Chapter 2180 - Outrageous Boldness

Chapter 2180 - Outrageous Boldness

“Hey, what’s going on with the Cao Family? It’s Young Master Cao Yu’s happy occasion, why are his hands and feet bound?” Right at this moment, a voice sounded from a seat afar. This voice caught the attention of the crowd.

Naturally, it was Chu Feng who spoke. However, no one knew that it was Chu Feng. After all, Chu Feng had disguised his appearance.

“What’s going on? Did the Cao Family really bind Cao Yu’s limbs? Why did they do that?!”

Hearing those words, the crowd were all surprised. However, upon closer inspection, they noticed that while Cao Yu’s hands were covered by his special groom’s outfit, they were completely motionless. It seemed as if they were truly bound.

At this moment, the crowd finally realized why Cao Yu did not do anything even though he was nearly driven mad with lust by the two servant girls supporting him.

It turned out, his hands were bound. Even if he wished to move… he would not be able to.

“Haha, my youngest son was inattentive when he was training a martial skill several days ago. It led to his hands being injured. That is why his arms are not moving,” The Cao Family’s Family Head explained.

“So Young Master Cao Yu also knows martial skills. This is the first time I’ve heard of that, hahaha!!!” Chu Feng laughed mockingly. Furthermore, his laughter was very loud. It practically filled the entire Cao Family.

While others might be scared of the Cao Family, Chu Feng was not afraid of them.

After Chu Feng said those words, many people present also had the urge to laugh. The reason for that was because they all knew that even though Cao Yu possessed cultivation, it had been instilled in him by the Cao Family using special methods, that he simply did not know how to cultivate.

Thus, it was most definitely utter nonsense for the Cao Family’s Family Head to declare that Cao Yu had injured his hands because he was training in a martial skill.

Furthermore, upon thinking that the Cao Family’s Family Head lied because he was trying to conceal the fact that his son was too perverted, the people present felt it to be even more laughable.

However, out of respect for the Cao Family, not a single person dared to laugh. One by one, they all swallowed their laughter.

“Hahaha, little friend, you truly know how to crack jokes. There is no one in our Cao Family who does not know how to train in martial cultivation, let alone when it’s my son,” The Cao Family’s Family Head said with a beaming smile. Although he spoke pleasantly, the gaze with which he looked to Chu Feng contained a trace of killing intent.

He was using his killing intent to threaten Chu Feng. Furthermore, voice transmissions were entering Chu Feng’s ears.

Those were voice transmissions from the people of the Cao Family. Some were asking who Chu Feng was, and others were telling Chu Feng to watch his words. In short, like the Cao Family’s Family Head’s gaze, they were all threatening Chu Feng.

All the things that were happening right now were things that had Chu Feng anticipated.

Of course, Chu Feng was not afraid of this sort of situation. The reason for that was because even if the Cao Family did not try to do anything to him, he would still not spare them.

In fact, it was not only the people of the Cao Family who disliked Chu Feng, the people from Luyang’s Pavilion also felt disdain for Chu Feng.

No matter what, the Cao Family was a subsidiary power to Luyang’s Pavilion. For Chu Feng to incite troubles for the Cao Family like that meant that he also did not place their Luyang’s Pavilion in his eyes.

However, to Chu Feng, he did not care about any of this. The reason for that was because he was not planning to spare either the Cao Family, the Tang Family or Luyang’s Pavilion today.

“Go and invite the bride out. Do not hold up this ceremonious occasion,” Elder Yuan Zhen said. He spoke those words in order to alleviate the awkward situation.

“Yes,” The people from the Cao Family understood Elder Yuan Zhen’s kind intentions. Without hesitation, they soon brought the other main character today, Tang Ying, onto the stage.

When Tang Ying was brought to the stage, her head was covered by a veil. The veil was very special, and capable of blocking all sorts of observation methods. Thus, no one was able to see her facial appearance.

Actually, even if the veil was removed, no one would be able to discover that it was not Tang Ying. After all, the facial alteration spirit formation that Chu Feng had set up was still there. Only Chu Feng was able to lift that spirit formation.

Thus, at this moment, the person that was doing the ritual kneeling and bowing to heaven and earth with Cao Yu, the person that was marrying him, was not Tang Ying. Rather, it was Cao Yu’s biological mother.

“First bow to the heaven and earth!!!”

“Second bow to one’s parents!!!”

“Husband and wife, bow to one another!!!”

When the marriage director shouted the final instruction, Cao Yu, with the assistance of the servant girls, bowed to Tang Ying.

One thing worthy of mentioning was that Tang Ying was being supported by a strong Cao Family servant girl during the kneeling and bowing ceremony.

The reason for this was naturally because they were afraid that Tang Ying would refuse to do the ceremony. However, no one would’ve expect that the person kneeling and bowing with Cao Yu was simply not Tang Ying at all. Rather, it was Cao Yu’s own mother.


Chu Feng waved his sleeve. Suddenly, a surge of wind suddenly swept forth and moved directly toward the wedding stage.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

In response, the Cao Family’s Family Head who sat on the stage also waved his sleeve, and unleashed his aura of a rank seven Half Martial Ancestor. He planned to use his own strength to suppress that wind.


However, the wind suddenly accelerated. Even though the majority of the wind was suppressed by the Cao Family’s Family Head, there was still a gust of wind that reached the bride on the stage. That wind blew away the red veil covering the bride’s face.

When the red veil was lifted, the expressions of the crowd all changed to ones of shock. This was especially true for the people of the Cao Family. They stood there as if petrified; they were completely stunned. Soon… their complexions turned ashen.

“That… that seems to not be the Tang Family’s Young Miss, right?”

Tang Ying could be considered to be a celebrity in the surrounding region. Thus, many people recognized her. When they discovered that the woman on stage was not Tang Ying, they were all surprised. After all, today was the wedding ceremony between Tang Ying and Cao Yu.

Suddenly, a cry of surprise sounded from the crowd. “I-I-Isn’t that the Sixth Madam?”

“What? The Cao Family’s Sixth Madam? Isn’t she Cao Yu’s biological mother?”

The crowd were all shocked upon hearing those words. Although not many people had met the Cao Family’s Sixth Madam before, a lot of people knew that the Cao Family’s Sixth Madam was Cao Yu’s mother.

“Heavens! It really is the Sixth Madam! This means that Cao Yu has undergone a marriage ceremony with his own mother!”

“Heavens! Exactly what is going on here?! Why would the Cao Family’s Family Master betroth his own wife to his son?!”

The crowd were all stunned and confused as to what the Cao Family was thinking.

As for the people of the Cao Family, they felt that they were completely disgraced. This was especially true for the Cao Family’s Family Head; his complexion turned from blue to purple, and then from purple to green. He was nearly driven insane.

“Tang Haichuan, what is the meaning of this?!” In anger, the Cao Family’s Family Head looked to the Tang Family’s Family Head. He thought that this was caused by the Tang Family.

“Why are you shouting at me?! Didn’t I already hand my daughter to your Cao Family? Why are you demanding things from me now?” The Tang Family’s Family Head immediately shifted responsibility away from himself.

“Yoh, yoh, yoh, what’s this? Before the marriage even began, you’ve already sent your daughter away? What is the meaning behind that? Family Heads, why am I confused?” Right at this moment, Chu Feng’s voice sounded again.

“Insolent! The person that caused the wind earlier was you! Exactly who are you?! You dared to come stir up troubles in my Cao Family?!” The Cao Family’s Family Head pointed at Chu Feng and shouted angrily.

At this moment, the crowd present all turned their gazes to Chu Feng.

From the very beginning, Chu Feng had been creating troubles for the Cao Family. The people present also wanted to know exactly who this outrageously bold man was.

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