Chapter 2415 - Ice-cold Killing Intent

 Chapter 2415 - Ice-cold Killing Intent

“The red gaseous flames emitted by that member of the Kong Heavenly Clan’s younger generation are strange.”

“It seems like he has used a forbidden medicine.”

Although Kong Ruozeng had managed to prevail against Wang Qiang now, the bystanders were all disapproving of him.

All those that were able to be guests in the Kong Heavenly Clan were people with status and position. As such, they were also people with a lot of experience and knowledge.

Thus, they were all able to tell that Kong Ruozeng’s sudden increase in battle power was most likely due to him using a forbidden medicine. To win against one’s opponent by relying on a forbidden medicine, that was truly too shameful.

At that moment, not to mention the others, even some of the people from the Kong Heavenly Clan who had no idea what was going on felt very humiliated by Kong Ruozeng’s action.

At that moment, all kinds of discussions could be heard. The majority of them were voicing their disgust toward Kong Ruozeng’s actions.

However, Kong Ruozeng acted as if he couldn’t hear the discussions of the crowd. He looked at Wang Qiang and spoke with a proud and arrogant tone, “Admit defeat.”

“A-admit d-defeat?”

“G-go f-fuck yo-yourself!”

Not only did Wang Qiang not admit defeat, he instead spat a mouthful of spit at Kong Ruozeng again.

This time around, Kong Ruozeng was caught off guard. He only managed to dodge a portion of the spit, while the remainder landed on his clothes.

“I’m telling you to admit defeat!” As Kong Ruozeng spoke, he started twisting the weapon in his hand. Following his weapon, a powerful burst of martial power entered Wang Qiang’s body and started to wreak havoc all over.


Affected by the martial power wreaking havoc throughout his body Wang Qiang sprayed a mouthful of blood and revealed an expression of pain.

“Admit defeat,” Kong Ruozeng said again.

“I-I a-admit… you to b-be my grandson. You d-damned unfilial g-grandson, r-relying on a forbidden medicine to w-win against y-your granddaddy, y-you have f-farts for skills! W-with merely y-your bits of a-ability, y-you actually c-came to find y-your granddaddy to spar with you? Y-you are truly as shameless as o-one can get,” Wang Qiang cursed loudly.

“I’ll teach you to talk back!” Kong Ruozeng suddenly brandished the Incomplete Ancestral Armament he held in his hand. Blood splattered as Wang Qiang’s arm was ruthlessly sliced off.

“This… this is too excessive.”

“That’s right, to win by relying on a forbidden medicine is unfair to begin with. Yet, he’s actually still acting this aggressive! This is simply too unreasonable!”

“Isn’t little friend Wang Qiang an honored guest invited by the Kong Heavenly Clan? Is this how one should treat one’s honored guest?”

“Is the Kong Heavenly Clan going to ignore this?”

Seeing this scene, the crowd were truly unable to watch it anymore. The guests started to voice their condemnation.

“Ruozeng, it’s enough.”

“Ruozeng, stop immediately.”


There were many from the Kong Heavenly Clan that shouted at Kong Ruozeng to stop too.

However, no one acted to stop them. After all, Kong Shunlian and Kong Moyu, two grand characters, were present. If the two of them did not act, the others had no qualifications to act.

“All of you, shut up! Since when was it allowed for you all to meddle in a spar between the younger generation?”

Right at that moment, Kong Moyu suddenly spoke. Not only was his tone very stern, he also faintly emitted his True Immortal-level oppressive might.

All of a sudden, the crowd present felt a chill run down their spines. Not to mention the people from the Kong Heavenly Clan, even the guests did not dare to say anymore.

After all, the one that had spoken was Kong Moyu, one of the Kong Heavenly Clan’s Supreme Elders. He was a character that was famous throughout the entire Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

However, after Kong Moyu spoke, the guests felt extremely dissatisfied in their hearts.

Kong Moyu was someone with a very high status. Yet, instead of coming forth to uphold justice, he discriminated in favor of his own clansman. This was clearly bullying another.

“Are you going to admit defeat or not? If you still refuse to admit defeat, I’ll kill you,” Kong Ruozeng said coldly. He actually really revealed killing intent in his eyes.

Kong Ruozeng had come here with the intention of taking care of Chu Feng. It was only because Wang Qiang had obstructed him that he had ended up being delayed for so long.

Furthermore, when he had fought against Wang Qiang, he suffered all sorts of humiliations from him. Being unable to win against Wang Qiang with words, he already felt enormous hatred for Wang Qiang in his heart.

And now, this Supreme Elder Kong Moyu was openly backing him up. Thus, Kong Ruozeng grew more courageous. If Wang Qiang were to still refuse to admit defeat, he would really kill Wang Qiang.


However, faced with Kong Ruozeng’s fatal threat, Wang Qiang burst into sudden laughter.

“If y-you want to k-kill me, then go a-ahead and kill me. If y-you want to c-cut off my flesh, g-go ahead and d-do so. If y-your g-granddaddy, I, a-am to b-blink once, I s-shall be y-your son,” Wang Qiang said.

“Very well, since you want to die this much, I will grant you your wish,” As Kong Ruozeng spoke, he raised his Incomplete Ancestral Armament and actually really planned to kill Wang Qiang.


However, right at that moment, an overwhelmingly robust burst of martial power swept forth from the palace.

Everything occurred too suddenly. Before Kong Ruozeng could react, he was struck by the martial power and knocked flying several meters away.

“Kong Ruozeng, the one you’re trying to challenge is me, why do you insist on making things difficult for my brother?” The very next moment, a voice was heard.

Before the gazes of countless eyes, Chu Feng walked out from the palace with his Thunder Armor covering his body, his Thunder Wings extending out from his back and a rank two Martial Ancestor-level aura emitting from his body.

“Chu Feng! It’s Chu Feng!!!” Once Chu Feng appeared, cheerful and excited voices immediately sounded from the crowd. It was the guests.

They had come here precisely to meet Chu Feng. And now, they finally got to meet Chu Feng; naturally, they would be happy.

“Rank two Martial Ancestor. After using his Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings, Chu Feng’s cultivation is that of a rank two Martial Ancestor?”

“Doesn’t this mean that Chu Feng’s true cultivation is that of a rank nine Half Martial Ancestor?”

“Wasn’t it rumored that Chu Feng’s current cultivation was only that of a rank seven Half Martial Ancestor? How did he become a rank nine Half Martial Ancestor so quickly?”

“Could it be that he had succeeded in reaching breakthroughs while undergoing closed-door training here?”

“But, he seemed to have only entered closed-door training for a short period of time. Yet, he managed to reach two successive breakthroughs this quickly?”

“An extraordinary genius, Chu Feng is most definitely an extraordinary genius.”

Chu Feng’s cultivation shocked the crowd.

“Little friend Chu Feng actually managed to make two successive breakthroughs?” Compared to the others, Kong Shunlian was very certain that Chu Feng had been a rank seven Half Martial Ancestor before.

Thus, he was able to tell with certainty that Chu Feng’s current cultivation of rank nine Half Martial Ancestor was something that he had obtained in that short period of time.

However, that was something extremely astonishing. How could the way of martial cultivation be that easily grasped?

It would already be extremely incredible if one were able to reach a single breakthrough in cultivation in such a short period of time. To reach two successive breakthroughs was simply unheard of.

However, Kong Shunlian had no idea that the two successive breakthroughs Chu Feng had obtained were bestowed by their Kong Heavenly Clan’s Lord Primogenitor.

At that moment, Kong Moyu spoke coldly, “Go, go to Elder Yuehua and ask her whether the intruder in the Grief Calamity Mountain Range is still there.”

“Yes, Milord,” That elder did not dare hesitate. He turned around, entered the void and began to fly toward the ancient pagoda.

At that moment, Kong Shunlian’s heart tightened.

He knew that it would be one thing if the intruder was still in the Grief Calamity Mountain Range. However, if the intruder was no longer there, it would mean that Chu Feng was the intruder.

If Chu Feng was the intruder, not even the Heavenly Emperor would be able to save Chu Feng today.

Upon thinking of that inheritance and then seeing Chu Feng’s unimaginable cultivation, Kong Shunlian also grew skeptical.

He thought in his heart, ‘little friend Chu Feng, the intruder that entered the Grief Calamity Mountain Range and seized the inheritance couldn’t possibly really be you, right?’

Chu Feng had no idea what Kong Shunlian was thinking, nor was he interested in knowing. At that moment, there was only a single person in Chu Feng’s eyes and mind: his brother, Wang Qiang.

He arrived before Wang Qiang and set up a healing formation that covered him. Soon, Wang Qiang stopped bleeding, and Chu Feng also reattached his severed arm. It was reattached perfectly, as if Wang Qiang’s arm had never been severed.

Merely, the puddle of blood was still there. It was still a shocking sight.

“Brother, I’ve implicated you,” Chu Feng looked at Wang Qiang with an apologetic expression all over his face.

As for Wang Qiang, he revealed a grin, and then stood up. He patted off the dust from his clothes and, as if nothing had happened, said, “I-Implicated your h-head. L-Look at me, a-aren’t I f-fine?”

“Go and rest yourself properly. Leave the rest to me,” Chu Feng patted Wang Qiang on his previously injured left shoulder. Then, he looked to Kong Ruozeng behind him.

Merely, Chu Feng’s gaze had instantly changed the moment he had turned around.

If his gaze was filled with grief and apology toward his brother earlier.

Then, at this moment, there was only a single emotion in his gaze.

It was an extremely ice-cold emotion -- killing intent!!!

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