Chapter 2533 - It’s Actually An Immortal Armament

“That is…”

At that moment, Young Master Li Ming, who was filled with murderous desire, revealed a change in expression. Her facial expression turned sluggish as she was startled by Chu Feng.

The next moment, an extremely astonished expression emerged in her eyes that were flashing with lightning, radiating a golden glow and filled with killing intent.

“Divine Mark, you’ve trained in the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique?!”

“How could this be? That sort of thing actually really exists in this world?!”

Young Master Li Ming let out a voice of disbelief.

Compared to the ignorant Kong Doumoyuan and others, it was evident that Young Master Li Ming knew of the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique.

It was also precisely because she knew of the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique that she revealed such astonishment and disbelief.

Based on what she knew, the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique was simply a legend. Yet now… this legendary thing was actually placed before her.

How could she not be astonished by this?

However, what she could not accept the most was the fact that Chu Feng had actually trained in this legendary Self-Punishing Mysterious Technique.

Furthermore, judging by his appearance, it was evident that he had practiced it successfully.

As she was very proud, she found this truly unacceptable.

“Seems like it’s true.”

That said, at the same time as Young Master Li Ming was astonished and filled with unreconciliation, she was also able to feel the sensation that was coming from her Bloodline deep in her dantian.

It was actually a feeling of fear.

She, who had trained in the Heaven Punishment Mysterious Technique and formed her Heaven level Lightning Mark, was actually feeling fear toward Chu Feng from the depths of her soul, from the bottom of her core.

This made her even more certain than what Chu Feng had trained in was the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique.

The reason for that was because the only thing that could make her, someone who had trained in the Heaven Punishment Mysterious Technique, feel fear would be that legendary Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique.

Right at that moment, Young Master Li Ming shouted, “Even if this is the case, you can still forget about defeating me!!!”

Then, Young Master Li Ming raised her arms and tossed away her two Ancestral Armaments.

Chu Feng’s gaze changed upon seeing this scene. He was confused by Young Master Li Ming’s actions.

Throwing away her Ancestral Armaments would only serve to decrease her battle power. Yet, judging from her appearance, she was planning to continue her struggle against Chu Feng.

Since she was planning on continuing the battle against Chu Feng, why would she throw away her Ancestral Armaments and lower her battle power at a time like this?


The next moment, Chu Feng realized why Young Master Li Ming had tossed away her two Ancestral Armaments.

A sword had appeared in Young Master Li Ming’s hand.

It was a long, pink sword composed of pink gems. It possessed a very exquisite appearance.

Beautiful, this sword was very beautiful. Rather than calling it a weapon, it would be more accurate to say that it was a masterpiece, a work of art.

However, after that three-foot-long sword appeared, not only did Chu Feng no longer dare to underestimate Young Master Li Ming, but even Her Lady Queen who was enjoying the show abruptly stood up with a serious expression on her face.

The reason for that was because the aura being emitted by that pink sword was extremely powerful. That was not an ordinary weapon.

The aura it emitted caused even Chu Feng’s Stormwind Edge and Flame Dragon Greatsword to tremble before it.

This allowed Chu Feng to know that the weapon in Young Master Li Ming’s hand was most likely an… Immortal Armament.

“Immortal Armament, this girl actually possesses an Immortal Armament.”

“But, even if she possesses an Immortal Armament, can she really control it with her current cultivation?”

At that moment, Her Lady Queen also had a surprised expression.

She was also filled with uncertainty.

After all, no matter how strong a Martial Ancestor might be, they would be inferior to True Immortals.

Immortal Armaments were likely weapons that even ordinary True Immortals would find difficult to control.

Not to mention how precious Immortal Armaments were, merely the fact that they were difficult to control was something that one couldn’t change.

Even if that Young Master Li Ming possessed an Immortal Armament, how could she possibly be able to control her Immortal Armament?


At the moment when both Chu Feng and Her Lady Queen were pondering how Young Master Li Ming could control her Immortal Armament, a red medicinal pellet suddenly appeared in her hand. 

She directly tossed that medicinal pellet into her mouth.

“Li Ming, stop,” Seeing this, Chu Feng hurriedly shouted, “There are no deep hatreds or grievances between us. There‘s simply no need for you to go this far.”

The medicinal pellet Young Master Li Ming had tossed into her mouth was most definitely not an ordinary medicinal pellet. That medicinal pellet should be capable of granting her the power to control an Immortal Armament.

However, a medicinal pellet like that would definitely be much more powerful than ordinary Forbidden Medicines.

Such a powerful medicinal pellet would most naturally also have an enormous backlash.

Chu Feng felt that there was simply no need for Young Master Li Ming to do something that would harm herself like this for the sake of taking care of him.

“I must kill you.”

However, Young Master Li Ming was determined to kill. She directly swallowed the medicinal pellet in her mouth.

After that medicinal pellet entered her mouth, Young Master Li Ming’s body started to emit a red glow, and even her skin turned red.

Young Master Li Ming did not emit overwhelming battle power. However, a strange sort of power was present in her body.

Soon, Chu Feng noticed that the red glow on Young Master Li Ming’s body was extending from her arm to the Immortal Armament she held.


The next moment, the Immortal Armament started to emit an extremely strong power.

That power was extremely frightening. To be exact, it was that Immortal Armament that was too frightening.

Wave upon wave of energy was being emitted from the Immortal Armament and sweeping across the sky.

That Immortal Armament had yet to move. However, Chu Feng and the Ancient Era’s War Axe before him were already being pushed back repeatedly by the Immortal Armament.

“So that’s an Immortal Armament. What overwhelming power,” Chu Feng exclaimed in admiration.

Chu Feng could tell that even though Young Master Li Ming was able to use the Immortal Armament after taking that special medicinal pellet, she was still unable to completely reveal the power of the Immortal Armament.

However, even though it was only a portion of the Immortal Armament’s power, it was already so strong. If she were able to completely unleash the power of the Immortal Armament, how overwhelmingly powerful would that be? 

“Chu Feng, this is bad. The power of the Immortal Armament is infinitely close to that of True Immortals,” At that moment, Her Lady Queen started to grow nervous.

Originally, she thought that Chu Feng would be able to defeat Young Master Li Ming after using his Divine Mark.

She never expected Young Master Li Ming to be so fierce. She never expected her to possess more and more powerful abilities that were not at all inferior to those Chu Feng possessed.

Not only did she successfully train in the Heaven Punishment Mysterious Technique, but she actually also possessed an Immortal Armament.

One must know that even those True Immortals that Chu Feng had fought only possessed Ancestral Armaments.

From this, it could be seen how valuable and precious Immortal Armaments were. 

Immortal Armaments could be said to be extremely rare in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. At the very least, not even the Kong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief possessed an Immortal Armament.

Thus, merely that Immortal Armament revealed how special Young Master Li Ming’s identity was. She was most definitely not someone to be trifled with.

However, and most importantly, that Young Master Li Ming was actually able to use her Immortal Armament.

At that moment, Chu Feng had to use either the Ancient Era’s War Sword or the Evil God Sword.

However, regardless of which he decided to use, he would suffer a backlash from it.

The gains of this battle would already no longer be able to make up for the losses.

“Chu Feng, prepare to die!”

Right at that moment, Young Master Li Ming thrust forth with her Immortal Armament.


That sword surged like a gathering storm and seemed to be capable of overturning the heavens and splitting the earth.

It was as if that one sword thrust would be able to determine Chu Feng’s life and death.

Right at the moment when Young Master Li Ming thought that victory was at hand, Chu Feng suddenly closed his eyes.

If others were to see this scene, they would most definitely think that Chu Feng had given up on resistance and was prepared to die.

However, they had no idea that at the moment when Chu Feng closed his eyes, from within his body and deep within his soul, an invisible pair of eyes suddenly opened.

Following that, an enormously powerful Ancient Era’s aura was awakened.

That aura was completely unrestrained and overbearing. It was as if nothing could match against it!!!

At that moment, the aura had taken the form of an enormous sword and was about to break out of Chu Feng’s body!!!

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