Chapter 2300 - Bring Me Away

Chapter 2300 - Bring Me Away

Blood splattered as screams were heard nonstop.

That Fairy World Spirit was currently unleashing a massacre.

Although it was covered with immortal aura, that Fairy World Spirit resembled a demon even more. It was so firm and decisive in its killing that it could simply be said to be ruthless.

The reason for that was because not only was it killing the people present in the palace hall, it had also completely refined all of their source energies.

This Immortal World Spirit was truly too powerful. In the blink of an eye, it had killed over half of the people inside the palace hall. Then, a short moment after that, only a single person remained standing. As for that person, he was the Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master.

As he looked at the corpses that filled the ground, the Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master started to tremble.

Suddenly, the Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master looked to the demonic woman and shouted hysterically. That voice was so resounding that even the palace hall started to tremble.

“Why?! Why are you doing this?!”

However, contained within his resounding shout was mostly unwillingness to accept.

He was confused. They were clearly going to join hands with the demonic woman to behead Chu Feng. Yet, why did that demonic woman attack them instead?


Right at that moment, a pool of blood splattered across the floor. The Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master was cut into two.

He had died. At the moment when his body was hacked into two, that Fairy World Spirit refined his source energy. Thus, the Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master was completely killed.

Even though the Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master was dead, his eyes were still wide open. He had died with remaining grievances.


Right at that moment, that Fairy World Spirit suddenly turned around. In an extremely imposing manner, it began to slowly walk toward Chu Feng one step at a time.

At that moment, it would be a lie if Chu Feng were to say that he was not scared. After all, that world spirit was capable of killing him with a single thought.

However, that Fairy World Spirit did not attack Chu Feng. Instead, it brushed past Chu Feng and then walked into its world spirit gate.

“You’re not killing me?” Chu Feng asked that demonic woman.

“Do you wish to know why? If you do, follow me,” That demonic woman smiled lightly. Then, she soared into the sky.

“Demonic woman, I’ll kill you!” Right after the demonic woman soared into the sky, many of the Court Cloud Sect’s elders rushed after her with weapons in hand.

“Pu, pu, pu, pu, pu~~~”

Faced with these incoming attackers, the demonic woman did not even bother to move.

A layer of oppressive might came crushing down toward her attackers like an enormous wave. All the people that came in contact with that oppressive might instantly exploded.

Blood filled the sky and began to sprinkle down like a torrential rain.

“Is there anyone else that wishes to die?” That demonic woman turned her cold and ridiculing gaze toward the crowd of the Court Cloud Sect down below.

Faced with the demonic woman’s frightening gaze and the blood rain that was still sprinkling down, not a single disciple or elder dared to look the demonic woman in the face.

“If anyone else wishes to find me to get revenge, you can come and find me any time. However, I will kill all those that come at me,” After that demonic woman finished saying those words, she flew away from the Court Cloud Sect. Chu Feng followed after her.

It was truly too strange for that demonic woman to kill those people from the Court Cloud Sect, yet not Chu Feng.

As such, Chu Feng wanted to know exactly why she had done so.

En route, that demonic woman suddenly turned around and said to Chu Feng, “Are you unable to increase your cultivation? This is very slow.”

“If you think that I’m too slow, why don’t you bring me along? Why must you insist that I follow after you?” Chu Feng said. His tone was not polite. No matter what, that demonic woman was the person who had killed Wang Qiang. He was unable to lessen the hatred he held toward her.

“You dare to speak to me in such a manner? No matter what, I am a demonic woman. Do you not fear that I will eat you?” The demonic woman said with a ferocious appearance.

“You can eat me. However, tell me why you helped me first,” Chu Feng said.

“Are you certain that I’ve helped you?” The demonic woman asked.

“I am certain,” Chu Feng replied.

“You will soon know why,” The demonic woman smiled. Then, with a thought, a gentle aura enveloped Chu Feng.

The very next moment, Chu Feng felt that his speed had increased enormously. It was the demonic woman; she was bringing him along.

Outside of the Fallen Goose Mountain Range was another small mountain range. There was a very well-hidden concealment formation in that small mountain range.

After passing through the spirit formation, they arrived at a cave. As they followed the path in the cave, they encountered countless traps.

However, the demonic woman managed to effortlessly dodge all of the traps. None of them were triggered.

Chu Feng was able to tell that the demonic woman should be the person who set up those traps.

After entering deep into the cave, another spirit formation appeared.

“That is?!!!”

Upon seeing that spirit formation, Chu Feng’s expression changed enormously. An ecstatic expression immediately appeared in his eyes.

The reason for that was because that was a healing formation. Furthermore, it was an extremely powerful healing formation.

The reason why Chu Feng was so ecstatic was because there was an individual laid inside that healing formation. As for that person, it was none other than Wang Qiang.

Wang Qiang had not died. Furthermore, his cultivation had also increased. He was currently a rank three Half Martial Ancestor.

Merely, Wang Qiang’s body was pitch-black. It was as if he was stained by black ink. It seemed that he had been afflicted with some kind of poison. Thus, not only was he unconscious, his complexion was also very bad.

“Didn’t you say that he died? Why did you deceive me?” Chu Feng asked that demonic woman.

“I wanted to deceive you, that’s why. What are you gonna do about it?” The demonic woman said.

“You!!!” Chu Feng was extremely furious facing such a demonic woman. However, he still continued to ask, “What is he poisoned with?”

“The poison he’s afflicted by is somewhat difficult to deal with. Only the Moonlight Immortal Spirit Grass will be able to treat him.”

“As for the Moonlight Immortal Spirit Grass, it only appears in the Fallen Goose Mountain Range. Originally, I had already managed to find one. Unfortunately, it was snatched from me by that damned old fart,” When mentioning that matter, the demonic woman started to gnash her teeth angrily. Her ugly appearance grew even more sinister. It was truly frightening.

“Could it possibly be that you’ve lingered around those areas on the Fallen Goose Mountain Range all for the sake of finding that Moonlight Immortal Spirit Grass? Furthermore, your purpose in finding the Moonlight Immortal Spirit Grass was to help save Wang Qiang?” Chu Feng asked in an astonished manner.

“Rubbish! Why else would I be here?” That demonic woman said.

“But, why are you saving him?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

If he were to save Wang Qiang, it would be very reasonable. After all, Wang Qiang could be considered to be his brother.

However, this demonic woman was the person who had captured Wang Qiang to eat him.

The fact that she had not eaten Wang Qiang was already extremely strange. Yet, she had actually disregarded her own safety in braving dangers for the sake of helping Wang Qiang remove the poison. This was something that Chu Feng felt extremely puzzled by.

“Why am I saving him? As he is my husband, I would naturally have to save him,” The demonic woman said with her mouth wide open.

“Wha?” Chu Feng immediately sucked in a mouthful of cold air upon hearing those words. He who was always calm was actually astonished this time around.

He only managed to stabilize his frame of mind after a long time passed. He asked, “You said that Wang Qiang is your husband?”

“Rubbish! Other than my husband, who else could possibly make me treat them in such a manner?” After that demonic woman finished saying those words, she took a glance at Wang Qiang. After that glance, she made an embarrassed and shy motion.

If an ordinary woman did that action, they might appear to be extremely cute. If a beauty did that, they would not only be cute, but also extremely enchanting.

However, when this demonic woman made that action, goosebumps rose all over Chu Feng’s body.

It was for no other reason than the fact that this demonic woman was simply too ugly. It was only because Chu Feng possessed strong tolerance; if it were someone else, they would most definitely have vomited on the spot.

At that moment, Chu Feng involuntarily looked to Wang Qiang. He felt a trace of sympathy for Wang Qiang.

At that moment, compared to finding out about how Wang Qiang had been poisoned, Chu Feng was more interested in knowing how Wang Qiang became this demonic woman’s husband. This matter was truly too intense.


Right at that moment, that demonic woman’s hands crossed with one another. She was forming hand seals for a spirit formation.

Then, a spirit formation core appeared together with that healing formation.

“Chu Feng, it remains that you are an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist. If you are to stay here and activate this spirit formation, you will be able to let my husband feel better.”

“I will go and search for the Moonlight Immortal Spirit Grass,” After that demonic woman finished saying those words, she turned and left. However, she only walked away for a short distance before she turned back toward Chu Feng. With a threatening tone, she declared, “You must look after my husband properly. If something is to happen to him, I will definitely not spare you.”


After she finished saying those words, that demonic woman turned into a burst of strong wind and disappeared.

After that demonic woman left, Chu Feng had originally wanted to enter the core of the spirit formation to activate the spirit formation to help alleviate the pain Wang Qiang was feeling from the poison.

“Chu Feng,” However, right at that moment, Wang Qiang’s voice suddenly sounded.

Turning his gaze toward the voice, Chu Feng discovered that not only was Wang Qiang awake, he was also looking at him.

With an impatient expression, he said to Chu Feng, “Quickly, bring me away.”

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