Chapter 2268 - Kowtow And Beg For Forgiveness

Chapter 2268 - Kowtow And Beg For Forgiveness

Before Chu Feng could say anything, Her Lady Queen asked, “You’re willing to help?”

“Little girl, as long as you’re willing to apologize for your rudeness earlier, this great sir will be willing to help you all take care of that little trash,” The old cat smiled mischievously as he said those words.

“Lord Tiger, this little girl was in the wrong earlier. I hope that Lord Tiger will not take offense,” Surprisingly, right after that old cat said those words, Eggy bowed to the old cat.

“And here I thought that this great sir was already shameless enough. Never would I expect that you, silly little girl, would be even more shameless than me,” At that moment, black lines ran down the old cat’s forehead. It had truly never expected that the incomparably rude and unreasonable Eggy would have no moral integrity at all.

“Lord Tiger, this little girl has already acknowledged my mistake. Would you be willing to properly teach that old codger a lesson?” Eggy continued. She smiled very sweetly, making it impossible for others to find an excuse to refuse her.

“Little girl, although you are truly lacking in moral integrity, this great sir is fond of that. As such, this great sir will help you,” The old cat laughed mischievously. Then, let out a loud shout, “Hey! The person you’re trying to find is here!”

“What are you doing?” At that moment, Her Lady Queen became anxious.

The reason for that was because she discovered that not only had that old cat betrayed their location, it had also used its oppressive might to restrict their mobility.

At that moment, Chu Feng and Eggy were simply unable to move at all. They could only wait for Li Rui’s master to come.

In that sort of situation, not to mention Her Lady Queen, even Chu Feng had no idea what the old cat was planning.

Was the old cat going to help Chu Feng and Eggy, or was it going to bring harm upon them? After all, Chu Feng and Eggy had been deceived by the old cat once already.


At the moment when Chu Feng and Eggy were still unable to ascertain the situation, that Li Rui’s master had already heard the voice of the old cat and entered the forest.

“Chu Feng, I’ve finally found you,” Upon seeing Chu Feng, Li Rui’s master’s old face turned extremely frightening. He had an appearance of itching to eat Chu Feng alive.

“Chu Feng, you’ve got to run away!!!” At the same time, Xu Yiyi hurriedly shouted at Chu Feng, telling him to run away.

“Run away? Not to mention running, the two of them are unable to even walk,” Right at that moment, the old cat spoke. As it spoke, it took a leisurely puff of its tobacco pipe. It was truly unhurried and unrestrained.

“Who are you?” Upon seeing an ugly cat that was actually capable of speaking, Xu Yiyi, Elder Ning Shuang and even Li Rui’s master were shocked.

“Who I am is not important. What’s important is that I will be the one who will control your fate later,” The old cat said to Li Rui’s master with a beaming smile.

“What did you say?” Li Rui’s master revealed a slightly angry expression.

However, the old cat’s expression remained unchanged when faced with the anger of Li Rui’s master. It continued, “Little trash, don’t say that this great sir is inhumane, for this great sir will give you two options.”

“Your first option is to kill yourself right now. By killing yourself, you will solve all your troubles. Not only will you be able to die comfortably, you will also save this great sir the time taken to personally kill you.”

“As for your second option, it would be for this great sir to kill you. However, if this great sir is to kill you, you will definitely meet a very miserable death.”

“Thus, I’d advise that you choose the first option,” The old cat said.

“What is this joke that you’re telling? Do you know who I am?” Li Rui’s master said.

“Who are you?” The old cat asked indifferently.

“I am Tuoba Shangshui, the Head Law Enforcement Elder of the Sunset Cloud Valley. In the Sunset Cloud Valley, I am someone with a status below only a single person, and above tens of thousands.”

“You, a mere stray cat, actually dare to say this sort of thing to me? You should know that I possess ten thousand means to torment you to death,” Sure enough, Li Rui’s master was furious.

To Li Rui’s master, he felt that his grand status had been blasphemed.

It was truly blasphemy. In the Sunset Cloud Valley, Li Rui’s master held the highest position other than the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master and Su Jingrui. As such, he could be said to be the third most powerful individual in the Sunset Cloud Valley.

In fact, other than the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master and Su Jingrui, there was truly no one else capable of speaking to Li Rui’s master in such a manner.

Originally, he had thought that his capture of Chu Feng today would mean that Chu Feng would definitely die, that he would definitely be able to avenge his disciple’s death.

However, never had he expected that a stray cat would appear out of nowhere. Furthermore, that stray cat actually dared to boast so shamelessly at him. This was something that he was truly unable to tolerate.

In fact, it was not only Li Rui’s master who had a shocked expression, even Xu Yiyi and Elder Ning Shuang had shocked expressions.

They truly could not understand where a stray cat would have the courage to speak those sorts of words to Li Rui’s master.

At that moment, Chu Feng and Eggy were quiet. The reason for that was because the two of them knew that the old cat truly possessed the means to speak to Li Rui’s master in such a manner.

“It seems that you have chosen option two,” The old cat said indifferently.

“If I don’t teach you a lesson, you will truly not know how powerful I am!” Li Rui’s master shouted angrily. Faced with the contempt and provocation from the old cat, Li Rui’s master unleashed his attack.

He immediately unleashed his oppressive might of a rank seven Martial Ancestor. The people present all felt a life threatening sensation.

This was especially true because his oppressive might was not merely a threat. It was surging violently toward the old cat. He intended to shatter the old cat into pieces.

However, the old cat’s expression remained unchanged. Suddenly, its eyes flickered with coldness.

The very next moment, an extremely powerful oppressive might poured out from the old cat’s body.

Once that oppressive might appeared, it immediately created a clear-cut contrast against the oppressive might sent forth by Li Rui’s master.

If Li Rui’s master’s oppressive might was akin to a river.

Then the old cat’s oppressive might would be the vast sea.


As the two oppressive mights collided with one another, the old cat’s oppressive might immediately devoured Li Rui’s master’s oppressive might. Then, like ten thousand invisible swords, the old cat’s oppressive might pierced through the body of Li Rui’s master.


Li Rui’s master’s knees grew weak as he fell to his knees.

“What’s going on?”

The expressions of Xu Yiyi and Elder Ning Shuang changed instantly. They both revealed astonished and puzzled expressions.

The reason for that was because the old cat’s oppressive might was aimed at Li Rui’s master. As such, neither of them felt how powerful the old cat’s oppressive might was.

Consequently, they did not know why Li Rui’s master would suddenly kneel on the ground.

Not only was Li Rui’s master kneeling on the ground, his complexion was also deathly pale and without the slightest trace of rosiness. Furthermore, he was trembling nonstop.

“How could this be? How could this be?” Li Rui’s master muttered as if he had received an enormous fright.

“You actually dared to attack this great sir? Today, this great sir shall let you know what it means to be unable to live and unable to die,” The old cat said with a trace of anger.

“Milord, please spare me. Milord, please spare me!”

“It is this lowly one who had eyes, but not pupils. It is this lowly one who failed to recognize Mount Tai. Milord, I beg of you, please spare me, please give this lowly one another chance.”

Suddenly, Li Rui’s master began to kowtow and beg for forgiveness. Perhaps it might be because he wanted to express his sincerity, but he was knocking his head onto the ground very forcefully.

As he kowtowed, loud clanks could even be heard. Soil was sent flying into the air. Blood started flowing from his forehead. In fact, energy ripples even formed from him knocking his head onto the ground.

The grand Sunset Cloud Valley’s Head Law Enforcement Elder...

The aggressiveness he displayed earlier was completely gone. All he displayed right now was the petty and lowly character of someone wanting to survive.

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