Chapter 2301 - Wang Qiang’s Experience

Chapter 2301 - Wang Qiang’s Experience

“Wang Qiang, you were pretending to be unconscious?” Chu Feng asked in astonishment.

“B-bullshit. If I d-don’t pretend to be u-u-unconscious, that u-ugly woman will c-continue to torture me,” Wang Qiang said.

“Ugly woman?” Hearing what Wang Qiang said, Chu Feng was startled. Then, he asked, “Aren’t you her husband?”

“Pah! Pah! Pah! Wh-who is her husband?! C-Chu Feng, q-quickly bring me a-away from her. Else, I w-will definitely die by that ugly w-woman’s hands,” Wang Qiang urged.

“Even if you are not her husband, it is true that you are afflicted with poison.”

“Furthermore, I also cannot find a way to rescue you. If we are to leave like this, you might end up dying to your poison at any time,” Chu Feng said.

“Ah? I-In that case, I w-will really e-end up d-dying by that u-u-ugly woman’s hands?”

Hearing what Chu Feng said, Wang Qiang revealed a dejected expression, and then sat down in the center of the spirit formation. Then, his mouth opened wide and tears began to roll down his eyes. He was truly depressed.

“Wang Qiang, exactly what is going on here? How were you poisoned, and why does that demonic woman address you as her husband? Furthermore, why does she treat you so well?” Chu Feng asked in succession. He was truly curious.

“B-back then, I was c-captured by the demonic woman. I d-did not e-expect her to be so r-r-ruthless. She s-started e-eating people alive!”

“All those c-captured t-together with me ended up b-being eaten, eaten a-alive by her.”

“At t-that time, I w-was extremely terrified, because I c-could not win a-against her, n-nor could I e-escape from her.”

“If it w-were anyone e-else, they w-would definitely end up f-fainting from fear. H-How could t-they possibly be ab-able to think of a way out?”

“H-However, w-who am I? I a-am someone who is highly intelligent. T-The ov-overwhelmingly t-talented and w-wise Wang Qiang! A-at that time, a b-bright idea s-suddenly came to my mind. I i-immediately t-thought of a w-way to t-take care of that d-demonic woman.”

“W-What do you think it was?” When mentioning this matter, Wang Qiang actually became spirited. The depressed expression he had on his face earlier disappeared, and was replaced with excitement as he raised the suspense for Chu Feng.

Extremely curious, Chu Feng asked, “What was it?”

“Hehe, I u-used the ‘whoever this hits shall fall in l-love with me’ on her,” Wang Qiang said confidently.

“Whoever this hits shall fall in love with me?” Chu Feng suddenly recalled that Wang Qiang had declared that he possessed incomparable charm on the day they had met that demonic woman for the first time. Furthermore, he took out a bottle that he declared to be his most valuable treasure.

He declared that as long as he used that treasure, regardless of how proud a woman might be, even if they were fond of women instead of men, they would immediately fall in love with him. As for that treasure, its name was ‘whoever this hits shall fall in love with me.’

“That thing of yours actually works?” Chu Feng asked in a skeptical manner.

“B-bullshit. O-Of course it works. Else, w-why would that d-demonic woman be i-infatuated with me?” Wang Qiang said proudly.

“Isn’t it good then? That demonic woman is extremely powerful. Furthermore, she’s an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist. It would be your blessing to have her as your wife,” Chu Feng said with a mischievous smile.

“P-Pah! D-Don’t play around with me. It would be f-fine if t-there was n-nothing good about her. H-however, she is t-that ugly. I, W-Wang Qiang, am such a b-beautiful young man. H-How could I a-allow myself to be defiled b-by her?” When mentioning this matter, Wang Qiang displayed a very depressed expression once again.

“We really can’t leave. Even if we must escape, we must still wait for that demonic woman to return with medicine to cure you from your poison first,” Chu Feng said.

“I-is m-my poison t-that serious?” Wang Qiang asked.

“I am also an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist now. Although I am unable to cure your poison, I am able to tell how powerful it is. Thus, I am truly not lying to you,” Chu Feng said.

“Wow! B-Brother, so y-you’re not only a r-rank four Half Martial Ancestor now, y-y-you’ve also become an Immortal-c-cloak World Spiritist?”

“Brother, t-the speed o-of your p-progress is s-simply too f-fast, no? I a-am truly e-envious of you,” While Wang Qiang was saying that he was jealous, he had an excited expression. It was clear that he was feeling happy for Chu Feng.

When Chu Feng and Wang Qiang decided to stay here for the time being and wait until that demonic woman cured Wang Qiang of his poison before leaving, the two of them managed to quiet down.

Afterwards, Chu Feng came to find out that the demonic woman had asked Wang Qiang whether or not he knew of Chu Feng after she returned from fighting against Chu Feng.

When Wang Qiang heard that Chu Feng had actually gone after the demonic woman to fight her, he was immediately worried that the savage demonic woman would kill Chu Feng. Thus, he hurriedly declared Chu Feng to be his best brother, and told the demonic woman that she must protect him.

That was the main reason why the demonic woman ended up killing the people from the Court Cloud Sect. It turned out that it was all because of Wang Qiang.

As for the reason why Wang Qiang had been poisoned, it was because he was unlucky.

That day, when he used his special potion to make the demonic woman fall in love with him, he was immediately tangled around by the demonic woman. The demonic woman even wanted to forcibly do ‘that’ sort of thing with Wang Qiang.

According to Wang Qiang’s vivid descriptions, the demonic woman was truly savage that day. It was so intense and considerably tragic for Wang Qiang.

Wang Qiang declared that if the demonic woman were an ordinary woman, he would accept his fate even if she were an ugly woman.

However, how could that demonic woman possibly resemble a human at all? She was simply an extremely ugly and malevolent monster. As such, how could he possibly accept his fate?

Thus, Wang Qiang began to use his stuttering voice to argue with the demonic woman so that he could stall for time. Finally, he found an opportunity to escape.

Unfortunately, he was extremely unlucky. While escaping, he was afflicted with poison.

As for that poison, it was an extremely rare poison that one would not even encounter in ten thousand years. However, not only did Wang Qiang run into it, he was also afflicted by the poison.

“Wang Qiang, I am not lying here. Your poison is truly intense. If it wasn’t for the fact that the demonic woman promptly discovered you and gave you treatment, you would likely have already died,” Chu Feng said.

“E-even if that is the case, o-once my p-poison is healed, I must s-still escape. Y-You should know how savage that d-demonic woman’s nature is.”

“You w-were not t-there that day. However, I-I saw those people d-dying before me o-one by one. It w-was truly r-reeking of blood.”

“I w-who feared n-nothing in H-heaven or Earth actually felt fear a-at that time,” Wang Qiang recalled the scene of that day and revealed an expression of fear.

When mentioning that event, Chu Feng could not find a reason to refute Wang Qiang. It was true that the demonic woman had caused the deaths of many people, and that there were many innocents among those that had died.

Merely, the reason why that demonic woman would act like that was because of her tragic history. In the end, the demonic woman was actually also a pitiful individual.

It was precisely because of that demonic woman’s history, the fact that Wang Qiang was alive, and the fact that the demonic woman had saved Chu Feng’s life that Chu Feng no longer felt any hatred toward her, and instead felt a great amount of sympathy for her.

Suddenly, Chu Feng asked, “Brother, do you know about that demonic woman’s origin?”

Wang Qiang curled his lips and said, “O-origin? There’s an o-origin to that demonic woman? D-don’t tell me t-that there’s a r-reason why t-that demonic woman eats men.”

“Indeed, there is a reason,” Chu Feng nodded.

Then, Chu Feng mentioned the story of that demonic woman to Wang Qiang in full detail.

“I-In t-that case, that d-demonic woman is q-quite pitiful too. B-but, it’s u-unrelated to me. A-after all, the person that c-caused her t-that misery is not me.”

“Furthermore, m-most i-importantly, if the effect of that potion is to l-lessen or d-disappear completely, t-that demonic woman will no l-longer be attracted to me.”

“At that t-time, s-she will come to know that I d-deliberately u-used medicine to m-make her f-fall in love with me.”

“D-do y-you think t-that with t-that demonic w-woman’s p-personality, she would l-let us get away?” Wang Qiang asked.

“She won’t,” Chu Feng said.

“T-there we go! T-That’s why we need to f-find an o-opportunity to escape once my poison is c-cured,” Wang Qiang said.

“Mn,” Chu Feng nodded.

If Chu Feng was slightly hesitant before, then his hesitation was all gone now.

He felt that what Wang Qiang said was very true. With that demonic woman’s personality, if she were to know about the truth, she would definitely not spare him or Wang Qiang. As such, it would be better that they escape from her.

After several days, the demonic woman returned.

Although the demonic woman was still very ugly and sinister-looking, she was jumping joyously upon her return. Her appearance resembled that of a happy young girl.

If one disregarded her appearance, her actions would be quite adorable.

“Why are you so cheerful? Could it be that you’ve successfully discovered the Moonlight Immortal Spirit Grass?” Chu Feng stepped forward and asked.

“No, it’s not only that I discovered the Moonlight Immortal Spirit Grass. Instead, I have discovered something even greater,” The demonic woman said excitedly.

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