Chapter 2414 - Deceive The Heavens To Cross The Sea

Chapter 2414 - Deceive The Heavens To Cross The Sea

Chu Feng accepted the wine, but did not drink it. Instead, he said, “Senior, truth be told, this junior is unable to stay here for a long time. If there’s anything that I can help senior with, I hope that senior will tell me directly, so that I can try my best to help.”

“However, if this junior is truly unable to help senior, I hope that senior will let this junior leave.”

“The reason for that is because I am not the only one to have come to the Kong Heavenly Clan this time around. I have a brother that is still currently in the Kong Heavenly Clan.”

“It’s very possible that the matter regarding me entering the Grief Calamity Mountain Range has been exposed. I fear that it will become dangerous for my brother if I stay here for too long.”

“Oh?” Hearing those words, Ying Mingchao also put his jug of wine down. He said, “Since that’s the case, I will tell you frankly.”

“The side effect of my taboo technique is very powerful. It has been over a thousand years already, yet I’ve only managed to recover this much of my freedom. I have no idea how long it will take for me to recover my freedom completely.”

“As for you, you will not be able to help me. There is only a single person in the entire Hundred Refinements ordinary Realm that can help me.”

“Go find that person, and tell her that I am trapped here. She will definitely come save me.”

“Of course, that’s assuming she’s still alive,” As he said those words, Ying Mingchao’s tone grew sentimental.

His current emotions were understandable. After all, from his words, Chu Feng was able to tell that that person was the only person capable of helping him; she was his sole hope. Furthermore, it seemed that the two of them possessed very deep sentiments.

“Who is she?” Chu Feng asked.

“Go to the Demon Elimination Cave and search for Zi Xunyi,” Yin Mingchao said.

“Is that place easy to find?” Chu Feng asked.

“You can go and make inquires about the Demon Elimination Cave. I believe the great majority of people know where it is. As long as she is still alive, she will definitely be in the Demon Elimination Cave.”

“Merely, the Demon Elimination Cave is not an easy place to travel to. It is filled with traps, mechanisms and slaughtering formations from the Ancient Era. I will tell you a route. By following this route, you will be able to reach the depths of the Demon Elimination Cave,” Then, Ying Mingchao began to tell Chu Feng the route that would allow him to avoid all the traps, mechanisms and slaughtering formations.

“Boy, if you are able to save me from here, I promise you glory, splendor, wealth and rank. I will recognize you as my brother. No one in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm will dare to bully you again,” Ying Mingchao said to Chu Feng.

“Even if senior didn’t promise me that, I would still do my best to help you,” Chu Feng said.

“Why’s that?” Ying Mingchao asked.

“For us to encounter one another here is fate. Furthermore, senior has trusted me like this. Merely by the trust senior has in me, this junior should help senior the best I can,” Chu Feng said.

“Great! You are truly frank and straightforward. Merely by those words you said and this wine you have left for me, even if you decide not to help me, I should still reward you.”

“Unfortunately, my entire body is restricted by my taboo technique. Even the treasures I have on me are restricted by it, causing me to be unable to give them to you.”

“However, I dare to guarantee that once I manage to undo this binding, I will definitely present with you a satisfactory treasure,” Ying Mingchao said.

“This junior appreciates senior’s regard.”

“However, as human life is beyond value, I cannot disregard my brother’s safety. If senior has nothing else, this junior shall take his leave now,” Chu Feng said.

“I have nothing else that I need you to do. Go on ahead and leave. Oh, that’s right…”

“You must be careful,” Ying Mingchao said.

“Definitely,” Chu Feng clasped his fist respectfully and then began to walk towards the exit.

However, after Chu Feng arrived at the entrance to that long passage, he did not directly leave.

“Why are you stopping?” Her Lady Queen asked in a confused manner.

“It is very possible that I have already exposed myself. It might be possible that the Kong Heavenly Clan has begun to suspect me. If I am to leave like this, it will be very difficult for me to escape. I might even end up implicating Wang Qiang,” Chu Feng said.

“The situation at hand is already like this, there’s nothing that you can do,” Her Lady Queen said.

“No, there might be a way to save this,” As Chu Feng spoke, he began to set up a spirit formation.

Soon, Chu Feng finished setting up his spirit formation. It was actually a small humanoid. To be exact, it was a spirit body.

It was only half a foot tall, and possessed a translucent body. It did not possess a distinct outline. However, it possessed an aura very similar to that of Chu Feng.

“You’re planning to use this spirit formation to fool them?” Her Lazy Queen came to a sudden realization.

“Hopefully it’ll work,” Chu Feng placed the small spirit formation humanoid into his sleeve. Then, he used the Immortal-avoiding Concealment Formation to conceal himself. Only then did he step out.

The next moment, from the location where Chu Feng had entered, the spirit formation gate in the Grief Calamity Mountain Range slowly emerged from the ground. Then, it opened by itself.

Soon, Chu Feng flew out from the gate. After he came out, he tossed out the small spirit formation humanoid he held in his hand.


Light flickered. That spirit formation humanoid started to rapidly grow in size. Soon, it was as large as Chu Feng.

Chu Feng did not stop. Instead, he rapidly rushed toward the Grief Calamity Mountain Range’s entrance. He had to return to his residence before his spirit formation humanoid disappeared.


Due to the fact that the frightening black clouds and lightning in the sky had already dissipated, Kong Yuehua and the others had already returned to the ancient pagoda.

As this matter concerned their Kong Heavenly Clan’s inheritance, Kong Yuehua did not dare to show any negligence. As such, her gaze was fixed onto the spirit formation that could bring her news of the situation inside the Grief Calamity Mountain Range.

“He’s here, he’s here again!”

Suddenly, Kong Yuehua’s expression changed enormously.

She had managed to detect from the spirit formation in the ancient pagoda that the intruder had reappeared. Merely, this time around, the intruder had directly revealed his location.

“Sure enough, he’s alive. Could it be that the abnormal sign earlier was truly caused by him? Did he really manage to obtain the inheritance Lord Primogenitor left for our Kong Heavenly Clan’s descendants?!” Kong Yuehua grew even more worried.

However, she had no idea that the existence that she was seeing in her spirit formation right now was actually the spirit formation humanoid Chu Feng had set up.

As for Chu Feng, even though he was still in the Grief Calamity Mountain Range, due to the fact that he was using the Immortal-avoiding Concealment Formation, the spirit formation Kong Yuehua was observing was simply unable to detect Chu Feng’s current position or his overall aura.

Of course, even though Chu Feng possessed the Immortal-avoiding Concealment Formation, the spirit formation Kong Yuehua was observing him from was still capable of capturing Chu Feng. However, that spirit formation was only capable of displaying that someone had entered the Grief Calamity Mountain Range, and not how many people had entered the Grief Calamity Mountain Range.

With that being the case, Chu Feng’s spirit formation humanoid actually ended up being effective.

What Chu Feng was planning to do right now was to deceive the heavens to cross the sea. He was planning to have the spirit formation humanoid replace him and make everyone think that the spirit formation humanoid was him.

As for his actual self, even if he were to leave the Grief Calamity Mountain Range, the people of the Kong Heavenly Clan would likely not be able to detect him. The reason for that was because his humanoid spirit formation would continue to remain in the Grief Calamity Mountain Range for some time.


At the same time. The battle between Wang Qiang and Kong Ruozeng was still going on.

The two of them had unleashed all of their abilities. However, they were still unable to determine a victor.

“Wang Qiang, admit defeat right away. Else, I will no longer hold back,” Kong Ruozeng said to Wang Qiang.

“Get the fuck o-out of here. I-I’ve seen shameless, b-but I’ve never met someone a-as shameless as you.”

“Y-you’re speaking a-as if you’ve been g-going easy on me. I-If you c-can’t win, th-then go ahead and say so. Y-yet, you want m-me to a-admit defeat? H-how shameless c-could you get?” Wang Qiang spat toward Kong Ruozeng.

Kong Ruozeng’s body shifted, and he easily dodged Wang Qiang’s spit. However, at that moment, his eyes had turned crimson red.

The next moment, Kong Ruozeng’s body started to emit crimson gaseous flames. His crimson gaseous flames interweaved together with his Thunder Armor. It was a very abnormal sight.

“This guy,” At that moment, Wang Qiang’s gaze also turned serious.

Although Kong Ruozeng’s current cultivation was on par with Wang Qiang’s, both being rank two Martial Ancestors, he had managed to instantly increase his battle power by a lot.

“Rouzeng, he…” Seeing that scene, compared to the others, Kong Ruozeng’s parents grew nervous.

They knew that Kong Ruozeng had been prepared to force Chu feng out. As for his preparations, it was that he had hidden a forbidden medicine in his mouth.

That forbidden medicine was very precious; it could even be called a treasure. Although it would allow its user to increase their battle power for a short period of time after using it, one could not avoid the pain of the backlash from that forbidden medicine.

As for the backlash from this forbidden medicine, it was not something to belittle.

“Receive my attack.”

Kong Ruozeng moved. Holding his Incomplete Ancestral Armament in hand, he carried it with his overwhelming might. Like an Ancient Era’s ferocious beast, Kong Ruozeng charged toward Wang Qiang.

Wang Qiang hurriedly unleashed his own attack to confront Kong Ruozeng. However, Wang Qiang’s counterattack was easily broken by Kong Ruozeng. With his Incomplete Ancestral Armament in hand, Kong Ruozeng arrived before Wang Qiang and pierced his weapon into Wang Qiang’s left shoulder.


Blood splattered everywhere as the weapon penetrated his body.

Like a nail, the weapon Kong Ruozeng held in his hand penetrated Wang Qiang’s left shoulder and then ruthlessly nailed Wang Qiang into the ice-cold floor.

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