Chapter 2279 - A Person’s Dignity

Chapter 2279 - A Person’s Dignity

“If you are to compete with me now, it will no longer be a matter concerning the Three Stars Hall and the Sunset Cloud Valley. Instead, it will be a personal matter between the two of us.”

“Thus, the gambling stakes must change,” Daoist Gold Star said.

“How do you want to change it? Go ahead and tell me,” Chu Feng seemed to have already anticipated that Daoist Gold Star would say such a thing. Thus, his reaction was rather calm and collected.

“If you wish to compete with me in terms of world spirit techniques, you must use your life as the price. Unless one’s opponent is to die… the match shall never end,” Daoist Gold Star said.

“Daoist Gold Star, you’re actually planning to gamble your lives?” The Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master and the others’ expressions all changed enormously.

“Very well, I accept,” However, to the crowd’s surprise, Chu Feng actually calmly accepted the extremely excessive demand from Daoist Gold Star.

In response, Xu Yiyi shouted, “Chu Feng!!!” Then, she began to shake her head at Chu Feng nonstop.

Her intention was very clear. She was urging Chu Feng to not be too impulsive, and telling him to not joke around with his life.

At the same time Xu Yiyi was doing that, the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master, Su Jingrui and even the Three Stars Hall’s headmaster were all sending voice transmissions to Chu Feng.

Their intentions were the same as Xu Yiyi’s. They too were urging Chu Feng against it, because they did not want Chu Feng to gamble with his life.

Faced with the crowd’s urgings, Chu Feng wanted to explain things to them in secret, and tell them what he was thinking.

However, with that moment of hesitation from Chu Feng, that Daoist Gold Star’s lips lifted into a mocking smile. He said, “What’s wrong? After being incited by the crowd, you do not dare to compete anymore? Sure enough, you’re nothing more than a coward.”

It seemed that Daoist Gold Star had also managed to guess that the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master and the others were urging Chu Feng against it. That was why he deliberately mocked Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, do not be incited by him. To begin with, this was merely an ordinary spar. There is no need to raise it to a level of confrontation with one’s life on the line. He is evidently just trying to bully you,” Xu Yiyi said.

“Bully him? Little girl, you should understand the situation first. It is he who is insisting on competing with me. I am not forcing him to compete with me,” Daoist Gold Star said.

At that moment, the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master and Su Jingrui both opened their mouths. They wanted to speak on Chu Feng’s behalf.

However, before the crowd could speak, Chu Feng suddenly gestured with his hand and said, “Seniors, please say no more.”

“I know what seniors are all thinking. I also know what this Daoist Gold Star is thinking.”

“In his eyes, I, Chu Feng, am merely a member of the younger generation. Not to mention cultivation, he feels that even my world spirit techniques will simply not be a match for his own.”

“He feels that I will definitely be defeated should I compete against him, that I would be bringing about my own destruction should I agree to his demands.”

After saying those words, Chu Feng turned his sharp gaze to Daoist Gold Star.

He said, “However, a Buddha’s worth is determined by a single incense stick, whereas a person’s worth is determined by their dignity.”

“Although I, Chu Feng, am a member of the younger generation; although I, Chu Feng, possess a cultivation inferior to his, I do not feel that I, Chu Feng, am inferior to Daoist Gold Star.”

“More than that, I do not feel that my world spirit techniques are inferior to Daoist Gold Star’s.”

“I am going to compete against you. Originally, I had only wanted to battle on behalf of the Sunset Cloud Valley. However, from your repeated insults, belittling and provocations, I, Chu Feng, am unable to tolerate it anymore.”

“The reason for that is because I, Chu Feng, do not feel myself to be inferior to you. On the contrary, I feel that I am stronger than you. At the very least, I managed to become an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist as a member of the younger generation. What about you?”

“Daoist Gold Star, I dare ask, how many years did you train in order to finally become an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist? How many years have you trained in order to obtain your current level of cultivation?”

“You!!!” After hearing what Chu Feng said, Daoist Gold Star’s expression changed. The reason for that was because what Chu Feng had said was not without reason. When he was at Chu Feng’s age, not to mention world spirit techniques, even his martial cultivation was greatly inferior to Chu Feng’s.

If one were to compare their current attainments, he would indeed be superior to Chu Feng. However, in terms of talent, his talent was much inferior to Chu Feng’s.

“Thus, I do not feel that I am inferior to you. As such, I refuse to allow your repeated insults toward me.”

“Only I, Chu Feng, know how much effort I’ve exhausted in order to obtain my current standing. That is not something that you can reject.”

“Thus, I am going to fight for myself now. Even if I am to gamble with my life at stake, I am still going to fight,” Chu Feng said.

Once Chu Feng said those words, the expressions of many of the people present changed. They began to look to Chu Feng with gazes of greater admiration.

There were an enormous amount of conceited individuals in this world of martial cultivation. However, the great majority of them were people that would only bully the weak and be afraid of the strong.

Before people weaker than themselves, they would act as if they were gods, and consider everyone else to be beneath them.

However, when facing individuals stronger than them, those people would immediately change completely, and start to act as if they would kneel and lick the other’s shoe.

However, Chu Feng was different. When facing Daoist Gold Star, an existence clearly more powerful than himself, Chu Feng did not show the slightest sign of cowardice.

His moral integrity was extremely rare nowadays.

“Little friend Chu Feng, since you’ve already decided, I will no longer urge you against it. I merely want to tell you one thing...”

“... you must give your all, and battle to your heart’s content,” The Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master said.

After he finished saying those words, the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master soared into the sky. After soaring into the sky, he moved far off into the distance.

He was creating an empty space for Chu Feng and Daoist Gold Star to compete with one another.

In response, Su Jingrui, the Three Stars Hall’s headmaster and the others also soared into the sky and moved to the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master’s side.

Following that, Chu Feng also soared into the sky. He looked to Daoist Gold Star below and said, “Come. It will depend on whether or not you have the ability to take my life.”

“Good, very good. Since you are so eager to die, I shall help you accomplish your aim.”

Once Daoist Gold Star said those words, he immediately unleashed his attack. His Immortal-level spirit power surged forth from within his body. It was extremely ferocious and incomparably domineering.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

His magnificent world spirit power turned into an enormous sledgehammer. Like a mountain peak, it smashed up toward Chu Feng from down below.

Gale-force winds whistled from the hammer, and space itself started to tremble nonstop. It was as if the hammer would be able to smash a hole through the sky.

“Oh no!”

Upon seeing the world spirit hammer, the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master and the others all started to frown.

Daoist Gold Star was using his spirit power. However, his spirit power’s battle power was definitely at the level of a rank nine Half Martial Ancestor.

As for Chu Feng, his actual cultivation was only that of a rank four Half Martial Ancestor. Even if he were to use the power of his lightning and his heaven-defying battle power, he would only be able to barely contend against ordinary rank nine Half Martial Ancestors.

However, that battle power was something that was only possible when Chu Feng used both his martial power and Heavenly Bloodline.

Right now, the two of them were competing with world spirit techniques, and were not allowed to use the slightest bit of martial power.

Everyone knew that while world spirit techniques could also be used to fight, the strength of one’s world spirit techniques would depend on setting up a spirit formation over an extended period of time.

When confronting others head-on, what was most important was the speed and intensity of the attack. Thus, world spiritists simply did not have the time to set up powerful spirit formations, and had to change their attacks according to the situation.

In that sort of situation, the battle power of one’s world spirit techniques would generally be much inferior to a cultivator’s actual battle power.


However, right at the moment when the crowd were sweating cold bullets for Chu Feng, at the moment when several experts were planning to act to save Chu Feng, Chu Feng actually let out a slight snort.

Then, Chu Feng’s five fingers were clenched into a fist. He pointed his fist downward and shot forth a punch.


In an instant, boundless Immortal-level spirit power shot out from Chu Feng’s fist like a waterfall filled with Immortal-level spirit power.

In an instant, the spirit power overflowing from Chu Feng’s fist landed on the giant hammer from Daoist Gold Star.


The two collided. Immediately, extremely loud explosions could be heard. Following that, spirit power spattered everywhere, shattering the space around them in the process.

Originally, Chu Feng’s spirit power had been like water. However, when it collided with the giant hammer, it gained frantic power and smashed the giant hammer apart.

The might of the attack was so strong that it even shook the heavenly dome.

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