Chapter 2262 - Inside The Forbidden Area

Chapter 2262 - Inside The Forbidden Area

At that moment, Eggy’s voice sounded. “Chu Feng, how could a tomb possibly disappear by itself without reason or cause?”

“It was either plundered by someone, or that self-proclaimed Ancient Era’s War Clan’s Zhan Haichuan did not trust the people of the Sunset Cloud Valley, and thus set up some sort of formation on his tomb.”

“As soon as the people from the Sunset Cloud Valley possessed an errant heart and intended to open his tomb to obtain his legacy, that tomb would then disappear by itself.”

“Thus, it is best that you do not accept this request. You should not involve yourself with this matter,”

“Although that might be the case, it remains that the Sunset Cloud Valley has treated me very well,” Chu Feng took a glance at Xu Yiyi.

Chu Feng would never forget that if it wasn’t for Xu Yiyi’s invitation that day, both he and the Red Butterfly Society would’ve been exterminated.

Furthermore, if it wasn’t for the Death Exemption Title Plate given to him by Xu Yiyi, Chu Feng would have been directly killed by those Law Enforcement Elders at Luyang’s Pavilion.

As such, Xu Yiyi could be said to have saved Chu Feng twice. This grace was something that Chu Feng had engraved in his heart.

Furthermore, Chu Feng felt that the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master did not seem to be a bad individual. Merely his filial piety toward his mother was already something that Chu Feng admired.

As such, Chu Feng wanted to help them a lot. However, he also felt what Eggy said to be reasonable too.

If the tomb of that Zhan Haichuan had truly concealed itself because the sixth generation Valley Master of the Sunset Cloud Valley had possessed errant thoughts in his heart, if Chu Feng were to find it, it would mean that he had helped evildoers do evil.

However, even though Chu Feng was distrusting of the Sunset Cloud Valley’s sixth generation Valley Master, he possessed confidence in the current generation Valley Master.

Thus, Chu Feng said to the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master, “Lord Valley Master, are you certain that the disappearance of that expert’s tomb is unrelated to your Sunset Cloud Valley?”

“Little friend Chu Feng, I understand what you mean by that. Your way of thinking is very normal too.”

“However, I will not conceal this matter from you. The sixth generation Valley Master is my master.”

“Thus, while I do not dare to vouch for the other Lord Valley Masters, I dare to vouch for my own master.”

“With his character, he would definitely not long for Zhan Haichuan’s treasures and think of doing things to that tomb.”

“Actually, the sixth generation Lord Valley Master, my master, was troubled by this matter the entire time. He felt guilty and depressed for letting the second generation Lord Valley Master and Lord Zhan Haichuan down.”

“As such, my master lived for only a short five thousand years before dying.”

“Little friend Chu Feng, the final wish that my master had before dying was for me to find Lord Zhan Haichuan’s tomb.”

“Over the years, I have always been trying to befriend an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist. However… Immortal-cloak World Spiritists are truly too snobbish. Truth be told… I do not trust a single one of them.”

“However, little friend Chu Feng is different. Even though we have only known one another for a very short period of time, I am able to tell that you possess excellent moral quality.”

“Else, you wouldn’t have risked your life by killing Chu Luyang for the sake of the people from the Red Butterfly Society. After all, no matter what, what flowed in Chu Luyang’s body was the blood of the Chu Heavenly Clan.”

“Thus, little friend Chu Feng, if possible, I truly hope that you will help me.”

“As long as you are willing to help me, regardless of whether you will succeed or not, I will definitely thank you heavily again,” The Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master said to Chu Feng with sincerity all across his face.

“The spirit formations set up by an expert like Zhan Haichuan are most definitely not ordinary spirit formations. A tomb personally established by an expert like Zhan Haizhuan is most definitely an extraordinary tomb.”

“I, Chu Feng, do not have certainty in being able to find the tomb. However, I am willing to give it a try,” Chu Feng said.

“Little friend Chu Feng, in that case, you’ve agreed to my request?” At that moment, the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master had an expression of joy all over his face.

“Mn,” Chu Feng nodded with a smile.

“I will have to inconvenience little friend Chu Feng then,” Upon verifying that Chu Feng had agreed to help, the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master was immediately overjoyed and unable to conceal his smile.

After that, it was decided that Chu Feng would first stay in the Sunset Cloud Valley to rest for a day, and enjoy the treatment of a distinguished guest.

Early in the morning on the next day, Chu Feng was brought to that forbidden area by the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master.

“Little friend Chu Feng, this is the place where the tomb used to be,” The Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master handed Chu Feng a map.

“Lord Valley Master, you’re not coming with me?” Chu Feng asked.

“Actually, I want to accompany little friend Chu Feng very much. However, it remains that Tuoba Shangshui has committed a crime. As such, I must watch over him.”

“Furthermore, although this is a forbidden area, there are not many dangers inside. Thus, little friend Chu Feng can rest assured.”

“Furthermore, in this period of time, I will give an order telling others that they are not allowed to close off this forbidden area. Thus, you will be able to enter and leave that place at any time.”

“If you are to discover anything amiss, you can come out at any time. I will have Elder Ning Shuang wait for you here. If there is anything, you can inform him about it,” The Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master said.

“Lord Valley Master, can I accompany Chu Feng inside?” Xu Yiyi asked.

“Cough cough,” Right after Xu Yiyi said those words, Elder Ning Shuang coughed twice. Then, he said, “Yiyi, do not forget that this place is a forbidden area that only Lord Valley Master is allowed to enter.”

“I know, but…” Xu Yiyi revealed a tangled expression. It was not that she didn’t know about the rules of the forbidden area. Merely, she truly wanted to accompany Chu Feng.

“Yiyi, it’s better that you wait for me here,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

Chu Feng didn’t want Xu Yiyi to accompany him because he knew that it would be very likely that he would encounter dangers in trying to find that tomb.

Even if those dangers would only be dangers in terms of world spirit techniques, it remained that Chu Feng would only be able to protect himself. As such, he was worried that Xu Yiyi would encounter dangers should she accompany him inside.

“Okay then,” Seeing that Chu Feng had spoken against it, Xu Yiyi nodded her head in a slightly unwilling manner.

“Little friend Chu Feng, I’ll have to trouble you then,” The Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master clasped his fist toward Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng will definitely do his best,” Chu Feng also returned a clasped fist to the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master.

After that, Chu Feng stepped into the forbidden area by himself.

The forbidden area was very large. It could most definitely be considered an isolated space. It would not be too excessive to say that it was a small world.

Furthermore, it possessed scenery like something out of a painting. Not only were there green hills and clear waters, thick vegetation covered the entire place.

Butterflies were spiraling around flowers as birds sang in the forest.

Occasionally, a little rabbit would leap out from the underbrush, and the silhouette of a sika deer could be seen in the distance.

It had been a very long time since Chu Feng had seen little animals like these. The reason for that was because as Chu Feng’s strength grew stronger, he was only able to see ferocious beasts and monstrous beasts, even in the countryside.

As for those cute little animals, they simply did not possess the ability to survive in those sorts of conditions, and thus had already gone extinct.

“Chu Feng, Chu Feng, let this Queen out,” Suddenly, Her Lady Queen’s voice sounded by Chu Feng’s ears.

Very rarely did Her Lady Queen ask to come out by herself. Chu Feng would naturally not hesitate. He immediately opened his world spirit gate to allow Her Lady Queen out.

Soon, a figure even more beautiful than celestial fairies stepped out from the world spirit gate. She was none other than Her Lady Queen.

At that moment, Her Lady Queen’s hands were on her waist. She closed her eyes and took several long breaths.

Her several breaths caused the butterflies to fly gracefully toward her. They began to revolve around Her Lady Queen.

This sort of scene caught Chu Feng’s gaze. However, Chu Feng’s gaze was mostly focused on Her Lady Queen’s face.

As he looked to the slightly trembling long eyelashes, Chu Feng felt an indescribable sensation.

In short, it was a very pleasant sensation.

“How could this be said to be a forbidden area? This is simply a paradise,” After Eggy opened her eyes, she spoke with a sweet smile.

“The reason this place is deemed to be a forbidden area is precisely because that Zhan Haichuan’s tomb is located here.”

“However, judging from things, it seems that Milady Queen is very fond of this place?” Chu Feng said as he looked at Eggy.

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