Chapter 2462 - Unleashing Divine Might

Chapter 2462 - Unleashing Divine Might

“What are those?!”

As they saw the scene in the sky, everyone revealed despair in their eyes.



Right at that moment, the Nine Divine Lightnings up high in the sky interweaved with one another. Like a nine-colored lightning dragon, it struck down from the ninth heaven.

The ground was brightly lit as it was covered by the splendor of the nine-colored radiance, by that divine might.

Witnessing that scene, countless people fell to their butts powerlessly and began to shiver. They had lost the strength to support themselves.

It was not that the oppressive might from the incoming lightning strike had oppressed them to such a state. Rather, it was purely because they were deeply frightened by it.

They felt that as long as such a frightening lightning bolt were to strike, they would definitely be killed.

Never had they ever experienced such a frightening and irresistible power in their entire lives.

If it were to strike, they would definitely die!!!


Finally, the nine-colored lightning dragon struck. It landed deep in the Ancient Era’s War Clan’s headquarters. Yet, it did not create world-shaking devastation like they had anticipated. It was as if it had disappeared in midair. Everyone managed to come out from it unscathed.

“What is going on?”

The crowd were speechless and stunned. Confusion filled their eyes.

They felt that even if that overwhelmingly frightening lightning did not destroy the entire War Clan’s Ancient Domain, it would definitely be able to obliterate all of them.

Yet, after it struck, there was actually no destruction at all. This caused them to feel extremely confused.


After a short moment passed, another lightning bolt struck from the ninth heaven.

The lightning this time around was not interweaved with nine colors. Rather, it was merely one of the nine-colored lightnings.

However, this one lightning bolt was actually thicker than the previous nine lightnings combined. It was also much more ferocious, and many times stronger.

Like the lightning bolt before it, this lightning bolt also struck at the same place. Furthermore… it also did not create any sound.

“Exactly what is happening?” The crowd became even more perplexed. They were at a complete loss as to what was going on.


Immediately after the second lightning bolt, a third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh lightning bolt struck in succession.

Each was stronger than the last. Each was more ferocious than the last.

However, they all ended the same way. Although they were extremely frightening, they showed no actions. Each time they struck, they disappeared.

If something like that were to happen once or twice, it would still be tolerable. Yet, it had happened eight times in succession.

This caused the people from the War Clan and the Monstrous Clan to realize that even though the lightning was extremely mighty, it seemed to not possess any destructive power.

“Strange. Why did all eight lightning bolts strike the same location?” The Monstrous Clan’s Clan Chief pondered.

Although the lightning did not cause any destruction, he still felt fear toward it from the bottom of his heart. He wanted to know exactly what had caused that lightning.

“Lord Clan Chief, it seems that the place where those lightning bolts struck was the same place where that Chu Feng’s voice sounded from,” A Monstrous Clansman said.

“Now that you mention it, that is indeed the case. Could it be that those lightning bolts were caused by that Chu Feng?” The Monstrous Clan’s Clan Chief started to ponder. Unease started to emerge in his eyes.

“How could that be? How could he possess that sort of ability? The way I see it, it’s more likely that he displeased the gods with his boasting, and was struck by lightning as punishment,” The Monstrous Clansmen began to laugh.

“Struck by lightning because of boasting? Your imagination is truly decent,” Right at that moment, Chu Feng’s voice sounded again.

Merely, this time around, Chu Feng’s voice was very close to them. Furthermore, as Chu Feng’s voice sounded, Chu Feng also appeared.

Chu Feng was currently walking toward the battlefield in midair.

“Chu Feng, it’s really Chu Feng?”

“How… how did he get out?”

Upon seeing Chu Feng, compared to the people from the Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan, the people from the Ancient Era’s War Clan were more confused.

The reason for that was because they felt that it should be impossible for Chu Feng to escape their prison. Furthermore, if Chu Feng were to escape, he would definitely attack them.

However, Chu Feng completely ignored the Ancient Era’s War Clan's men. Instead, he walked past them, and arrived at the forefront of the Ancient Era’s War Clan.

“Boy, who are you? Are you a part of the Ancient Era’s War Clan?” The Monstrous Clan’s Clan Chief asked with a stern voice.

He was not looking down on Chu Feng. The reason for that was because he was surprised to discover that he was unable to see through the cultivation of the young man before him.

“If you are to kneel down and kowtow to me right now, I will leave you a complete corpse,” Chu Feng said to the Monstrous Clan’s Clan Chief.

“You!!!” The Monstrous Clan’s Clan Chief had an enormous change in expression. It was one thing if Chu Feng did not answer his question. Yet, he never expected that Chu Feng would actually say that sort of thing right away.

“Arrogant bastard, you dare speak to our Clan Chief in such a manner?! Watch as I cut off your tongue and tear your mouth apart!”

A Monstrous Clansman grew incomparably furious. He raised his weapon and soared into the air. With overwhelming killing intent, he flew straight for Chu Feng.



However, before he could approach Chu Feng, he seemed to have collided into an invisible wall and sprayed out a mouthful of blood. He was seriously injured. Then, like a loose kite, he fell from the sky, his life or death uncertain.


Witnessing that scene, regardless of whether it was the people from the Monstrous Clan or the people from the War Clan, they all had an enormous change in expression. The reason for that was because the monstrous beast that had charged to attack Chu Feng earlier was a rank one Martial Ancestor.

Most importantly, Chu Feng had clearly unleashed his aura earlier. Yet, the people present were still unable to determine his cultivation.

However, one thing was certain. This young man who was not even thirty years old possessed strength that surpassed that of a rank one Martial Ancestor.

But, to be able to obtain the cultivation of Martial Ancestor at such a young age was already extremely rare. Yet, to be able to easily crush a rank one Martial Ancestor, was simply unheard of.

“Exactly who are you?” The Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan’s Clan Chief now looked to Chu Feng with a gaze that was not only serious, but also contained a bit of restraining fear.

“I gave you a chance to keep your life earlier. Yet, you did not seize that chance. Thus… you are destined to die here today, destined to die by my hands.”

Chu Feng spoke indifferently. He had completely ignored the Monstrous Clan’s Clan Chief’s question, and only bothered to express his own intentions.

However, although Chu Feng was acting like that, he did not make others feel that he was being arrogant. On the contrary, they could only feel his dominance over everyone else.

“Big sister, big brother Chu Feng, he’s simply too cool!” Zhan Lingtong was baffled by Chu Feng’s presence.

As for Zhan Lingling, her face had turned red. She was unable to take her eyes off Chu Feng. Adoration and admiration filled her eyes.

Courageous, capable of clearly differentiating gratitudes and grudges and overwhelming talent; how many women could possibly not be captivated by such a Chu Feng?

“Don’t you act this excessively!!!” At that moment, the Monstrous Clan’s Clan Chief revealed an angry look.

As the Monstrous Clan’s Clan Chief, was the current strongest existence in the War Clan’s Ancient Domain, he felt that his honor and status was being gravely challenged by Chu Feng.

Thus, he must act. He must use his powerful strength to retrieve his honor and everything else.

He held his Ancestral Armament axe and rushed forth to attack Chu Feng, shooting a black slash toward him.

He had not unleashed all of his power. On the contrary, he did not even use a martial skill with his attack. His attack was merely an ordinary slash. He was only planning to probe Chu Feng’s strength.

That said, his rank five Martial Ancestor cultivation and heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting four levels of cultivation had still allowed him to become the ruler of the world.

As such, although his attack was only an ordinary slash, everyone felt fatal danger from it.

At that moment, the Ancient Era’s War Clan's men all closed their eyes.

They did not expect that Chu Feng would step forward bravely to help their Ancient Era’s War Clan at such a time.

It was precisely because of how righteous and loyal Chu Feng was that they did not wish to personally witness Chu Feng’s miserable death by that slash.


Right at that moment, Chu Feng let out a light snort.

After that cold snort sounded, the space before Chu Feng started to distort.

Immediately after that, the slash sent forth by the Monstrous Clan’s Clan Chief entered that distorted space. Like a piece of rock thrown into the vast sea, it disappeared.

“This!!!” The expressions of the Monstrous Clansmen changed enormously. It was only at that moment that they realized how powerful that young man was.

“Young Hero Chu Feng, he…”

As for the War Clan's men, they were also shocked and frightened. Their expressions were exceptionally strange. After all, they had imprisoned Chu Feng for such a long time.

Never had they ever imagined that their prisoner would actually be so powerful, so powerful that he could neutralize the attack of the Monstrous Clan’s Clan Chief without even moving.

One must know that the Monstrous Clan’s Clan Chief was a rank five Martial Ancestor, an existence that no one in their Ancient Era’s War Clan was capable of withstanding.

An attack unleashed by such a powerful existence was actually neutralized by Chu Feng in such an deemphasizing manner.

Most importantly, Chu Feng still hadn’t revealed his cultivation yet.

They felt this to be truly inconceivable, truly frightening.

“Who is this young man? Is he someone from our Ancient Era’s War Clan?” Zhan Yuanmo asked the Ancient Era’s War Clan’s Clan Chief beside him.

“Father, Chu Feng is not from our Ancient Era’s War Clan. Rather, he’s from the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm,” The Ancient Era’s War Clan’s Clan Chief said.

“He’s actually from the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm? No wonder, no wonder he’s so powerful. Is he a guest of our Ancient Era’s War Clan? This is truly great… today, our Ancient Era’s War Clan will be saved,” Zhan Yuanmo was truly glad. Gratefulness filled his eyes as he looked at Chu Feng.

As for the Ancient Era’s War Clan’s Clan Chief, he wanted to say something, but ended up hesitating. A guilty, ashamed and self-blaming expression was present on his face.

As for the elders standing behind him, they had the same sort of expression as him.

After all, they knew very well that Chu Feng had been in their Ancient Era’s War Clan for two years now. Yet, during those two years, he had never received the treatment of a honored guest. Rather, he had become their prisoner.

Most importantly, before they had imprisoned Chu Feng, Chu Feng had saved their lives.

They knew very well that they were truly inhumane with their actions.

As matters stood, they truly regretted their actions.

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