Chapter 2165 - The One Courting Death Is You

Chapter 2165 - The One Courting Death Is You

“Little friend, you are truly one who dares to say anything.”

At that moment, Grandmaster Kangping smiled coldly. Then, he turned to Tang Long and said, “Eldest Young Master Tang, although your father’s injury is unstable, I am still capable of containing it. Since this little friend is so confident, why don’t you let him give it a try?”

“Grandmaster Kangping, is it truly fine?” Tang Long revealed a difficult expression. He truly did not believe in Chu Feng.

As he was someone who had lived for thousands of years, he was naturally able to tell that Kangping wanted Chu Feng to try healing his father because he wanted Chu Feng to die. However, he did not wish to use his father as a test subject.

“Big brother, just let Chu Feng make an attempt. Or could it be that you really want me to marry into the Cao Family?”

“Right now, father is seriously injured with an injury that is hard to treat. It is the perfect timing for the Cao Family to eliminate our Tang Family.”

“Even if I am to be married off to them, it would still be very unlikely that the Cao Family will spare our Tang Family.”

“Only by improving the condition of father’s injury will our Tang Family have a chance to survive,” Tang Ying urged.

“This…” Tang Long was placed in an even more difficult situation. Thus, he entered deep contemplation. Perhaps because he felt that what Tang Ying said was very reasonable, he ended up saying to Chu Feng, “Little friend Chu Feng, please be careful.”

“Rest assured,” As Chu Feng spoke, he moved past the others and entered deeper into the sleeping chamber.

Deep inside the sleeping chamber was a special bed. That bed was formed through a combination of spirit formations and over ten thousand kinds of medicinal herbs. It was especially useful for healing injuries.

At that moment, an old man was lying on the bed. This old man barely had any hair. His entire body was filled with wrinkles and age spots. Fortunately, he was still breathing. Else, he would practically be no different from a dried corpse.

It was likely that this old man was more than ten thousand years old. Even if his injuries were capable of being cured, he would likely not be able to continue to live for long.

As for his cultivation, it was not weak at all. He was a rank seven Half Martial Ancestor. This old man… was naturally the Tang Family’s Family Head.

Actually, Chu Feng had been secretly observing the Tang Family’s Family Head after he entered the sleeping chamber. He only said those words after he determined that he would be able to treat him.

At that moment, Chu Feng spread open his hands. Many streams of Dragon Mark Royal-level spirit power began to appear. Chu Feng was planning to begin his treatment.

After seeing Chu Feng’s world spirit power, the people present, with the exception of Tang Ying, were all surprised.

The reason for that was because it was the first time for all of them to see Chu Feng unleashing his world spirit techniques. Even though they already knew that Chu Feng was a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist, they remained shocked after personally seeing him in action.

After all, it was extremely rare for there to be such a young Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist.

Right at that moment, that Grandmaster Kangping suddenly said, “Little friend, I’ll say what must be said first. If something is to happen to the Tang Family’s Family Head, even if you wish to live, you will not be able to do so.”

Chu Feng turned around and said, “Unfortunately, my life and death is not decided by you,”

“Of course, it will not be me, but instead the people of the Tang Family,” Grandmaster Kangping said.

“Wrong,” Chu Feng smiled indifferently, “only I get to decide my life and death.”

“Oh, you’re truly arrogant.”

“If you are capable of healing the Tang Family’s Family Head, this old man shall cripple his cultivation,” Grandmaster Kangping revealed an expression of anger. He had finally completely revealed his displeasure toward Chu Feng.

“You must honor your words then,” Chu Feng said.

“I, Kangping, am always one to keep my word,” Grandmaster Kangping spoke confidently. He possessed absolute confidence that he would be able to live.

“Since you wish to cripple yourself like this, I shall help you accomplish your aim.”

Chu Feng smiled lightly. Then, his hands began to move as he began to form his spirit formation. Soon, a grand spirit formation appeared and covered the entire area around Chu Feng and the Tang Family’s Family Head.

Once that spirit formation appeared, the expression of that Grandmaster Kangping changed enormously. He was shocked to discover that even he was unable to see through the spirit formation Chu Feng had set up.

Although he felt extremely unreconciled, a trace of panic appeared in his gaze.

Merely, that trace of panic persisted for merely an instant before disappearing. It was replaced with his former confidence.

Following that, the corners of Kangping’s mouth rose slightly. Then, he leisurely sat on a seat to the side and began to drink his tea.

“Grandmaster Kangping, is this truly fine?” Tang Long and his brothers asked nervously.

“Humph, how would I know,” Kangping sneered. Although he said it like that, it could be determined from his confident gaze that he firmly believed that Chu Feng would definitely fail.

“Tang Ying, I’ll say the unpleasant words first. If something is to happen to father, do not blame me, your older brother, for being rude toward your friend,” Tang Long said to Tang Ying fiercely.

At the same time, Tang Hu and even Tang Yong began to send voice transmissions to Tang Ying.

They were all trying to shift their responsibility. Like that, even if something were to happen to their father, they would not have to shoulder any blame.

At that moment, Tang Ying became increasingly nervous.

She was not afraid that her older brothers would punish her. Rather, she was afraid that Chu Feng would fail. If Chu Feng failed, then, with the temperament of her three older brothers, they might really end up killing Chu Feng.

Although Chu Feng possessed a special status, it remained that the Tang Family was faced with a great enemy and on the brink of a crisis.

Under these sort of circumstances, the people of the Tang Family would not have any apprehensions. They were extremely bold. Even if Chu Feng was someone from a Heavenly Clan, if Chu Feng were to truly harm their father, they would not spare him.

Under those sort of circumstances, Tang Ying felt that time was dragging past. This short period of two hours felt like multiple days to her. It was a torture to her psyche.

Fortunately, after a period of one hour finally passed. The spirit formation that covered the surroundings was also lifted.

When the spirit formation was lifted, the crowd present all revealed surprised expressions.

Not only was Chu Feng standing there, even the Tang Family’s Family Head was standing there. Furthermore, the Tang Family’s Family Head was radiating health and vigor; how could he possibly resemble someone that had been seriously injured?

Needless to say, they had guessed wrong. Their father had managed to recover. Chu Feng had succeeded.

“Damn it!” At the moment when the people from the Tang Family were rejoicing, that Grandmaster Kangping’s expression changed. He turned around and tried to escape.


However, before he could escape, a figure blocked his path. It was Chu Feng.

“Grandmaster Kangping, didn’t you say that you would honor your words?” Chu Feng asked with a beaming smile.

“You are courting death!”

Grandmaster Kangping flipped his wrist and revealed an Imperial Armament. With frightening Ancestral-level martial power, he thrust his Imperial Armament at Chu Feng’s dantian.

That ferocious killing intent caused the surrounding space to shatter. He was not only planning to cripple Chu Feng’s cultivation, he was planning to kill Chu Feng.

However, not to mention the Ancestral-level martial power, even if that Imperial Armament were to directly land onto Chu Feng’s body, it would not be able to cause Chu Feng any harm.

Chu Feng was like an impenetrable wall; even grand Imperial Armaments would not be able to penetrate his body. In fact, they would not even be able to cut through his clothing.

“The one courting death is you.”

Suddenly, coldness flashed through Chu Feng’s eyes as his oppressive might swept forth. “Boom,” that Grandmaster Kangping was knocked flying. Then, he firmly crashed into the palace wall.

Chu Feng’s attack was truly ruthless. When Kangping fell to the ground, his body was covered completely with blood, and his health was so weak that he was only a breath away from death.

“Brother Chu Feng, what are you doing? Grandmaster Kangping is our guest,” Seeing this scene, the three Tang Family brothers all started to panic.

Especially Tang Long and Tang Hu. Their bodies shifted, and they arrived before Kangping, blocking him. They were afraid that Chu Feng would attack Kangping again.

As for what Grandmaster Kangping had said earlier, they did not take it to heart. After all, many people already knew that they had invited Grandmaster Kangping to heal their father. If Grandmaster Kangping were to die in their Tang Family, it would ruin their Tang Family’s reputation once the news spread.

Furthermore, in addition to their own interests, Grandmaster Kangping was also a good friend to the Tang Family’s Family Head.

With how special their relationship was, they would naturally not let Chu Feng kill Kangping.

“What am I doing? He wished to kill me, are you saying that I shouldn’t kill him?” Chu Feng spoke coldly.

“Even if he is in the wrong, you shouldn’t be this ruthless,” Tang Long spoke very furiously.

However, right at that moment, an angry shout sounded. “Shut up! You unfilial sons, how could you speak to little friend Chu Feng this rudely?” That shout caused the entire sleeping chamber to tremble violently. It was the Tang Family’s Family Head.

“Father, you!!!” The three Tang brothers were bewildered by how their father was standing on Chu Feng’s side and berating them.

In fact, it was not only the three brothers that were confused; even Tang Ying revealed a puzzled expression.

They all knew very well that Grandmaster Kangping possessed an extraordinary relationship with their father, that they were close friends of many years.

Even if Chu Feng had cured their father’s injury, with the relationship their father had with Kangping, their father should be speaking on Kangping’s behalf.

So, why was he speaking on Chu Feng’s behalf?

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