Chapter 1092 - The Madam Sectmaster

MGA: Chapter 1092 - The Madam Sectmaster

After Chu Feng finished saying these words, the faces of the Ascension Sect’s disciples were filled with cold sweat.

Having reached this point, although only a very short amount of time had passed, all the Ascension Sect’s disciples realized that this Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciple by the name of Chu Feng was extraordinary.

He was no ordinary person. If it was to be said that they could be considered to be geniuses, then this person called Chu Feng would likely be an exceptional genius.

At the very least, the strength displayed by Chu Feng made it so that they were completely no match for him.

Thus, after some hesitation, they appeared as if they secretly came to a conclusion and collectively nodded. “Okay, we will promise you that.”

“That’s more like it.” Seeing that they agreed to his demand, Chu Feng removed his oppressive might and his ice-cold killing intent. After that, with a wave of his hand, several medicinal pellets flew out and landed on the hands of those injured males.

He said, “Treat your injuries. Otherwise, I’d assume it would be hard for you all to explain if someone from the Ascension Sect was to discover your injuries.”

Humiliation. A total humiliation. What was offering a sweet date[1. jujube.] after a beating? This was it.

However, the disciples of the Ascension Sect did not dare to say anything back to Chu Feng. All they could do was endure the humiliation and obediently eat the medicinal pellets given to them by Chu Feng to treat their injuries.

Only when the injuries of those people were no longer visible did Chu Feng remove his spirit formation palace.

After Chu Feng removed the spirit formation palace, he discovered that Sikong Zhaixing had yet to return. Moreover, no one else had shown up here either.

He waited for two more hours. The sun had set, the sky had turned dark and the candle lights appeared in the Ascension Sect now. However, Sikong Zhaixing still hadn’t returned yet.

After waiting for another hour, Sikong Zhaixing finally returned. Returning with Sikong Zhaixing was not Elder Zhou. Instead, it was two skinny elders. These two elders were both Martial Kings. Judging from their clothing, one could tell that they were not management elders and were only ordinary elders.

Moreover, Sikong Zhaixing’s current expression was rather unsightly. Evidently, he did not manage to find Elder Zhou and came back discouraged.

“Chu Feng, Elder Zhou had something to take care of. The other elders from the Ascension Sect did not dare to handle this matter. However, they have set up residences for us here. Let’s stay here for the night and wait till Elder Zhou finishes his business before coming back to explain the situation to these little friends here.” Sikong Zhaixing forced a smile. One could tell that his current mood was extremely bad.

Elder Zhou couldn’t be found. The other management elders also couldn’t be found. There was even less of a need to mention the Ascension Sect’s Sectmaster.

Having reached this state, he had no choice but to admit that the Ascension Sect was doing this on purpose. They were deliberately making things difficult for them. Moreover, they had given them hope before pushing them into the abyss.

Right now, he even began to suspect whether the Ascension Sect would follow their ancestor’s promise to help them even if Chu Feng managed to obtain the keepsake.

However, even though this was the case, he still hoped to be able to enter the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s Pagoda and obtain the keepsake.

Whether the Ascension Sect would be willing to help them was something that they could not do anything about. Even if the Ascension Sect refused to help them, this only meant that they had gone against their ancestor’s promise and not the Southern Cyanwood Forest.

Most importantly, if Chu Feng was able to obtain the keepsake, it would mean that he would, at the very least, be able to accomplish the wish of Baili Xuankong. It would also prove the might of the Southern Cyanwood Forest. Thus, even though the Ascension Sect was deliberately making things difficult for them, Sikong Zhaixing still chose to endure.

“Lord Headmaster, during the time when you were away, I had explained our situation to these senior martial brothers and sisters from the Ascension Sect. They have already understood the situation now and agreed to let us enter into the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s Pagoda.” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“What? They agreed?”

Hearing the words spoken by Chu Feng, it was not only Sikong Zhaixing who displayed an expression of surprise, even the two elders from the Ascension Sect were immensely surprised. They even doubted their ears thinking that they might have misheard.

Thus, they all cast their gazes over to the ninety-nine Ascension Sect disciples. They wished to confirm what Chu Feng had said from them.

“Senior Sikong, we were in the wrong earlier. We would like to offer to you our apologies. Please forgive us.” Seeing the situation, the disciples of the Ascension Sect looked to each other and apologized together.

Although they did not directly say it, their behavior already declared everything Chu Feng said to be true.

Their actions caused the two elders of the Ascension Sect to open their mouths agape in shock. They felt that this was extremely unbelievable. As elders of the Ascension Sect, they knew very well what sort of disciples this group of disciples were.

As ordinary Ascension Sect elders, they had often been bullied by these disciples. There were even some disciples who believed themselves to be extraordinary and acted extremely overbearing without putting anyone in their eyes because they’re descendants of management elders.

Yet now, these disciples were actually apologizing to Sikong Zhaixing. This was truly an inconceivable thing.

Regardless of what the Ascension Sect’s elders might think, Sikong Zhaixing was immensely happy since he was, after all, an experienced elder. After a careful inspection, he discovered that the expressions of these Ascension Sect’s disciples were amiss, as if they were unwilling. He then turned his gaze to Chu Feng and saw that he was feigning a calm expression. After that, he seemed to have realized something.

Most certainly, this disciple of his had done something in the dark. However, regardless of what it might be, these Ascension Sect’s disciples came to a compromise.

Although the fact that Chu Feng did something to the Ascension Sect’s disciples within the Ascension Sect’s territory was a very dangerous matter, Sikong Zhaixing was glad to have a disciple like Chu Feng.

“Since little friends have consented to it, then Chu Feng, go ahead and enter the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s Pagoda and obtain the item left behind for us by our ancestor.” said Sikong Zhaixing.

“As per your orders.” Chu Feng saluted to Sikong Zhaixing and then proceeded to walk toward the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s Pagoda.

“Wait a moment.” However, right at this moment, a voice exploded from the horizon. Following the voice, a figure appeared in the sky.

It was a woman. Although her age was unknown, one thing was certain - she had lived for a very long time. However, regardless of how long she had lived for, her appearance was still in very good shape.

She had sparkling jade-like skin that was as fair as snow. Like a young girl, she had exquisite facial features and a beautiful figure. Her appearance was enough to brighten the eyes of the observers. She was truly a beautiful madam.

Her beauty was not limited to merely a beautiful appearance and her great figure, there was also her mature charm and temperament of someone who had experienced many generations.

However, the matter that brought about the most shock to everyone was most definitely not this woman’s appearance. Instead, it would be her cultivation. While her cultivation was unfathomable, it was most definitely above Sikong Zhaixing’s.

“We pay our respects to Madam Sectmaster.” After seeing this woman, regardless of whether it was the Ascension Sect’s elders of the Ascension Sect’s disciples, they all hurriedly kneeled down.

“Madam Sectmaster?” When he heard those words, Sikong Zhaixing’s eyes shrunk. Involuntarily, unease appeared on his face.

That was because he had heard that the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster was a bachelor for many years and had never taken a wife. Yet, two years ago, he suddenly married a woman.

Very few people have seen that woman before. However, it was rumored that that woman was extremely powerful. Not only did she possess tyrannical strength, she even possessed great authority in the Ascension Sect and even changed many of the Ascension Sect’s policies.

Most importantly, under the leadership of this Madam Sectmaster, the Ascension Sect had advanced by leaps and bounds, becoming stronger and stronger.

Although the Ascension Sect had been in existence for many years, it was actually only on par with the Orion Monastery two years ago. It was only after this Madam Sectmaster appeared in the Ascension Sect that the Ascension Sect began to surpass the Orion Monastery.

Thus, everyone knew that the Ascension Sect’s Madam Sectmaster was a very powerful character.