very robust build. There were two scars visible on his face. They seemed to be scars caused by a bladed weapon. Those scars looked very fierce, and made the man look somewhat scary.

However, if one were to remove those two scars, that man would actually have a very good-natured face. This was especially true just then, as that man had an apologetic smile on his face. That smile made him even more amiable and approachable. 

That said, all the people present started to feel deep veneration for the middle-aged man once he appeared. They immediately half kneeled onto the ground and bowed respectfully, “We pay our respect to Lord Vice Hall Master.”

That’s right, that amiable looking middle-aged man was no small matter.

Even in the Chu Heavenly Clan, he was someone with a very high status. His name was Chu Xuanzhengfa. He was the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Law Enforcement Hall’s Vice Hall Master. 

[1. His name is Chu Xuanzhengfa. It means Chu Xuan(carry out the law). The Xuan is the same Xuan as Chu Feng’s father’s Chu Xuanyuan’s Xuan. This most likely signifies that they’re from the same generation (Chinese people oftentimes name their children the same first character in their name according to the generation they’re in.)]

This Chu Xuanzhengfa was a truly grand character. Not only was he revered in the Chu Heavenly Clan, but he was also renowned throughout the entire Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm. 

However, even though he was a grand character, that girl did not place him in her eyes at all. 

Not only did she not stand up to respectfully greet him, but she did not even bother to lift her head. She did not even bother to look at the Law Enforcement Hall’s Vice Hall Master. 

However, Chu Xuanzhengfa did not reveal any trace of displeasure at the girl’s attitude. Instead, he walked over to the girl’s side and gently poked her forehead. 

He said, “Lingxi, are you not going to greet your father?”

It turned out that the girl by the name of Chu Lingxi was actually the daughter of the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Law Enforcement Hall’s Vice Hall Master. 

However, everyone knew that that was not the sole reason why Chu Lingxi dared to act so arrogantly and rude in the Chu Heavenly Clan. 

In addition to having her father behind her, she was also one of the Chu Heavenly Clan’s current five strongest members of the younger generation.

Due to the fact that she possessed extraordinary talent, she was deemed to be a demon-level genius.

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