Chapter 2665 - The Awakened Chu Feng

Chapter 2665 - The Awakened Chu Feng

After Chu Feng opened his eyes, he rubbed his still-hurting head. Then, he ran his eyes over his surroundings.

The surrounding scenery was a bit frightening. Cracks filled the ground, and a decently large and somewhat strange-looking semi-circular crater was beneath him. 

Evidently, this place had undergone some sort of destruction that was caused by martial cultivators. Otherwise, it would not be possible for the destruction to be so enormous.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng, with his current level of cultivation, possessed an extremely sharp vision. He was able to see a very far distance.

However, the scenery that he could see was all like that. This meant that the range of destruction was extremely vast. 

Most strangely, there was a sort of indescribable chilliness there. 

That chilliness was not bone-piercingly cold. However, it was clearly not something that should be present there.

“I’m still alive?”

Chu Feng was astonished. Although that place was very strange, when he saw the white clouds and blue sky above his head and heard the sharp birdcries, Chu Feng knew that he should still be in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

After all, it was currently daytime. He was able to clearly see everything. 

“Eggy, are you alright?” Chu Feng asked.

Although he was safe, Chu Feng was very worried for Her Lady Queen’s safety.

After all, the Evil God Sword had caused Chu Feng to feel an intolerable pain earlier. In fact, Chu Feng was simply unable to resist the pain. 

In that sort of situation, Chu Feng was unable to ascertain whether or not Her Lady Queen was affected or not.

“Chu Feng, I’m fine. What about you?” Eggy’s concerned voice was heard.

Hearing that voice, Chu Feng realized that Her Lady Queen was indeed fine. Merely, her voice contained deep worry.

“I’m also fine. Speaking of it, it’s quite strange. My body feels very relaxed. There is no trace of pain at all. It doesn’t appear that I have received a backlash at all,” Chu Feng said.

He had received the backlash from the Evil God Sword multiple times. Thus, he would still receive residual pain even after enduring the backlash. Time was required to gradually and  completely eradicate the pain.

Never had he ever experienced such an uncomplicated and relaxed sensation, as if he were completely fine.

“Regardless, it’s good that you’re fine,” Her Lady Queen said.

“Mn,” Chu Feng stood up and carefully inspected his surroundings. After careful inspection, a nervous expression emerged in his eyes. He said, “What did that Evil God Sword do using my body?”

Chu Feng started to ponder as he looked at his surroundings. The scenery surrounding him was simply too desolate. Furthermore, Chu Feng felt that the range of destruction was most likely much greater than what he could see.

This sort of destruction caused Chu Feng to feel fearful and uneasy.

Chu Feng felt that this was most likely caused by the Evil God Sword.

All of this indicated that the Evil God Sword had caused unrestrained destruction after occupying Chu Feng’s body.

Likely, the entire Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm would’ve met with a calamity. After all, the Evil God Sword possessed that sort of power.

“Chu Feng, I think that the Evil God Sword will not violate the promise it made with you. Since even you are safe, it would mean that your friends should be safe too,” Her Lady Queen said.

She knew very well what Chu Feng was worried about. Naturally, what Chu Feng was most worried about were his friends.

“I hope that’s the case,” Chu Feng still had doubt in his heart.

Firstly, he could not be certain if his friends were still alive. After all… he did not believe in the Evil God Sword much.

Back then, he had decided to hand his body to the Evil God Sword because he had no other option.

That said, what Chu Feng was more confused about was why his body had returned to his possession.

The Evil God Sword had tried all means to seize his body, and had at last managed to occupy his body. The Evil God Sword should not have returned his body to him so quickly.

The situation at hand was somewhat unnatural.

Right at that moment, Chu Feng cast his gaze to the Evil God Sword nearby.

Chu Feng felt a bit scared upon seeing that sword again. He actually didn’t dare to pick it up.

In fact, Chu Feng was uncertain as to whether or not the Evil God Sword would continue to occupy his body should he pick it up again.

It was only when the Evil God Sword fully released its power that Chu Feng realized exactly how frightening the Demon Armament that he carried along with him the entire time was.

However, after some time passed, Chu Feng still extended his hand and picked up the Evil God Sword.

“There’s nothing peculiar. It’s just like how it was before. This is simply too strange.”

Chu Feng grew even more puzzled. The Evil God Sword was exactly the same as how it was before the whole event. It was still within the range of Chu Feng’s control. 

However, logically, it shouldn’t be so easy to control.

Suddenly, a trace of determination flashed through Chu Feng’s eyes. The hand that Chu Feng grabbed the Evil God Sword with started to grow even tighter.

“Chu Feng, what are you doing? Do not act recklessly,” Her Lady Queen shouted anxiously.

She sensed that Chu Feng might be planning to do something very dangerous.

“I will know what exactly happened after asking it,” Chu Feng said.


After saying those words, Chu Feng actually started to instill his power into the Evil God Sword.

The next moment, crimson gaseous flames began to emerge from the Evil God Sword. Thick layers of crimson gaseous flames started to fill the sky.

The crimson gaseous flames were like crimson clouds as they extend continuously for several miles. It covered Chu Feng’s entire field of view.

It was eerie and frightening. It was like the arrival of doomsday. Seeing it, one would feel very uneasy.

Chu Feng had truly activated the power of the Evil God Sword.

“Tell me, exactly what did you do?”

“Why would you go through great effort to seize my body only to return my body to me?”

“Did you harm my friends? Why did you create such destruction?”

Chu Feng asked successive questions.

However, the Evil God Sword did not answer him. It was deathly silent.

“Say something!” Chu Feng shouted.

However, there was still no answer from the Evil God Sword.

Just like that, Chu Feng continued to repeat his questions tens of times. Yet, the Evil God Sword still didn’t answer.

In that sort of situation, Chu Feng ended up retrieving his power. Following that, the Evil God Sword’s power also started to gradually vanish.

Chu Feng started to frown. He felt even more uneasy.

He knew that as long as he unleashed the power of the Evil God Sword, that so-called Evil God would appear, and he would be able to communicate with it.

Yet, there was no response from the Evil God Sword. This meant that so-called Evil God did not wish to answer him.

If possible, Chu Feng really wanted to continue questioning the Evil God Sword until he received an answer.

However, he could not do so. After all, he would receive a backlash from using the Evil God Sword and releasing its power. As for the intensity of the backlash, it would depend on how long he used the Evil God Sword. Thus… Chu Feng did not dare to activate the Evil God Sword and unleash its power for an extended period of time.


Right at that moment, Chu Feng suddenly felt a pain in his chest. Immediately afterward, that pain extended to his entire body. It was the backlash from using the Evil God Sword. 

It was just like how it was before. It was the same sort of familiar pain, the same unbearable pain.

This made Chu Feng even more certain that the Evil God Sword had not changed. The reason for that was because that painful sensation was exactly the same as before.

Even though Chu Feng had only used the Evil God Sword for a very short period of time, the backlash he received was still extremely difficult to bare. Chu Feng had to sit down and adjust his condition.

When Chu Feng finished adjusting his condition, he discovered that the sun had already set, and the sky was nearly fully dark.

“Chu Feng, what do you plan to do now?” Her Lady Queen asked.

“Since it refused to give me an answer, I will have to find the answers to my questions myself,” As Chu Feng spoke, he soared into the sky. He began to proceed toward the direction of Hero City.

He felt that if Wang Qiang and the others were fine, they should be at Hero City right now.

However, the further Chu Feng flew, the more uneasy he became. As he was very anxious, his flying speed was extremely fast.

That said, even though he was flying this fast, the scenery below him… remained practically identical.

It was completely barren, without a single blade of grass. Not only was there no trace of life on the ground, but the ground was also covered with cracks.

That sort of scenery differed to some extent compared to the destruction caused by the Ginseng King of Evil.

The Ginseng King of Evil had refined all the lives around it using its own powers.

However, the scenery below him appeared to be destruction caused by some sort of power.

Although the destruction had not reached an extremely frightening level, such a vast range went to show how strong that power was.

Chu Feng firmly believed that no one in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm possessed that sort of power.

Thus, he grew even more certain that it should be caused by the Evil God Sword.

As such, Chu Feng grew even more worried about the safety of his friends.

Suddenly, Her Lady Queen said, “Chu Feng, there is one thing that I think I should tell you.”

“What is it?” Chu Feng asked.

“Not long after you lost consciousness, I also lost consciousness.”

“However, strangely, I had a dream. You should know that I never have dreams,” Her Lady Queen said.

“What sort of dream?” Chu Feng asked. He felt that since Her Lady Queen had deliberately mentioned this matter to him, her dream must be special.

Hearing that, Her Lady Queen began to tell Chu Feng the dream that she had in full detail.

“This dream?”

Chu Feng’s heart tensed up upon hearing the narration of Her Lady Queen’s dream. He felt great disbelief.

The reason for that was because the dream that Her Lady Queen had was Chu Feng returning to the Ancestral Martial Lower Realm, to the Heavenly Road and the Chu Heavenly Clan’s forbidden area.

At that place, Chu Feng saw his father. His father mentioned the promise between them again.

As for that dream, Chu Feng had also dreamed it.

Originally, Chu Feng felt that it was merely an ordinary dream.

However, judging from the situation now, it was definitely not an ordinary dream.

Otherwise, how could he and Her Lady Queen have the same dream?

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