Chapter 1094 - Obtained It Myself

MGA: Chapter 1094 - Obtained It Myself

Chu Feng’s speed was extremely fast and extremely imposing. He simply did not appear to be a human at all. Instead, he appeared more like a meteor that possessed a great amount of grandeur, deterrence and destructive power. It was as if there was nothing that could stop his path.

The strength displayed by Chu Feng caused all of the Ascension Sect’s people to open their eyes brightly. More or less, they began to have a whole new level of respect for Chu Feng.

However, even though this was the case, one could still tell that they were looking down upon Chu Feng. Their appearances revealed that they had determined beforehand that Chu Feng would be defeated by Bai Ruochen. Moreover, it would be a total defeat.

Even those Ascension Sect’s disciples who had experienced Chu Feng’s might had such an appearance.


Right at the moment when Chu Feng was about to approach the outer circle, Bai Ruochen’s gaze suddenly shined. Immediately after, a boundless energy ripple began to wreak havoc as it spread out from her.

Faced with the energy ripple, even the space began to tremble. Small cracks even appeared in the space. This caused Chu Feng to deeply frown. He realized that this woman was not a simple character.

With Chu Feng’s battle power, even though he only possessed the cultivation of a rank one Martial King, ordinary rank three Martial Kings would most certainly not be a match for him.

However, at this moment, he realized that this girl by the name of Bai Ruochen seemed to possess extraordinary battle power. At the very least, she was not an ordinary rank three Martial King.

However, even though this was the case, Chu Feng did not reduce his speed in the slightest. Moreover, he did not even try to dodge the energy ripple. Instead, he directly charged towards it. Chu Feng was planning to test the waters with his body and personally experience the might of this girl called Bai Ruochen.


Finally, Chu Feng’s body collided with the ripple. Surprisingly, Chu Feng was unable to contend against the ripple at all. As if he had collided into an impenetrable wall, after a loud bang, Chu Feng was sent back flying. Only after being rebounded for several thousand meters did Chu Feng manage to stable his body.

Seeing this scene, Sikong Zhaixing’s expression took a huge change. Unable to help himself, a worried expression appeared on his face. As an expert from the older generation that had cultivated for many years, he was able to tell with a single glance that this Bai Ruochen was extraordinary. She was a genius, a true genius.

As for the people from the Ascension Sect, their expression did not change greatly since they had already anticipated this. However, one could now see traces of pride within their eyes.

Bai Ruochen was indeed not an ordinary disciple; she was their Ascension Sect’s trump card, the person that they planned to show off to the Cyanwood Mountain this year. Not only was she supposed to bring honor to the Ascension Sect, she was also supposed to shock all of the other subsidiary powers’ trump cards.

“Headmaster Sikong, it is just as the Madam Sectmaster said, this disciple of yours is truly deserving of praise for his courage. However, I still wish that you go and advise him, with the strength he has, he is simply no match for our sect’s Ruochen.”

“For him to try to compare notes with Ruochen, it would be a praise if we were to say that he is attempting the impossible.” At this moment, the two elders from the Ascension Sect were unable to help themselves from speaking words of ridicule.

After hearing the words spoken by the two elders, Sikong Zhaixing’s expression became even more unsightly. That was because these two elders were too weak. Regardless of whether it was their cultivation or their status, they were simply not qualified to speak to him in such a manner.

However, even though he was displeased in his heart, he did not refute them. Instead, he focused his eyes upon Chu Feng. He, more or less, knew what sort of person Chu Feng was, and that this was most definitely not Chu Feng’s true strength.

Thus, there was still a trace of hope in his heart. He hoped that Chu Feng would be able to enter into the outer circle and obtain a trace of honor for their Southern Cyanwood Forest.

“Are you planning to continue?” Right at this moment, Bai Ruochen spoke. She had a very indifferent and cold expression on her face. To her, someone of Chu Feng’s cultivation was simply no threat at all. Without even a need to fight seriously, she would be able to easily defeat him.

“Heh, I was merely warming up earlier. I will now be using my true strength.” Chu Feng lightly smiled. After that, his body suddenly moved. He once again began to fly towards the outer circle drawn by Bai Ruochen.

Regardless of his might or his speed, they were no different from earlier. However, the confidence on his face had strengthened a bit.

“Overconfident.” Seeing that Chu Feng did not give up and charged toward her again using the same method as before, an annoyed expression appeared on Bai Ruochen’s face. After that, her gaze shined once more. Another ripple appeared. With her as the center, the ripple spread out towards the horizon, sweeping through everything.

“Thunder Armor.” Right at the moment when Chu Feng was about to collide with the ripple, Chu Feng’s intention moved. Layers upon layers of lightning rushed forth from his body. In the end, they created an armor of lightning, the Thunder Armor.

When the Thunder Armor appeared, Chu Feng’s cultivation rose in a flash. He was no longer a rank one Martial King; he became a rank two Martial King.

At the moment when Chu Feng’s cultivation became rank two Martial King, his entire person’s aura became completely different. He raised his hand into a fist and explosively shot it forth. With the boundless martial power from the fist, the energy ripple released by Bai Ruochen dispersed apart.

“What is that?” The scene that suddenly occurred brought great shock to everyone present. Especially Bai Ruochen, an incomparably surprised expression appeared on her ice-cold face.

However, while she was shocked, she instantly realized that she had underestimated her opponent and hurriedly used her thought to create another boundless energy ripple and sent it toward Chu Feng. Moreover, the energy ripple this time was even more powerful than last time.

It could be said that this energy ripple was Bai Ruochen using her true power. The power of this energy ripple was enormous. Let alone rank two Martial Kings, it was likely that even ordinary rank four Martial Kings would not be able to withstand it.

However, while Bai Ruochen may have been powerful, Chu Feng was absolutely not someone to be trifled with. Although Chu Feng knew that it would be very difficult for him to defeat the second energy ripple with only his body, he did possess other methods.

“Blade of the Void Dragon’s Cry.”

Chu Feng explosively shouted those words. After that, he abruptly raised his right hand up and a boundless pressure suddenly appeared from nowhere. At the same time, a sharp blade that radiated a dazzling light appeared in Chu Feng’s hand.

After the blade appeared, Chu Feng waved it and a boundless,dazzling crescent-shaped blade ray appeared, covering the sky. Just like that, the second energy ripple that Bai Ruochen sent toward him was cut apart.

When this exchange was over, Chu Feng had already entered into the outer circle drawn by Bai Ruochen. Steadily, he stood in the outer circle.


At this moment, everyone displayed blank expressions; they were all stunned beyond belief.

Never did they ever imagine that this disciple from the Southern Cyanwood Forest would be this powerful.

For those Ascension Sect’s disciples, their shock was not as obvious as they had earlier, more or less, experienced Chu Feng’s might.

However, those two Ascension Sect’s elders that previously mocked Chu Feng’s powerlessness were so shocked that their eyes opened wide like eggs and their mouths were agape with their chins dropping to the floor. They were completely stunned by Chu Feng’s strength.

“Heh. Headmaster Sikong, congratulations. An extraordinary disciple has appeared in your Southern Cyanwood Forest. Whether it might be his techniques, his battle power or his extraordinary courage, this child will definitely become an exceedingly famed character in the future. To be able to obtain this child, it is a blessing for your Southern Cyanwood Forest.”

At this moment, the Madam Sectmaster appeared to be rather calm. While the gaze she looked to Chu Feng with possessed some shock, she did not display any expression of displeasure. Instead, she clapped her hands in applause and even spoke highly of Chu Feng. Afterwards, she even said,

“Very well, let’s forget about all this. I shall give him the chance to enter the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s Pagoda today.”

“Madam Sectmaster, those words you’ve spoken seemed to be incorrect.” However, to everyone’s surprise, Chu Feng actually questioned the words spoken by the Madam Sectmaster.

“Little friend, what is incorrect about what I said?” The Madam Sectmaster asked Chu Feng with a smile on her face.

“This chance is not something that you’ve given me. I have obtained it myself.” said Chu Feng.