Chapter 2613 - Infant Soul Grand Formation

Chapter 2613 - Infant Soul Grand Formation

“Enough of trying to deceive others.”

Right at this moment, Zi Xunyi suddenly attacked. Boundless purple gaseous flames filled the entire sky like a vast blaze. They began to move toward the people of the Infant Soul Sect to burn them to death.


Faced with Zi Xunyi’s attack, the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster merely waved his sleeve and boundless martial power immediately surged forth. He actually managed to easily block Zi Xunyi’s attack.

“Although we’re both rank two True Immortals, there is a still difference in our strengths. Young lady, you will not be able to defeat me,” The Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster said to Zi Xunyi with a smile on his face.

It was an extremely mocking smile.

“You!!!” Zi Xunyi was immediately furious upon hearing those words. 

If she were insulted by others, Zi Xunyi would not be this furious. However… the person that insulted her was actually a vicious and merciless demon that slaughtered innocent infants. Zi Xunyi was unable to tolerate an insult from him.

Overwhelmed with anger, Zi Xunyi actually revealed her Ancestral Armaments. She was planning to wage war.


When at the moment when Zi Xunyi was about to attack, Ying Mingchao stopped her. He said to her, “Let me handle him.”

As Ying Mingchao spoke, he cast his sharp gaze to the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster.

If it were an ordinary individual, even if they were able to not be scared to death upon seeing such a gaze from Ying Mingchao, they would most definitely start shivering. 

However, not only did this Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster’s expression remained unchanged, but there was also not the slightest trace of fear in his eyes.


Right at this moment, that Chen Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief let out another shout.

This shout was not a scream of pain. Rather, it was a roar. After he roared, the crowd all revealed startled expressions.

When they looked to the Chen Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief again, they revealed incomparable astonishment in their eyes.

The reason for that was because everyone felt the aura of that Chen Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief when he roared.

His aura was no longer that of a Martial Ancestor. Instead, it was that of a True Immortal… 

Although he was only a rank one True Immortal, it remained to be a completely different realm from Martial Ancestor.

“This, how could this be? How did his cultivation suddenly increase? Could it be that grand formation?”

At this moment, everyone was stunned. Expressions of shock filled their faces. This was especially true for the bystanders that did not know the Infant Soul Sect well.

The reason for that was because what had happened was simply unimaginable. How could a peak Martial Ancestor break through to rank one True Immortal in such a short period of time?

“I believe that everyone is very surprised right now. How could a formation possibly allow one to reach a breakthrough in cultivation? Something like that is simply heaven-defying, simply going against the way of martial cultivation, simply impossible.”

“However, this Infant Soul Grand Formation is capable of accomplishing this impossible task.”

“I might as well tell everyone the truth. Not only is the Chen Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief able to reach a breakthrough, everyone here is all able to reach a breakthrough using the Infant Soul Grand Formation.”

“And this… this is what our Infant Soul Sect has been doing for all these years,” The Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster said.

“Truly? Is what you said the truth? You are really able to help us increase our cultivation?”

Once the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster said those words, the bystanders and even people in the allied army burst into an uproar.

Everyone’s eyes seemed to be shining. They were all staring deeply at that so-called Infant Soul Grand Formation.

At this moment, they no longer possessed any fear in their eyes as they looked to the Infant Soul Grand Formation. Instead, greed filled their eyes. It was as if they were looking at a priceless treasure.

For many people, due to the fact that their talent was limited, even if they spent their entire lives cultivating, they would not be able to make progress in their cultivation.

However, if that grand formation was truly capable of helping them obtain martial comprehension and letting them reach a breakthrough in cultivation, it would simply be an enormous fortunate encounter from the heavens itself. It was something that they had never even dared imagine before.

“I will not deceive everyone. There is also no reason for me to deceive everyone. Furthermore, everyone has witnessed the scene earlier.”

“Everyone has clearly witnessed the power of this Infant Soul Grand Formation. This is not a lie. Instead, it’s the truth. As for this truth, it is right before everyone’s eyes.

“As for this Infant Soul Grand Formation, it needed the members of our Infant Soul Sect to activate it. Why is that, you ask? It’s because flowing in our bodies, the bodies of the members of the Infant Soul Sect, are the lives of those children.”

“Indeed, those children have died innocently. Everyone in our Infant Soul Sect has felt ashamed and pained because of that. Every day and every night, we have to endure the condemnations of our own conscience.”

“However, today, even if we must still endure the condemnations from our own conscience, we are very delighted.”

“The reason for that is because we’ve succeeded. We have successfully accomplished what our ancestor did not. We have finally completed our ancestor’s grand ambition. We have finally completed the Infant Soul Grand Formation.”

“We are finally able to rely on the Infant Soul Grand Formation to strengthen everyone in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.”

“The sacrifice of those children was not in vain. Their sacrifice will allow our Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm to make progress. Their sacrifice will serve as a previously unimaginable force for us.”

“From today onwards, no one will dare to look down on our Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm again. Our Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm will become a powerful Ordinary Realm!!!” The Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster spoke emotionally. 


Right at this moment, Ying Mingchao shouted angrily. He pointed the Ancestral Armament in his hand toward the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster. 

While gnashing his teeth, he said, “Today, I will definitely make you all pay the price for what you’ve done!”

After he finished saying those words, Ying Mingchao’s overwhelming killing intent swept forth.

“Wait a moment,” Right at this moment, the Immortal Sword School’s Headmaster suddenly spoke. “City Master Ying, the Infant Soul Sect wouldn’t have have gone through all the trouble to call us here just to deceive us and tell us such an absurd thing.”

“There is simply no need for them to do something like this. I also cannot think of a reason for them to deceive us.”

“I think we should calm down and clear things up first.”

“That’s right. City Master Ying, we should clear things up first,” Many people from the Immortal Sword School began to echo what their headmaster said. 

It was not only those people from the Immortal Sword School. Many of the bystanders, and even many of the people from the allied army started to plead to Ying Mingchao, asking him to calm down.

Earlier, those people were calling for the eradication of the Infant Soul Sect. Yet now, they were actually all telling Ying Mingchao to not attack the Infant Soul Sect.

How could Ying Mingchao not understand what they were thinking?

Clearly, they had witnessed the benefits of the Infant Soul Grand Formation, and become greedy. They wanted to gain benefits through the Infant Soul Grand Formation.

“You all really believe that formation to be able to help you all increase your cultivation? You all really believe in what the Infant Soul Sect says? You all believe in the words of this bunch who was willing to slaughter innocent infants for the sake of increasing their own cultivation?”

Ying Mingchao’s eyes turned deep red from anger. He was clenching his fists so hard that creaking sounds could be heard nonstop.

The reason for that was because he firmly believed the Infant Soul Sect to be a bunch of swindlers. He felt them to be an actual demonic sect, and all that they said were lies meant to confuse others. 

However, these people just so happened to believe in their words. 

It would be one thing if it were only those people that did not know about the Infant Soul Sect that believed in their words. 

However, even the allied army was swayed by their words. In fact, even the Immortal Sword School that had been fighting against the Infant Soul Sect for many years was swayed by their words. Ying Mingchao found this to be truly unbearable.

Furious, Ying Mingchao unleashed his overwhelmingly powerful oppressive might. Even though the crowd did not wish to attack the Infant Soul Sect, they no longer dared to voice any objection at this moment.

“Amitabha, everyone, please hear this old man out,” Right at this moment, the Abbot of the Buddha’s Heavenly Temple stood forth.

After the Abbot of the Buddha’s Heavenly Temple stood forth, Ying Mingchao’s gaze eased.

The Abbot of the Buddha’s Heavenly Temple was a person of virtue and prestige. If he were to speak on his behalf, many people would start to have faith in him.

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