Chapter 2539 - Being Stubborn

Chapter 2539 - Being Stubborn

"There’s actually such a thing?”

Chu Feng began to look forward to the Sacred Heavenly Temple more and more. Just thinking about the fact that two individuals that should not be meeting one another as they were separated by the vast as starry sky would actually be able to meet one another in the Sacred Heavenly Temple, he felt utter amazement at how unimaginable it was.

It was truly unbelievable.

He was merely looking forward to the mystical Sacred Heavenly Temple.

"Of course, something like that rarely occurs. At the very least, I've never encountered anything like that before. None of the people that I know have ever encountered that sort of thing either. Thus, you can rest assured, as I Believe you will also not encounter that sort of thing,” Young Master Li Ming said.

“In that case, you’ve been to the Sacred Heavenly Temple before? I am truly becoming more and more curious of your origins.”

At that moment, Chu Feng started to have a whole new level of respect for Young Master Li Ming. From both the treasures that she possessed and the experience that she had, it could be seen that she was absolutely not someone to be trifled with.

At that moment, Chu Feng became even more certain that she was not someone from the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. Else... it would be impossible for her to know all those things, and impossible for her to have so many treasures.

"You do not have to care about that. Go on and choose what you want."

As Young Master Li Ming spoke, she tossed a locking bead toward Chu Feng’s palm.

The locking bead just so happened to make contact with Chu Feng’s opening bead.


The next moment, bright light filled Chu Feng’s field of vision. In an instant, the scene surrounding him had changed completely.

At that moment, Chu Feng was no longer present in the Demon Elimination Cave. Instead, he was within the vast starry sky.

He was standing on air. Boundless flickering stars filled his entire field of vision. Even when looking down, he would still see an endless amount of stars.

That feeling was so very real, so very powerful.

Beautiful. Not only was the scene beautiful, but the sense of magnificence was battering against Chu Feng’s heart and soul from all sides.

With that, Chu Feng realized what genuine magnificence was, what endlessly vast meant.

"Is this the actual Outer World?"

At that moment, Chu Feng became so excited that he started to have goosebumps.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng was unable to be certain as to whether or not the scene before him was an illusion or real.

If this were real, it would be impossible. After all, he should be in the Demon Elimination Cave, and should not have moved often all.

However, if this were an illusion, then it was so very life-like and real that Chu Feng was unable to find anything that was could show it to be fake.

"Chu Feng, look ahead," Suddenly, Her Lady Queen cried out in excitement.

At that moment, Chu Feng was able to see a dazzling golden light appearing before the vast starry sky, right before his gaze.

That golden light was truly dazzling and magnificent. In fact, Chu Feng felt that it was even more dazzling than the sun itself.

Then, Chu Feng was able to see that it was a gate.

That gate was the same gate within the locking bead. At that moment, the gate was floating toward Chu Feng with huge speed.

The closer the gate was to Chu Feng, the greater and more imposing the gate felt to Chu Feng.

Grand... extremely grand. That gate was much bigger than Chu Feng imagined it to be.

In fact, Chu Feng felt that the gate was very possibly larger than the entire Nine Provinces Continent.


Following an ear-piercing explosion, the golden-bright and dazzling gate opened. At the moment when it was completely opened, the enormous gate had also arrived before Chu Feng, swallowing him into it.

To be exact, instead of being swallowed by a gate, Chu Feng felt that he was swallowed by an entire world.

The next moment, Chu Feng arrived in a completely different world.

He had arrived in a glorious and imposing palace hall.

Chu Feng had been to countless palaces, and even many remnants. However, he had never been to a place with such magnificent constructions.

Even the ground below his feet was made of gold.

Everything, his appeared rather be made of gold too. However, the gold didn’t resemble gold. Rather, it appeared to be a sort of material many times more precious than gold.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng felt that the material was indestructible. If it was gold, it would be the most definitely not be indestructible.

To put it simply, that entire entire place was a rare treasure in and in itself. It was composed of an extremely rarely-seen treasured material.

The, that place was enormous, extremely enormous.

A single dragon in that place was a thousand meters in girth. An dragon has been carved onto the pillar. That dragon spiraled up the pillar in a very domineering manner.

Looking around, that palace hall filled Chu Feng’s line of sight. It was as if there was no end to be seen.

When Chu Feng raised his head, he could see boundless white clouds. Yet, he was actually unable to see the peak of the palace hall.

The palace hall was taller than even the sky!!!

“This is the Sacred Heavenly Temple? This is simply too ridiculous, no?”

At that moment, even Her Lady Queen’s eyes were wide open. Her little mouth was slightly open in surprise.

"This is truly a work of gods. It is truly an unimaginable place."

Chu Feng also gasped in admiration. He did not know what sort of individual would be able to construct such a magnificent palace.

"Those who open the True Immortal Gate can choose between a total of three items. Only one can be chosen."

Right at that moment, an extremely grand voice was open heard.

Even though it was clearly only a voice, the voice originated from all directions and entered Chu Feng’s ears simultaneously.

At the same time that voice was heard, three gates showed before Chu Feng.

Compared to the entrance of the Sacred Heavenly Temple, those three gates were much smaller; they were only a hundred meters tall.

However, they were still very awe-inspiring and majestic. Apart from the entrance gate to the Sacred Heavenly Temple, those three gates were more imposing than all other gates Chu Feng had ever encountered.

If Chu Feng had to describe them, then it would be a sort of oppressive sensation, a very ancient yet powerful oppressive sensation.

Feeling that sensation, one’s heart would be filled with reverence, and not dare to show the slightest bit of disrespect.

On the three gates would have well signboards.

The writing on the signboards were all graceful, elegant and filled with power.

Just as if he wanted to submit to the signboards. Enough to make others want to submit to him or her.

It was clear that the words on the three signboards were written by the same individual. However, the words were all different.

They were individually...

Martial Cultivation.

World Spirit.


"Chu Feng, choose Martial Cultivation. Your cultivation might be to advance by leaps and bounds, sending you to the True Immortal realm."

“No, no, no, wait, you can also choose Weapon. Perhaps you might obtain an Immortal Armament. That would be extremely good too.”

“No, it’s better to choose Martial Cultivation still. To the current you, your martial cultivation is more important. Even if you are to obtain an Immortal Armament, you will not be able to use it.”

At that moment, Her lady Queen was endlessly excited. She was truly looking forward to the treasures behind the gates.

She felt that with how powerful the Sacred Heavenly Temple was, the treasures inside would all definitely be extremely greatly too many.

Chu Feng would be be able to obtain magnificent profits this time around.

At the moment when Her Lady Queen was speaking excitedly, Chu Feng had begun to walk toward the gates.

He was not proceeding toward the Martial Cultivation gate, nor was he proceeding toward the Weapon gate. Rather, he was proceeding toward the gate with the signboard ‘World Spirit.’

"Chu Feng, where are you going? Don’t go that way,” Seeing that, Her Lady Queen started to panic.

“If my understanding is correct, the treasure contained behind this gate with the words ‘World Spirit’ should be beneficial to Milady Queen, no?”

"Chu Feng, don’t make rash choices. This is the Sacred Heavenly Temple. How could it possess treasures beneficial to world spirits? You must not mess around with this Queen,” Her Lady Queen tried her best to stop Chu Feng.

"But I still want to give it a try. Milady Queen has done so much for me, has helped me so many times. I also wish to help Milady Queen in return," Chu Feng said.

"You, why are you this disobedient? Stop immediately. This is the Sacred Heavenly Temple, the most mystical remnant in the entire Outer World, the most precious treasure deposit in the entire Outer World."

“This is an opportunity that comes once in a blue moon. Are you truly planning to waste it like this?” Her Lady Queen was extremely nervous. She was trying her best to persuade Chu Feng against it. She was deeply afraid that Chu Feng Would not listen to her and choose a treasure related to her.

At that moment, Chu Feng had arrived before the World Spirit gate. However, he turned stopped.

"Indeed, this is indeed a rare opportunity that comes only once in a blue moon."

“However, Milady Queen, I want to be stubborn just once for your sake.”

After saying those words, Chu Feng extend his arms and pushed the World Spirit gate open.

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