Chapter 2278 - A Sinister Laugh

Chapter 2278 - A Sinister Laugh

Everyone was startled by Chu Feng’s acceptance of the conditions.

It was not because they felt that Chu Feng would definitely lose.

This was especially true for the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master and the others. They all knew how strong Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques were.

They felt that Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques were very strong, that even though he had only just become an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist, he possessed the strength to compete against Daoist Gold Star.

They were only feeling confused because they felt that Daoist Gold Star’s demands were truly irrational. Yet, Chu Feng had actually agreed to them.

In this sort of situation, the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master and Su Jingrui involuntarily glanced at one another.

After glancing at one another, they seemed to have reached a mutual understanding. They then looked to Chu Feng. The confusion in their eyes had disappeared and was replaced with admiration.

They both felt a possibility. That was that Chu Feng had dared to agree to those demands because he possessed the certainty of absolute victory. At the very least, he was very confident in himself.

It was precisely because of the confidence that Chu Feng possessed that the two grand characters felt admiration for Chu Feng.

They felt that the young needed that sort of drive.

“This is truly what they meant by a newborn calf not being afraid of tigers. Since you have decided, we can start,” Daoist Gold Star said.

“Very well, how do you want to compete?” Chu Feng said.

“How to compete? We shall fight with world spirit techniques until one is defeated,” Daoist Gold Star said.

“Until one is defeated? What sort of ‘defeat’ do you mean?” Chu Feng asked.

“It means me beating you to a state of being unable to fight back,” Daoist Gold Star said.

“You’re planning to use world spirit techniques to compete in an actual battle against Chu Feng?” The Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley master and the other spectators all revealed astonished expressions.

“Precisely,” Daoist Gold Star nodded.

“That isn’t really fair, no?” The Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master asked.

“How is it not fair?” Daoist Gold Star asked coldly.

“Your cultivation is, after all, that of a rank six Martial Ancestor, whereas little friend Chu Feng is only a rank four Half Martial Ancestor. With how enormous the difference in your cultivations is, how could the two of you possibly battle with world spirit techniques?” The Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master said.

“Humph,” Daoist Gold Star smiled lightly. He said, “That’s something that you all are ignorant about. I am going to use world spirit techniques to fight against him. I am not using my martial power. So why would my cultivation possibly matter?”

At that moment, Su Jingrui said, “Everyone knows that a world spiritist’s cultivation directly decides the strength of a world spiritist. After all, a world spiritist will also need a powerful build.”

“Although we are not Immortal-cloak World Spiritists, we are, after all, Royal-cloak World Spiritists. As such, we know about that sort of thing.”

“So what? It is he who wants to challenge me. Are you saying that I cannot utilize my advantage?”

“In that case, I might as well not compete. I’ll just admit defeat, okay? After all, no matter what I do, you’ll all say that I’m the one in the wrong. Isn’t that right?” After Daoist Gold Star finished saying those words, he looked to the Three Stars Hall’s headmaster and said, “Headmaster Ouyang, how about we just leave? After all, it seems that your two old friends are unable to take a defeat with grace.”

At that moment, the Three Stars Hall’s headmaster had a wry smile on his face. He actually also deeply disliked Daoist Gold Star’s attitude.

However, it remained that Daoist Gold Star was someone that he requested help from. Furthermore, he had exhausted a great amount of effort in order to invite Daoist Gold Star here.

At that moment, he was placed in a very difficult situation because he did not wish to offend either side.

“It turns out, only I alone am an outsider. You’re also with them,” Daoist Gold Star was able to see through the attitude of the Three Stars Hall’s headmaster. Thus, he felt increasingly angry and displeasure filled his face.

In response, the Three Stars Hall’s headmaster hurriedly tried to explain. “Brother Gold Star, you’re overthinking things. How could you be an outsider? This is merely a friendly spar. It’s not as serious as you think it is.”

However, before he could finish, Daoist Gold Star laughed coldly. Then, he said, “Ouyang Yuqing, you know best why I agreed to come here.”

“I did not fancy the rewards that you gave me. Instead, it was because I, Gold Star, and your Three Stars Hall both possessed the word ‘star.’ As such, I considered it fate.”

“It was because of that fate that I decided to help you. Else, did you really think that bit of reward you gave me would be enough to make an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist help you?”

Hearing those words, the Three Stars Hall’s headmaster revealed a displeased expression. He said, “Gold Star, are your words not too excessive?”

“You have not come here for free. It was also you who declared how much you wanted to be paid. Furthermore, I had already given you your rewards.”

“Yet now, you are actually saying those things to me? Do you really think it is appropriate?”

“To put it pleasantly, I have requested your presence here.”

“However, to put it bluntly, you were merely hired by me.”

“Is there someone who speaks to an employer the way you’re speaking to me?”

Anger. The Three Stars Hall’s Headmaster’s tone was filled with anger. Furthermore, it was also very imposing.

He had revealed all of the displeasure he felt earlier.

“Pah! I gave you face, and you really considered yourself to be someone grand?”

“This is your pay. Today, your daddy I will return it to you. From this point on, your daddy I am not related to you in the slightest.”

Daoist Gold Star was truly not someone to be trifled with. He took out a Cosmos Sack and tossed it at the Three Stars Hall’s headmaster.

As for the Three Stars Hall’s Headmaster, he was not one to be polite either. Not only did he receive the Cosmos Sack, he also opened it to check its contents carefully.

“It’s missing twenty Incomplete Ancestral Armaments,” The Three Stars Hall’s Headmaster said.

“I have accompanied you here and wasted a lot of my time. Those twenty Incomplete Ancestral Armaments are my compensation,” Daoist Gold Star said.

“Didn’t you declare earlier that you didn’t care about this bit of reward? That you’ve come here because of fate? Why is there a compensation fee now?” Su Jingrui mocked.

At that moment, the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master and the others present, even Chu Feng and the others of the younger generation, started to sneer.

While Daoist Gold Star might appear to be an extraordinary individual, he was actually extremely petty. He was indeed someone to be sneered at.

“Good, very good.”

“Three Stars Hall, Sunset Cloud Valley, I, Daoist Gold Star, will remember you all.”

“You all will soon know the consequences for going against me, Daoist Gold Star, are.”

Daoist Gold Star’s expression began to distort. However, in the end, he still took out twenty Incomplete Ancestral Armaments and tossed them at the Three Stars Hall’s headmaster.

Upon seeing the twenty Incomplete Ancestral Armaments, Chu Feng’s heart started to move. The reason for that was because those twenty Incomplete Ancestral Armaments were all of extraordinary quality.

They could be said to be top quality Incomplete Ancestral Armaments. In fact, their quality even slightly surpassed Chu Feng’s Magma Emperor Sword.

It was no wonder Daoist Gold Star would return everything but keep the twenty Incomplete Ancestral Armaments.

“I will not bother seeing you off then,” The Three Stars Hall’s headmaster said after putting the twenty Incomplete Ancestral Armaments away.

“There’s no need for you all to see me off,” Daoist Gold Star snorted coldly. Then, he waved his sleeve and prepared to swagger off.

However, right at that moment, Chu Feng suddenly said, “Why are you leaving? Could it be that you are afraid of competing?”

Daoist Gold Star stopped his footsteps. He turned around and asked, “What? You still want to compete against me?”

“I never declared that I would not compete with you,” Chu Feng said.

“Hah…” Hearing what Chu Feng said, that Daoist Gold Star burst into laughter. Merely, his laughter was very sinister. It caused one to shiver upon hearing it.

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