Chapter 2547 - Rank Nine Martial Ancestor

Chapter 2547 - Rank Nine Martial Ancestor

“Big brother, if you want to know, bring me there. I’ll bring you to see him, okay?”

“He is an extremely, extremely, extremely, extremely good person. I feel like he would become good friends with big brother,” Her Highness Yu’er spoke with a beaming smile.

“Lord Father has set a restriction spell on you. As such, you are simply unable to leave this place. Thus, how am I to bring you there?” The man said.

“Big brother, help me remove it. I know you have the ability to do so,” Her Highness Yu’er grabbed the sleeve of the man and spoke in a very pitiful manner, “Good brother, please help me.”

“My dear sister, I’ve said it many times already. Big brother wants to help you too. Merely, I do not dare to go against Lord Father’s decree.”

“If you want to remove the restriction to find that fellow, you must train hard. When you become an Exalted, Lord Father will definitely honor his promise and let you go out.”

“At that time, big brother will accompany you there,” The man said.

“Okay, that’s a promise then. With big brother standing up for me, who would dare bully me?” Her Highness Yu’er said with a protruded mouth.

“That said, it has been many years, are you certain that he’s still in the Ancestral Martial Lower Realm?” As the young man said those words, his tone grew heavier, “Moreover… are you certain that he’s still alive?”

“I am uncertain as to where he is. However, he is most definitely still alive. I have a feeling… that he will become someone even more powerful than you, big brother,” Her Highness Yu’er spoke with great confidence.

“My dear sister, it is not that big brother is looking down on your beloved, but that Ancestral Martial Starfield has been a desolate place for a very long time now. The reason for that is because there have not been any powerful experts from that place for a very long time now,” The man said.

“He is the expert that will allow the Ancestral Martial Starfield to shine again,” Her Highness Yu’er said stubbornly. Suddenly, her expression changed, “What do you mean by beloved, he’s merely a friend, friend!”

“Oh, he’s only a friend? If that’s the case, why are you blushing?” The man said with a smile.

“Who said I’m blushing? I’m not blushing. Big brother, you’re so annoying. I don’t like you anymore, get out of here,” Her Highness Yu’er pushed the man out toward the exit of the palace.

“Okay, okay, okay. Your mood is bad so big brother will not disturb you.”

“Remember to wholeheartedly concentrate on training. Although you’ve already reached the Martial Immortal realm, the Exalted realm is not that easily obtained,” As the man spoke, he walked out by himself.

“I got it, just get out,” Her Highness Yu’er waved her hand.

Then, she sat down cross-legged. Her beautiful eyes were flickering nonstop. It was unknown as to what she was thinking.

After a while, she took off the footlace on her ankle.

If others were to see this scene, they would definitely feel very surprised. The princess of the Immortal Sea Fish Clan was actually touching an Elite Armament footlace so very gently and cautiously.

As she looked at the beautiful footlace she held in her hand, Her Highness Yu’er’s gaze grew incomparably gentle and soft. Her gaze seemed to be capable of melting anyone’s heart.

“Big brother, you must be well. Little Fishy will definitely go see you again,” The young woman said softly.

It turned out that the extremely powerful Her Highness Yu’er was actually that mischievous little girl from the Eastern Sea Region.


Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. In the Demon Elimination Cave.

Chu Feng was gnashing his teeth. At that moment, fierce lightning covered his entire body.

That lightning seemed to be about to tear his body apart. They were attacking him nonstop.

By relying on the bamboo slip given to him by Young Master Li Ming, Chu Feng had successfully comprehended enough to reach the junction for a breakthrough to peak Martial Ancestor.

Furthermore, Chu Feng had decided to directly utilize this junction to attempt the breakthrough to rank nine Martial Ancestor.

He was already halfway there. The Divine Tribulation’s lightning had already arrived. As long as he could withstand the Divine Tribulation, Chu Feng would be able to successfully break through to rank nine Martial Ancestor from rank eight Martial Ancestor.

Merely, the Divine Tribulation’s lightning this time around was extremely fierce. Chu Feng had a very painful expression on his face.

It was still unknown as to whether or not Chu Feng would really be able to withstand the Divine Tribulation this time around.

“What powerful lightning. It seems that he really does train in the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique.”

“I wonder… if it was me, would I be able to withstand the Divine Tribulation from the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique?”

Young Master Li Ming was standing nearby and watching Chu Feng attentively.

She felt that the lightning surrounding Chu Feng was simply too frightening, and that Chu Feng might not necessarily be able to succeed.

After watching Chu Feng for some time, she raised her head upward.

Using special methods, she was able to see through the walls of the Demon Elimination Cave and see the scene outside, the scene deep in the sky.

Deep in the sky, lightning clouds were surging about. The Divine Tribulation’s lightning was galloping. Wave upon wave of power capable of utterly destroying the world was gathered high up in the sky.

That scene was exceptionally terrifying.

“For my umbrella, before reaching the True Immortal realm, even my Heaven Punishment Mysterious Technique will not cause the slightest bit of abnormal sign when reaching a breakthrough.”

“However, for this Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique, even though my umbrella has managed to successfully conceal the Divine Tribulation’s lightning that struck down, it was unable to conceal the lightning clouds above the skies.”

“Sure enough, the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique is not something that the Heaven Punishment Mysterious Technique can compare to,” Young Master Li Ming gasped with admiration.

The reason for that was because her umbrella was able to completely conceal her Heaven Punishment Mysterious Technique. Yet, it was unable to completely conceal Chu Feng’s Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique.

Merely by that, it indirectly showed the disparity between her and Chu Feng.


Right at that moment, the lightning surrounding Chu Feng started to wane. Gradually, the painful expression on Chu Feng’s face began to lessen.

“He succeeded? He actually managed to successfully endure such powerful lightning?” At that moment, Young Master Li Ming’s expression changed.

Evidently, she was very surprised by Chu Feng being able to successfully endure the Divine Tribulation’s lightning.

She had thought that with how fierce the Divine Tribulation’s lightning was and the painful expression that Chu Feng revealed, Chu Feng would not be able to withstand the Divine Tribulation.

She had thought that he would fail in his breakthrough attempt.

Never did she expect for Chu Feng to actually succeed, for him to actually successfully endure through the Divine Tribulation’s lightning and reach rank nine Martial Ancestor, the peak Martial Ancestor cultivation.

Chu Feng had indeed succeeded. After the Divine Tribulation’s lightning dispersed, Chu Feng’s complexion turned rosy and full of luster. His aura also increased from rank eight Martial Ancestor to rank nine Martial Ancestor.

“Li Ming, thank you. If it wasn’t for you, I would not be able to reach a breakthrough this quickly.”

Chu Feng had an overjoyed expression on his face. He had originally only come to the Demon Elimination Cave to find Zi Xunyi to request her assistance. He did not expect to actually obtain such a great fortune.

Although a rank nine Martial Ancestor was still a Martial Ancestor, and was no match for True Immortals, Chu Feng had managed to attain a lot of comprehension after comprehending the bamboo slip. He felt that he was only a fine line away from reaching the True Immortal realm.

“There’s no need to thank me. You relied on your own ability to withstand that Divine Tribulation,” Young Master Li Ming said indifferently.

“So you already knew that I trained in the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique,” Chu Feng said.

“The Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique is the only thing above my Heaven Punishment Mysterious Technique. Merely, I never expected this legendary Self-Punishment Mysterious Technique to actually exist in this world.”

After saying those words, she looked at Chu Feng with a whole new level of respect. She said, “More than that, I never expected that you’d actually manage to successfully learn that Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique.”

“I’ll consider it that you’re praising me,” Chu Feng smiled. Then, he cast his gaze to the spirit formation Her Lady Queen was in.

At that moment, what he was most concerned about was naturally Eggys’ well being.

“Has Eggy still not finished refining the gemstone?”

After saying those words, Chu Feng was planning to observe the spirit formation with his Heaven’s Eyes. He wanted to see how things were going with Her Lady Queen.


Right at that moment, the spirit formation suddenly exploded.

The next moment, the exceptionally beautiful figure of Her Lady Queen emerged.

Furthermore, at that moment, Her Lady Queen’s aura was much more powerful than before.

Her Lady Queen’s aura was actually the same as Chu Feng’s, that of a rank nine Martial Ancestor.

“Rank nine Martial Ancestor, Milady Queen, it would seem that the source energy gem was truly a treasure,” Chu Feng was overjoyed. He knew very well that, for some reason, Her Lady Queen needed a lot more source energy than ordinary world spirits.

This made it so that it was very difficult for Her Lady Queen to increase her cultivation by absorbing source energies.

For the same sort of source energy that other world spirits could use to reach two breakthroughs in cultivation, Her Lady Queen would only be able to reach a single breakthrough in cultivation.

And now, Her Lady Queen’s cultivation had actually increased to rank nine Martial Ancestor, the peak Martial Ancestor realm. With this, how could Chu Feng not be overjoyed?

Extremely excited, Chu Feng rushed toward Her Lady Queen and hugged the exceptionally beautiful Eggy.

The proud Eggy actually did not take offense at Chu Feng’s action. Instead, she continued to have an enchanting smile on her face the entire time. It would appear that she was extremely happy to have reached rank nine Martial Ancestor.

However, after a short moment passed, Chu Feng was still tightly hugging her. It seemed that he did not plan to release his hands at all.

Furthermore, he was rubbing his face onto Her Lady Queen’s face nonstop. At that moment, Her Lady Queen’s expression started to sink.

“Hey, hey, hey! How much longer are you going to hug me? Even if you are to take advantage of me, you should have a limit, no?!” Her Lady Queen spoke in a very displeased manner.

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