Chapter 2181 - Merely A Single Sword Strike

Chapter 2181 - Merely A Single Sword Strike

“Cao Family’s Family Head, what’s wrong? How could you have forgotten about me this quickly?” Chu Feng laughed lightly. Then, he flipped his sleeve and removed the clothes he wore.

At this moment, not only did Chu Feng reveal his true appearance, his Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings also covered his entire body.

“It’s you?!”

Upon seeing Chu Feng, not only were the people from the Tang and Cao Families shocked, even the Luyang’s Pavilion’s Elder Yuan Zhen was shocked.

His expression changed enormously as he stood up nervously.

“Those Thunder Wings and that Thunder Armor…”

“He… he… he is someone from the Heavenly Clans!!!”

“Heavens! Judging by his age, he should be a member of the younger generation. A member of the younger generation actually possesses this level of cultivation, exactly which Heavenly Clan managed to nurture such a genius?”

In addition to the people from the Tang and Cao Families, many of the people that did not know who Chu Feng was also revealed shocked expressions. In fact, they were much more astonished than the Tang and Cao Families.

Many people did not know about the conflict between Chu Feng and the Tang and Cao Families. That said, it didn’t change the fact that they revealed astonished expressions upon seeing Chu Feng.

The reason for that was not only because Chu Feng had revealed that he had a Heavenly Bloodline, the cultivation that he had obtained at his young age also caused countless people to gasp with admiration.

“Everyone, I bet you all do not know who I am.”

“To make a long story short, I am called Chu Feng. Days ago, when the Cao Family was attacking the Tang Family, I received a request from the Tang Family’s Young Miss Tang Ying and fought for the Tang Family.”

“In that battle, in order to save the Tang Family, I killed the Cao Family’s Third Young Master, Cao Yuxuan.”

“Precisely because of that, Luyang’s Pavilion decided to interfere in this matter, and demanded that both the Tang and Cao Families to lay down their personal grudges to join hands and take care of me.”

“As for the Tang Family, for their own interests, they decided to break faith and aim their weapons at me, who had been helping them the entire time.”

“Everyone, I ask of you all, is this the way one should act?” Chu Feng spread his hands and asked the crowd.

At this moment, the crowd had burst into an uproar. The reason for that was because what Chu Feng had said was truly too astonishing.

Merely his declaration that he had killed Cao Yuxuan caused the crowd to gasp in surprise. After all, Cao Yuxuan’s reputation had not been falsely obtained.

Chu Feng had helped the Tang Family kill Cao Yuxuan. Yet, the Tang Family instead kicked their benefactor in the teeth. This came as an even greater disbelief for the crowd.

“Chu Feng, never would I have expected that you would dare to come here alone,” Suddenly, Elder Yuan Zhen laughed and walked out.

When he first saw Chu Feng, he was frightened. He became extremely nervous because he feared that Chu Feng had brought reinforcements.

However, after he observed his surroundings, he discovered that Chu Feng had not brought any reinforcements with him. Instead, he had arrived by himself. Upon discovering that, his nervousness was immediately cast away, and replaced with a mocking smile.

The reason for that was because he was able to ascertain that Chu Feng was a so-called ‘bastard child’ that Chu Luyang spoke of. All of the Heavenly Clans had a lot of bastard children. As for those bastard children, they simply did not have any backing.

Right after Elder Yuan Zhen said those words, the expressions of the surrounding crowd changed once again. After all, Elder Yuan Zhen did not declare what Chu Feng had said to be false. Since he did not deny it, it indirectly verified what Chu Feng had said.

Upon thinking that Chu Feng had actually killed the Cao Family’s genius Cao Yuxuan, and that the Tang Family were actually ingrates, the crowd became even more astonished.

“Haha…” At this moment, Chu Feng laughed. He said, “Taking care of you bunch, I myself will suffice.”

“What shameless boasting,” Elder Yuan Zhen snorted coldly. Then, he said to the Cao and Tang Families’ Family Heads, “Tang Haichuan, Cao Kuofeng, I will present you two with an opportunity to redeem yourselves. This time, do not let him escape.”

“Elder, please rest assured. We will definitely not give him the opportunity to escape again.”



As they spoke, Tang Haichuan and Cao Kuofeng unleashed their respective Incomplete Ancestral Armaments and charged to attack Chu Feng.

Their actions immediately caused their Ancestral-level martial power to scatter in all directions.

At the same time, two enormous surges of power surged toward Chu Feng.

They were extremely powerful, and definitely not ordinary martial skills. They had already surpassed Heaven Taboo Martial Skills.

Being utilized with their Incomplete Ancestral Armaments, they turned into two sinister and enormous ferocious beasts. The two ferocious beasts roared nonstop. It was as if they were going to devour everything. Their might was simply unstoppable.

Those were two Emperor Taboo Martial Skills. As Chu Feng had anticipated, the two Family Heads really had grasped Emperor Taboo Martial Skills. Although their mastery over their Emperor Taboo Martial Skills was not comprehensive, it remained that they were actual Emperor Taboo Martial Skills.

“This sort of sensation!!!”

“Could those be legendary Emperor Taboo Martial Skills?!”

The expressions of many people changed enormously. Astonishment filled their eyes.

From the two martial skills’ might, they were able to determine that those were Emperor Taboo Martial Skills.

However, regardless of how powerful Chu Feng might be, his battle power remained only at the level of a rank six Half Martial Ancestor after he used his various abilities. The crowd truly did not understand why the two Family Heads, two rank seven Half Martial Ancestors who could clearly kill Chu Feng effortlessly, would have to unleash such powerful attacks against him.

Why would they use their Incomplete Ancestral Armaments and Emperor Taboo Martial Skills? Even if their opponent was someone from the Heavenly Clans, wouldn’t this be too excessive still?!

“Today, you will undoubtedly die!”

When the two Family Heads successfully unleashed their Emperor Taboo Martial Skills and sealed off Chu Feng’s path of escape with their Emperor Taboo Martial Skills, they revealed complacent smiles.

The way they saw it, they had allowed Chu Feng to escape last time out of carelessness.

However, this time around, they had unleashed their strongest attacks right away. As such, there was no way for Chu Feng to escape.

However, they had no idea that even though Chu Feng appeared to still be a rank one Half Martial Ancestor that had increased his battle power to that of a rank six Half Martial Ancestor through his various techniques, Chu Feng’s actual cultivation was already that of a rank two Half Martial Ancestor.

After using his Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings, Chu Feng’s cultivation had already increased to that of a rank four Half Martial Ancestor. Adding on his heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting three levels of cultivation, Chu Feng’s actual battle power was equal to that of a rank seven Half Martial Ancestor.

Furthermore, Chu Feng was practically unrivaled among those of his same level of battle power. Even though the two Family Heads had unleashed their strongest attacks, Chu Feng still possessed no fear of them.

Merely, Chu Feng had deliberately concealed a level of cultivation. His intention was precisely to make the two Family Heads become careless.


At this moment, the Emperor Taboo Martial Skills the two Family Heads unleashed with their Incomplete Ancestral Armament struck from the sky.

Before the two martial skills actually reached Chu Feng, they had already caused space itself to rumble nonstop. The might of these attacks were simply akin to the arrival of doomsday.

Merely sensing their might could cause one to feel enormous fear. Their frightening might was fixed onto Chu Feng.


However, even though he was faced with such a frightening might, Chu Feng smiled and stood there motionlessly. It was as if he was waiting for death.


Finally, the two Emperor Taboo Martial Skills struck Chu Feng. They turned into two violently surging energy ripples that began to sweep out in all directions.

At this moment, the entire region was engulfed in primal chaos. Countless innocent people met their miserable deaths in this place. They were utterly destroyed by the energy ripples.

At the same moment, Chu Feng’s aura also disappeared.


The Tang Family and Cao Family’s Family Heads, the two former enemies, were unable to contain themselves, and started laughing.

The way they saw it, Chu Feng would definitely be killed by them this time around. Finally, they had eliminated a hidden danger.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Right at this moment, the sound of wind began to be heard from the frightening energy ripples.

A great wind swept forth. In an instant, it completely dispersed the frightening energy ripples.

At the same time, five elemental energies of wind, lightning, water, fire and earth started to rapidly fly toward the two Family Heads.

“What is that?!”

Seeing the bodies of elemental energies, the expressions of the two Family Heads changed enormously. The reason for that was because they sensed fatal danger from the five elemental energies.

Furthermore, the speed of those five elemental energies was extremely fast, so fast that they were simply impossible to dodge.


When the five bodies of elemental energy managed to approach the two family heads, they actually began to condense together.

At this moment, enormous shock appeared in the two Family Heads’ alarmed gazes.

The reason for that was because those five bodies of energies fused together into a humanoid shape. Furthermore, that person was Chu Feng.

At the time when Chu Feng regained his body, he was less than three meters from the two Family Heads. He slashed with the Incomplete Ancestral Armament Magma Emperor Sword that he held in his hand.


A blaze of fire swept forth through the air. Tang Haichuan and Cao Kuofeng, the Family Heads of the Tang and Cao Families, were chopped in two.

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