Chapter 1095 - Shocking Everyone

MGA: Chapter 1095 - Shocking Everyone

Once Chu Feng said these words, not only the people from the Ascension Sect, even Sikong Zhaixing breathed in a mouthful of cold air.

Who was the Madam Sectmaster? In the Ascension Sect, she was a great character that stood above tens of thousands of people. It was so much that even the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster only stood on equal footing with her.

For Chu Feng to dare to speak to her in such a manner, it was truly an outrageous and serious crime that the people from the Ascension Sect could not tolerate.

However, it appeared that Madam Sectmaster was not displeased with Chu Feng. Thus, even though Chu Feng rudely refuted her, she did not get angry and a calm smile continued to remain on her face.

Such a smile on her beautiful face truly gave off a graceful mature charm.

“You’ve merely stepped foot onto the outer circle. Do you truly believe yourself to be amazing?” Right at this moment, Bai Ruochen spoke. One could sense the mocking tone in her words.

As the daughter of the Madam Sectmaster, she would naturally not allow someone to disrespect her mother. Thus, at this moment, she was as cold as ice; her extremely beautiful little face was filled with expressions of annoyance and displeasure.

“Of course I know that. Stepping onto the outer circle cannot not be considered winning against you. I was planning to force you out from the inner circle.” Chu Feng said with a smile on his face. While he spoke those words, he even cast a wink at Bai Ruochen.

This Bai Ruochen’s appearance was truly lovely. She was like a snow lotus flower within a region of ice and snow. Although she was cold, she was very pure and honest. Thus, no matter how cold she was, Chu Feng did not dislike her.

Most importantly, her age was close to Zi Ling’s. Although her appearance was different, she was also devastatingly beautiful like Zi Ling. Moreover, her battle power was extraordinary; she was a genius. When Chu Feng saw her, he somehow had a feeling of closeness towards her.

“What did you say? Try saying it again.” Although Chu Feng did not dislike Bai Ruochen, but to her, the wink from Chu Feng was most definitely a provocation.

“I said, I. Will. Defeat. You.” Chu Feng have a smile on his face. With a loud voice, he spoke those words one at a time.

“You… you are truly overestimating yourself!” Hearing those words, Bai Ruochen clenched her jade-skinned fists. In anger, her fair face turned deep red. It appeared that Chu Feng truly enraged her. She had prepared to teach Chu Feng a lesson.

“This guy, he actually dares to be that arrogant. Eldest senior sister, do not be lenient! Teach him a lesson! Otherwise, a mere Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciple like him would think that there is no one in our Ascension Sect that can stand up to him!”

In fact, it was not only Bai Ruochen who was extremely angered. Practically everyone from the Ascension Sect were deeply enraged by Chu Feng’s actions. It was so much that they did not even dare to believe what they heard.

For Chu Feng to step onto the outer circle, it meant that he had some abilities. However, they themselves knew best how powerful Bai Ruochen was. Chu Feng actually wanted to force Bai Ruochen out from the inner circle and defeat her, this was truly too arrogant of him.

However, compared to the others, the Madam Sectmaster had an expression of anticipation on her face. After what happened earlier, she already had a whole new level of respect for Chu Feng. Thus, she no longer looked down upon him like how she did initially. Instead, she wanted to know exactly what sort of tricks Chu Feng had up his sleeve.

However, even though she was looking at Chu Feng in a new light, confidence still filled her eyes. She was confident that her daughter Bai Ruochen would not lose to Chu Feng. Thus, she said,

“Since you have the heart, then go ahead and have a try. However, keep in mind, the two of you are only sparring.”

“Come. This time, I will not be lenient against you.” Bai Ruochen spoke.

“In that case, I shall accept your invitation.” Chu Feng smiled. He then formed a bow with his left hand and an arrow with his right. In a period of time as short as touching one’s fingers, tens of thousands of arrows were shot forth toward Bai Ruochen.

“Insignificant skill.” Bai Ruochen coldly snorted. Then, she moved her lily-white hands, fluttered her sleeve and created a strong gale.

That gale was extremely powerful and contained a devastating amount of destructive power. At the time when that gale encompassed the arrows shot out by Chu Feng, all of the golden arrows were completely destroyed.

Most importantly, after the arrows shot out by Chu Feng were destroyed, the gale did not slow down in the slightest and instead increased in power as it started to charge towards him.

The surging gale was extremely fierce. It was as if there was an enormous beast in the sky as the gale gave off bellows on its path toward Chu Feng.

This sort of attack was sufficient to shock everyone. Not to mention the disciples of the Ascension Sect, even the two elders were stunned. They knew that before this sort of attack, even they would likely be unable to defend against it.

However, they were rank five Martial Kings. Yet, that Bai Ruochen was a rank three Martial King.

What did that mean? It meant that Bai Ruochen’s talent was first-rated and possessed extraordinary strong battle power that made even rank five Martial Kings unable to contend against her.

“A mere Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciple. Although that Thunder Armor of yours is very wondrous, did you really think that by increasing your cultivation by one, you would be a match for our Bai Ruochen? We shall see how you’ll die.” After being stunned, the two elders sneered in their hearts.

Such an attack was something that even they could not withstand. Thus, there was simply no hope for Chu Feng to be able to defend against it. Bai Ruochen had been angered. And the consequence of her anger would be Chu Feng’s death.

“As I expected. Your battle power is very strong and could surpass two ranks of cultivation. For ordinary cultivators, I reckon only rank six Martial Kings would be able to contend against you.”

“Unfortunately for you, although my cultivation is inferior to yours, I’m afraid that my battle power is stronger than yours.”

Chu Feng coldly laughed. Then, with a thought, a ‘zzz’ sound was heard. Two enormous lightning wings of several meters extended out from his back. When the Thunder Wings completely emerged, it brought forth a boundless and overflowing might that caused even the space in this region to tremble.

This pair of wings was extremely domineering. Not only was it composed of five different lightnings, when it appeared, Chu Feng’s cultivation rose once again. From rank two Martial King, he became a rank three Martial King.

Most importantly, when the Thunder Wings appeared, Chu Feng abruptly raised his hand to a fist and attacked. With merely this fist strike, he created countless spatial cracks in the space before him. As for that gale that was charging toward him, it was also shattered apart by a single strike from him.

“How is that possible? Who exactly is this guy? He actually possessed the means to increase his cultivation twice in a row. Where exactly did he come from?”

“Is he a cultivator with a special kind of Forbidden Mysterious Technique? But, what kind of Forbidden Mysterious Technique would have such powers?”

“Could it be that he’s a Divine Body? However, all of the Divine Bodies from the Cyanwood Domain are extremely famous and well-known. Never have I ever heard of someone like him.”

Although Chu Feng had only displayed a single fist strike, his successive display of his Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings stunned everyone. The five lightnings were simply blinding to their eyes.

Having reached the Martial King level, methods to increase one’s cultivation was extremely rare. However, it didn’t mean that it was impossible. Thus, when Chu Feng displayed his Thunder Armor and increased his cultivation by one rank, while it shocked the crowd, it was still at a tolerable level.

However, to increase his cultivation twice in a row, this was something that they had simply never seen before. At this moment, not to mention the others, even Sikong Zhaixing’s expression took a huge change. That was because even he had never thought that this disciple from the Southern Cyanwood Forest would be this powerful.

“Interesting. I truly almost misjudged. Such a genius standing before me and I actually did not recognize it earlier. Little mischievous child, it seems that your ability to conceal your strength is quite profound.”

Compared to the others, the person who was the calmest at this moment was still the Madam Sectmaster. Although she remained composed, an idea that others could not see through was rushing forth in her eyes.