Chapter 2538 - Sacred Heavenly Temple

Chapter 2538 - Sacred Heavenly Temple

“What is this?” Chu Feng asked. He had already realized that the beads were no small matter.

“Have you heard of the Sacred Heavenly Temple?” Young Master Li Ming asked.

“Sacred Heavenly Temple?” Chu Feng’s gaze changed. He had never heard of the Sacred Heavenly Temple.

“Seems like you haven’t heard of it before.”

Before Chu Feng could respond, Young Master Li Ming had managed to determine from Chu Feng’s expression that he had never heard of the Sacred Heavenly Temple before.

“Indeed, I’ve never heard of it before,” While smiling, Chu Feng nodded.

“The vast starry sky is boundless and limitless. This is what people view as the Outer World.”

“The Outer World is vast and magnificent. Ever since the Ancient Era, martial cultivators have ruled over this vast Outer World.”

“Those seniors before us have left behind countless treasures. In fact, it could even be said to be an infinite amount of treasures.”

“Thus, those remnants that contained treasures have become places where various powers and hidden experts will fight over.”

“That said, when mentioning remnants, there is one place that is widely accepted to contain the greatest amount of treasures in the entire Outer World.”

“As for that place, it is the Sacred Heavenly Temple,” Young Master Li Ming said.

“Sacred Heavenly Temple?” Chu Feng revealed a surprised expression. He had not expected there to be such a place in this world. Then, he asked, “What sort of place is that?”

“Opinions differ in regards to the origin of the Sacred Heavenly Temple. There has never been a definite theory, nor has any legend regarding it been acknowledged by the people of the world. However, the great majority feel that it should be from the Ancient Era.”

“As of yet, there is only one thing that is certain. That is, the Sacred Heavenly Temple is the most mystical remnant that has been discovered so far. The treasures and powers that it contains all surpass one’s imagination,” Young Master Li Ming said.

“Mystical? How mystical?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

“Not only is this Sacred Heavenly Temple hidden throughout the entire Outer World, it also possesses countless entrances to its precious treasures,” Young Master Li Ming said.

“Countless entrances?” Chu Feng was surprised.

“That’s right, it possesses countless entrances. As for these, they are two of the entrances,” Young Master Li Ming said as she pointed to the two miraculous beads in her hand.

“We will be able to enter the Sacred Heavenly Temple using only these two beads?”

“But, according to what you said, since the Sacred Heavenly Temple is the greatest treasure deposit in the entire Outer World, it should also be the most dangerous, no? Would we really be able to survive if we are to enter there with our current strength?” 

Chu Feng was worried. After all, danger would generally accompany chance opportunities. The greater a chance opportunity might be, the more dangerous it would be.

The vast Outer World was a place with countless experts. Chu Feng knew very well that compared to those experts, he was still no different from an ant.

Thus, if he were to enter a remnant that contained treasures that even those peak experts yearned for with the strength that he possessed, wouldn’t he simply be courting death?

“The most mystical aspect regarding the Sacred Heavenly Temple is the fact that it does not possess any dangers. As long as you are able to enter it, you will definitely be able to profit from it.”

“As for the most mystical aspect of the Sacred Heavenly Temple, it is the fact that no one knows where it is located. However, as long as one is able to find an entrance to enter it, one will be able to enter it,” Young Master Li Ming said.

“It’s actually this mystical?” Chu Feng felt greater amazement. He gradually come to understand what Young Master Li Ming meant.

No one knew where the Sacred Heavenly Temple is located. However, it could be present everywhere.

If beads like these were capable of opening a gate to the Sacred Heavenly Temple, then there should be a lot of beads like these covering every nook and cranny of the vast Outer World.

Regardless of where one might be, as long as one possessed such a bead, they would be able to enter the Sacred Heavenly Temple. With that being the case, that Sacred Heavenly Temple would be simply too extraordinary.

Exactly what sort of person was capable of creating such a mystical temple?

Exactly how enormously formidable would was the power driving such a mystical temple be?

Furthermore, who was it that had gathered all those treasures within in the Sacred Heavenly Temple to make it into the number one treasure deposit in the entire vast Outer World?

“Wow! This Queen is deeply interested in seeing that Sacred Heavenly Temple.”

After hearing what Young Master Li Ming said, even Her Lady Queen’s eyes were filled with anticipation.

“However, these two beads by themselves are still unable to allow one to enter the Sacred Heavenly Temple. Thus, even though I’ve stolen these two beads, the Bloodscale Monstrous Clan would have no use keep them to begin with. At the very Most, they will serve as collectables,” Young Master Li Ming added.

“What the hell! After all this, we’re actually unable to enter?”

“Really! This girl is truly annoying. If we're not able to enter it, why the heck did she even bother to take it out to show off? Isn't she just toying with this Queen?” After hearing those words, Her Lady Queen raised her shoulders and crossed her arms with a pouting and dissatisfied expression on her face.

“My dear Eggy, don’t be so anxious. I don’t think this girl Li Ming is the sort to joke around. Let me ask her about it, I think she will have a way to enter it.”

At the same time Chu Feng consoled Eggy, he asked Li Ming, “In that case, how do we enter it?”

"To put it simply, these beads are separated into two types. One is a locking bead, turning the other is an opening bead."

"As long as the two types of beads of the same level encounter one another, a gate to the Sacred Heavenly Temple will be opened."

“The two beads that I’ve stolen from the Bloodscale Monstrous Clan are both locking beads.”

"That said, I myself already possess some opening beads."

After saying those words, Young Master Li Ming extended her other hand. After she opened her hand, a total of thirteen beads appeared in her hand.

The size of those beads were pretty much identical to the two beads in her other hand. However, those thirteen beads were emitting a faint white light.

That’s right, they were emitting a white light. Upon closer inspection, those thirteen beads also each seemed to contain a world.

The worlds within them were surging with white clouds. In the center of each of the worlds was a key.

The keys were all golden in color, and enormously huge. As they stood in the center of the worlds within the thirteen beads, the keys were like the rulers of the worlds.

"Shoot! This girl actually possesses this many opening beads," At the moment, Her Lady Queen revealed a surprised expression.

If the Sacred Heavenly Temple was truly as extraordinary as Young Master Li Ming described it to be, then the beads would most definitely all be very valuable.

After Young Master Li Ming revealed the beads to Chu Feng, she stored eleven of her opening beads away, leaving behind two. Then, she tossed one to Chu Feng.

“As long as you let the opening bead touch the locking bead, you will be able to open the entrance to the Sacred Heavenly Temple.”

“Remember, after entering the Sacred Heavenly Temple, you will be given a chance to make a choice. Once you’ve chosen what you want to obtain, you will not be able to change it. 've chosen, you will be sent out of the Sacred Heavenly Temple."

“If you wish to return to the Sacred Heavenly Temple, you will have to open another entrance gate to it. Otherwise, you will not be able to return to it again,” Young Master Li Ming said to Chu Feng in a very earnest manner . It was as if she was afraid that Chu Feng would make some sort of mistake.

“Once the gate is opened, one will definitely be able to enter the Sacred Heavenly Temple and obtain a treasure?” Chu Feng was wild with joy. He had never experienced such a miraculous thing before.

Just thinking about it caused him to feel as if his blood was rushing through his body. He was feeling excitement from the bottom of his heart.

“That’s not the case. There’s another possibility that will lead you to return without anything,” Young Master Li Ming said.

"What sort of possibility is it?" Chu Feng asked.

He did not want to return without any treasure after entering the Sacred Heavenly Temple.

"After opening the entrance to the Sacred Heavenly Temple, the person that opened the entrance will be sent directly to the Sacred Heavenly Temple. However, rather than saying their body will enter the Sacred Heavenly Temple, it would be more accurate to say that their Soul will enter the Sacred Heavenly Temple.”

"However, it is not only you and I who possess opening and locking beads. It is possible that others will have entered the Sacred Heavenly Temple at the same time you did, and chose the same treasure that you wanted."

"In that sort of situation, the two individuals will have to fight over the single treasure. As there is only a single treasure, it is impossible for it to be divided evenly between both individuals."

"Thus, at that time, the Sacred Heavenly Temple’s guardian spirit will appear. It will present the two individuals a question."

"The person to answer the question accurately will obtain the treasure, but the person who answers it incorrectly will return empty-handed," Young Master Li Ming said.

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