Chapter 1065 - The Elf Lord’s Request

MGA: Chapter 1065 - The Elf Lord’s Request

“Chu Feng…” However, right at this moment, a familiar voice suddenly sounded. Looking to the voice, Elder Gongsun was actually standing midair in the distant horizon and rapidly flying towards Chu Feng and the others.

At this moment, Elder Gongsun was drenched in sweat. His complexion was also quite pale. It was evident that he had been affected a bit from crossing through the forest. However, the current him was displaying an overjoyed expression. After arriving before Chu Feng and them, he first heaved a long sigh of relief, as if a large boulder in his heart had been lifted.

“Chu Feng, you all are fine. This is truly great,” said Elder Gongsun with a smile.

“Elder Gongsun, how come you’re here?” Chu Feng and the others were surprised by Elder Gongsun’s appearance.

“Heh, this is something that I cannot explain clearly in a small amount of time. In short, Lord Headmaster felt that there are people meaning to do something to you all. As for those people, it was very likely for them to be from the Han family. He feared that something might happen to you all, thus he had me follow in to protect you.”

“However, who would’ve thought that you all would walk that fast. I didn’t manage to catch up to you at all. Moreover, since the forest was that enormous, trying to find you all was simply like trying to fish a needle from the sea[1. Chinese equivalent of finding a needle in the haystack.]. Adding on the fact that there was quite a pressure within it, I decided to not linger in the forest, to quickly get to the other side instead and hope that you all would be able to safely come out from it too.”

“I am relieved to see you are all completely safe and sound. It would seem that this time around, Lord Headmaster had been paranoid. Those nine people in black clothes are simply not from the Han family nor had they come to bring you all harm.” Said Elder Gongsun.

“Elder Gongsun, you’re wrong about that. We did encounter those nine black clothed people. Moreover, they are indeed from the Han family.” Said Wang Wei in a low voice.

“What? You’ve encountered them? And they’re really from the Han family? Did they do anything to you all?” Hearing what Wang Wei said, Elder Gongsun’s expression took a great change. He now had an expression of worry.

Seeing this, Wang Wei lightly smiled. She then moved over to beside Elder Gongsun’s ear and, using a voice that only Elder Gongsun could hear, began to explain about what happened.

Hearing Wang Wei’s narration, Elder Gongsun’s expression went from joy to worry, from surprise to shock. It could be said that his expression was as wondrous as it could be.

In the end, his expression turned to a joyous smile that he could not contain. The gaze that he looked to Chu Feng with was filled with gratification and admiration. He walked over to Chu Feng, patted his shoulder and then said, “Chu Feng, this time it is all thanks to you. Else, if something was to happen to you all, I would not be able to escape punishment either.”

“Elder Gongsun is worrying too much.” Chu Feng smiled.

“Sigh. That’s strange. For Chu Feng and Wang Wei to be able to reach this place is among expectations, but how come all of you managed to pass the forest and reach this place?” Suddenly, Elder Gongsun’s vision shifted. He looked to all of the disciples and displayed a shocked expression.

“Elder Gongsun, about this matter...we would have to thank junior brother Chu Feng again.” Seeing this, Wang Wei began to explain about what had happened to Elder Gongsun again.

“Great, great, great. This is truly too great.” After hearing Wang Wei’s narration, Elder Gongsun was so excited that he shouted three ‘greats’ in succession. He then turned to Chu Feng and said,

“In order to allow all of our disciples to pass through that forest, every generation of our Southern Cyanwood Forest’s Lord Headmasters have thought of countless different countermeasures. However, none of them were of any use. In the end, we had no choice but to give up on them and let the disciples take on the trail with their own strength.”

“However, never would I imagine that the thing that every generation of our Lord Headmasters failed to accomplish would actually be accomplished by you, Chu Feng. This time around, not only have you helped them, you have also helped our entire Southern Cyanwood Forest.”

Wang Wei and the others were also nodding in approval as Elder Gongsun said those words. That was because there were close to ten thousand people that entered this place. However, the number of people that managed to pass through the forest, as far as their eyes could see right now, numbered to merely over a hundred people. Even if there were still a lot of people behind, not all of them would be able to pass through the forest. At the very least, half the people behind would not be able to pass through the forest.

This not only displayed how difficult the forest was; it also illustrated that practically no one could figure out a method to easily pass through the forest; however, Chu Feng did and told it to them.

Although this might be a very small matter to Chu Feng, to the Southern Cyanwood Forest, at least to the future outstanding disciples of the Southern Cyanwood Forest, it was a priceless treasure.

“Elder Gongsun, since you’ve come here, join us in experiencing this miraculous Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond.” Suddenly, Wang Wei said that.

“Mn. This is truly nostalgic. The last time I’ve come to the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond was in my youth. The me from back then was about only a couple years older than you all.”

“In a blink of an eye, close to two hundred years has sorrowfully passed. From the young and vigorous youngster back then, I have now turned into a white haired old man. However, this Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond did not change in the slightest.” Sighed Elder Gongsun with sorrow.

“Elder Gongsun, so you’ve actually been here before? In that case, are there any special places here that we need to take note of? You must definitely give us some pointers.” Hearing what Elder Gongsun said, the disciples asked together.

“Heh, there’s really nothing that could be considered as pointers. It’s just that although the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond appears to be right before us, it is actually not opened yet. There is a layer of formless spirit formation that is sealing the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond. Right now, it is impossible for us to enter it.” Said Elder Gongsun.

“What? Can’t enter it? Could there be even more trials?” Hearing those words, many disciples displayed worried expressions.

“Haha, there’s no more trial. It’s merely that it hasn’t been a day since the forest trial started. After a day has passed, the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond’s sealing spirit formation will open by itself. At that time, we would be able to enter the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond.” Explained Elder Gongsun.

At this moment, the disciples who were worried heaved sighs of relief. They then asked, “So that was the case. Then, Elder Gongsun, what should we do now?”

“I’m afraid that we will have to camp out here tonight. However, there’s no harm in that either because the nightscape of the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond is very beautiful.”

Elder Gongsun smiled. He then selected a pretty decent place and began to build spirit formation houses. Seeing this, Chu Feng and the others also ran over to help him.

However, at the time when Chu Feng and them were forced to spend the night in the open outside of the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond with wind as their dinner, a grand and imposing palace was on the other side of the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond.

A large number of people were gathered in this palace. These people had slim figures. Yet, they possessed extraordinary aura. They had pointy ears, yellow hair and green eyes.

Although their appearance was slightly different from that of humans, they possessed a special sort of beauty. As for their identity, they were naturally the rulers of this place, the Ancient Era’s Elves.

The Ancient Era’s Elves possessed a lot of domains. The domains they owned practically covered the entire Holy Land of Martialism. In every domain, there was a person in charge. This person was called the Elf Lord.

The Elf Lord of this domain was called the Southern Elf Lord. That was because this domain was the Southern Domain in the Ancient Era’s Elves’ world.

The Southern Elf Lord was extremely powerful. His cultivation was at the Half Martial Emperor level. However, he was no ordinary Half Martial Emperor. His cultivation was frighteningly profound. At this moment, he was standing at the peak of the palace. All of the Ancient Era’s Elves of the Southern Domain were expressing expressions of reverence towards him.

However, such a person of high status and powerful strength was looking at a young Ancient Era’s Elf with an amiable smile on his face. Moreover, with a requesting tone, he said, “Lord Xian Kun, it is all up to you this time.”