Chapter 2435 - The War Clan’s Ancient Domain

Chapter 2435 - The War Clan’s Ancient Domain

“Eggy, are you alright?!” Filled with nervousness, Chu Feng hurriedly shouted for Eggy.

“Chu Feng, you’ve finally woken up? How are you feeling?” Right at that moment, Her Lady Queen’s voice sounded. Like Chu Feng, her voice was filled with concern and nervousness.

Hearing that familiar voice, Chu Feng’s tensed heart was finally at ease.

With that voice, Chu Feng knew that Her Lady Queen was, at the very least, still alive.

“Eggy, I’m fine. How about you? Are you okay?” Chu Feng asked anxiously.

To him, Her Lady Queen was simply too important. Thus, he was extremely concerned about Her Lady Queen’s safety.

“I’m also fine. Judging from the current situation, you’ve managed to retrieve your body. I am at ease now,” At that moment, Her Lady Queen was very joyous.

“Eggy, my awareness was fuzzy earlier. I do not remember a lot of things. Do you know where we are now?” Chu Feng asked.

Although Chu Feng had no idea where they currently were, he knew that this place was most definitely not the Kong Heavenly Clan. Furthermore, he knew that this place was very far away from the Kong Heavenly Clan.

“The connection between us was severed earlier. Thus, I was unable to see anything or hear anything at all. As such, I also do not know where we are.”

“However, you might be able to ask that person where we are,” Her Lady Queen said.

Even without Her Lady Queen mentioning it, Chu Feng had also discovered that a youth was walking toward him from a nearby place.

That youth appeared to be fifteen or sixteen years old. However, he possessed the cultivation of a rank one Martial Emperor.

A fifteen or sixteen-year-old youth was actually a Martial Emperor. That was truly shocking. After all, when he was fifteen or sixteen years of age, he was still so very weak.

Martial Emperor? That was simply akin to a legend back then.

However, the current Chu Feng was not very surprised. After all, this place was the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm, a world ruled by True Immortal-level experts. This was a world where Martial Ancestors were everywhere.

Martial Emperor? They were simply unworthy of being mentioned at all.

That youth had a very plain and simple outfit. In fact, his clothes could even be said to be somewhat worn out. Although worn out, those clothes were still very clean and neat.

The youth was holding a canteen. After he saw Chu Feng, he was immediately overjoyed. He hastened his pace and soon arrived before Chu Feng.

He said, “Big brother, you finally woke up. I thought that you might not wake up. Come, have some water.”

“This here is water that I’ve fetched from the Healing Water Pond. It is effective at healing one’s injuries and brightening one’s psyche.” {basically making you think clearer}

After he finished saying those words, the youth opened the canteen and handed it to Chu Feng. Sure enough, a refreshing aura was being emitted from the canteen.

At that moment, Chu Feng realized that he had most likely been discovered by this youth when he was unconscious.

“Thank you.”

As Chu Feng was indeed thirsty, he received the canteen from the youth and gulped mouthfuls of water.

After drinking the water, the pain Chu Feng felt indeed lessened slightly. He felt grateful toward the youth and then asked, “Brother, was it you who discovered me? We are unrelated to one another, yet you actually cared for me like this. I am truly grateful, thank you.”

“Aiyah, there’s no need to be this courteous. It’s nothing serious.”

The youth laughed. From his unconcerned manner, one could tell that he was eager to help others.

“Brother, may I know where this is?” Chu Feng asked.

“Where this is? This is the Maple Leaf Forest,” The youth said.

“Maple Leaf Forest?”

Chu Feng looked around, and discovered that maple trees were indeed everywhere. Merely, the maple trees here were many tens of times larger than ordinary maples. Their leaves were also much more lush.

From a glance, the place was truly beautiful.

However, after pondering for a moment, Chu Feng couldn’t remember having ever heard of that place before. That said, he felt that the forest was not very large, and was thus most likely not famous in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

Furthermore, as Chu Feng recalled that his body had not been seized by the Evil God Sword, he felt that everything was good.

Furthermore, although his body was in pain, he possessed the ability to move. That meant that the backlash he had received from the Evil God Sword was not very serious. As such, he felt happy.

“That is?” Suddenly, Chu Feng’s expression changed.

He discovered a title plate on the youth’s waist. On that title plate were four large characters.

Ancient Era’s War Clan!!!

Chu Feng firmly remembered that a renowned individual had appeared in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm approximately fifty thousand years ago.

That man was called Zhan Haichuan. He held a silver spear and wore silver armor. After he appeared, he remained undefeated, and soon became the strongest expert in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

However, not long after Zhan Haichuan made his name, he disappeared. When he appeared again, very few people knew of it. In fact, only the Sunset Cloud Valley’s second generation Valley Master knew of Zhan Haichuan’s re-emergence.

Zhan Haichuan found the Sunset Cloud Valley’s second generation Valley Master and became close friends with him. He taught the Sunset Cloud Valley’s second generation Valley Master various mysterious techniques and martial skills, allowing the Sunset Cloud Valley to obtain their current glory.

Afterwards, Zhan Haichuan died. He established his tomb in the Sunset Cloud Valley’s forbidden area. Then, Zhan Haichuan’s tomb disappeared. Chu Feng had received the trust of the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master to enter the forbidden area and search for Zhan Haichuan’s tomb. In there, he had encountered that mysterious old cat.

That old cat had called itself Lord Tiger, and proclaimed itself to be the founder of the Buddha’s Heavenly Temple. Furthermore, the old cat was very powerful and Zhan Haichuan’s tomb had been robbed by it.

That old cat was so strong that its strength was simply unassessable. Chu Feng felt that it was most likely not a creature from the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

However, even that extremely powerful old cat was trapped in Zhan Haichuan’s graveyard for many years. Had it not been for Chu Feng’s arrival and then being exploited by the old cat, the old cat would most likely not have been able to escape.

From that, it could be imagined that Zhan Haichuan was indeed very powerful. At the very least, Zhan Haichuan was much more powerful than that old cat. Else, it would be impossible for Zhan Haichuan’s tomb to trap that old cat.

Likely, after Zhan Haichuan left the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm, his cultivation reached a new peak. Perhaps he had also managed to make a name for himself in the expert-filled Upper Realms.

As for the extraordinary Zhan Haichuan, he proclaimed to have been from the Ancient Era’s War Clan.

However, according to what Chu Feng knew, while the Ancient Era’s War Clan existed in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm, they lived in an isolated world that practically no one was able to find.

As such, how could a member of the Ancient Era’s War Clan appear before him? Chu Feng wondered whether he had accidently entered the Ancient Era’s War Clan’s world, or whether there were people from the Ancient Era’s War Clan who came out from that world again.

Or could it be that the youth before him was merely an impersonator who did not possess any relationship with the Ancient Era’s War Clan at all?

“Brother, where did you obtain that title plate of yours?” Chu Feng asked.

“Where I obtained it? This here is mine,” The youth said.

“Yours?” Chu Feng revealed a surprised expression.

“Big brother, this title plate is naturally mine. You couldn't possibly be thinking that I had picked this up or stolen this from somewhere, right?”

“Truth be told, my name is Zhan Lingtong. Not only am I a member of the Ancient Era’s War Clan, but I am also the Young Master of the Ancient Era’s War Clan,” The youth said proudly.

“Young Master? Chu Feng, tell him to stop fooling around. Judging by his appearance, he’s more likely a peasant. How does he resemble a young master at all?” Her Lady Queen mocked.

“Milady Queen, you can’t judge a person by their appearance. I do not feel that he resembles someone that boasts a lot.”

Chu Feng looked at the youth and smiled lightly. Then, he asked, “Is this place the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm?”

“Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm? Of course this place isn’t the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. This place is the War Clan’s Ancient Domain.”

“Big brother, I now know why you’ve lost consciousness, and for so long too.”

“Did you attempt to leave the War Clan’s Ancient Domain to enter the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm?”

“I’d urge you to stop trying. We will not be able to leave the War Clan’s Ancient Domain. All these years, other than senior Zhan Haichuan, there has never been anyone who managed to exit the War Clan’s Ancient Domain and enter the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.”

The youth had an earnest and well-meaning appearance as he advised Chu Feng.

That said, the words spoken by the youth came like a sudden clap of thunder as they entered Chu Feng’s ears, making him unable to remain calm.

“Wow! Chu Feng, you’ve struck gold! It seems that this War Clan’s Ancient Domain was the place where that Zhan Haichuan trained in the past.”

“If you are able to find the place where he comprehended the way of martial cultivation, your cultivation will definitely advance by leaps and bounds,” Her Lady Queen was wild with joy.

Chu Feng also had an unconcealed expression of joy on his face.

He naturally knew of that too.

Right now, a large amount of Natural Energies were gathered in Chu Feng’s body. All he needed to do right now was reach the junction for a breakthrough.

As for the place where Zhan Haichuan had stayed to comprehend the way of martial cultivation, it would most definitely be an extraordinary location. If Chu Feng was able to find it, he would definitely receive an enormous harvest.


Right at that moment, the sounds of rumbling reverberated through the distant sky.

Turning toward the sound, a vast amount of black clouds that carried many lightning bolts with them was rapidly approaching.

“Big brother, run quickly! It’s the people from the Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan!”

At that moment, the expression of that youth changed enormously. As he spoke, he turned to flee toward the distance.


However, right at that moment, black clouds appeared from all directions. They were gathering in the direction of Chu Feng and that youth.

“Crap! We’ve… been surrounded,” Seeing such a scene, the youth revealed a dejected expression.

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