Chapter 2548 - Touching Upon The Taboo

Chapter 2548 - Touching Upon The Taboo

“Haha, how could I? I’m just happy for you, how could I be taking advantage of you? Why would you speak as if I’m a pervert?”

After Her Lady Queen voiced her displeasure, Chu Feng found it unsuitable to continue embracing her. Thus, he released his hands and scratched his head with an awkward expression on his face.

In fact, Chu Feng even took a glance at Young Master Li Ming. It was as if he was afraid that Young Master Li Ming would have a misunderstanding.

“Why are you looking at me? You were clearly taking advantage of her. Even I can tell,” Young Master Li Ming spoke unenthusiastically.

“Aiyah, why would you two be acting like this? I was merely giving a hug of friendship. Why would you all think things this crookedly?”

Chu Feng hurriedly explained. However, he had a vile smile on his face. It was clear that he had indeed been deliberately taking advantage of Eggy. Thus, no matter how he tried to explain it, no one would believe him.


Right at that moment, Chu Feng suddenly felt two soft substances pushing onto his chest.

Then, a sweet fragrance assailed his nostrils. At the same time, a warm sensation spread through his entire body.

It was Her Lady Queen. At that moment, that exceptionally beautiful woman had actually thrown herself into Chu Feng’s bosom, and was hugging him tightly.

However, at the moment when Chu Feng revealed an incomparably overjoyed smile and was about to even drool, Her Lady Queen suddenly stopped hugging him.

At that moment, Her Lady Queen placed her hands behind her back and raised her head to look to Chu Feng. Her eyes were slightly narrowed into two crescents. It was truly charming.

“Although you haven’t listened to this Queen’s words, it remains that you’ve done so for this Queen’s sake.”

“Consider that hug to be the reward that this Queen will bestow upon you.”

After saying those words, Her Lady Queen started to hop gracefully toward the world spirit gate, entering it.

“That Asura World Spirit of yours is truly charming. It’s no wonder that you’re head over heels in love with her,” Young Master Li Ming said.

“My Eggy is indeed very charming,” Chu Feng was immeasurably pleased. However, his expression suddenly changed. He looked to Young Master Li Ming with a mischievous gaze and said, “Strange, you rarely ever praise others. Why would you be praising my Eggy? You couldn’t possibly have fallen for her, right?”

“I am not interested in women,” Young Master Li Ming spoke coldly.

“Then are you interested in me?” Chu Feng revealed a mischievous smile.

Young Master Li Ming gave Chu Feng a side-eye. She said, “I am less interested in men.”

After saying those words, Young Master Li Ming continued to set up a spirit formation.

It turned out that whilst Chu Feng and Her Lady Queen were in closed-door training, Young Master Li Ming had been setting up a spirit formation.

Furthermore, at that moment, this spirit formation had already taken an elementary form.

“This spirit formation!!!”

When Chu Feng saw the spirit formation Young Master Li Ming was setting up, surprise filled Chu Feng’s eyes.

The spirit formation that Young Master Li Ming was setting up was something that Chu Feng knew of too. It was the Immortal-avoiding Concealment Formation that he had obtained from Grandmaster Kai Hong’s inheritance.

“Immortal-avoiding Concealment Formation, you actually also know that spirit formation?” Chu Feng asked in surprise.

“Could it be that you know it too?” Young Master Li Ming asked.

“Mn,” Chu Feng nodded.

“If you know it, then come help me out. It’s as you said, even though the spirit formation sealing off the entrance has a time limit, the Bloodscale Monstrous Clan have most definitely dispatched their experts to guard the entrance.”

“If we wish to leave, we must use this spirit formation,” Young Master Li Ming said.

“Indeed,” Chu Feng nodded. As he spoke, he arrived before the spirit formation and unleashed his own Snake Mark Immortal-cloak spirit power to assist Young Master Li Ming in setting up the grand spirit formation.

Back then, Chu Feng had joined hands with Wang Qiang to set up the Immortal-avoiding Concealment Formation so as to infiltrate into the Kong Heavenly Clan’s forbidden area.

That spirit formation was actually very difficult to set up, and would take a lot of time.

However, at that time, Chu Feng and Wang Qiang who were only Insect Mark Immortal-cloak World Spiritists managed to successfully set up the Immortal-avoiding Concealment Formation.

And now, both Chu Feng and Young Master Li Ming were Snake Mark Immortal-cloak World Spiritists. If the two of them were to join hands, the speed at which the Immortal-avoiding Concealment Formation would be completed would be several times faster.

“Li Ming, there should be more than a single type of entrance to that Sacred Heavenly Temple, right?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

“Indeed, there’s more than a single type. The ones that we used are merely the lowest level ones, the True Immortal-level Sacred Temple Beads.”

“Above that is the Heavenly Immortal level, Martial Immortal level, Exalted level and even higher level Sacred Temple Beads.”

“Different level Sacred Temple Beads correspond to different entrances. The treasures that one will obtain from those different entrances will also be completely different,” Young Master Li Ming explained.

“Sure enough. That Sacred Heavenly Temple is truly the greatest remnant in the entire Outer World,” Chu Feng gasped with admiration.

Remnants and treasures were things that gave off an irresistible sense of enticement for martial cultivators. This was even more so for the Sacred Heavenly Temple that was deemed to be the number one remnant in the entire Outer World.

After Chu Feng had personally experienced the mystique of the Sacred Heavenly Temple, he was unable to forget about it.

He really wanted to experience it for a second and a third time. In fact, it could be said that he wanted to experience every nook and cranny of the Sacred Heavenly Temple and obtain all the treasures inside.

Greed, it was something that everyone possessed. Chu Feng also possessed it.

However, if one was able to assess one’s capabilities and act accordingly, if one was able to put forth effort for the sake of obtaining what one wanted, then it would not be greed, but rather aspiring spirit.

“The Sacred Temple Beads are very precious items. They are things that all the various powers will disregard all prices to fight over.”

“If a single precious treasure will be able to bring forth an enormous bloodbath in the martial cultivation world, then the Sacred Temple Beads that are able to open a gate to the Heavenly Sacred Temple could be said to be the treasures that create the greatest amount and the most bitter bloodbaths in the entire Outer World.”

“Furthermore, I must remind you that the True Immortal-level Sacred Temple Beads that you and I used are the lowest level Sacred Temple Beads. They are also the only ones that do not possess restrictions upon one’s cultivation.”

“However, the rest of them, like the Heavenly Immortal-level and the Martial Immortal-level Sacred Temple Beads, all possess restrictions upon one’s cultivation. Unless you have reached the cultivation that they require, you will simply not be able to open those gate to the Sacred Heavenly Temple even if you are to put the locking bead and opening bead together on your palm.”

“As for the Sacred Temple Beads, they possess a special characteristic. That is, they will only allow the person that manages to put the locking bead and the opening bead together on their palm to enter upon the Sacred Heavenly Temple. Thus… you will not be able to have others open the gate to the Sacred Heavenly Temple on your behalf so that you can enter the Sacred Heavenly Temple afterwards,” Young Master Li Ming said.

“Hearing what you said, I feel that Sacred Heavenly Temple to be even more miraculous,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“The Sacred Heavenly Temple is indeed very miraculous,” Young Master Li Ming expressed her agreement.

At the same time Chu Feng was helping Young Master Li Ming set up the spirit formation, he asked curiously, “Oh, that’s right, Li Ming, there is something that I wanted to ask you. Exactly what is your name?”

“Why do you ask that?” Young Master Li Ming asked.

“Intuition. I have a feeling that Li Ming is not your actual name. While it is fine that you do not wish to tell me your origins, are you able to tell me your actual name?” Chu Feng asked.

Young Master Li Ming did not answer Chu Feng’s question. Instead, she focused on setting up the spirit formation.

“It’s fine if you don’t want to tell me,” Chu Feng smiled. Then, he continued to focus on setting up the spirit formation.

Right at that moment, Young Master Li Ming slowly opened her mouth and said three words, “Li Yue’er.”

“Mn?” Chu Feng was startled. He was feeling a bit of disbelief at the fact that Young Master Li Ming actually told him her actual name.

“I said that my name is Li Yue’er,” Young Master Li Ming repeated herself.

“Great name. It is much better sounding than Li Ming,” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile.

“I won’t allow you to say that,” However, Young Master Li Ming revealed an angry look at Chu Feng’s joking comment.

Not only did she stop setting up the spirit formation, but she also looked at Chu Feng with a gaze filled with anger.

It was as if Chu Feng had infringed upon her taboo.

“I do not know what you’ve experienced. However, I really did not say that sentence with ill intentions,” Chu Feng explained.

Chu Feng had originally only thought that Li Yue’er had only chosen to name herself Li Ming to conceal her identity, that the name Li Ming was just a random name.

However, judging from things now, Chu Feng discovered that he was mistaken. To Li Yue’er, the name Li Ming seemed to hold special significance.

Otherwise, Li Yue’er would not have such an intense reaction from Chu Feng saying that the name Li Ming didn’t sound good.

Li Yue’er did not continue to pay attention to Chu Feng. She returned to the spirit formation.

Then, Li Yue’er grew completely silent. No matter how Chu Feng tried to talk to her, she would not answer him.

Even when Chu Feng tried to deliberately make her laugh, she would not reveal the slightest change in expression.

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