Chapter 1523 - Am I Qualified To Fight Against You Now?

MGA: Chapter 1523 - Am I Qualified To Fight Against You Now?


Finally, the Yan Clan’s Ancestor’s tightly closed eyes reopened. He took a glance at both Chu Feng and Yan Xie. Then, he said to Yan Xie, “Fist and feet have no eyes. You must stop when victory and defeat have been determined. By all means, you must not kill little friend Chu Feng.”

Once the Yan Clan’s Ancestor said these words, Chu Feng and the others were overjoyed. This meant that the Yan Clan’s Ancestor had agreed to have Chu Feng fight against Yan Xie.

However, the intention behind the Yan Clan’s Ancestor’s words were not only that. While he had told Yan Xie to stop when victory and defeat were determined, he did not say that to Chu Feng. This meant that he firmly believed that Yan Xie would win, and that it was simply impossible for Chu Feng to defeat Yan Xie.

Suddenly, Yan Xie’s body shifted. He had disappeared. When he reappeared, he was standing in the sky above the ravine with the clouds.

“Chu Feng, please,” Standing in the sky, Yan Xie clasped his fist respectfully with one hand to Chu Feng.

“Lil Bro Yan Xie… he is actually wanting to fight against someone this actively. This is the first time I’ve ever seen him do this,” The Yan Clan’s ninth sister opened her little mouth in shock.

In fact, it was not only her who showed surprise. Yan Lei, Yan Ru and the others were also surprised by Yan Xie’s actions.

Yan Xie was seen to be a person who possessed the potential to become an overlord. Among his fellow younger generation, there was no one who could rival him. He was standing at the apex, that lonesome place.

This was what had created his antisocial and icily arrogant character. Not to mention outsiders, he would rarely even bother to deal with the people from the Yan Clan.

All day, Yan Xie only knew about training. Thus, he was acclaimed to be a martial arts addict. Occasionally, there would be members of the younger generation who would come over to pay their respect to Yan Xie. Yet, Yan Xie would refuse to meet them, much less spar with them.

However, the Yan Xie today was completely different from how he usually was. A rare emotion appeared on his face. It was the emotion of excitement.

“It would seem that Chu Feng has sparked Lil Bro Yan Xie’s desire to battle.”

“To be able to obtain Lil Bro Yan Xie’s acknowledgement, this Chu Feng is most definitely not someone to be trifled with. This will be a rarely-seen battle of two geniuses. Regardless of who will win and who will lose, it will definitely be an extremely marvelous battle,” The Yan Clan’s third brother said.

“That’s right. It would seem that we have made the right decision in coming here,” The Yan Clan’s fifth brother smiled and nodded. He was rejoicing in the fact that he would be able to see such a rare battle.

“Based on what you all said, doesn’t it mean that Chu Feng is really able to contend against big brother Yan Xie?” Hearing those evaluations, a skeptical gaze appeared in Yan Ru’s eyes.

Even though she had experienced Chu Feng’s strength, she did not think that Chu Feng was truly capable of contending against Yan Xie.

She had personally seen Yan Xie’s strength before. Once, Yan Xie had fought against ten rank three Half Martial Emperor-level monstrous beasts.

Those ten rank three Half Martial Emperor-level monstrous beasts had been extremely frightening. However, they had all ended up being killed by Yan Xie. As for Yan Xie, he had not been damaged in the slightest, and had come out of the battle unscathed.

At that time, Yan Xie had still not been a Half Martial Emperor. Instead, he had only been a rank nine Martial King.

Furthermore, the most important aspect was that Yan Xie had not displayed any trace of fear when fighting the ten monstrous beasts. It was as if he knew from the very start that those ten monstrous beasts would not be a match for him.

That sort of calmness, confidence, ruthlessness and the feeling of being at ease was something that no ordinary cultivator possessed.

After that battle, Yan Xie had left an unforgettable impression in Yan Ru’s heart. Powerful, unimaginably powerful. Yan Xie’s strength was simply not what someone from the younger generation should possess. He was so powerful that it was frightening.

Ever since that day, Yan Ru had come to understand what it meant by having the potential to become an overlord. While she did not know about others, she knew that Yan Xie’s reputation of having the potential to become an overlord was well-deserved.

As for Chu Feng, would he really be able to contend against such a frightening Yan Xie?

The reason why Yan Ru was skeptical was actually because she was worried about Chu Feng. Even though she had not known him for long, Yan Ru did not wish for Chu Feng to be injured in the fight.

That was because she knew that if Yan Xie were to become enraged, even he himself would not be able to contain his killing intent. On an off-chance, he might end up killing Chu Feng. This was also the reason why the Yan Clan’s Ancestor had said those words to Yan Xie.

Although the Yan Clan’s Ancestor had told Yan Xie to stop when victory and defeat were determined, he was actually hinting to Yan Xie that he did not have to show mercy, and could kill Chu Feng.

The Yan Clan’s Ancestor wanted Yan Xie to establish his might. He wanted to use Chu Feng’s life so that Yan Xie could establish his might to Dugu Xingfeng and the others.

“Brother Yan Xie, please,” At this moment, Chu Feng had arrived in the sky within the clouds too. Out of courtesy, he also clasped his hand toward Yan Xie.

Actually, Chu Feng was very grateful toward Yan Xie. If it weren’t for Yan Xie, he would likely not even have had the chance to prove himself.


Suddenly, Yan Xie’s eyes shone, and a layer of invisible aura rapidly came crashing toward Chu Feng.

Although the surrounding white clouds did not change at all, Chu Feng felt an enormous pressure from Yan Xie’s aura.

While that was Yan Xie’s aura, it was no ordinary aura. That aura contained a great amount of destructive power and killing intent.

Yan Xie was able to control this aura as if he were controlling a weapon. He would be able to use it to attack anywhere he wanted. Even if his body was standing motionlessly, he would still be able to accurately strike others down with only his thoughts.

Furthermore, the target that he locked on to would not be able to escape. The only thing that they could do was to either defend against it, fight it head-on, or die.

At this moment, Yan Xie’s target was Chu Feng.

As Yan Xie did not move, Chu Feng decided not to move either. With a thought, golden royal-level spirit power surged forth like a violent wave before turning into a defensive barrier that covered Chu Feng completely.

If Yan Xie’s aura attack was an attack that would search for the gaps in one’s defenses and strike down at them, then Chu Feng’s three hundred and sixty degree defensive formation was something with no gaps in its defenses at all.


Yan Xie knew that Chu Feng’s spirit formation was able to defend against his aura attack. Thus, before his aura struck Chu Feng’s spirit formation, Yan Xie stopped it.

Everything happened extremely quickly and ended extremely quickly. Ordinary people were only able to see that Chu Feng had used a spirit formation, but were unable to see that Yan Xie had launched an attack at Chu Feng first.

“I am not mistaken. Your world spirit techniques are capable of fighting against me,” Yan Xie became even more excited. His action earlier had merely been a test. However, the result of his test was very satisfying to him.

“While my world spirit techniques are indeed capable of fighting against you, I do not plan to fight against you with my world spirit techniques. I plan to fight against you using my martial power,” Chu Feng said.

“You do not plan to use your world spirit techniques?” Yan Xie was surprised.

“That is correct,” Chu Feng nodded.

“Are you looking down on me?” Yan Xie became displeased. What he was interested in was Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques, because he felt that Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques were very powerful.

However, Chu Feng’s cultivation was too weak. If Chu Feng were to really fight against him with martial power, then he felt that Chu Feng would be humiliating him and was looking down on him.

“You’re wrong. I plan to use martial power to fight against you not because I look down on you. Rather, it’s because I respect you,” Chu Feng said.

“Respect me? You wish to fight against me with your mere cultivation of a rank eight Martial King? Is that how you respect me?” Yan Xie’s brows narrowed. He was truly angered.

“What is that Chu Feng doing?” At this moment, Yan Lei and the others below were all puzzled. The way they saw it, what Chu Feng was doing was not only humiliating Yan Xie, he was also provoking the Yan Clan’s Ancestor. This was simply akin to courting death.

However, compared to the people from the Yan Clan, Dugu Xingfeng, Hong Qiang and the others were all very calm. They all knew that Chu Feng’s martial power was not at all inferior to his world spirit techniques. In fact, it was even stronger than his world spirit techniques.

Chu Feng’s Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings were simply skills that they had never heard of before. Furthermore, they were also skills that would attract the most attention. Only by using those would Chu Feng be able to make the Yan Clan’s Ancestor acknowledge him.


Right at this moment, lightning flashed in Chu Feng’s eyes. Following that, his Thunder Armor appeared. At the moment the Thunder Armor appeared, Chu Feng’s cultivation instantly increased to that of a rank nine Martial King.

“What is that? His cultivation actually increased instantly?!!”

Sure enough, the eyes of the Yan Clan’s crowd all shone upon seeing Chu Feng’s increased cultivation. Although they knew that there were methods that could increase one’s cultivation, one that could be used so effortlessly like Chu Feng’s was extremely rare.

This did not seem like a Forbidden Mysterious Technique, nor did it seem like a Divine Body. Exactly what was it that Chu Feng used? Could it be an Inherited Bloodline? However, that would be even less likely. After all, the strongest Inherited Bloodlines in the Holy Land of Martialism were those of the Four Great Imperial Clans. As for the Four Great Imperial Clan’s Inherited Bloodlines, they were completely different from the phenomom Chu Feng was displaying.

Right at the moment when the crowd was completely shocked, Chu Feng’s Thunder Wings suddenly spread out from his back like two sharp blades. At that moment, Chu Feng’s cultivation increased once again. He was now a rank one Half Martial Emperor.

Although this change happened in an instant, it was enough to cause the people of the Yan Clan present, from Yan Ru and Yan Lei all the way to the Yan Clan’s Ancestor, to display expressions of shock on their faces.

At this moment, Chu Feng’s opponent, Yan Xie’s eyes were also filled with shock. He truly never expected that Chu Feng would possess this sort of technique to be able to instantly increase his cultivation by two levels. Furthermore, this was not him hiding his actual cultivation. Rather, he had increased it. He had most definitely increased it.

“Brother Yan Xie, with my current cultivation, am I qualified to fight against you now?” Chu Feng asked with a smile on his face.