Chapter 1522 - Waiting For The Answer

MGA: Chapter 1522 - Waiting For The Answer


Suddenly, the sea of flames started to sink. It was as if an enormous hole had been opened below it, and the flames dropped downward.

Soon, the ferocious sea of flames completely disappeared, and the bottom of the ravine appeared before Chu Feng’s line of sight.

The bottom of the ravine was completely different from what Chu Feng and the others had anticipated. It was not desolate like a wasteland, nor was it blazing hot and scalding. Instead, it was covered with greens. All kinds of different exotic plants filled the region below; it was extremely exuberant.

In that ravine, in that vast greenness, sat an old man.

This old man had a head full of hair whiter than the winter snow, and a red gown brighter than the sun of dawn. As for his aura, it was deeper than even the deepest water. One simply could not fathom his cultivation.

If one did not see him sitting there, one would not notice that he was there. However, upon seeing him, one would then realize how frightening that old man was.

As for that old man, he was naturally the Yan Clan's’ Ancestor.

“Xingfeng, it has been a long time since we last met. I never would have expected that you still remembered this old man,” The Yan Clan’s Ancestor said with a beaming smile.

“Senior, how could Xingfeng possibly forget about you? Merely, you’ve been in closed-door training the entire time. Thus, Xingfeng found it unsuitable to disturb you,” Dugu Xinfeng immediately arrived at the bottom of the ravine and greeted the old man by clasping his fist with one hand respectfully.

“Junior Miao Renlong...”

“Junior Hong Qiang...”

“Junior Chu Feng...”

“... pays his respects to senior.”

Following Dugu Xingfeng, Chu Feng and the others all landed at the bottom of the ravine. The first thing they did after they landed was to respectfully greet this Yan Clan’s Ancestor.

“That young man’s pretty good. Your name’s Chu Feng, right?” The Yan Clan’s Ancestor cast a glance at the crowd. In the end, his gaze stopped at Chu Feng.

“Senior, this junior is indeed named Chu Feng,” Chu Feng replied.

“Your talent is decent. In the future, you will definitely become a very capable person,” The Yan Clan’s Ancestor gave such an evaluation.

“Thank you, senior, for your compliment,” Chu Feng expressed his thanks.

“Xingfeng, make sure to nurture him properly. Years later, your Cyanwood Sacred Assembly will have another Martial Emperor,” The Yan Clan’s Ancestor said to Dugu Xingfeng.

“Senior, please rest assured. Right now, Chu Feng is the disciple that I hold in the highest regard. I will definitely give my all to nurture him,” Dugu Xingfeng said. “Senior, actually, I have come here with a request.”

“Xingfeng, if it were someone else, I would not even bother to listen to their request, and would have already told them to scram.”

“However, since it is you who is making the request, I will not scold you. Instead, I will only ask you this. The matter that you wish to request of me, does it require me to leave this place?” The Yan Clan’s Ancestor asked.

“Senior, I’m afraid that this matter will require you to leave this place for a while,” Dugu Xingfeng said.

“In that case, you can forget about it. Do not mention this matter to me again, so that you do not ruin the relationship that we have.” The Yan Clan’s Ancestor waved his hand and told Dugu Xingfeng to not mention the request again. If Dugu Xingfeng were to mention it again, he would become unhappy.

At this moment, Dugu Xingfeng started to hesitate. Even Hong Qiang and the others did not know what to do. They never would have thought that this Yan Clan’s Ancestor would be this unreasonable.

However, upon thinking about it, they were able to accept the Yan Clan’s Ancestor’s refusal. Having reached the Yan Clan’s Ancestor’s level, their desire to achieve the Dao was extremely high. All of them wished to break away from this mortal world so as to better comprehend the Dao in pursuit of a higher level of cultivation.

This was especially true for this Yan Clan’s Ancestor. He had decided to not even concern himself with the matters of the Yan Clan. As such, how could it be easy to make him concern himself with the matters of an outsider? The fact that he was willing to talk with Dugu Xingfeng was already very modest of him.

After a moment of hesitation, Dugu Xingfeng decided to brave the risk of angering the Yan Clan’s Ancestor and spoke again. It could be seen that he had decided to risk his life for Chu Feng. “Senior, please allow me to finish. This matter is actually not related to this junior. Instead, it’s something that Chu Feng needs.”

“Chu Feng is the one disciple with the most outstanding amount of talent to have ever appeared in our Cyanwood Mountain. Not only does he possess heaven-defying battle power, he has also managed to become a royal-cloak world spiritist at his young age.”

“He neglects neither martial cultivation nor world spirit techniques. In the entire Holy Land of Martialism, someone like him is extremely rare.”

“Right now, Chu Feng has an important matter that he must take care of. While I am going with him to help him accomplish that important matter, I do not possess an absolute certainty of success.”

“That is why I have come to request senior’s help.”

“Dugu Xingfeng, let me ask you. Whose disciple is this Chu Feng?” The Yan Clan’s Ancestor asked.

“He’s our Cyanwood Mountain’s disciple,” Dugu Xingfeng replied.

“As he’s your Cyanwood Mountain’s disciple, how is he related to our Yan Clan? Why must I help him?”

“If you are to search for help, it should be your Cyanwood Sacred Assembly’s people that should be helping him. Why have you come to request my help instead?” The Yan Clan’s Ancestor appeared to be somewhat displeased. However, he was not yet enraged.

“Senior, this matter is of great concern. It is inconvenient for the seniors of our Cyanwood Mountain to help Chu Feng with this matter. As such, Xingfeng could only come to request senior’s help.”

“Chu Feng is truly a rarely seen genius. Junior is not at all exaggerating. Chu Feng possesses the potential to become an overlord,” Dugu Xingfeng said.

“The potential to become an overlord? Hah… Xingfeng, oh Xingfeng, do you know what it means to have the potential to become an overlord?”

“While I admit that this little friend by the name of Chu Feng possesses exceptional talent, do you know how many people with talent like him I have encountered in the many years I spent searching through the Holy Land of Martialism?”

“If he is truly someone with the potential to become an overlord, I, for the sake of the human race’s future, will indeed consider whether or not to help him.”

“However, he simply does not possess that potential at all. Yet, you have come to request my help using that as a pretext. That is equivalent to you trying to deceive me.”

“Xingfeng, you can go. Do not reappear before me within the next hundred years,” The Yan Clan’s Ancestor was angered. Even though he had not revealed his anger, his anger could be determined from his tone.

“Brother Dugu, please,” Seeing that, the Yan Clan’s Clan Chief proceeded to request for Dugu Xingfeng and the others to leave.

“Senior, this junior would never dare to lie to you. You can have Chu Feng fight against Yan Xie. Whether or not Chu Feng really has the potential, you will know after testing him.” Dugu Xingfeng did not leave and instead continued to speak.

“There’s no need to try. He is no match for Yan Xie.”

“One cannot focus on two tasks at once. He trains in both martial cultivation and world spirit techniques. Thus, his future prospects are destined to be limited.”

“Furthermore, even if he were to wholeheartedly train in martial cultivation, it would still be impossible for him to be a match for Yan Xie. Yan Xie is a genius that I only managed to find after several thousand years of searching. In the entire Holy Land of Martialism, there is only one genius like him.”

The Yan Clan’s Ancestor’s eyes grew red. Following that, an invisible aura began to emit from him and started to envelope everyone.

Before this aura, Chu Feng felt like he was about to suffocate. Even his body had become extremely sluggish. Even the martial power within his body stopped flowing.

At this moment, Chu Feng felt as if all of his strength had been stripped away. He felt as if his years of cultivation had all been for naught. His opponent was still very powerful, so powerful that with a single thought, his body would be torn apart, his bones crushed and his consciousness completely extinguished.

In this sort of situation, even Dugu Xingfeng did not dare to say anymore. He truly feared that the Yan Clan’s Ancestor might kill him. Even though their friendship was very deep, he still did not dare to provoke him anymore. That was because it was extremely frightening for a Martial Emperor to be enraged.

“Ancestor, I want to give it a try.” Right at this moment, a voice suddenly sounded. Following that, six figures landed from the top of the ravine.

These six people were precisely Yan Xie, Yan Lei, Yan Ru and the others.

The Yan Clan’s Ancestor did not pay attention to the courteous greetings Yan Lei and the others made toward him. Instead, he directly turned to Yan Xie and asked, “Yan Xie, what did you say?”

“Ancestor, I wish to fight against this Chu Feng,” Yan Xie said.

“Why? You wish to help him?” The Yan Clan’s Ancestor asked.

“No. I merely feel that he is qualified to fight against me,” Yan Xie said.

Hearing what Yan Xie said, the Yan Clan’s Ancestor suddenly closed his eyes. It was as if he had fallen asleep. Not only had the frightening aura from earlier completely disappeared, the crowd was unable to even sense a single trace of aura from the Yan Clan’s Ancestor right now.

If they were not seeing this Yan Clan’s Ancestor with their own eyes right now, no one would believe that there was another person, and a living person on top of that, present at this place.

At this moment, the area around them became extremely quiet. Even the sounds of breathing and heartbeats could not be heard. Dugu Xingfeng and the others were all trying their hardest to keep their states of mind extremely calm.

They knew that the Yan Clan’s Ancestor was thinking. Whether they might be able to obtain the Yan Clan’s Ancestor’s help would all depend on the Yan Clan’s Ancestor’s response.

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