Chapter 2534 - Trump Cards Showdown

Chapter 2534 - Trump Cards Showdown


Pink radiance dyed half the sky red. It was moving toward Chu Feng oppressively with a speed faster than lightning.

That pink radiance was extremely powerful. Wherever it passed, spatial cracks would appear.

It was not that the pink radiance’s power was insufficient to shatter space itself. On the contrary, the pink radiance possessed power that was more than sufficient to shatter space itself.

This was truly a power capable of bringing about the destruction of a region. With the shattering of space, the earth would also start to cave in.

The reason why space had yet to shatter and the earth had yet to sink in was because the pink radiance was simply too fast, unimaginably fast. 

Fortunately, its opponent was Chu Feng. If it were a martial cultivator inferior to Chu Feng, they would not be able to even react in time before being killed by that pink radiance.

For ordinary people, they would only be able to see the pink radiance after it had already left behind a path of utter destruction.

That pink radiance was not a natural or man-made disaster. Instead, it was a pure sword aura.

It was a wave of sword aura shot forth by an Immortal Armament.

At that moment, the Immortal Armament’s sword aura was rapidly moving toward Chu Feng.

Not to mention being struck by it, as long as it reached within ten meters of Chu Feng, Chu Feng would undoubtedly be killed by it.

However, precisely at a time of crisis like that, Chu Feng’s eyes were tightly closed.

Seeing such a reaction from Chu Feng, Young Master Li Ming did not feel joy. Instead, a trace of unease flashed through her eyes.

This time around, it could be said to be the first actual confrontation between her and Chu Feng.

So far, she had been forced by Chu Feng to use her trump cards continuously.

Thus, Chu Feng’s strength had already surpassed her imagination.

He had even forced her to use her Immortal Armament.

With how powerful Immortal Armaments were, her victory should be at hand.

However, when she saw that Chu Feng had actually closed his eyes when facing her Immortal Armament, she faintly felt that Chu Feng possessed an ability to take on her Immortal Armament.

“Could it be that this guy really possesses a Demon Armament that can kill True Immortals?”

Young Master Li Ming started to recall the rumors of Chu Feng possessing a Demon Armament.


Right at that moment, Chu Feng suddenly opened his tightly closed eyes.

The next moment, a loud explosion sounded from Chu Feng’s body.


The next moment, dazzling golden radiance began to emit from Chu Feng’s body.

That golden radiance was too bright. It was actually able to overshadow the pink sword aura. At that moment, Chu Feng was shining magnificently like a sun.

“That is?!!!”

At that moment, Young Master Li Ming was able to clearly see an enormous hundred meter-long golden sword appearing right before Chu Feng.

From its appearance, that enormous golden sword greatly resembled Chu Feng’s Ancient Era’s War Axe.

Merely, its size was much smaller than the Ancient Era’s War Axe Chu Feng had used earlier.

Although its size was much smaller than the Ancient Era’s War Axe, the aura it emitted was several times more powerful than that of the Ancient Era’s War Axe.


A loud explosion was heard. The pink radiance that filled half the sky scattered about in all directions.

In an instant, heaven was overturned, the earth was split apart and space itself was shattered. At that moment, in the depths of the Demon Elimination Cave, only the golden radiance and the dark green colors of the Demon Elimination Cave were reflecting upon one another.

The enormous golden sword had actually managed to scatter Young Master Li Ming’s sword aura sent forth by her Immortal Armament.

“Another secret skill.”

Young Master Li Ming started to frown tightly.

Originally, she had thought that Chu Feng would use his legendary Demon Armament.

She never expected that Chu Feng would use another secret skill.

However, how could a secret skill be this overwhelmingly powerful? It actually allowed Chu Feng’s battle power to grow infinitely close to that of a True Immortal, enough to withstand her Immortal Armament.

“Is this another secret skill from the Ancient Era’s War Clan?” Young Master Li Ming asked.

“Li Ming, this is indeed also from the Ancient Era’s War Clan. This secret skill is called the Ancient Era’s War Sword,” Chu Feng replied.

“Exactly what sort of relationship do you have with the Ancient Era’s War Clan?” Young Master Li Ming asked.

She was feeling very unreconciled at the fact that Chu Feng had actually grasped abilities this much more powerful than her own.

She was a very proud individual. Rarely did she ever find a match among those of her generation. AsEven for those with the same cultivation as her, she was practically undefeatable.

Yet today, Chu Feng was actually able to obstruct her like this. The reason for that was because Chu Feng’s strength surpassed her own.

It was as Chu Feng had stated, the only reason why she was able to fight with Chu Feng for so long was because her cultivation was a level above Chu Feng’s.

If the two of them possessed the same level of cultivation, she would most likely have already been defeated by Chu Feng. It would be impossible for her to fight against Chu Feng for so long.

It was precisely because Chu Feng was so powerful that she wanted to know exactly what his origins were.

“Tell me which Heavenly Clan and which Upper Realm you’re from.”

“As long as you tell me what I want to know, I will tell you what relationship I have with the Ancient Era’s War Clan,” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile.

Just like how Li Ming was curious about Chu Feng’s identity, Chu Feng was also curious about Li Ming’s identity.

Heaven Punishment Mysterious Technique, a powerful secret skill, her Immortal Armament and a medicinal pellet that allowed her to use her Immortal Armament.

All of these made Chu Feng feel that Young Master Li Ming was not someone from the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm, but instead someone from an Upper Realm.

“You don’t have to tell me. After all, I am’m not interested in knowing what someone that is’s about to die wants to say.”

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Suddenly, Young Master Li Ming thrust her Immortal Armament at Chu Feng in rapid succession.

Her attacks this time were different from earlier. This time around, countless sword auras were being sent toward Chu Feng simultaneously. As such, the attack was much more powerful.

“Very well, we shall have a showdown then.”

Seeing that Young Master Li Ming had sent forth her attack, Chu Feng was not to be outdone either.

With a thought from him, the hundred meter-long Ancient Era’s War Sword charged toward the incoming sword auras like an indestructible warship.

One one side was dazzling pink light.

On the other side, dazzling golden radiance.

The two collided and brought forth powerful energy ripples.

The energy ripples swept through everything, sending violent wind everywhere. 

Even though Chu Feng and Young Master Li Ming were the people that were controlling the sword aura and secret skill, they were still knocked back repeatedly by the energy ripples.

“Immortal Armaments are truly powerful. Could it be that even my Ancient Era’s War Sword is only able to fight it to a draw?”

At that moment, an answer was present in Chu Feng’s heart.

Although both he and Young Master Li Ming possessed battle power infinitely close to that of True Immortals, it remained that they were only infinitely close.

Thus, it could be said that the two of them had reached the limits of battle power that Martial Ancestors could reach.

Their battle powers were only a match for one another.

Even if they were to continue fighting, it would only result in a draw.


One of the two parties wereas no longer able to continue fighting.

Thus, whichever side first failed the test of endurance would be the one to lose.

Thus, the match was now one of physical capability and willpower. The outcome of the battle would thus be determined.


Right at that moment, Chu Feng’s expression suddenly changed. Then, he hurriedly stopped controlling the Ancient Era’s War Sword.

The reason for that was because he discovered that Young Master Li Ming’s sword aura was growing weaker and weaker. If he were to continue controlling the Ancient Era’s War Sword to fight her, he would definitely injure her.


Right after Chu Feng halted his attacks, Young Master Li Ming sprayed out a mouthful of blood.

At the moment Young Master Li Ming sprayed out that mouthful of blood, her legs grew weak, and she half-kneeled in midair. She was only able to stabilize herself with her Immortal Armament.

At that moment, although Young Master Li Ming’s Immortal Armament still possessed an Immortal Armament’s aura, it had already lost its overbearingness and unparalleled might.

The power of that Immortal Armament had stopped. Young Master Li Ming was no longer able to utilize the Immortal Armament.

At that moment, Young Master Li Ming’s complexion had turned paper pale. She was like a dying individual. It was a very frightening sight.

In fact, she appeared to have shrunk to half her former weight. Her plump flesh had become extremely boney.

The mouthful of blood that she sprayed out earlier seemed to be more than only blood. It seemed like her vitality was also sprayed out along with her blood, leaving her with enormous harm.

However, Chu Feng knew that what had caused Young Master Li Ming to become like this was not that mouthful of blood that she had vomited out. Instead, this was the price that she paid to forcibly use her Immortal Armament.

The outcome of the battle had been decided. In the end… it was Chu Feng who won.

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