Chapter 2614 - Collapse Of The Alliance

Chapter 2614 - Collapse Of The Alliance

“City Master Ying, we have all borne witness to the power of that formation. This old monk is unable to think of a reason for the Infant Soul Sect to go through all this trouble to lure us here only to deceive us. This old monk feels what the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster said to be trustworthy.”

“Abbot, you!!!” After hearing what the Abbot of the Buddha’s Heavenly Temple said, many people in addition to Ying Mingchao were shocked.

In terms of righteous powers, the Buddha’s Heavenly Temple could be said to be the representation of all righteousness in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. As for their Abbot, he was also widely accepted to be an upright individual.

Yet, at this moment, when faced with the enticement of an increase in cultivation, not only was this Abbot swayed, but he even began to speak on behalf of the Infant Soul Sect. This was truly unimaginable.

“City Master Ying, even Grandmaster said it like that, don’t you think that we should give the Infant Soul Sect a chance to reform themselves?” The Immortal Sword School’s Headmaster said.


At this moment, Chu Feng let out a cold and mocking chuckle.

However, Chu Feng had merely chuckled and did not say anything. The reason for that was because his heart had already calmed.

The Infant Soul Sect killing innocent infants was something that everyone knew about. Even the people from the Infant Soul Sect did not deny it. Instead, they directly admitted to doing it.

That sort of evil deed was the most unforgivable. 

However, when faced with the enticement of being able to increase their cultivation, all these people forgot about those infants that died miserably. Just like that, they planned to forgive the Infant Soul Sect.

Oh how selfish was this?

Holding his Ancestral Armament in had hand, Ying Mingchao loudly said, “Good, very good. Since this is the case, I will not bother with superfluous words with you all either. I, Ying Mingchao, will only ask you all one thing. Right now, who is still willing to fight alongside me?! Who is willing to fight against the Infant Soul Sect?!” 





Once Ying Mingchao said those words, many people stood forth. The majority of them were people from Hero City.

Of those from Hero City, the majority of them were Ying Mingchao’s old subordinates.

Although there were close to ten thousand people standing behind Ying Mingchao right now, they were many times smaller when compared to the original numbers of the allied army.

One thing worthy of mentioning was that there were a portion of people from both the Buddha’s Heavenly Temple and Immortal Sword School that decided to stand behind Ying Mingchao. 

Representing those people were Daoist Three Swords and Grandmaster Pocket.

However, no matter what, they remained to only be members of the Immortal Sword School and the Buddha’s Heavenly Temple.

Even though they had chosen to continue to be the Infant Soul Sect’s enemy, their headmaster and abbot had both chosen to believe the Infant Soul Sect.

This scene was truly astonishing.

“Ying Mingchao, are you truly planning to do this?”

“What if what the Infant Soul Sect says is true? What if they are not deceiving us? What if that formation is truly capable of increasing our cultivation?” 

“Can you not calm yourself and make a decision after investigating everything?” said the Abbot of the Buddha’s Heavenly Temple.

“Investigate? The Infant Soul Sect has slaughtered countless innocent infants. Is that something that still needs investigation?” 

“You all have already had your eyes blinded by self-interest. No matter how you investigate, you will only end up believing their words.”

After Chu Feng finished seeing the Buddha’s Heavenly Temple’s Abbot say those words, he said to Ying Mingchao, “Senior, go ahead and do it.”

“Ying Mingchao, if you are to do this, you will end up regretting it,” Seeing that Ying Mingchao was truly planning to attack, many people began to tell him that he would regret it.

However, Ying Mingchao raised his Ancestral Armament. He did not appear to have the slightest bit of hesitation. His oppressive might swept forth like a tornado. 

At this moment, apart from those that decided to follow him, everyone else was blown away. Only the Buddha’s Heavenly Temple’s Abbot and the Immortal Sword School’s Headmaster were able to remain standing where they were.


Right at this moment, an even most astonishing scene happened.

The Buddha’s Heavenly Temple’s Abbot and the Immortal Sword School’s Headmaster looked to one another. Then, the two of them actually revealed their Ancestral Armaments. Furthermore, judging from their appearance, they didn’t seem to be planning to fight alongside Ying Mingchao. Instead, they were casting ill-intended gazes toward him.

“What’s this, you all plan to fight against me?” Ying Mingchao asked coldly.

“We do not wish to fight against you. We merely want you to investigate the truth first. What if the Infant Soul Sect have truly done what they’ve done for the sake of the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm? What if what they’re saying is the truth?” The Immortal Sword School’s Headmaster said.

“Enough of your bullshit. If you want to stop me, then go ahead and do it directly. However, if you all are to decide to fight against me, I, Ying Mingchao, will not be lenient toward you all either.”

As Ying Mingchao said these words, his eyes were surging with killing intent. His killing intent caused this entire region to suddenly become ice-cold. Everyone was able to feel that intense coldness.

Faced with such a Ying Mingchao, both the Immortal Sword School’s Headmaster and the Buddha’s Heavenly Temple’s Abbot started to frown. Hesitation appeared in their eyes.

Perhaps it was because of their fear toward Ying Mingchao, or perhaps it was because of their affection toward the alliance, but in the end, the Immortal Sword School’s Headmaster and the Buddha’s Heavenly Temple’s Abbot did not attack Ying Mingchao. Instead, they slowly lowered their raised Ancestral Armaments.

Right at this moment, the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster asked, “Ying Mingchao, is the battle today truly unavoidable?” 

“Today, I will exterminate every single one of you,” Ying Mingchao said.

“Since that’s the case, then I, Hun Poyuan, am delighted to take you on today. However, I do not wish to implicate the innocent. Thus, let the two of us fight one another. We shall determine the outcome of this battle. What say you?” 

“If you can defeat me, then you can go ahead and kill everyone from our Infant Soul Sect. After all, it is likely no one will be able to stop you at that time.”

“However, if I am to defeat you, I will not make things difficult for you either. I merely hope that you will be able to understand me, be able to trust me,” The Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster said.

“Those are some quality words that you’ve said. However, today, the only possible result is me defeating you, and not you defeating me.”

After Ying Mingchao finished saying these words, he held his Ancestral Armament and, with an overwhelming aura, moved to directly attack the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster.

As for that Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster, he did not hesitate either. He too revealed his Ancestral Armament and flew toward Ying Mingchao.

In the blink of an eye, the two rank two True Immortals collided with one another.

As the two of them fought, boundless energy ripples swept across the entire sky. For the allied army, their situation was alright. After all, Zi Xunyi, the Immortal Sword School’s Headmaster and the Buddha’s Heavenly Temple’s Abbot were there, these three rank two True Immortals, protecting them.

Thus, the energy ripples originating from the battle between Ying Mingchao and the Infant Soul Sect’s Headmaster were all blocked by them. No casualties were inflicted upon the allied army.

However, the people from the Infant Soul Sect had to fall back. The reason for that was because they were unable to withstand even the energy ripples.

“That Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster is extremely powerful. It seems to be very difficult for Ying Mingchao to defeat him.”

The entire battle was witnessed by Her Lady Queen. Even though Ying Mingchao was very powerful, he was unable to defeat the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster even after using his various abilities. The two of them were in a stalemate the entire time.

During this stalemate, Chu Feng noticed that Zi Xunyi was growing eager to join the battle.

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