Chapter 2166 - Jackals Of The Same Tribe

Chapter 2166 - Jackals Of The Same Tribe

“Kangping, I have considered you my friend in vain. Never would I have expected that you would go and help the Cao Family harm me like this,” Just when the four siblings were puzzled, the Tang Family’s Family Head turned his ferocious gaze toward Grandmaster Kangping.

“Grandmaster Kangping, you… exactly what did you do to my father?”

Hearing those words, the expressions of Tang Long and Tang Hu changed immediately. They were already able to determine that the situation was amiss from what their father just said. They drew their weapons and pointed them at Grandmaster Kangping.

At the same time, seemingly as if they had heard the commotion in the area, a large group of Half Martial Ancestor-level guards from the Tang Family rushed in. They all drew their weapons and aimed them at Kangping as well.

One thing worthy of mention was that the Tang Family’s eldest son, Tang Long, was not using an Imperial Armament. Rather, his weapon was an Incomplete Ancestral Armament.

Although it was not an excellent quality weapon, being inferior to the Magma Emperor Sword that Chu Feng had refined, it remained an actual Incomplete Ancestral Armament. The might of his weapon greatly surpassed that of Imperial Armaments.

“Hahaha, since you all have discovered it, I will no longer conceal it either.”

“The Cao Family has already guessed that you will definitely come to find me should you want to heal your injuries. Thus, the Cao Family found me a step earlier.”

“What I must do is very simple: I merely need not heal your injuries,” Grandmaster Kangping said.

“Not heal his injury? Is it really that simple?” Chu Feng sneered, “You used tricks to make the Tang Family’s Family Head enter a deep state of unconsciousness, losing all ability to fight.”

“Furthermore, you placed many poisonous formations inside his body at the location of his injury. If someone else were to attempt to heal his injury and accidently triggered those hidden poisonous formations, they would cause the death of the Tang Family’s Family Head.”

“As for the reason why you refused to let me heal the Tang Family’s Family Head earlier, it was because of your ego as a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist. You thought that your medical expertise would be insulted should I be allowed to treat him.”

“As for why you decided to allow me to treat the Tang Family’s Family Head later, it was because you wanted to borrow my hands to kill the Tang Family’s Family Head. Like that, you would also be able to eliminate me, who you despised, and thus kill two birds with one stone.”

“However, you must not have thought that I had already seen through all the things that you did. before I even began treatment of the Tang Family’s Family Head. I had already planned on how to undo the hidden poisonous formations and the other tricks you’d done to the Tang Family’s Family Head, as well as how to heal the Tang Family’s Family Head. Two hours just happened to be enough time to accomplish all of that.”

After Chu Feng said those words, the eyes of the crowd present all shone. They did not expect that Chu Feng had actually seen through everything.

“It was indeed all thanks to little friend Chu Feng. Else, I’m afraid that this old man’s life would sooner or later, have ended by your hands,” The Tang Family’s Family Head was also filled with gratefulness.

“Bastard, if it wasn’t for you, this old man’s plan would’ve succeeded,” Suddenly, coldness flashed through Kangping’s eyes. He actually planned to attack Chu Feng.



However, right after he unleashed his killing intent, before he could even attack, two streams of blood squirted out of his body.

It was the brothers Tang Long and Tang Hu. The two men had both pierced through Kangping’s body with their respective weapons, nailing him to the wall.

“Haha, humans will die for riches just as birds will die for food, go ahead and kill me,” Sensing that he would not be able to escape, Kangping did not beg for forgiveness, and instead burst into loud laughter.

“I have considered you a senior in vain. For you to harm my father like this, even killing you would not be able to alleviate the hatred in my heart.”

“I must properly torment you first,” After Tang Long said those words, the Incomplete Ancestral Armament in his hand trembled. As a strange power entered Kangping, he began to scream miserably, as if his heart and lungs were being split open.

“Long’er, it’s enough. Although he was heartless toward me, I cannot be unrighteous toward him. Considering our many years of friendship, let him die comfortably,” The Tang Family’s Family Head said.

“Tang Haichuan, enough of your pretended righteousness. Don’t you think that I do not know what you did in the Immemorial Beast’s remnant. If it wasn’t for you, I…”


Before Kangping could finish his words, his body exploded into a mist of blood.

He was killed. Not by the brothers Tang Long and Tang Hu. Rather, he was killed by the Tang Family’s Family Head.

“Truly one who refuses the face that is given to him,” After killing Kangping, the Tang Family’s Family Head said those words fiercely.

Seeing this scene, the three Tang Family brothers all revealed unrestrained expressions. They all felt that Kangping should be killed.

However, Tang Ying revealed a face filled with shock. She was confused, because her father seemed to have implied that he would leave Kangping an intact corpse earlier. Yet, he had then personally shattered Kangping’s body.

At that moment, although there was no change in Chu Feng’s expression on the surface, in his heart, he had a whole new understanding of the Tang Family’s Family Head.

It was clear that the Kangping had not secretly attacked the Tang Family’s Family Head without reason.

It was very possible that the Tang Family’s Family Head had done something to wrong Kangping years ago, causing Kangping to harbor hard feelings against him. Then when the Tang Family’s Family Head was seriously injured, and the Cao Family was willing to back him, he found the opportunity to take revenge against the Tang Family’s Family Head.

From this, it could be seen that the Tang Family’s Family Head was not a good fellow either. Compared to that Kangping, they were simply jackals of the same tribe.

However, even with this being the case, Chu Feng still had to save the Tang Family’s Family Head for Tang Ying’s sake.

“You three, why are you still standing here? Go and apologize to little friend Chu Feng immediately. If it wasn’t for little friend Chu Feng, I would’ve been killed by that Kangping.”

“And you three, you were actually stopping little friend Chu Feng from treating me earlier. You all are simply fools out-and-out,” The Tang Family’s Family Head berated the three Tang brothers angrily.

“Father, we were foolish.”

“Brother Chu Feng, please forgive us for our rudeness earlier,” Tang Long and his brothers all had ashamed expressions on their faces. They first admitted their wrongs to their father, then bowed and apologized to Chu Feng.

“It’s fine, your actions were all understandable,” Chu Feng said with a light smile.

“Little friend Chu Feng, it is truly all thanks to you this time around. If it wasn’t for you, it would not only be me, instead, likely our entire Tang Family would have…” The Tang Family’s Family Head sighed.

“Little friend Chu Feng, for you to be able to have your cultivation and exquisite world spirit techniques at such a young age, may I know which Heavenly Clan managed to nurture such an outstanding genius like yourself?” The Tang Family’s Family Head asked.

“If I were to tell you that I do not belong to a clan, would you believe me?” Chu Feng asked instead of answering.

“Haha, of course. Why would I not believe you?” The Tang Family’s Family Head burst into laughter. He naturally knew that Chu Feng was not speaking the truth. However, he also understood that Chu Feng did not wish to tell him which Heavenly Clan he was from. Thus, being tactful, he did not continue to ask.

“That said, little friend Chu Feng, not only have you saved my life, your actions are equivalent to saving our entire Tang Family. As such, I must thank you properly.”

“What is it that you wish? Go ahead and tell me without any hesitation. As long as it is something that our Tang Family possesses, I will definitely provide you with it,” The Tang Family’s Family Head said.

“It would do if you could provide me with some more Demon Subduing Spring Water,” Chu Feng said.

“Demon Subduing Spring Water?” The Tang Family’s Family Head was startled by those words. He was confused as to why Chu Feng would need something like that.

Although the Demon Subduing Spring Water was precious, it remained only capable of being used against the demonic woman, and not much else.

“Father, it’s like this…” Seeing that, Tang Ying stepped forward to explain why Chu Feng needed Demon Subduing Spring Water to her father.

“Since that’s the case, why are you all still standing here? Quickly, go and order people to prepare the Demon Subduing Spring Water,” The Tang Family’s Family Head said.

In response, a guard clasp his fist and reported, “Master, actually, we have already prepared the Demon Subduing Spring Water that Young Miss had us prepare. Merely, we did not dare to bring it into your sleeping chamber, and were waiting for Young Miss to receive it.”

“Quickly, have it delivered here,” The Tang Family’s Family Head said.

Then, a guard walked in. He held a special bottle in his hand. Chu Feng received the bottle and opened it to look. Sure enough, there was special spring water inside it.

Although it was the first time he had seen this sort of spring water, he felt that it should be the Demon Subduing Spring Water.

At that moment, Chu Feng felt joy in his heart. He finally saw some hope to save Wang Qiang’s life.

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