Chapter 2378 - Rank Six Half Martial Ancestor

Chapter 2378 - Rank Six Half Martial Ancestor

“Heavens! That lightning is coming for us! Everyone, run away!!!”

At that moment, the surrounding crowd were all pale with fear. They were starting to flee ignominiously.

“No, it’s useless. There’s not enough time. We won’t be able to escape,” However, there were people like Ma Yue who did not escape.

It was not that they did not want to escape. Rather, they were able to see the power of that lightning bolt, and realized that they could not escape that calamity.

That lightning bolt was simply too powerful. Not only was it astonishingly powerful, it was also extremely fast. In merely a short moment, it had struck down upon them.

However, after that frightening lightning descended onto the Hundred Refinements Stage, it did not cause devastating destruction.

Shock. Everyone was shocked. They were completely puzzled.

They were unable to understand why the descent of such a frightening lightning bolt would not cause any damage.

In fact, even the defensive formation guarding the Hundred Refinements Stage was completely undamaged. That lightning was like a ray of light that penetrated through the defensive formation.

However, in terms of being the most shocked, it would be Ma Yue and the others who were around the altar.

Their eyes were wide open, and their tongues were tied as they looked to the Hundred Refinements Jadeite Stone on the ground. Disbelief filled their gazes.

“Did you all see that? Did you all see what just happened?” Zhou Zongzhi did not dare to believe what he had seen. Thus, he turned to ask the others.

“We saw. T-that lightning… it was actually sucked into the Hundred Refinements Jadeite Stone like Chu Feng,” The crowd said.

“What’s going on? Did that Hundred Refinements Jadeite Stone save us? Or could it be… that the lightning was caused by the Hundred Refinements Jadeite Stone to begin with? Was it warning us that it is a sacred item that no one must touch?”

“Frightening, too frightening. As expected of something from the Ancient Era, it is truly not something that we can touch at will. That reckless fool, he truly provoked an enormous calamity,” The crowd were feeling extremely uneasy. One by one, they stood up and began to flee. The reason for that was because they all felt that the cause of all this was the Hundred Refinements Jadeite Stone.

Right at that moment, Zhou Zongzhi suddenly ordered, “Stop! All of you, stay there! None of you are allowed to leave!”

“Big brother Zhou, this place is too dangerous. We must get away from here,” Someone urged.

“Fools! If that lightning wanted to harm us, none of us would be able to escape alive. As long as we’re in the Hundred Refinements Stage, it will be the same result regardless of where we go. That is, we will be killed,” Zhou Zongzhi said.

“Then, are we to wait for death here?” Someone asked.

“No, not death. Rather, we must wait for the arrival of the elders.”

“It is impossible for something like this to be noticed by only us. Likely, the guardian clan’s elders must have noticed it too. They will most definitely reach this place soon. Not only them, even that Lord Clan Chief who has never appeared will no doubt have to show himself.”

“After all, the scene earlier was truly too terrifying.”

“Since they don't know what happened, they will most definitely be confused. However, we know exactly what happened, exactly what led to this disaster.”

“Thus, we must all stay here and honestly report to the elders about this matter.”

“At that time, we will have committed a great service, and will most definitely be rewarded,” Zhou Zongzhi said.

“Big brother Zhou is truly brilliant,” At that moment, the crowd finally realized what Zhou Zongzhi was thinking. One by one, they revealed expressions of admiration.

After hearing Zhou Zongzhi’s plan, Ma Yue said to Tian Yi, “We cannot allow senior to be captured by the guardian clan. We must help.”

“But, how are we to help? We don’t even know whether or not that senior is still alive,” Tian Yi was a bit bewildered.

“No matter what, we must try,” As Ma Yue spoke, she leapt onto the altar and extended her hand toward the Hundred Refinements Jadeite Stone. She was planning to bring the Hundred Refinements Jadeite Stone away.

However, Ma Yue was simply unable to move that seemingly ordinary Hundred Refinements Jadeite Stone. No matter how much strength she put forth, she was unable to move the Hundred Refinements Jadeite Stone in the slightest.

“Hahaha. Ma Yue, you are simply getting carried away by your wishful thinking. Since the Ancient Era, there has never been anyone that could move the Hundred Refinements Jadeite Stone. Someone like you will never be able to move it. It is best that you not bother wasting your strength.”

“Moreover, that senior of yours is already dead,” Zhou Zongzhi mocked.

“Shut up! Senior is extremely powerful. Furthermore, he is an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist. It is absolutely impossible for him to have died!” Ma Yue shouted angrily.

“Immortal-cloak World Spiritist? So that person was an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist?” Upon hearing what Ma Yue said, the crowd’s expressions all changed.

To them, people from the Lower Realms, Immortal-cloak World Spiritists were akin to legends. Thus, after finding out that Chu Feng was an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist, they felt even more reverence toward Chu Feng.

“Humph, so what? He has already been sucked into the Hundred Refinements Jadeite Stone. Furthermore, that frightening lightning was also sucked into the Hundred Refinements Jadeite Stone.”

“Even if he’s an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist, it will definitely be impossible for him to withstand the power of that lightning. He will undoubtedly die. In fact, he has most definitely died already,” Zhou Zongzhi said in a very fierce manner.

Actually, Zhou Zongzhi was very afraid. He was very scared at the thought that Chu Feng did not die. The reason for that was because Immortal-cloak World Spiritists were simply too frightening to him. With someone like that standing behind Ma Yue, Zhou Zongzhi was feeling very uneasy.

“You shut up!” As Ma Yue spoke, she shot forth a punch.


That Zhou Zongzhi was knocked flying. When he fell to the ground, he rolled about repeatedly.

“Ma Yue, you’re taking advantage of me now that I’m injured. Just you wait until my injuries are recovered. At that time, I will tear your flesh from your bones!!!” Zhou Zongzhi started to furiously gnash his teeth in rage.

Although Ma Yue’s punch did not leave any serious injuries on him, it had insulted his ego, and he found it intolerable.


Meanwhile. In the space within the Hundred Refinements Jadeite Stone. The Divine Tribulation’s lightning had disappeared. Only Chu Feng still sat cross-legged in the space.

Chu Feng’s aura was currently rising. In merely a short moment, it had increased from rank five Half Martial Ancestor to rank six Half Martial Ancestor.

“Success. Chu Feng, you’re amazing. That Divine Tribulation was so frightening. Yet, you were actually able to withstand it.”

“You’ve passed the Divine Tribulation, and successfully become a rank six Half Martial Ancestor,” Her Lady Queen was endlessly excited.

Earlier, she had finally seen the appearance of the Divine Tribulation’s lightning.

Merely by seeing it, she was able to imagine how frightening that Divine Tribulation’s lightning was. The way she saw it, that lightning was simply too powerful. With Chu Feng’s current cultivation, it should be simply impossible for him to withstand it.

However, Chu Feng managed to withstand it. Her Lady Queen felt very proud of Chu Feng’s accomplishment.

“Indeed, that lightning was very powerful. However, there is an enormous difference between the actual might that it contained and what it appeared to contain.”

“Else, it would be impossible for me to withstand it,” Chu Feng said.

“So that’s the case. Could it also be because of that spirit formation? Did it lessen the might of the Divine Tribulation’s lightning?” Her Lady Queen asked.

“No, it’s most likely not only because of the spirit formation. Rather, there should be some other reason. That’s because the might of the Divine Tribulation’s lightning that landed on me differed too much from when I saw it.”

“It might be possible that the Divine Tribulation did not unleash its true power.”

“After all, if the Divine Tribulation’s lightning was as powerful as it had appeared to be, likely no one would be able to withstand it,” Chu Feng said.

“Well, that doesn’t matter. After all, you’ve successfully broken through to rank six Half Martial Ancestor.”

“Come, let’s go out. The Divine Tribulation’s lightning was simply too mighty. If the people outside were to see it, it would definitely lead to a major commotion. Likely, the people from the guardian clan will rush over here,” Her Lady Queen said.

“If the people from the guardian clan wish to capture me, I will likely not be able to escape. Thus, I might as well not leave so quickly,” Chu Feng said.

“Not leave? What are you staying for?” Her Lady Queen revealed a puzzled expression.

“Continue breaking through,” Chu Feng said.

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