Chapter 2283 - Exceptionally Good Opportunity

Chapter 2283 - Exceptionally Good Opportunity

“What if I refuse?” Daoist Gold Star asked with a frown.

“In that case, do not blame us for being impolite towards you,” Su Jingrui and the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master’s voices grew even colder.

“You dare?” Daoist Gold Star snorted coldly, and unleashed his oppressive might of a rank six Martial Ancestor.


However, right after Daoist Gold Star unleashed his rank six Martial Ancestor’s oppressive might, the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master and Su Jingrui’s oppressive might that were lingering in the sky immediately charged towards Daoist Gold Star like a group of ferocious beasts.

The Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master and Su Jingrui were two rank eight Martial Ancestors. Thus, their oppressive might was extremely powerful.

As Daoist Gold Star was only a rank six Martial Ancestor, he was unable to withstand a single blow from the oppressive might of the two men.

In no time at all, Daoist Gold Star’s oppressive might was completely crushed. As for Daoist Gold Star himself, he also felt a fatal sensation again.

He knew that if he were to allow the oppressive might to continue to crush down towards him, even if he was able to live, he would definitely be seriously injured.

The Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master and Su Jingrui were not joking around. The two of them were truly planning to attack him for the sake of Chu Feng.

Suddenly, Daoist Gold Star shouted, “Stop!!!”

Once his words were heard, the oppressive might that was descending towards him immediately stopped.

Although the oppressive might stopped, it had not disappeared. Like a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses, like a tiger glaring at its prey, the oppressive might surrounded Daoist Gold Star.

It would be one thing if Daoist Gold Star were to concede and apologize. However, if he refused to concede, they would not spare him easily.

Under that sort of situation, Daoist Gold Star was left with no alternative. As such, he said, “Good, very good. I, Gold Star, will firmly remember what has happened here today.”

After Daoist Gold Star finished saying those words, he looked to Chu Feng, clasped his fist and bowed, “Chu Feng, it is I, Gold Star, who was in the wrong earlier. I shall offer you my apology here.”

Although Daoist Gold Star had clasped his fist, bowed and offered his apology, the crowd present were all able to tell that Daoist Gold Star did not mean a single word he said. His apology was absolutely fake.

The tone of his apology was even more vile than Kou Kang’s apology earlier.

This caused Xu Yiyi and the others to feel extremely displeased.

This Daoist Gold Star was truly too excessive.

“It’s alright. I am always a person of great moral stature, and do not remember the offenses committed by others of low moral stature,” Chu Feng said indifferently.

“You!!!” Hearing those words, Daoist Gold Star was so furious that the corner of his lips started to twitch. Although he had indeed apologized to Chu Feng, it was simply a fake apology. He never expected that Chu Feng would actually take it to heart. Not only that, he even spoke such words.

Who was the person of great moral stature?

Who was the person of low moral stature?

If Chu Feng was the person of great moral stature, wouldn’t it mean that he, Gold Star, would be a person of low moral stature?

Chu Feng’s undisguised insult caused Daoist Gold Star to feel extremely displeased.

Upon hearing what Chu Feng said, Xu Yiyi and the others started to smile.

Regardless of whether or not Daoist Gold Star’s apology was sincere or not, it remained that he had, after all, apologized. As for Chu Feng, he gladly accepted that apology.

If news of this matter were to spread, Daoist Gold Star’s reputation would greatly decrease.

“That should be enough, no?” Daoist Gold Star turned his gaze to the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master and Su Jingrui. Evidently, he felt very humiliated after apologizing to Chu Feng, as his expression had grown even uglier, and his tone became increasingly unpleasant.

“We won’t bother seeing you off,” The Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master waved his hand. As matters stood, he no longer considered Daoist Gold Star a guest.

“Humph,” Daoist Gold Star snorted coldly. He brushed his sleeve and then soared into the sky. Merely, before leaving, he suddenly stopped in midair, turned around and cast his gaze at Chu Feng.

Bitter resentment and hatred. There was even killing intent in his gaze.

Evidently, Daoist Gold Star had firmly remembered Chu Feng and this grievance.

“Gold Star, you only have yourself to blame for what has happened here today. If you dare to make things difficult for little friend Chu Feng in the future, our Sunset Cloud Valley will definitely not spare you,” The Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master said coldly.

“What happened today is also related to our Three Stars Hall. Thus, if something is to happen to little friend Chu Feng, our Three Stars Hall will also not watch with folded arms,” The Three Stars Hall’s headmaster spoke loudly.

“Humph,” Daoist Gold Star did not say anymore. He snorted coldly and then left.

As the saying goes, it was a joy to have a guest from a distant place.

For honored guests like the Three Stars Hall’s headmaster, one should naturally properly entertain them.

Originally, as Chu Feng had already bid his farewell, he should be leaving. However, due to the Three Stars Hall’s headmaster, the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master and the others urging him to stay, Chu Feng decided that he would participate in the banquet before leaving.

At the banquet, the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master and the others were naturally praising Chu Feng nonstop.

In fact, even the Three Stars Hall’s headmaster openly tossed out an olive branch at Chu Feng. Even though he did not say it explicitly, he had revealed his appreciation for Chu Feng.

When even the people of the older generation were acting in such a manner, the two girls Xu Yiyi and Song Biyu were praising Chu Feng to high heaven. This was especially true for Song Biyu; she was looking at Chu Feng as if she were seeing her idol.

There were not many people present at the banquet to begin with. Other than Kou Kang, the others present were all praising Chu Feng. This caused Kou Kang, who was not fond of Chu Feng, to feel extremely awkward.

On one hand, he was extremely fed up with Chu Feng. As such, he naturally did not wish to falsely praise Chu Feng like the others.

On the other hand, the others were all praising Chu Feng, so if he were to not praise Chu Feng, his resentment toward Chu Feng would be too obvious.This would make him appear to be extremely small-minded.

However, when he saw his beloved, his master and his junior sister all thinking so highly of Chu Feng, Kou Kang truly felt as if rage was burning all over his body.

He pondered left and right, and suddenly thought of a brilliant scheme.

He felt that he could not resign himself to fate. Else, Xu Yiyi would definitely fall into Chu Feng’s hands. It might even be possible that his master would end up being on Chu Feng’s side.

He must strike back. And now, it was the time for him to strike back.

“Brother Chu Feng, let me offer you a toast.”

Thinking about this, Kou Kang stood up and offered Chu Feng a cup of wine. This time around, his attitude was extremely different from before. At the very least, he appeared to be very sincere.

“Cheers,” One does not strike someone who smiles at you. Although Chu Feng knew that Kou Kang’s toast was definitely not sincere, Chu Feng must give his master face. Thus, he did not refuse him.

“Brother Chu Feng, you are so young, yet you’ve already become an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist. Furthermore, you even defeated the long-renowned Daoist Gold Star today. You are truly the pride of us, the younger generation.”

“As a fellow member of the younger generation, I have become a bit itchy after seeing Brother Chu Feng revealing your might today.”

“Unfortunately, my world spirit techniques are lacking because I have been wholeheartedly focused on martial cultivation.”

“Earlier, when I fought against Brother Chu Feng, I discovered that Brother Chu Feng’s battle power is also very strong in terms of martial cultivation.”

“As today is a rare opportunity, I wish to spar with Brother Chu Feng. Brother Chu Feng, what say you?” Kou Kang said with a beaming smile.

“Kou Kang, what is your intention? Chu Feng has just fought against Daoist Gold Star earlier. He has already exhausted his strength. Yet you’re challenging him now? What is your motive with this?” Xu Yiyi immediately stood up and began to lash out at Kou Kang.

She knew very well what sort of character Kou Kang was. With a single glance, she had determined what Kou Kang was thinking. While he declared that he wished to spar with Chu Feng, he was actually just trying to teach Chu Feng a lesson.

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