Chapter 2282 - The Outcome Of The Battle Has Been Determined

Chapter 2282 - The Outcome Of The Battle Has Been Determined


Suddenly, a stream of boundless martial power turned into a ferocious gale that swept out in all directions, dispersing the violently surging berserk spirit power.

At the same time, Daoist Gold Star’s figure once again appeared in everyone’s line of sight.

Daoist Gold Star was uninjured. Merely, he no longer had the smile he previously had.

At that moment, extreme unwillingness filled his aged face. His eyes were filled with confusion.

The reason for that was because he was only able to block the attack from that spirit formation sphere by utilizing his rank six Martial Ancestor’s martial power at the moment of peril.

However, they had clearly agreed that they were not allowed to use martial power, and only allowed to use spirit power in their match.

The fact that he had used martial power meant that he had lost.

“Daoist Gold Star, you’ve used martial power. You have lost,” The Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master said with a beaming smile. His tone contained traces of mockery.

He was truly in a cheerful mood. He was feeling happy for Chu Feng. Even though he did not know why Daoist Gold Star’s spirit formation would turn to attack him, it remained that the result was that Chu Feng had won.

“Brother Gold Star, although your spirit formation is powerful, it seems that you are incapable of controlling it.”

“As an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist, you were actually attacked by your own spirit formation. If this matter were to be known, I wonder how many people would start to talk about it during their leisure time.” The Three Stars Hall’s headmaster mocked.

Although he was the one who had asked Daoist Gold Star to come here, Daoist Gold Star’s manner of conduct was truly too vile.

Thus, since the two of them had already had a falling out with one another, the Three Stars Hall’s headmaster would naturally not be courteous towards Daoist Gold Star anymore.

Thus, he seized the opportunity to insult Daoist Gold Star to relieve himself of the discontent that he had felt before.

As for Daoist Gold Star, he ignored the mockery from the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master and the Three Stars Hall’s headmaster.

Instead, his eyes were fixed onto Chu Feng. He asked, “Brat, exactly what did you do? Why would my own spirit formation attack me?”

“It’s very simple. I saw through your spirit formation and set up a spirit formation that could undo your spirit formation.”

“The spirit formation I used earlier was not to attack you. Rather, its purpose was to attract your spirit formation and make your spirit formation attack it instead,” Chu Feng said.

Once Chu Feng provided his explaination, the crowd came to a sudden realization.

They finally realized why Daoist Gold Star’s spirit formation would move to attack him instead. It turned out that it was all caused by Chu Feng.

Merely, after the crowd realized what had happened, they all felt great disbelief.

After all, the spirit formation Daoist Gold Star had used was extremely powerful, and something created by Grandmaster Kai Hong. It would be one thing if Chu Feng knew about the method to undo the spirit formation. However, exactly how did he manage to set up that spirit formation?

Wasn’t Chu Feng being chased by Daoist Gold Star’s spirit formation the entire time?

“Nonsense! I clearly did not see you set up your spirit formation.”

“Are you planning to tell me that you finished setting up your spirit formation in your stomach?” Daoist Gold Star said.

“That’s right, you’ve guessed correctly,” Chu Feng smiled and nodded.

“What? Chu Feng actually finished setting up that spirit formation in his stomach?”

“No wonder, no wonder Chu Feng spat out his spirit formation from his mouth. It turns out that spirit formation originated from his stomach.”

The crowd was even more astonished upon hearing Chu Feng’s verification. The reason for that was because it was indeed possible for some powerful world spiritists to set up spirit formations using only their thoughts, without needing their hands. They were capable of controlling their spirit power and setting up their spirit formations formlessly.

However, it remained that only a very small amount of people were capable of accomplishing that feat.

Furthermore, even if some people were capable of that feat, they would only be able to do so for simple spirit formations. As for the spirit formation Chu Feng had set up earlier, it was capable of undoing a spirit formation created by Grandmaster Kai Hong. As such, it was most definitely not an ordinary spirit formation.

Therefore, the crowd was astonished by it.

“Enough of your nonsense! How could you possibly be able to set up a spirit formation that could undo my spirit formation in your stomach?!”

Daoist Gold Star’s reaction was very intense. He evidently did not believe that Chu Feng was capable of accomplishing that sort of thing.

“For some things, just because you are unable to accomplish it does not mean that it would be impossible for me to accomplish too,” Chu Feng smiled again. His smile was filled with mocking intent.

“Impossible! You must have used some sort of cheating method! Else, with your world spirit techniques, it is absolutely impossible for you to surpass me,” Daoist Gold Star continued.

“Humph,” Chu Feng felt disinclined to even bother answering what Daoist Gold Star said. He merely snorted. The disdain and contempt contained in his snort was self-evident.

“What are you snorting about?!” Daoist Gold Star asked furiously.

“I am merely sighing with regret that Daoist Gold Star is actually a sore loser,” Chu Feng said.

“You dare call me a sore loser?!” Daoist Gold Star became even more furious.

“Are you not a sore loser?”

“Earlier, it was you who declared that we were to bet with our lives in this match.”

“And now, you’ve used martial power. As such, you have lost. Yet, you have now decided to frame me for cheating to shift all responsibility of your defeat. Are you not a sore loser?” Chu Feng asked coldly.

“Daoist Gold Star, a loss is a loss. Why bother making all those excuses?”

“There’re all these people here. You shouldn’t let yourself be looked down on by the younger generation,” The Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master and the others added to Chu Feng’s mockery.

Faced with the gazes of contempt from the crowd, Daoist Gold Star’s expression grew increasingly ugly.

As matters stood, he truly regretted. He regretted being overly confident and making that sort of gamble.

And now, it was actually him who had ended up losing. This was simply karma.

However, it would be one thing if it was something else. However, the consequence of defeat was his life. He had trained for so many years, and experienced countless tribulations and crises. Yet, was he to die here today just like that?

“Haha…” Thinking of that, Daoist Gold Star actually grew calm. He laughed and said, “I, Gold Star, am indeed a sore loser. What can you all possibly do to me? Could it be that you all think that you can kill me?”

“You all should know that some of my friends knew of my coming to this place. If I do not return safely, it will not only be the Sunset Cloud Valley, but the Three Stars Hall will also have to shoulder this responsibility.”

“I, Gold Star, have journeyed in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm for countless years. While I do not have much of anything, I do have a lot of friends. If something is to happen to me, your Sunset Cloud Valley and Three Stars Hall can forget about having peaceful days in the future.”

“This Daoist Gold Star is truly shameless!” Hearing those words, Xu Yiyi was so furious her little face turned deep red.

She had actually already guessed that Daoist Gold Star would not keep his promise, and would go back on his word should he lose.

Merely, she had never expected that Daoist Gold Star would be so confident and bold when saying those words. In fact, he even turned to threaten them. Xu Yiyi was truly unable to tolerate his actions.

“Daoist Gold Star, while it is true that we will not be able to kill you, we are able to trap you in this place.”

“If you do not provide a suitable explanation today, we will not let you leave,” The Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master said coldly.

“You dare?!” Daoist Gold Star shouted angrily.

“Why wouldn’t we dare? While you, Daoist Gold Star, possess many friends, how could our Sunset Cloud Valley, a power that has existed for so many years, have less friends than you, a single person?” Su Jingrui said coldly.

Following that, a boundless oppressive might rained down. That oppressive might completely sealed the entire region.

Sensing that fatal oppressive might, Daoist Gold Star started to panic slightly. Although he was an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist, his cultivation was no match for the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master and the others.

Thus, he asked, “What do you all plan to do?”

“Apologize to little friend Chu Feng,” Su Jingrui and the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master said in unison.

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