Chapter 1081 - The True Power

MGA: Chapter 1081 - The True Power

“Those lightnings do not appear to be released by the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle. Exactly what are they?”

In fact, even the Southern Elf Lord and the arrogant and prideful Xian Kun were frowning. Fear and unease filled their green eyes. They were both frightened by those five enormous lightning beasts.



Right at the moment when everyone was stunned by the five enormous lightning beasts, the five enormous lightning beasts first emitted a snarl before turning back into five divine lightnings. Revolving around the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle, they flew back down. In the end, they dived into the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond.

After those five divine lightnings entered into the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond, the whirlpool on the surface of the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond began to gradually settle. The pitch-black sky also returned to the brightness it had before. Even the golden lightning released by the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle was gradually dissipating. Soon, this region of space returned to the peacefulness from before.

However, all the people present had their eyes fixed upon the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond. Their shocked hearts had yet to settle.

At this moment, Chu Feng who was standing at the bottom of the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond finally opened his eyes. In his sharp eyes flickered five different colored lightnings. Moreover, even his aura was no longer as simple as being merely martial power anymore. Instead, it was now the extremely mighty king level martial power.

Chu Feng’s cultivation was no longer a rank nine Martial Lord. He had become a rank one Martial King. At the moment when Chu Feng triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle, he obtained an enormous profit from the Ancient Era’s formation and actually managed to reach a breakthrough directly.

“Haha. No wonder you ignored me. So you were actually making a breakthrough. How was it? I saw that black-colored divine lightning rushing out from your body and then returning to your body, did you manage to gain any new power?” Eggy asked excitedly.

Chu Feng did not answer Eggy’s question. Instead, with an intention, he made the Thunder Armor appear on him.

After the Thunder Armor appeared, Chu Feng’s cultivation was instantly increased to rank two Martial King from rank one Martial King. Moreover, Chu Feng’s current Thunder Armor was somewhat different from before.

His current Thunder Armor appeared even more substantial, like a true armor. Merely, on the surface of the substantial armor flowed five different colored lightnings. Before, there were only four.

“Sure enough, there’s an extra lightning. However, your cultivation has only increased by a single rank. There doesn’t seem to be much of a change.”

Eggy sensed Chu Feng’s cultivation. After seeing that the Thunder Armor had changed but its effect had not, Eggy bulged her cheeks. A depressed expression appeared on her matchlessly beautiful face.

“Zzzzz” However, right at this moment, Chu Feng’s had a one more intention. As lightning flickered in his eyes, two large lightning swords spread forth from the back of his Thunder Armor.

As the two large lightning swords spread out from his back, they curved around and ended up in wing-like shapes. It turned out that they were not two large lightning swords but was a pair of Thunder Wings.

The Thunder Wings were extremely mighty. Each of them was several meters long, many times longer than Chu Feng’s height. Moreover, their appearance was also breathtaking. Not only were they composed of five different interweaving lightnings, they even caused the surrounding substances to tremble.

However, what shocked Eggy the most was Chu Feng’s cultivation. After the Thunder Wings appeared, Chu Feng’s cultivation increased once more. From rank two Martial King, his cultivation was increased to rank three Martial King.

“Haha. Sure enough, you’ve grasped a new power. Increasing your cultivation by two ranks in succession, that’s more like it.” At this moment, Eggy who was slightly depressed earlier was beaming with happiness. Her smile was truly beautiful.

“This isn’t much. I have also managed to obtain new harvest from this breakthrough. I feel that that might be the true power of the Divine Lightnings.” Said Chu Feng.

“True power? What did you gain?” Hearing what Chu Feng said, Eggy’s eyes instantly shined. Unable to contain her curiosity, she asked.

“This place is not safe. I’ll display it to you after we switch locations.” Chu Feng lightly smiled. Then, with a movement of his body, the Azure Dragon appeared underneath his feet and, with an unimaginable speed, he began to fly toward the distant.

Chu Feng did not directly return to the surface following the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle. Instead, he began to proceed for the edge of the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond from the bottom.

Due to the fact that the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle had been triggered, he reckoned that there would be a lot of people with gazes focused upon the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond’s central region waiting for the appearance of the person who triggered it.

To the humans, this was most definitely an extraordinary moment, enough to stir their hearts. However, to the Ancient Era’s Elves, it would likely be the complete opposite.

Chu Feng had experienced the methods of the Ancient Era’s Elves. He could guess how much loathe the Ancient Era’s Elves possessed right now. If they found out that the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle was triggered by him, they would likely not let him get away with it.

If the Ancient Era’s Elves truly wanted to do something to him, then even if Chu Feng joined a colossus like the Cyanwood Mountain, he would likely not be able to escape death. After all, the Ancient Era’s Elves were truly too powerful.

There was only a single method for him to escape mishaps. That is, to not be known that it was he who triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle. Chu Feng planned to swim to the surrounding of the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond from the center region and then secretly leave. Like that, no one would know that it was him who triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle.

Chu Feng increased his speed to the maximum. Soon, he had left the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond’s region covered by the Ancient Era’s formation. After leaving that region, the frightening pressure naturally disappeared.

Although where he was currently would still be considered to be the deepest region of the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond, it was already far away from the crowd. However, Chu Feng did not rush to leave the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond. That was because he was itching to try out the new power that he now grasped.

“Quick, quick, quick. Quickly show your Lady Queen the true power of the Divine Lightnings.” Eggy was also very impatient. She began to urge Chu Feng.

“Heh, don’t be anxious. I’ll show it to you right away.” Chu Feng smiled complacently. Then, his eyes displayed a serious expression. He first closed his eyes. After that, his entire person’s aura became completely different.

The Thunder Armor and the Thunder Wings were still on him. However, the lightning on them was changing. An even more frightening lightning was brewing from Chu Feng’s body.








Suddenly, Chu Feng opened his eyes. At this moment, the five Divine Lightnings in Chu Feng’s body had turned into finger-length lightning serpents. Like arrows, they explosively shot in all directions with Chu Feng as the center.

At this moment, this region of water was no longer peaceful. That was because everything in the path of the five Divine Lightnings were obliterated. Even the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond’s water that contained natural energy was instantly evaporated by the Divine Lightnings.