Chapter 2400 - Severe Punishment

 Chapter 2400 - Severe Punishment

At that moment, Kong Ruozeng’s father also started to panic. He truly never expected that Kong Shunlian would order a medicinal punishment for his son. After all, that was one of the most cruel punishments in their Kong Heavenly Clan.

As for Kong Ruozeng, he was already completely stupefied. He did not even dare to utter another refuting word, and merely sat stunned on the ground, shivering.

“Impudent! Immediately acknowledge your mistake!” Suddenly, Kong Ruozeng’s father shouted loudly at him.

He had done so for Kong Ruozeng’s sake. He did not want Kong Ruozeng to receive punishment. Thus, he wanted to force Kong Ruozeng to admit his mistake so that Kong Shunlian would not punish him.

After all, Supreme Elder Kong Shunlian was also very pampering of Kong Ruozeng. As such, how could he really put Kong Ruozeng through such a cruel punishment for a mere Chu Feng?

As long as Kong Ruozeng was to give up, Kong Shunlian would be able to get off the stage, and a crisis would be averted.

“Chu Feng, my apologies. I-I truly did not intend to provoke you. I really was only trying to spar with you. Perhaps the way I expressed myself was incorrect. However, I truly did not have the intention to provoke you. I hope that you will not take offense to my actions. Please, help me explain this to Lord Supreme Elder.”

Kong Ruozeng hurriedly got up and apologized while bowing to Chu Feng. His stubbornness earlier had completely disappeared now.

Furthermore, Kong Ruozeng was very smart. Not only was he apologizing, he was also trying to have Chu Feng plead for leniency for him. He knew that while Kong Shunlian might not give face to the words spoken by anyone else right now, Chu Feng’s words would hold significant weight.

At that moment, Kong Ruozeng had realized the status Chu Feng possessed in Kong Shunlian’s heart. Merely, he deeply regretted that he had realized it too late.

However, Chu Feng’s expression remained unchanged even after hearing what Kong Ruozeng said. Furthermore, he did not say anything.

Who was Chu Feng? He had already realized that Kong Ruozeng was not apologizing to him with sincerity. Someone like Kong Ruozeng was different from Kong Cheng and Kong Zheng. Once a grievance was formed, he would remember it for the rest of his life. As such, he would become Chu Feng’s enemy for the rest of his life.

Even if Chu Feng were to plead for leniency on behalf of Kong Ruozeng, Kong Ruozeng would definitely still view him as an enemy and not let him get away with things in the future. Thus, since they were going to become enemies either way, why must Chu Feng plead on his behalf?

“It is too late to admit your mistake now. Today, you must undergo the medicinal punishment,” Kong Shunlian said.

Once Kong Shunlian said those words, Kong Ruozeng was so scared that he fell back onto his butt again. He revealed a dejected expression, and felt as if he had fallen into the abyss with no way out today.

“Lord Supreme Elder, please take into consideration that Ruozeng is still very young. I will definitely punish him for his wrongdoings. Merely… this medicinal punishment, isn’t it a bit too serious?”

Seeing that Kong Shunlian was still not planning to spare his son, Kong Ruozeng’s father ended up having no choice but to personally plead for Kong Ruozeng.

“To only know how to acknowledge one’s mistake after a calamity has befallen them, who was it that spoiled you to a state of problematic arrogance and willfulness?” Kong Shunlian pointed at Kong Ruozeng. Then, he turned to Kong Ruozeng’s father and said, “Kong Yao, as Kong Ruozeng’s father, should you not provide me with an explanation for this?”

“It is all my fault. I have failed in educating my son. Lord Supreme Elder, if you want to punish someone, please punish me instead,” Kong Ruozeng’s father suddenly kneeled on the ground. He actually wanted to take on the punishment on behalf of his son.

“Impudent! Are you telling me that even after living for all these years, you still do not know about the principle that one cannot stand in for the crimes committed by another?” Kong Shunlian said angrily.

“Lord Supreme Elder, this junior understands that principle. Merely, Ruozeng is still young, I fear that he will not be able to endure a punishment as severe as the medicinal punishment. Thus, I beg of you, please be lenient, and allow me to take the punishment on Ruozeng’s behalf.”

“What foolery. It’s no wonder that Kong Ruozeng is this senseless. It’s all a consequence caused by the lack of education from you, his father.”

“Good, good, good. Since you insist on receiving punishment today, then I shall have both of you, father and son, receive the punishment together,” Kong Shunlian said.


After Kong Shunlian said those words, he waved his sleeve, and a layer of oppressive might swept forth. Like a rope, it tied up Kong Ruozeng and his father, causing the two of them to become unable to move or utilize any of their cultivation.

“Men! Drag the two of them down! Immediately execute the medicinal punishment on them! If anyone dares to disobey, I will have them suffer the same medicinal punishment as this father and son!” Kong Shunlian said.

Once Kong Shunlian said those words, how could anyone possibly dare disobey him? Soon, two law enforcement elders walked out and proceeded to drag Kong Ruozeng and his father away.

“Lord Supreme Elder, we were wrong. We really know our wrongs now. Please, we beg of you, please forgive us. We will never dare to do this again, never dare to do this again.”

The next moment, the remaining members of the Kong Heavenly Clan’s younger generation hurriedly kneeled on the ground and began to kowtow and beg for forgiveness nonstop. In fact, many of them were so scared that they even started tearing up.

Among all the people of the younger generation that came here today, the person that was the most pampered and beloved by the Kong Heavenly Clan was none other than Kong Ruozeng. When even Kong Ruozeng was being forced to suffer such a severe punishment, this caused the rest of the younger generation present to be extremely scared.

“Why are you all apologizing to me? You should be apologizing to little friend Chu Feng,” Kong Shunlian said.

“Chu Feng, we were wrong. Please give us another chance, we will definitely not dare to do something like that again,” The others present began to beg for forgiveness from Chu Feng with weeping tears on their faces.

“I have a question that I wish to ask you all. Your apology to me, is it because you all are sincerely repenting for your actions, or is it because you’re all scared by the punishments?” Chu Feng asked with a beaming smile.

“Chu Feng, we were mistaken. We are sincerely repenting for our actions, we truly will not dare to do something like that again. Please help, plead for leniency for us, please don’t have Lord Supreme Elder make us undergo medicinal punishment too,” Those members of the Kong Heavenly Clan’s younger generation were all deeply frightened. They were on the verge of kneeling and kowtowing to Chu Feng.

“Let it pass. Today… you all didn’t really do much of anything either,” Chu Feng shook his head. These people were truly too timid and cowardly. They would not become his enemies in the future, nor did they possess the qualifications to become his enemies. Thus, Chu Feng said to Kong Shunlian, “Senior, how about you just spare them?”

“Since little friend Chu Feng is pleading for leniency, I will spare you all this once. If this is to happen again, I will definitely not let you all off easily,” Kong Shunlian said.

Hearing those words, the younger generation present heaved a sigh of relief. They not only turned to express their thankfulness to Kong Shunlian, they also started expressing their thankfulness to Chu Feng and Wang Qiang.

“Where are the elders in charge of guarding this place?! Scram out here!” Kong Shunlian suddenly shouted.

“We pay our respects to Lord Supreme Elder,” Soon, a group of elders rushed out. These elders were all Martial Ancestors. However, they were on average only at the early ranks of Martial Ancestor. Among the Kong Heavenly Clan, they could not be considered to be very powerful.

From this, it could be determined that these people would most likely only possess medium tier status in the Kong Heavenly Clan.

Thus, when an existence like Kong Shunlian appeared before them, these elders reacted in practically the same manner as those people of the younger generation - they were all endlessly afraid and trembling with fear.

“I ask of you all, how did Kong Ruozeng and the others managed to get in here?” Kong Shunlian asked.

“......” Those elders started to stammer. They didn’t know how to answer him.

“To fail in blocking a group of children, you all are unworthy of being elders. All of you, go to the punishment department and receive the medicinal punishment of your own accord. Else… I will have you all regret your actions for the rest of your lives,” Kong Shunlian said.

“Yes,” Those elders did not dare utter the slightest bit of complaint. In fact, none of them dared to even look Kong Shunlian in the eyes. One by one, they hurriedly stood up and began to fly toward the punishment department. They would not go against Kong Shunlian’s orders because they did not dare to do so.


At this moment, Kong Zheng, who was standing to the side, was unable to contain himself from sucking in a mouthful of cold air.

He recalled how he had been somewhat unwilling to apologize to Chu Feng at the Drought Demon’s Damned Pond when this Supreme Elder ordered him to do so.

And now, as Kong Zheng saw the punishment that Kong Ruozeng and the others received, he felt truly glad that he had been so very fortunate.

It was only now that he became certain of what sort of status Chu Feng held in this Supreme Elder’s heart.

This Supreme Elder was truly planning to rope Chu Feng in. Else, it would be impossible for him to be this ruthless and strict to his own clansmen.

At this moment, Kong Zheng looked to his surroundings. He saw that regardless of whether it was the elders or the people of the younger generation, they all had the same sort of expression on their faces. After today… likely no one in the entire Kong Heavenly Clan would dare to make trouble for Chu Feng.

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