Chapter 2461 - Soaring Nine Lightnings

Chapter 2461 - Soaring Nine Lightnings

Yao Xing was truly a grand individual. He was a super genius who had appeared at the same time as Zhan Haichuan.

Back then, had Zhan Haichuan not appeared in the Ancient Era’s War Clan, then, with how talented Yao Xing was, he would’ve already completely obliterated the Ancient Era’s War Clan.

Although Yao Xing ended up being defeated by Zhan Haichuan, had his cultivation crippled by Zhan Haichuan and ended up dying pitifully a few years later, Yao Xing’s great name was still deeply engraved into the hearts of the Ancient Era’s War Clansmen. They all knew how powerful Yao Xing was.

If it were someone else that had created the secret skill, they would really have not believed it. However, since it was Yao Xing, they truly believed it.

The reason for that was because Yao Xing possessed the capability to create that secret skill.

“Once struck by my secret skill, you will no longer be able to continue to use the Ancient Era’s War Axe. If you are to continue to use it, you will suffer a backlash from it.”

“The more power you put forth to use the Ancient Era’s War Axe, the greater the backlash will be. If you insist on using the Ancient Era’s War Axe now, merely the backlash will be sufficient to kill you.”

“Thus, you will no longer be able to utilize the Ancient Era’s War Axe anymore. Without the Ancient Era’s War Axe, what could you possibly contend against me with?”

“Your Ancient Era’s War Clan is destined to be extinguished today,” The Monstrous Clan’s Clan Chief declared.


Suddenly, Zhan Yuanmo let out an ear-piercing snarl. At the same time he did that, he shot forth his left palm explosively. He wanted to utilize the Ancient Era’s War Axe again.


However, like last time, he soon sprayed out a mouthful of blood.

The very next moment, his body started to sway, and then he started to fall from midair. He had actually lost the ability to fly.

“Father!” Seeing his father fall, the War Clan’s Clan Chief hurriedly flew up to catch the calling Zhan Yuanmo.

The current Zhan Yuanmo’s aura was even weaker than before. He was so weak that he was unable to even hold onto his Ancestral Armament. He had completely lost all of his battle power.

“Haha. The Ancient Era’s War Clan, the Three Great Secret Skills. It turns out, they are but jokes.”

“Zhan Yuanmo, if I knew that you would be unable to withstand a single blow, I wouldn’t have waited two years.”

The Monstrous Clan’s Clan Chief laughed in an ear-piercing manner. When his laughter reached the ears of the Ancient Era’s War Clan’s men, they were like sharp blades piercing through their hearts, their egos and their final hopes.

At that moment, everyone belonging to the Ancient Era’s War Clan, including their Clan Chief, had dejected expressions on their faces.

They knew that if even Zhan Yuanmo had been defeated, they would definitely be exterminated.

“Damn it! We cannot wait for death like this!”

However, right at the moment when everyone was in despair, Zhan Lingtong let out a furious shout.

Everyone heard his shout. Regardless of whether it was the Monstrous Clansmen or the War Clansmen, there were people that turned their gazes to him.

However, upon seeing Zhan Lingtong, they realized that his shout was merely there to boost the War Clan’s morale. Yet, at such a time, what use was there in saying those words? Thus, the crowd all felt that Zhan Lingtong was a joke.

However, no one noticed that when Zhan Lingtong let out that furious shout, he had also pinched the circular title plate he held in his hand.


At that moment. Deep inside the Ancient Era’s War Clan’s headquarters, in the third level of the Martial Comprehension Ground, a pair of eyes suddenly opened.

“The Monstrous Clan has finally come?”

A sigh was heard. Then, an individual slowly stood up and turned his gaze toward the direction of the battlefield.

It was Chu Feng. Chu Feng’s aura was still that of a rank nine Half Martial Ancestor, the same as he had been two years ago. Merely, the current him, regardless of whether it was his aura or his expression, was completely different from two years ago.

If one had to describe this difference, it would be that he was confident.

Compared to two years ago, Chu Feng was a hundred times more confident.



Right at that moment, the Monstrous Clan’s Clan Chief did something that puzzled everyone. He actually kneeled in midair and raised his Ancestral Armament with both hands. He faced his head toward the sky and then performed a kowtow.

“Lord Yao Xing, today, this junior has managed to help you accomplish your grand desire.”

“Lord Yao Xing, if Your Greatness is able to hear this in heaven, please open your eyes.”

“I hope that you will be able to bear witness to the grand occasion where our Monstrous Clan will eliminate the War Clan.”

After he finished saying those words, the Monstrous Clan’s Clan Chief stood up. At that moment, deep killing intent filled his eyes.

Upon seeing the gaze of the Monstrous Clan’s Clan Chief, the people of the Ancient Era’s War Clan were all completely dejected. They felt that the end of their Ancient Era’s War Clan had arrived.

At that moment, they felt extremely unreconciled. At that moment when they were feeling unreconciled, countless people began to hope that someone could come and save their Ancient Era’s War Clan.

But, when even their Ancient Era’s War Clan’s strongest secret skill, the Ancient Era’s War Sword, was no longer present, what or who could possibly save them?

Thus, what they felt was merely an extravagant hope, something impossible to accomplish.

Everyone in the Ancient Era’s War Clan understood this. That was why they all felt such great despair.

At that moment, many people let go of their weapons and decided to give up on resisting.

They closed their eyes and prepared to wait for death.

“Sure enough, you’re a bunch of trash.”

Upon seeing the reaction of the Ancient Era’s War Clansmen, the Monstrous Clan’s Clan Chief grew even more complacent.

“Exterminate this bunch of trash!” Suddenly, an order was given.

“Kill!!!” The next moment, all of the Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clansmen raised their weapons. They planned to unleash a massacre.

“I shall see who dares!!!” Right at that moment, a thunder-like voice exploded in the distance.

At that moment, not to mention the Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clansmen, even the Ancient Era’s War Clansmen were stunned.

That voice was incomparably deep and resounding. Furthermore, it was extraordinarily domineering. It was evident that that voice had not come from the mouth of an ordinary individual.

Furthermore, as that voice originated from deep within the Ancient Era’s War Clan’s headquarters, the crowd realized that the person who had spoken was a helper of the Ancient Era’s War Clan.

The Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan’s Clan Chief narrowed his brows and asked with a stern voice, “Who is it?!”

“Chu Feng,” That voice sounded again.

“Chu Feng?” Hearing that name, the Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clansmen all revealed puzzled expressions. As for the Ancient Era’s War Clansmen, they all revealed disappointed expressions.

Who was Chu Feng? Practically everyone in their Ancient Era’s War Clan knew of him. Although Chu Feng was a genius, he was merely their Ancient Era’s War Clan’s prisoner.

Thus, at that moment, many of the Ancient Era’s War Clansmen revealed wry smiles.

When they had heard the voice earlier, they had actually hoped that the person who spoke would be able to save them.

However, upon thinking that the person that they hoped to be able to save them was actually the person that they had imprisoned, they felt themselves to be truly ridiculous.

“Chu Feng? Who is Chu Feng?” The Monstrous Clan’s Clan Chief asked. The reason for that was because he had never heard of the name Chu Feng before.

“Who I am is not important. What is important is that if you all are to retreat now, I will only cripple your cultivations and spare your dog lives.”

“However, if you do not do as I say, I will have no choice but to kill you,” Chu Feng’s voice sounded again.

“Kill me? Hahahaha!!!”

“Ridiculous! Truly ridiculous! Even Zhan Yuanmo was defeated by me, who among the War Clan could possibly contend against me?”

“Ancient Era’s War Clan, I am truly in awe of you. Do you only know how to bluff to scare others?”

The Monstrous Clan’s Clan Chief laughed wildly. The way he saw it, Chu Feng was merely bluffing. He felt that there was simply no one in the Ancient Era’s War Clan that could contend against him.

“Seems like you’re not planning to retreat, and prefer to die, right?” Chu Feng’s voice sounded again.

At that moment, the people of the War Clans all felt very helpless. They truly never expected that Chu Feng was actually also capable of shooting off his mouth.

Kill the Monstrous Clan’s Clan Chief? When he couldn't even defeat their War Clan’s Clan Chief, what made him think that he could kill the Monstrous Clan’s Clan Chief?

As for the Monstrous Clan’s Clan Chief, his laughter grew even louder now.

He said, “Come, kill me! I am truly itching for you to kill me! Hahahaha!!!”

He said those words while laughing. His words were filled with disdain and mockery.

“Very well, I will satisfy you.”

Chu Feng’s voice was heard again.


The very next moment, incomparably ear-piercing rumbles sounded in the sky. At the same time, magnificent and dazzling light shone in the sky.

“Heavens, those are?!”

At that moment, all those who raised their heads toward the sky, regardless of whether they were from the War Clan or the Monstrous Clan, regardless of their cultivation, all revealed an enormous change in expression as shock filled their eyes.

Thunderclouds had densely covered the sky. Countless nine-colored lightnings were spiraling in the sky.

Each and every lightning bolt resembled an enormous dragon. Each and every dragon emitted an inestimable aura.

Those auras oppressed the crowd to a state of being unable to breathe easily. It was as if there was a boundlessly enormous boulder crushing down on their hearts, oppressing their souls and causing them to lose the strength to resist.

Before such an aura, they felt only a single sensation. That was, that they were so very small.

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