Chapter 1066 - Little Burglar Girl

MGA: Chapter 1066 - Little Burglar Girl

“Southern Elf Lord, your words are too modest. As I am also an Ancient Era’s Elf, this is something that I should do.”

“Furthermore, it is merely triggering an Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle. To me, such a thing is merely a piece of cake and not worthy of mention.” This Ancient Era’s Elf was truly young. His age was about the same as Chu Feng, being at the early twenties.

However, his cultivation was greatly superior to Chu Feng’s. He was actually a rank five Martial King. The most important matter was that although he was also an Ancient Era’s Elf, the clothes he wore were different from the masses.

A special symbol was on his clothes. That symbol was weaved using a special sort of plant. Moreover, the color of the symbol was the same as the green cloak that he wore. Thus, it was impossible for ordinary people to see its difference.

However, the Ancient Era’s Elves knew about the importance of that symbol. This was also why the Southern Elf Lord was so courteous towards this youth.

However, it was merely one of the reasons. As for the other reason, it was because this Ancient Era’s Elf by the name of Xian Kun was a genius that possessed the capability to trigger the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle.

“What Lord Xian Kun said is correct. However, our Southern Domain has been unable to trigger the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle for many years now. To be frank, we have been bringing shame upon the name of Ancient Era’s Elves.”

“Now that Lord Xian Kun has come, if you’re able to successfully trigger the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle, I would, at the very least, be able to raise my head up when facing the other Elf Lords in our race’s general assembly.”

“Thus, no matter what, I must thank Lord Xian Kun. This meager gift is merely a reflection of my appreciation. I hope that Lord Xian Kun would accept it.” As he said those words, the Southern Elf Lord handed over a Cosmos Sack to the Ancient Era’s Elf by the name of Xian Kun.

Xian Kun received the Cosmos Sack and displayed a satisfied smile. While placing the Cosmos Sack away, he said confidently, “Rest assured, even the golden Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle in the kingdom was almost triggered by me. There’s no need to mention about a mere silver Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle that you have here.”

“That’s of course.” The Southern Elf Lord also nodded with a smile on his face. At the same time, he turned his gaze toward the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle in the distant. His eyes were filled with anticipation. He truly anticipated for the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle to give off green lightning that covered the entire southern domain’s sky once again.

“Oh, that’s right. Where’s the princess? Is she not back yet?” Xian Kun suddenly asked.

“Lady Princess said that she wanted to personally sense whether the Ancient Era’s Immortal Flower is present and refused to allow us to follow her. Thus, we also do not know where she has gone to.” The Southern Elf Lord answered.

“Mn, the princess is, after all, very young. It is normal for her to want to play around. Although the Immortal Pond is about to open now and many humans and monstrous beasts have come in here, I believe that with their measly bits of ability, not a single one of them would be able to injure the princess.”

“Merely, from today till three days later is the period of time in which the energy of the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond is the densest. For us to allow those humans and monstrous beasts to enjoy it together with us, it is a great bargain for them.” Said Xian Kun in a slightly displeased manner.

“There’s nothing we can do about this. It is, after all, a rule left behind by our ancestor. If we wish to blame anyone, we could only blame it on the human race’s Qing Xuantian being too powerful. Not only did he defeat our ancestor, he even saved our race. He is a great benefactor to our Ancient Era’s Elves. Thus, ever since then, every successive generation of our King would comply with the agreement our ancestor had with Qing Xuantian.” Said the Southern Elf Lord.

“Humph. We have already allowed them to enjoy it for ten thousand years now. Is this not enough?”

“In the future, when I become a Martial Emperor and become a great general, I will definitely suggest to the King to stop allowing the humans and monstrous beasts from enjoying our Ancient Era’s Immortal Ponds anymore.”

“Moreover, I would also personally seize back those Ancient Era’s Immortal Ponds that are in the hands of the humans.” Saying till this, a flash of arrogant fierceness appeared in Xian Kun’s eyes.

Chu Feng and the others were ignorant of the conversation that had happened between the Southern Elf Lord and Xian Kun. When they finished constructing the spirit formation house, Chu Feng and the others entered into it.

Because Elder Gongsun told them that the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond was a very exhausting place to be in, Chu Feng and the others decided to sleep early after entering into the house.

At the dawn of the next day, Chu Feng was woken up by a crisp ringing sound from outside. The moment when Chu Feng exited the spirit formation house, he discovered that there were countless spirit formation houses set up outside of the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond.

At this moment, people from various different groups were walking out from those spirit formation houses. After a day and night, there were about four thousand people that passed through that forest. Considering the pressure of that forest, this number was quite a considerable amount. That was because this was equivalent to having close to half of the people who entered the forest managing to successfully pass through it.

However, the shocking matter was that among these close to four thousand people, close to two thousand were disciples of the Orion Monastery. In other words, of the three thousand Orion Monastery disciples, the majority of them had passed the forest trial. Moreover, they had occupied half of the people that passed the forest trial.

“It’s finally starting.” At this moment, Elder Gongsun also walked out. He looked to the direction where the crowd gathered. The smile on his face grew a bit denser.

That location was the place where the ringing sound originated from. It was also the place where everyone had gathered. As for the ringing sound, it was naturally something that the Ancient Era’s Elves sounded. At this moment, they were currently handing something to everyone.

“What is that?” Asked Wang Wei curiously.

“Something good. Let’s go over and receive them.” Elder Gongsun feigned to be mysterious. He did not explain what they were and instead started leading the group over there.

After arriving there, Chu Feng and the others discovered that the Ancient Era’s Elves were actually very generous. Before the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond open, the Ancient Era’s Elves had already prepared some medicines for them.

It was said that after taking this medicine, one would be able to absorb the energy in the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond even better for a period of time.

Although it was said to be medicine, it actually appeared more like food. At the very least, it smelled very delicious. Due to the fact that the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond would only open for three days, everyone was handed three medicine pellets.

“Stop right there. Damned girl, give me back my medicines.” Right at the moment when Chu Feng and the others were examining the medicines handed to them, shouts suddenly sounded from the distance.

Chu Feng was able to clearly see that there was a girl rapidly shuttling through the crowd and was frantically running towards their direction.

This girl was holding something in her hand. At this moment, she was stuffing her mouth with the things in her hand. Chu Feng and the others all recognized that those things were the medicines handed to them by the Ancient Era’s Elves.

“Damned girl, I shall see where you can run off to.” That little girl originally wanted to shuttle through Chu Feng and the others. However, right when she reached Chu Feng and the others, a large hand suddenly appeared and tightly grabbed the little girl’s shoulder, pulling her back.

“Aiyo.” The sudden strength pulling her back caught the little girl off-guard. She cried out in alarm with her sweet-sounding voice.

At this moment, Chu Feng and the others saw that the person who caught the little girl’s shoulder was a young man. His cultivation was not weak, being a rank nine Martial Lord. The most important thing was his outfit. It was clearly the outfit of an Orion Monastery’s core disciple.

“Return to me my medicines.” At this moment, anger was written all over that disciple’s face. He held the little girl by her neck from behind and directly lifted her up. He raised his palm toward the little girl’s clothes, he was planning to search the little girl’s body.

Wang Wei and the others were shocked by this scene. Even though she was merely a little girl, she appeared to be about twelve years of age based on her appearance.

That age could be considered as almost a woman. Thus, the little girl’s body was, to a greater or lesser degree, somewhat developed.

Moreover, this little girl had long hair, pitch black eyes, and fair white skin as soft as water. From a single glance, one could tell that she would become a beauty once she’s older.

Thus, regardless of what sort of crime that little girl had done, it was still unduly for this Orion Monastery’s disciple to publicly search her body.


Right at the moment when the man’s hand was about to enter into the little girl’s clothes, Chu Feng acted. He grabbed the man’s hand, preventing his unduly behavior.