Chapter 2399 - Furious Elder

 Chapter 2399 - Furious Elder

Panic. Those of the Kong Heavenly Clan’s younger generation that came to cause trouble for Chu Feng all started to panic.

Never did they expect that not only did Chu Feng possess true abilities and was a genius in terms of both martial cultivation and world spirit techniques, he was also a calm, shrewd and unscrupulous individual.

Even though they were clearly in the Kong Heavenly Clan’s territory, Chu Feng was actually able to restrain them. This signified two things.

First, Chu Feng was most definitely not an ordinary person of the younger generation. He was someone who had experienced great things. Else, he would not be so calm.

Secondly, Chu Feng possessed outstanding wisdom. Regardless of whether it was his talent, his intelligence or his courage, they all surpassed their own, making them feel inferior by comparison.

At that moment, those members of the Kong Heavenly Clan’s younger generation were truly at a loss as for what to do. Feeling helpless, everyone turned their gazes to Kong Ruozeng.

At that moment, Kong Ruozeng felt himself to be under enormous pressure.

“Big brother Ruozeng, how about we just forget about this? Else, when Lord Elders and the others come, we will likely end up being punished,” In panic, some people began to urge Kong Ruozeng to retreat.

“Punish? What sort of place is this? This is the Kong Heavenly Clan! Who dares punish me here?!” Kong Ruozeng said confidently.

In the Kong Heavenly Clan, Kong Ruozeng could be considered a peak genius. He was someone who had obtained the fondness of his clansmen since he was a child. Not to mention his parents, even the several Supreme Elders and their Lord Clan Chief would pamper him.

He was rarely ever scolded in his entire life. Even if he were to make mistakes, he would never be punished, and would instead be shielded. To put it simply, he had been pampered by the Kong Heavenly Clan his entire life.

“That’s true, big brother Ruozeng is different from us. Even the Supreme Elders would not punish him. As for the other elders, they simply do not dare to punish him.”

At that moment, those of the younger generation present came to a sudden realization. If it wasn’t for Kong Ruozeng’s special status, they would not have gone to provoke Chu Feng either.

After all, Chu Feng’s residence was guarded by people from the Kong Heavenly Clan.

It was not that the guards did not try to stop them, Rather… after Kong Ruozeng became angry, even those elders guarding Chu Feng’s residence cowered before him.

“Hahahaha…” Thinking of that, Kong Ruozeng became confident. The awkward expression on his face disappeared, and he raised his head towards the sky and started laughing heartily.

Chu Feng’s gaze changed. He asked dully, “What are you laughing about?”

“What am I laughing about? I’m laughing at how foolish you are. Did you not know what sort of place this is?” Kong Ruozeng said to Chu Feng.

“This place is naturally the Kong Heavenly Clan,” Chu Feng said.

“Since you know that this place is the Kong Heavenly Clan, do you not feel the words you said earlier to be ridiculous?” Kong Ruozeng said.

“What do you mean by that?” Chu Feng asked.

“You don’t understand? Very well, I can explain to you.”

“I have come here today precisely so that I can bully you, a rank seven Half Martial Ancestor, with my cultivation of rank nine Half Martial Ancestor. What can you possibly do about it?”

Kong Ruozeng pointed at Chu Feng and spoke one word at a time. Compared to before, he was filled with confidence right now. He did not feel what he declared to be something shameful. Rather, he felt it to be only natural.

“In that case, you’ve admitted to the fact that you’re a shameless individual?” Chu Feng asked.

“So what if I am shameless? There is no one here that will mock my shamelessness, nor would there be anyone that will punish me. The reason for that is because this place is the Kong Heavenly Clan, my, Kong Ruozeng’s, territory,” Kong Ruozeng said while beating his chest.

“You clearly know that what you plan to do is wrong, yet you still plan to do it. If the Kong Heavenly Clan is to let you do as you wish without any punishments, then I, Chu Feng, have nothing to say,” Chu Feng shrugged his shoulders with a smile.

However, a simple action like that completely evoked Kong Ruozeng’s fury.

The way he saw it, Chu Feng simply did not place him in his eyes at all. Else, how could he show such contempt toward him?

“Since you’ve already said something like that, I must truly teach you a lesson today.”

After Kong Ruozeng said those words, he suddenly shot forth a punch. Like an invisible ferocious beast, his rank nine Half Martial Ancestor-level oppressive might swept forth to oppress Chu Feng.

However, facing that attack, the corners of Chu Feng’s mouth actually raised into a slight smile. He did not reveal his Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings. In fact, he stood where he was without moving; he did not even try to avoid the punch.

It was not that he was looking down on Kong Ruozeng and thinking that Kong Ruozeng’s punch would not injure him. Rather, Chu Feng was confident that Kong Ruozheng’s punch would not be able to reach him.


Sure enough, it was as Chu Feng had anticipated, before the might of Kong Ruozeng’s punch could reach Chu Feng, a furious shout sounded in the sky.

Following that, a burst of oppressive might arrived. Not only did the might of Kong Ruozeng’s punch instantly disappear, Kong Ruozeng and the others were also forced back repeatedly.

Turning their gazes toward the voice, Kong Ruozeng and the others were immediately shocked.

A large group of people were walking in from outside. They had already arrived at the vast plaza before the palace.

The group of people was mostly composed of the Kong Heavenly Clan’s elders. As for the person leading the group, he was one of the Kong Heavenly Clan’s Supreme Elders, Kong Shunlian.

“We pay our respects to Lord Supreme Elder and seniors.”

At that moment, Kong Ruozeng and the others hurriedly kneeled to pay their respects.

After all, to them, these people that had appeared here right now were all grand characters and their seniors.

“What audacity! Little friend Chu Feng is an honored guest invited over by me. Yet, you all actually dared to behave this rudely toward little friend Chu Feng! Why are you all still standing there?! Apologize to little friend Chu Feng immediately!” Kong Shunlian pointed at Kong Ruozeng and shouted furiously.

Kong Ruozeng was startled to see Kong Shunlian reacting in such a manner. Never had he ever seen this Supreme Elder becoming angry, and especially this angry, with him in his entire life.

Seeing Kong Shunlian becoming furious, Kong Ruozeng was not only extremely shocked, he also started to panic. He didn’t dare to hesitate, and hurriedly explained, “Lord Supreme Elder, I have not come to create troubles for Chu Feng. I merely wanted to spar with Chu Feng.”

“Unfilial son, you still dare to talk back?!” Right at that moment, a white-haired middle-aged man suddenly walked out from behind Kong Shunlian. He walked toward Kong Ruozeng, raised his hand, and gave Kong Ruozeng a slap to the face.


Although that slap was not given with a lot of force, it remained that the person giving the slap was a peak Martial Ancestor. Thus, the slap caused Kong Ruozeng to roll about repeatedly on the ground and disfigured half of his face.

After being slapped, Kong Ruozeng was extremely angry. After all, very few people in the Kong Heavenly Clan dared to beat him. Thus, he was unable to contain his anger, crawled up and wanted to curse furiously at the person that had slapped him.

However, when Kong Ruozeng saw the person who had slapped him, he was stunned. He swallowed the curses he had planned to dish out, unable to say them.

The reason for that was because the person that had slapped him earlier was his own father.

“Father, you… why did you slap me?” Kong Ruozeng held his disfigured face with his hand as he looked to his father. Grievance and confusion filled his eyes. This was the first time in his entire life that his father had slapped him.

“Why did I slap you? You were rude to little friend Chu Feng, are you to say that you shouldn’t be slapped for that? Apologize to little friend Chu Feng immediately! If you still don’t apologize, I will cripple your legs!” Kong Ruozeng’s father said furiously.

“Cripple my… all for that Chu Feng?” Hearing those words, Kong Ruozeng felt endless grievances. He never expected that his father, who had never hit him before, would actually hit him for the first time because of an outsider. Kong Ruozeng felt unable to accept this.

Kong Ruozeng felt that he had been wronged. Thus, he shouted, “Very well, go ahead and beat me! If you can, go ahead and beat me to death! Even if you are to beat me to death, I will still absolutely not apologize to that trash!”

“You….” Seeing his son acting like this, even though Kong Ruozeng’s father was furious, he was at a loss as to what to do. After all, Kong Ruozeng was his own son. As such, how could he possibly steel himself to beat him to death?

“You dare bully my honored guest, yet still refuse to repent. Men! Drag this Kong Ruozeng away! He shall receive medicinal punishment!” Right at that moment, the Supreme Elder Kong Shunlian, who had been standing silently on the side for a very long time, suddenly gave an order.

“Medicinal punishment?!!!” Hearing those words, not to mention Kong Ruozeng, all the people from the Kong Heavenly Clan present had an enormous change in expression.

Medicinal punishment was a sort of internal punishment of the Kong Heavenly Clan. That sort of punishment would not kill the person being punished. In fact, it would not even affect that person’s life after they went through the punishment. There would also not be any scars from the punishment.

Merely, when they underwent the medicinal punishment, they would have to endure unbearable pain. That sort of pain was something that would make one wish they were dead.

That was one of the most cruel and fearful punishments of the Kong Heavenly Clan.


Suddenly, a muffled echo was heard.

The previously unyielding Kong Ruozeng who had declared he was unafraid of death actually fell onto his butt.

His face was covered with sweat, and his complexion was pale white. Even his body was shivering nonstop...

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