Chapter 2436 - Reputation

Chapter 2436 - Reputation

Seeing the youth panic, Chu Feng activated his Heaven’s Eyes to observe the surroundings.

It was then that he discovered that there was a magnificent army concealed within the dark clouds that surrounded them.

Furthermore, Chu Feng managed to tell with a single glance that they were monstrous beasts. The reason for that was because their eyes were green, their hair was green, their ears were different from those of humans, and they had sharp fangs.

Although the majority of their characteristics were identical to humans, they were indeed still monstrous beasts.

“Who are those guys?” Chu Feng turned to ask the youth.

“They are people from the Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan. They are enemies of our Ancient Era’s War Clan. This is extremely bad. Never did I expect that they’d find me this quickly.”

As the youth spoke, he grabbed the title plate on his waist. He clenched it with great strength and actually shattered it.

Chu Feng knew what the youth was trying to do; he was trying to not have that Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan know that he was someone from the Ancient Era’s War Clan. That was why he had destroyed his title plate.

It could be seen that the Ancient Era’s War Clan and the Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan were hostile powers.

“Actually, you don’t have to be afraid of them,” Chu Feng said.

“What? Big brother, you must be ignorant and inexperienced. Could it be that you do not know how vicious the Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan is?”

Seeing how confident Chu Feng appeared to be, the youth’s eyes were filled with shock. He was looking at Chu Feng with the gaze of someone looking at a fool.

“They are only a bunch of Half Martial Ancestors. Even the strongest among them is only a rank five Half Martial Ancestor. With their strength, they will not be able to harm you today,” Chu Feng said after patting the youth’s shoulder.

The youth was only a rank one Martial Emperor. Faced with those Half Martial Ancestor-level experts, he would naturally be very scared.

However, Chu Feng was a rank nine Half Martial Ancestor. Thus, regardless of how numerous those monstrous beasts might be, he would not place them in his eyes.

“Big brother, you…” Seeing how calm and collected Chu Feng was, the expression with which the youth looked at Chu Feng changed again. He suddenly discovered that Chu Feng did not appear to be ignorant and inexperienced. Rather, he looked more like someone with a plan in his heart.

At that moment, the youth felt that perhaps the man before him was truly able to handle the monstrous beast army.

“Brazen humans, you dare intrude into our Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan’s territory? Have you grown tired of living?”

Soon, the group from the so-called Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan surrounded Chu Feng and the youth in many layers.

That said, although there were thousands of people from the Monstrous Clan in the black clouds, only four appeared before Chu Feng and the youth. Those four all possessed the cultivation of rank one Half Martial Ancestor.

Evidently, they simply did not place Chu Feng and that youth in their eyes at all.

“Milords, we were merely lost. We did not intentionally intrude upon your territory. Please, please spare us.”

At that moment, the youth actually kneeled on the ground with a ‘putt.’ He started to beg for forgiveness. His appearance was truly humble; there was no trace of the attitude that an Ancient Era’s War Clan’s young master should possess.

Earlier, the youth had indeed thought that Chu Feng would be able to take care of the group of people from the Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan.

However, that thought of his only persisted for a split second. When those four monstrous beasts appeared before him, after he felt their Half Martial Ancestor auras, he immediately felt that a great catastrophe would befall them.

Begging for forgiveness, that was the only way for him to survive.

“Get up. Why kneel to them? As a man, you must have dignity,” Chu Feng grabbed the youth and stood him up.

“Oh my, you have quite the dignity. Let me ask you this, is your dignity more important, or is your life more important?” One of the Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan’s monstrous beasts looked at Chu Feng with its peculiar gaze.

“Naturally, both dignity and life are important,” Chu Feng replied.

“What if you can only choose one?” The monstrous beast asked with a ridiculing tone.

“That’s very hard to choose. Merely… you all lack the qualifications to make me choose,” Chu Feng smiled. It was a very meaningful smile.

“We lack the qualifications?” Hearing those words, the monstrous beasts revealed furious expressions.

“Not to mention you all, even that rank five Half Martial Ancestor above does not possess the qualifications to ask me to choose,” Chu Feng pointed to the black cloud where that rank five Half Martial Ancestor was concealed.

“You…” At that moment, the monstrous beasts of the Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan grew scared.

It was not only the ones outside who were scared; even that rank five Half Martial Ancestor within the clouds revealed a startled expression.

He had concealed his cultivation. Logically, unless one possessed strength stronger than his own, it would be impossible for one to see through his concealed cultivation.

Yet, Chu Feng had seen through his cultivation with a single glance. That could only mean one thing -- Chu Feng’s strength surpassed his own.

“Exactly who are you?” At that moment, a stern voice sounded from the black clouds. Naturally, it was that rank five Half Martial Ancestor asking those words.

“If you insist on having me answer that, I can only say that I am someone that you all cannot afford to offend,” After Chu Feng finished saying those words, he waved his hand disdainfully at the sky, “Leave now. Take advantage of the fact that I am not yet angry to disappear. Otherwise… you will all regret it.”

“You…” Faced with the insulting words spoken by Chu Feng, the Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan’s clansmen were extremely furious. However, no one dared to do anything to Chu Feng.

“Wow! Big brother, so you were actually this powerful?” At that moment, that Ancient Era’s War Clan’s youth looked to Chu Feng with a face filled with admiration and adoration.

He was no fool. From the reaction of the Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan, he was able to tell that they were scared.

This meant that the man before him was extremely powerful. Else, how could he cause the Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan’s army to be scared?

“What audacity! I’ll tell you this, this place is our Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan’s territory! You are but a mere human, don’t you think that you can behave atrociously here!” One of the rank one Half Martial Ancestor-level monstrous beasts standing before Chu Feng pointed at him and shouted.

However, when he shouted those words, his entire body was shivering. In fact, even his voice was trembling. From this, it could be seen that he was extremely flustered when he said those words.

“I insist on behaving atrociously, what can you possibly do about it?” Chu Feng said to that monstrous beast. As he spoke those words, he even took two steps forward, arriving before that monstrous beast.

“This is what you get for behaving atrociously!!!” That monstrous beast sent forth a punch as he shouted. His punch was aimed directly at Chu Feng’s face.

At that moment, Chu Feng revealed a slight smile. That punch was simply too slow. He could see the entirety of the punch. If he wanted to dodge it, he would be able to easily dodge it.

“What’s going on?”

However, the next moment, Chu Feng started to panic. He was shocked to discover that while his opponent’s punch was very slow, he was even slower.

Faced with this extremely weak punch, he was actually… unable to dodge!!!


The punch struck Chu Feng’s face.

It remained that his opponent was a rank one Half Martial Ancestor. Thus, his punch was no small matter. After being struck, Chu Feng was knocked several thousand meters away. As he flew, he smashed through countless trees and many large boulders.

However, after Chu Feng landed, he actually did not have any wounds on his body. Nevertheless, Chu Feng had a completely perplexed expression on his face.

“What’s going on? How is it possible that I wasn’t able to dodge it?” Chu Feng was very shocked.

“Quickly, quickly check your cultivation!” Her Lady Queen shouted.

“How could this be?! My cultivation… my cultivation is actually that of a rank nine Martial Emperor?”

Chu Feng was stunned. His current cultivation was not that of a rank nine Half Martial Ancestor at all. Rather, it was that of a rank nine Martial Emperor.

Chu Feng’s cultivation had actually fallen. Furthermore, it had fallen by that much.

“Fucking hell, and here I thought you were extremely powerful. Turns out you’re nothing more than trash.”

“Brothers! Beat him up!”

Seeing that Chu Feng was knocked flying by a single punch, the monstrous beasts of the Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan immediately rushed toward Chu Feng. It was not only the four from before, as several dozen more had descended from the black clouds. They surrounded Chu Feng and began to beat him up.

From this, it could be seen that Chu Feng had enraged them by making them become afraid earlier. Thus, they wanted to properly teach Chu Feng a lesson.

Faced with the group beating from the monstrous beasts, Chu Feng could only get thrashed. After all, his current cultivation was only that of a rank nine Martial Emperor, completely inferior to the group of monstrous beasts.

Furthermore, his world spirit space had been sealed. As such, Chu Feng was unable to even use his world spirit techniques.

“Damn it! What’s going on? Why did my cultivation disappear while my body… is still that of a Half Martial Ancestor?” Chu Feng turned to ask Her Lady Queen.

Chu Feng was able to sense that his current cultivation was indeed that of a rank nine Martial Emperor. Else, it would be impossible for him to not be able to dodge the punch from that mere rank one Half Martial Ancestor.

However, Chu Feng’s body was that of a rank nine Half Martial Ancestor. Else… it would be impossible for him to feel not the slightest pain even after being beaten by the group of Half Martial Ancestors.

“Chu Feng, something is definitely wrong here. Perhaps this might be the backlash from using the Evil God Sword. Your world spirit space has been sealed, and your cultivation has also been sealed.”

“That’s right, it has been sealed. Your cultivation has merely been sealed. It is not lost,” Her Lady Queen said.

“Eggy, do you know of a way for me to regain my cultivation or open my world spirit space?” Chu Feng asked.

At that moment, Chu Feng felt very humiliated. Earlier, he had spoken so arrogantly. Yet now, he was actually being beaten.

Humiliating, truly humiliating. It was the first time Chu Feng had felt such overwhelming humiliation in his entire life.

He felt that he had lost all of his face at that moment.

If he was unable to quickly regain his cultivation and beat up this bunch, Chu Feng’s reputation would be ruined.

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