Chapter 2379 - The Reappearance Of The Divine Tribulation’s Lightning

Chapter 2379 - The Reappearance Of The Divine Tribulation’s Lightning

“You’re kidding. You’re planning to continue with your breakthrough? But…” Her Lady Queen was pleasantly surprised. However, she also found it unbelievable.

After all, she knew that Chu Feng had already gathered sufficient Natural Energy to break through to rank nine Half Martial Ancestor.

The reason why Chu Feng had not broken through to rank nine Half Martial Ancestor yet was because he would have to face the various hurdles that all other martial cultivators had to face.

The hurdles were akin to closed gates before him. They were not things that he could burst through merely by gathering a sufficient amount of Natural Energy. If he wanted to pass through those gates, he would have to achieve comprehension of martial cultivation, and use wisdom exclusive to himself to decipher the method to achieve a breakthrough.

Before, it was because of the Moonlight Immortal Spirit Herb’s root that Chu Feng was able to rapidly break through to rank five Half Martial Ancestor.

Not only did the root contain a dense amount of Natural Energy of a berserk nature, it also contained comprehension towards martial cultivation.

Thus, Chu Feng was able to reach sufficient comprehension to break through right after refining the root.

As for before, Eggy felt that the reason why Chu Feng was able to break through to rank six Half Martial Ancestor was because Chu Feng had refined the Natural Energies contained in this place.

After all, Chu Feng himself declared that not only did the isolated space contain dense Natural Energies, it also contained comprehension towards martial cultivation. Likely, those were opportunities and treasures left behind by the Chu Heavenly Clan’s seniors, treasures capable of allowing one to reach a breakthrough.

Thus, Eggy felt that while Chu Feng’s comprehension towards martial cultivation that he had made in the recent period of time might have assisted in his breakthrough to rank six Half Martial Ancestor, it was mainly the comprehension towards martial cultivation contained in the Natural Energies in this place that allowed him to reach sufficient comprehension to reach a breakthrough.

In other words, to the current Chu Feng, Natural Energies were no longer the most important aspect to reaching a breakthrough in cultivation.

The most important thing for him would be attaining comprehension toward the way of martial cultivation.

As such, Eggy was confused. Chu Feng had clearly attained comprehension here and reached a breakthrough. As such, how could he be able to reach another breakthrough?

Could it be that Chu Feng had obtained an enormous harvest from this place, and received enough comprehension to break through two levels of cultivations in succession?

“Eggy, if I am not mistaken, you must be thinking that I have relied on the comprehension from this place to reach my earlier breakthrough, right?”

“Actually, that is not the case. Before obtaining the comprehension from this place, I myself had already managed to comprehend quite a bit of the way of martial cultivation.”

“Merely, I didn’t know whether or not the way of martial cultivation that I’d comprehended would be capable of helping me reach a breakthrough. That was why I had not yet attempted to break through in cultivation before this.”

“However, earlier, when I was making my breakthrough, I discovered that the comprehensions I’ve made myself were actually sufficient to allow me to reach a breakthrough,” Chu Feng said.

“In that case, it means that your earlier breakthrough was unrelated to the comprehension toward the way of martial cultivation you’ve obtained from this place, and was purely your own comprehension?” Her Lady Queen was very shocked.

“Mn,” Chu Feng nodded.

“Boy, you’ve truly grown more and more amazing. You are making this Queen more and more proud,” Her Lady Queen began to praise Chu Feng nonstop.

“As a result, since I’ve already managed to achieve a new level of comprehension towards the way of martial cultivation myself, if I am to add the new comprehension that I’ve obtained from here, I might be able to attempt to break through to rank seven Half Martial Ancestor,” Chu Feng said.

“Great, this is truly great. There is simply nothing better than this. You’re actually able to reach two successive breakthroughs.”

“This journey was not in vain. This journey was truly not in vain,” Her Lady Queen was extremely excited. It was as if she were the one to receive this happy occasion, as she was even more delighted than Chu Feng.

“Indeed, this journey has not been in vain. While I know clearly that the Chu Heavenly Clan’s seniors did not deliberately leave these for me, I still feel really grateful to be able to obtain all of this.”

“After all, the way of martial cultivation that was left here is truly profound. If I were to try to comprehend them myself, it would have taken a very long time,” When Chu Feng said those words, he was feeling extremely thankful.

The reason for that was because the way of martial cultivation in this place was different from that of the Exalted’s Remnants.

The way of martial cultivation in the Exalted’s Remnants existed as puzzles. Chu Feng had to personally comprehend those puzzles and solve each and every one of them to obtain the way of martial cultivation.

If he wanted to comprehend everything in the Exalted’s Remnants, he had to solve all the puzzles. As for those puzzles, they were extremely difficult. Chu Feng did not possess certainty in his ability to solve all of them.

However, that space was different. The way of martial cultivation in that space did not exist in puzzle form. Rather, it had been left untouched.

However, for things like the way of cultivation, they were generally only things that one could grasp intuitively, and not be conveyed with words. Thus, to be able to turn one’s comprehension into the way of cultivation to pass on to another was sufficient to show how much effort that Chu Heavenly Clan’s senior had put forth.

As such, how could Chu Feng not feel grateful about obtaining the laborious efforts of his senior?

“Enough, stop acting so emotional now. There’s no time to lose. It’s better that you seize the opportunity to quickly reach another breakthrough, since you’ve just reached a breakthrough. Else, if you are to wait, you might end up being unable to reach another breakthrough,” Her Lady Queen’s expression suddenly changed, and she started to urge Chu Feng.

Even though she was a world spirit, she also knew about how difficult it was to break through one’s martial cultivation bottleneck.

Natural Energies and one’s comprehension toward the way of martial cultivation were not the only important aspects to reaching a breakthrough.

There was even a requirement in one’s state of mind.

Else, there would not be that many people in closed-door training for decades yet still unable to reach a breakthrough.

And now, it was clear that Chu Feng’s current state was very good. Thus, Her Lady Queen did not want Chu Feng to waste time and miss his opportunity.

“Yes, Milady Queen,” Chu Feng smiled mischievously. Then, without hesitation, he closed his eyes, gathered his thoughts and began to utilize the comprehension he himself had achieved, as well as the comprehension he had obtained from this isolated space, and all of the secrets he knew regarding the way of martial cultivation, to attempt to reach another breakthrough past the bottleneck to rank seven Half Martial Ancestor.

Compared to the previous time, Chu Feng spent much more time this time around.

This caused Her Lady Queen to reveal a very nervous expression on her exquisite face. She was very scared that Chu Feng would fail.

After all, in all this time, Chu Feng had been able to reach breakthroughs in cultivation without failure as long as he was serious in reaching a breakthrough.

She also did not wish for Chu Feng to fail this time around. She was afraid… afraid that a failure would be a blow to Chu Feng’s self-confidence, that it would affect Chu Feng’s future accomplishments.

However, Her Lady Queen didn’t know that her worries were unnecessary.

Even though Chu Feng spent quite some time this time around, he still managed to succeed in the end.

However, due to the presence of the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique, the first thing to change after Chu Feng successfully reached a breakthrough was not an increase in cultivation.

Rather, in the depths of the sky...

The black clouds and Divine Tribulation’s lighting that had since disappeared were once again gathering in the depths of the sky where even martial cultivators were unable to reach. Furthermore, it was even mightier and more frightening this time around.

“It’s here again! Heavens! That frightening lightning is here again!”

“What’s going on?! The pressure this time around is even more frightening than last time!”

The crowd’s expressions changed enormously as they saw the change in the sky. Even though Zhou Zongzhi had already warned the crowd that they would not be able to escape, many people were unable to contain the fear in their hearts and began to flee in disarray when they saw the frightening lightning that appeared deep in the sky.

“Lil’ Yue, quickly, escape. That lightning is going to descend. If you stay here, you will definitely be struck dead by it,” Tian Yi began to panic upon seeing that scene. He hurriedly rushed over and wanted to bring Ma Yue away.

After all, not only was Ma Yue standing by the altar, she was also tightly grabbing onto the Hundred Refinements Jadeite Stone with her hands.

“No, I can’t give up like this, I can’t disregard senior,” Ma Yue said stubbornly.

“Then I’ll accompany you,” Seeing that Ma Yue refused to move, Tian Yi did not escape by himself. Instead, he extended his hands and exhausted all of his strength with the intention of helping Ma Yue move the Hundred Refinements Jadeite Stone.

However, regardless of how hard the two of them tried, they were unable to move the Hundred Refinements Jadeite Stone in the slightest.

“Haha. Two ignorant fools. By standing there, you two can just wait till that lightning strikes you to death,” Zhou Zongzhi mocked and laughed.

The way he saw it, standing in the vicinity of the altar should be safe. However, to stand that close to the Hundred Refinements Jadeite Stone itself was a deathwish.


Right at that moment, the Divine Tribulation’s lightning finally pierced through the clouds and struck straight down toward the Hundred Refinements Jadeite Stone.

Seeing the Divine Tribulation’s lightning descending, and its light basking the great earth, Ma Yue and Tian Yi felt that they would meet certain death, and finally released the Hundred Refinements Jadeite Stone from their grasp. The two of them then hugged one another and prepared to meet death.

“You’re kidding!!!”

At that moment, the expressions of the surrounding crowd changed enormously.

The reason for that was because they saw with their very own eyes that the frightening Divine Tribulation’s lightning brushed past Ma Yue and Tian Yi without injuring them in the slightest.

Like the lightning before it, it entered the Hundred Refinements Jadeite Stone.

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