Chapter 1519 - Absolute Disparity

MGA: Chapter 1519 - Absolute Disparity


Seeing that the situation was turning bad, Yan Xie finally raised his arm and lightly waved it at the sky.

After his seemly simple action was done, a semi-transparent defensive barrier appeared in the sky and covered everyone present.

After that defensive barrier appeared, the crowd was no longer able to feel the ferocious attractive power; they were no longer affected by the ferocious attractive power in the slightest.

Yan Xie had neutralized the crisis of the crowd.

Although Yan Xie actions had saved the weak cultivators like Tian Liang, Xian Kun, who was in the sky, did not receive the protection of Yan Xie’s defensive barrier.

Moreover, not only was he not helped by the others, he was also the target of Chu Feng’s attack. The ferocious attractive power being emitted by the Devouring Gate was surging toward Xian Kun in waves.

When the waves of attractive power managed to get close to Xian Kun, they began to tightly grab onto him like invisible hands and forcibly drag him toward the Devouring Gate.

Thus, at this moment, Xian Kun and even his Earthen Taboo: Heaven Devouring Mouth were being drawn closer and closer to Chu Feng.

Even though Xian Kun was giving his all to resist the attractive power, he was powerless against it. At the same time that he felt this helplessness, he also felt fear. At this moment, he suddenly discovered that this Cyanwood Mountain’s disciple he had been looking down on the entire time was actually very frightening.

One must know that this Earthen Taboo: Heaven Devouring Mouth was one of his most proficient martial skills.

Yet, even though this Earthen Taboo: Heaven Devouring Mouth was a martial skill used to devour things, it was unable to withstand a single blow when placed before Chu Feng’s Devouring Gate.

It was as if a mouse had come across a cat. When facing the cat head on, the mouse instantly lost all of its fighting strength and could only wait to be captured.

Xian Kun grew closer and closer to Chu Feng. The closer Xian Kun grew, the stronger that attractive power became. Xian Kun had now lost all ability to move. If this were to continue, he would undoubtedly be killed.

That was because the closer Xian Kun approached that Devouring Gate, the more he realized how frightening that Devouring Gate was. If he were to be sucked into that Devouring Gate, his body would definitely be torn to pieces. Not even bones or dust would remain. He would be dead beyond dead.

“Chu Feng, I admit my defeat!” Although he was very unwilling, Xian Kun still said these words. He did not wish to die.

When they heard those words, the crowd’s expressions all changed.

Xian Kun had conceded. This was truly unimaginable. This meant that Chu Feng had, relying on his rank eight Martial King cultivation, defeated Xian Kun, a rank nine Martial King Ancient Era’s Elf.

If they were to hear about this matter without actually seeing it, many of them would not believe it. However, right now, there was not the slightest bit of doubt in their minds.

After all, they had seen everything with their own eyes. Furthermore, they were also able to experience how powerful Chu Feng was. Although Xian Kun was very strong, Chu Feng was stronger. It was not that Xian Kun was weak. Rather, it was that his opponent was simply too frightening. Xian Kun’s defeat was not a mistake.

However, even though Xian Kun had admitted his defeat, Chu Feng did not stop. Chu Feng’s Devouring Gate was still revolving. and that frightening attractive power was still pulling Xian Kun closer.

“Bastard! Quickly, stop right now!”

Xian Kun grew extremely worried and started to curse out at Chu Feng in rage. He was way too close to the Devouring Gate, and his Earthen Taboo: Heaven Devouring Mouth was already no longer able to continue resisting the attractive power from Chu Feng’s Devouring Gate and had been torn apart.

As for Xian Kun himself, he was like a weak little bird that was being swept into a violent gale, and was about to fall into Chu Feng’s Devouring Gate.


Right at the moment when Xian Kun felt that he was going to die, a soft palm suddenly landed on his shoulder.

At that moment, Xian Kun was startled. He raised his head and looked to his surroundings. Everything had returned to normal now. It was no longer black, no longer a void of nothingness. Instead, the sky was now sunny and cloudless. Everything appeared so beautiful.

However, he was right next to Chu Feng, and that palm on his shoulder was also Chu Feng’s.

In the end, Chu Feng had stopped his attack and removed his Devouring Gate. He had not killed Xian Kun.


Right at this moment, Xian Kun’s eyes flashed with coldness. He clenched one hand and created a dagger out of martial power. Then, with a speed as fast as lightning, he thrust his dagger toward Chu Feng’s dantian.

While Chu Feng had spared him, he actually decided to bite back and launch a surprise attack at Chu Feng with the intention to cripple his cultivation.


However, before his dagger could pierce Chu Feng, he suddenly opened his mouth and vomited out a mouthful of blood that landed on the spirit formation covering Chu Feng. Then, he grabbed onto his own abdomen.

It was Chu Feng. Chu Feng had struck Xian Kun with his fist before Xian Kun’s sneak attack could land on him. Furthermore, this fist strike from Chu Feng not only landed on Xian Kun, it had also pierced through Xian Kun’s body, penetrating his abdomen and shattering his organs. The pain of having his body pierced through and his organs shattered was extremely unbearable to Xian Kun.

“I gave you face, yet you refused to accept it,” After Chu Feng said those words, he attacked again. Using his powerful palm, he grabbed onto Xian Kun’s neck. Then, Chu Feng’s palm tightened. With a ‘snap,’ Xian Kun’s neck was forcibly snapped apart and ripped away from his body.

“Catch,” After that, Chu Feng waved his hand downward and threw Xian Kun’s body and head down toward the other two Ancient Era’s Elves.

Seeing that the battle between the two was over, Yan Xie removed his martial power defensive barrier. This allowed Xian Kun’s head and body to safely land into the hands of the two Ancient Era’s Elves.

The two Ancient Era’s Elves caught Xian Kun’s head and body respectively. The two of them did not dare to hesitate, and immediately joined the head and the body up. Then, they began to use world spirit techniques to rapidly restore Xian Kun’s body.

Having reached their level, having their arms ripped apart, legs hacked apart, their heads torn apart or their organs dug out, none of them were fatal. In fact, even if one were to be killed, as long as one’s consciousness remained, they could be brought back to life.

In fact, with Chu Feng’s current level of world spirit techniques, he was able to accomplish this feat.

Chu Feng was able to create a corporeal body for a consciousness, allowing them to live again. In other words, Chu Feng was able to accomplish the Revival Technique that was seen as a legend in the Continent of the Nine Provinces and in the Eastern Sea Region.

For cultivators, there were only two things that could truly prove fatal. The first would be their dantian. The second would be their consciousness. The dantian was located in a precise location. As long as one aimed at it properly, one would be able to hit it. As for the consciousness, it was a sort of spirit power that was present throughout one’s body.

If one wished to kill a cultivator, they must shatter the dantian and the consciousness. Otherwise, that cultivator, would at the very most, lose his corporeal body. However, they would be able to fuse their dantian and consciousness together at the crucial moment and continue to live as a ghost.

Although one’s cultivation would continue to drop should one live as a ghost, it remained that one could continue to “live” for a very long time.

Thus, from the very beginning, Chu Feng had not planned to kill Xian Kun. However, Xian Kun had attacked him with the intent to kill. As such, Chu Feng would not let Xian Kun off easily.

That was the reason why he had snapped Xian Kun’s neck and disconnected his head from his body, decapitating Xian Kun’s body even though he was still alive.

For a cultivator, this was an enormous shame and humiliation. Especially for someone as conceited as Xian Kun, this would be an unbearable humiliation.

“Chu Feng, I had clearly admitted my defeat. Yet, you still damaged my corporeal body and ripped my head off. Are you planning to become enemies with us Ancient Era’s Elves?”

“I’ll tell you this. You have provoked a disaster! If you do not apologize to me right away, I will return to the Elf Kingdom and report this matter to the Elf King. At that time, not to mention you, even the Cyanwood Mountain itself would not be able to bear the consequences.”

“The dignity of our Ancient Era’s Elves is not something that a mere Cyanwood Mountain’s disciple can trample upon!”

After Xian Kun’s head was reconnected to his body, he immediately pointed at Chu Feng and shouted angrily. Feeling unreconciled to being humiliated in such a matter, he actually began to shamelessly threaten Chu Feng and demand an apology.

“Oh, in that case, go ahead. I truly wish to see how your Elf Kingdom will make our Cyanwood Mountain unable to bear the consequences.”

Right after Xian Kun’s words left his mouth, a voice with an overbearing amount of imposing might suddenly sounded from the distance.

As the crowd turned their gazes toward the voice, they all immediately displayed deep veneration. As for Xian Kun and the other two Ancient Era’s Elves, they were frightened and stunned. Like frozen eggplants, they were instantly listless.

It turned out that it was Dugu Xingfeng that had come. Furthermore, it was not only Dugu Xingfeng. The World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master, Hong Qiang, Miao Renlong and the Yan Clan’s Clan Chief had all come.

“Who did you consider yourself to be? Did you really think that the Elf Kingdom would start a war against our Cyanwood Mountain because of you?”

“Earlier, Chu Feng had stopped when victory had been determined. He had not injured you in the slightest. Yet, you actually launched a fatal sneak attack at him.”

“A person as shameless as you is simply a disgrace to the entire Ancient Era’s Elves. Go ahead, return and report this matter to your Elf King. I shall see whether he will start a war against our Cyanwood Mountain for someone like you, or whether he will ruthlessly punish you,” Dugu Xingfeng spoke with a very cold tone.

It turned out that they had already arrived long ago. Furthermore, they had seen Chu Feng’s battle with Xian Kun and, everything that had happened in that battle.

Being told such a thing by Dugu Xingfeng, Xian Kun was so scared that he did not even dare to fart. In fact, he did not even dare to raise his head. At this moment, conceit and arrogance were completely gone from him. Instead, there only remained cowardice and fear.

While he dared to act arrogant toward a disciple like Chu Feng, it was only because he relied on the fact that he was deemed a genius in the Elf Kingdom. However, when before someone like Dugu Xingfeng, his nature was completely exposed. He was extremely scared, so scared that he did not even dare to utter a word.

This was the absolute disparity of strength.