Chapter 2263 - A Cat That Can Speak

Chapter 2263 - A Cat That Can Speak

“I’ve grown tired of looking at rare and unusual plants and flowers. To look at these ordinary plants and flowers gives me a different sort of sensation,” Eggy said. As she said those words, she waved her hand and drove the butterflies hovering around her away.

“Why did you drive them away? They were attracted over by you, you know,” Chu Feng said.

“They’re annoying to see. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m in a good mood, I would’ve killed them,” Eggy said.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s eyebrows narrowed slightly. The reason for that was because he knew that Eggy was not joking with those words. She was truly capable of doing that sort of thing.

At that moment, Chu Feng suddenly recalled that his Queen was not a kind-hearted celestial fairy. Rather, she was a vicious and merciless little demon woman.

“Let’s go. This Queen shall see why a tomb would disappear for no reason,” As Her Lady Queen spoke, she soared into the sky and began to fly toward the depths of the forbidden area.

The direction in which Her Lady Queen flew was the same direction where the tomb had originally been located.

The reason why Her Lady Queen knew about the direction was because she had seen the map that Chu Feng had seen earlier through his eyes.

Although this place was very large, Her Lady Queen’s speed was very fast. On top of that, as they knew their destination, they soon arrived at the place where the tomb had once been.

That place looked excessively ordinary. It was nothing more than a plot of land within the forest.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the map indicated that the tomb had been located here, Chu Feng would never have believed that an exceptional expert’s tomb would be located in that place.

“Chu Feng, are you able to see anything amiss?” Eggy asked Chu Feng. After arriving here, Chu Feng had been inspecting the surroundings with his Heaven’s Eyes the entire time.

And now, Chu Feng had already inspected this place for an entire hour now.

“No, I am unable to determine anything,” Chu Feng said.

“Then what are we to do?” Eggy asked.

“I can only use spirit formations to test things out,” Chu Feng said as he started to set up a spirit formation.

Meanwhile, in the forest was a large yellow-colored cat. That cat was lying lazily on top of a tree branch.

That cat did not appear to be extraordinary at all; it resembled all of the other animals in the forest. Merely, that cat had been staring at Chu Feng and Eggy the entire time.

When Chu Feng began to set up his spirit formation and unleash a boundless amount of Insect Mark Immortal-level spirit power, the cat’s eyes actually started to shine. Then, it began to look at Chu Feng even more earnestly.

As for Chu Feng, he did not notice that abnormal cat. Instead, he continued to wholeheartedly set up his spirit formation.

However, after Chu Feng finished setting up his spirit formation, and after the spirit formation began to flicker with light from its activation, a disappointed expression appeared in Chu Feng’s eyes.

It was useless. He was unable to discover where the tomb had gone to with his Heaven’s Eyes.

As for his spirit formation, it too was unable to discover where the tomb had disappeared to.

It was as if the tomb has never been there. Chu Feng was simply unable to detect it at all.

“Didn’t work again?” Eggy asked.

“No, I must try again.” Chu Feng was unwilling to give up. He racked his brains and thought up a new spirit formation.

Chu Feng felt that he might be able to find some clues should he use his Heaven’s Eyes alongside that spirit formation.

“Meow~~~ it’s useless,” At the moment when Chu Feng was about to try again, a voice that sounded like a cat’s, yet was still speaking in human speech, suddenly sounded from behind Chu Feng.

Chu Feng hurriedly turned his gaze toward the voice. He discovered that there was a yellow cat lying on top of a large tree branch.

Although that cat’s size was not enormously large, it was very fat. Furthermore, it was a very old cat. Its yellow fur had already faded. Although it was yellow, its fur was more whitish in color.

In short, that cat did not possess a fond-looking appearance. It could be considered to be a relatively ugly cat.

However, that cat possessed intelligence. At that moment, it was looking at Chu Feng and Eggy.

Before Chu Feng could say anything, Her Lady Queen asked curiously, “Were you the one speaking earlier?”

“You don’t say! If it wasn’t this great sir who spoke, could it instead be you, silly girl, who spoke?” That cat-like human-like voice sounded again. Merely, this time around, Chu Feng and Eggy clearly saw that the voice originated from that old cat’s mouth.

“Wow! This is interesting. Such an ugly cat is actually capable of human speech,” Her Lady Queen acted as if she had seen a treasure. She leapt before the cat, grabbed the cat’s tail and held it up.

“Release this great sir, you damned silly girl. Do you know who I am?” That old cat extended its sharp claws and began to frantically claw at Her Lady Queen.

Speaking of it, that old cat was truly ferocious. The place where it aimed its claws at was actually Her Lady Queen’s exceptionally beautiful, fair, soft and tender cheeks. It was simply trying to ruin Her Lady Queen’s face.

However, even though the old cat was capable of speech, it evidently did not possess any cultivation. Apart from being able to speak, it was no different from an ordinary cat.

Thus, it was completely toyed around with by Her Lady Queen, and unable to reach Her Lady Queen with its claws at all. It was truly a miserable sight.

“Chu Feng, this is the first time that I’ve seen a cat that can speak. I wonder what a cat like this would taste like. How about the two of us make it into a stew to test out its flavor?” Her Lady Queen said with a beaming smile.

“Don’t, don’t, don’t!” Hearing those words, that old cat was immediately worried. It hurriedly said to Chu Feng, “Boy, quickly have this damned silly girl release this great sir. This great sir is capable of helping you find that tomb.”

Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s gaze changed. With a cold tone, he asked, “You know that I have come to find the tomb?”

“You don’t say! If you didn’t come here to find the tomb, why did you come to this place to set up a spirit formation to search for the tomb?” The old cat said.

“Exactly what are you?” Chu Feng asked.

“Have this damned silly girl release this great sir first,” The old cat howled.

In response, Chu Feng signaled Eggy with his eyes. After Eggy released the cat, Chu Feng continued to ask, “Go ahead, tell me exactly what you are and why you are capable of human speech. Furthermore, why are you here, and what do you know about that tomb?”

“What am I?”

“Haha, I fear that I will scare you to death if I am to tell you,” At that moment, that old cat revealed a cheshire grin on its face. It was an extremely complacent smile.


However, before it could even finish saying its following words, Eggy slapped down with her palm. Her palm ruthlessly landed on that old cat’s head.

Her palm not only smashed that old cat to the ground, it also caused that old cat’s eyes to flicker with stars. That old cat nearly fainted on the spot.

“When you’re being questioned, answer quickly. Do not bother with superfluous words. Else, do you believe that this Queen will make you into stew?” Her Lady Queen said ruthlessly.

“You damned silly girl. It is only now that you dare to bully this great sir.”

“Had it been before, a single fart from this great sir would have been able to kill a thousand of you.”

“No, not a thousand, but rather ten thousand, a hundred million even,” The old cat said very angrily.

“Aiya, you dare talk back? Watch how this Queen will take care of you,” As Her Lady Queen spoke, she planned to attack the old cat again.

“Eggy,” In response, Chu Feng hurriedly stopped Eggy. As he spoke, he also pulled the cat away from Eggy and behind him.

Regardless of whether or not that old cat knew about the situation there, Chu Feng knew that Eggy was definitely capable of smashing the old cat to pieces with her palm.

However, at that moment, Chu Feng did not want the old cat to die yet.

Perhaps this cat would truly be crucial to finding the tomb.

After all, for a talking cat like this to appear in a place like this was already something extremely strange.

“We actually do not have any malice at all. We merely wish to ask about the state of affairs in regards to that tomb, as well as why you would be here,” Chu Feng asked that old cat.

“Mn, boy, your attitude is pretty decent. Since that’s the case, this great sir shall tell you about it.”

“This great sir has been here for many years now.”

“However, that’s not important. What’s important is… you need to know that this great sir used to be extremely powerful. Furthermore, this great sir knows how to find that tomb,” The old cat said.

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