Chapter 2269 - The Savage Cat

Chapter 2269 - The Savage Cat


Xu Yiyi and Elder Ning Shuang’s mouths were both slightly open as their gazes flickered.

They were showing shock and confusion all over their faces. They had been completely muddled by the scene that had occurred before them.

However, Li Rui’s master completely disregarded the expressions that Xu Yiyi and Ning Shuang were looking at him with. At that moment, he continued to ruthlessly kowtow and beg for forgiveness.

He had completely renounced his dignity.

“As you’ve already chosen the path you want to take, there is no leeway to return. Prepare to receive this great sir’s punishment,” The old cat was actually completely unconcerned with Li Rui’s master’s begging.

It extended a fingernail and pointed at Li Rui’s master. Immediately, a ray of light shot into the body of Li Rui’s master.


The next moment, Li Rui’s master let out an incomparably loud scream.

It was an anguished wail of pain and misery. His howl resonated throughout the entire region.

Seeing Li Rui’s master acting like that, even Chu Feng’s expression changed slightly. He was able to tell that Li Rui’s master was truly suffering from a pain that ordinary people would be unable to endure.

As for Xu Yiyi and Elder Ning Shuang, their eyes were wide open, and their tongues were tied with shock. This was especially true for Xu Yiyi; her little mouth was opened completely round.

As matters stood, regardless of how slow they might be, they were able to tell that the cat before them, that ugly and old cat, was no ordinary cat.

However, why would such a cat appear in the Sunset Cloud Valley’s forbidden area?

All kinds of confusion and questions began to hover in their hearts.

After a series of anguished howls, Li Rui’s master’s voice grew weaker.

Just like that… after he howled in pain for an entire hour, his voice finally stopped completely.

Although his body was still completely fine, he was absolutely dead.

“So weak. He only lasted for an hour,” Upon seeing that Li Rui’s master had died, the old cat spoke in a disappointed manner.


Hearing those words, Xu Yiyi, Elder Ning Shuang and even Chu Feng and Eggy started having black lines rolling down their foreheads.

Although Li Rui’s master’s body had not received any serious injuries, merely from the painful howls, as well as his body movements before death, they were able to guess that the torment that Li Rui’s master had felt was a sort of torture to the soul.

As for that sort of torture, it would generally be over a hundred times, a thousand times or even ten thousand times more difficult to endure than the torture of one’s physical body.

Earlier, Li Rui’s master, the grand rank seven Martial Ancestor, was shouting in pain so much that his voice had grown hoarse. From that it could be determined that the pain he had felt was truly intolerable, something that no one could withstand.

However, that old cat had actually said such a thing. It could be seen how savage the old cat was.

“Chu Feng, now I’ve taken care of that guy, it’s time to take care of you. Although you let out this great sir, this great sir will not repay you. The reason for that is because this great sir is precisely one to kick a benefactor in the teeth.”


Right at that moment, that old cat suddenly revealed a strange smile. Then, it extended its fingernail and pointed at Chu Feng. Immediately, a ray of light shot forth and entered Chu Feng’s forehead.

Once that strange light entered Chu Feng’s body, a strange motion was immediately felt. The very next moment, Chu Feng let out mournful screams much like Li Rui’s master had let out earlier.


The mournful screams began to resonate. Chu Feng immediately grabbed his head with his hands and and fell with his knees hitting the ground. Then, he started to roll around. One would feel painful just by looking at the reaction from the enormous pain that Chu Feng was feeling right now.

“You damned bastard! This Queen will dismember your body into ten thousand pieces!”

Her Lady Queen was immediately enraged upon seeing that the old cat had actually attacked Chu Feng. As she spoke, boundless dark black gaseous flames began to spread. The gaseous flames started to rush toward the old cat to attack it.

“Humph, it’s best that you shut up. You are only a mere Asura World Spirit. While others might fear you, this great sir is not afraid of you at all.”

However, that old cat laughed with contempt at Her Lady Queen’s attack. Without even lifting its paw, the old cat let out boundlessly powerful oppressive might with only a thought. The oppressive might surrounded Her Lady Queen.

Her Lady Queen stood where she was, uninjured. However, her complexion changed enormously. She was no longer capable of moving. In fact, she could not even utter a single word. She had been completely restricted by the old cat.

“All of you, listen carefully. That Zhan Haichuan’s tomb, as well as the treasures that he left behind have all been plundered by this great sir.”

“People of the Sunset Cloud Valley, if you all feel displeased by this, you can come and find me for revenge. However, I will tell you all this. This great sir is one who holds grudges deeply.”

“As long as a single person from your Sunset Cloud Valley dares to create troubles for this great sir, this great sir will definitely exterminate every single person from your Sunset Cloud Valley, destroying it completely.” After the old cat said those words ferociously, its body shifted, and it disappeared.

Although what it spoke was only an ordinary threat, its words caused Xu Yiyi and Elder Ning Shuang to turn pale with fear, and their foreheads to be filled with sweat.

In fact, their bodies even began to shiver uncontrollably.

Fear. From the words spoken by the old cat, the two of them felt a fear that surpassed the fear they felt from their Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master and Su Jingrui.

In fact, the fear they were feeling was the most frightening fear that they had ever felt in their lives.

In that one split second, they felt as if they had seen the people in the Sunset Cloud Valley suffering from a calamity.

Thus, they were firmly certain that what that old cat had said was no joke at all.


Right at that moment, Chu Feng’s anguished wailing grew even louder.

Even though Her Lady Queen had regained her freedom after the old cat left, the pain that Chu Feng felt did not decrease, and instead increased.

“Chu Feng,” Her Lady Queen hurriedly ran toward Chu Feng’s side. However, no matter what she tried to do, she was unable to alleviate the pain Chu Feng was feeling.

“Chu Feng, what’s wrong, what’s happening to you?” After being woken up by Chu Feng’s screams, Xu Yiyi also revealed an astonished expression.

“Elder Ning Shuang, quickly, find Lord Valley Master. We need him to save Chu Feng,” Xu Yiyi said to Elder Ning Shuang. She was so worried that her tears were flowing from her eyes.

“Got it, I’ll go right away, I’ll go right away.”

“Little friend Chu Feng, just hold on for a while longer, a while longer,” In a panic, Elder Ning Shuang hurriedly left.

At the same time, outside the forbidden area. For the sake of destroying the gate, Su Jingrui was unleashing taboo martial skills nonstop, and bombarding the entrance gate with them.

Su Jingrui held a gigantic hammer that looked exactly the same as the hammer that the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master held. However, they were clearly two different weapons.

Without a doubt, Su Jingrui’s hammer was also an Ancestral Armament. The hammer emitted endless power.

When the hammer was used to unleash Su Jingrui’s ferocious taboo martial skills, he left that region of space in utter chaos.

As the elders looked at the scene, they were all terrified.

When they saw their Lord Valley Master standing behind Su Jingrui, they felt a complicated mood in their hearts.

At that moment, the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master had a very ugly expression. His aura was also very weak.

For the sake of breaking through the entrance gate to the forbidden area, he had truly over-exerted his energy. That was the reason why he had switched with Su Jingrui.

However, even with this being the case, that forbidden area’s entrance gate was still undamaged. Although it was filled with cracks, it would still take quite some time to completely destroy the gate.

The management elders present were all very scared that the two pillars of support for their Sunset Cloud Valley would end up causing major harm to their vitality for the sake of destroying a gate.

However, they did not dare to voice their concerns. The reason for that was because neither their Lord Valley Master nor Su Jingrui were impulsive people. Since they were willing to disregard all considerations to destroy the gate, the two of them must possess their own reasons for it.


Right at that moment, a loud explosion was suddenly heard. That forbidden area’s entrance gate was finally shattered.

However, at that moment, not a single person present revealed a joyous look.

Instead, they all revealed frightened expressions on their faces.

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