Chapter 1518 - Chu Feng Vs. Xian Kun

MGA: Chapter 1518 - Chu Feng Vs. Xian Kun

Right at this moment, Yan Xie suddenly spoke and confirmed what Chu Feng had said. “It is indeed possible to accomplish for those with high levels of comprehensive ability. Back then, it only took me an hour to comprehend the Earthen Taboo: Flame Sea Technique. Furthermore, I managed to learn it using only my thoughts too.”

“However, it took me two entire hours to learn it. Altogether, it took me three hours to comprehend and learn the Earthen Taboo: Flame Sea Technique,”

Once Yan Xie’s words were spoken, the crowd was once again stunned. Who was Yan Xie? He was a person with the potential to become an overlord.

When Yan Xie confirmed Chu Feng’s claim in such a manner, wouldn’t it mean that Chu Feng’s talent was not inferior to his own? That he was also an exceptional genius who also possessed the potential to become an overlord?

“Hahaha, are you implying that this Chu Feng is a rarely-seen genius?”

“Hahahaha…” Xian Kun started to laugh. His laughter was extremely exaggerated. Even with Yan Xie speaking for Chu Feng, Xian Kun still refused to believe that Chu Feng possessed that sort of heaven-defying talent.

Thus, Xian Kun said to Chu Feng, “Genius, oh genius, I believe that you truly do not wish to die, right? I shall give you a chance and let you know what sort of situation you’re in right now.”

“This martial skill of mine is called Earthen Taboo: Heaven Devouring Mouth. As its name implies, it is capable of devouring even the heavens. Thus, there is nothing that it cannot devour.”

“Earlier, I devoured your Earthen Taboo: Flame Sea Technique. As for that, it is nothing more than a minor accomplishment. If I am to become serious, I can suck you into it in the blink of an eye, and then shatter you to pieces. In the end, nothing will be left of you.”

“However, there is not that enormous of a hatred between us. I also do not wish to willfully slaughter the innocent.”

“As long as you kneel onto the ground and beg for forgiveness and then return my ladle, I shall spare your life,” Xian Kun said with a very threatening tone.

“Haha…” Hearing what Xian Kun said, Chu Feng started to laugh. His laughter was filled with disdain. He was disinclined to even bother speaking to Xian Kun. That was because Chu Feng felt that Xian Kun was nothing more than a clown and that it was he who did not know what sort of situation he was in now.

“It seems you plan to refuse a toast, only to be forced to drink a forfeit. Since that’s the case, do not blame me, Xian Kun, for being ruthless.” Killing intent surged from Xian Kun’s eyes as they shone with coldness. At the same time, his Earthen Taboo: Heaven Devouring Mouth began to rotate and emit the might of a taboo martial skill.


In an instant, heaven and earth were darkened, and gales began to spring up everywhere. Strong gales began to surge toward the Earthen Taboo: Heaven Devouring Mouth from all directions.

It turned out that these winds were created by its frightening attractive power. Sure enough, the attractive power of this Earthen Taboo: Heaven Devouring Mouth was extremely frightening. The violent winds that were being sucked toward it were merely byproducts. As for its most frightening attractive power, it was targeted toward Chu Feng.

At this moment, the space in which Chu Feng stood was beginning to distort. It was unable to resist the powerful suction and cracks were beginning to appear in it.

However, Chu Feng was standing there firmly, like a giant bell. In fact, even his hair was not affected in the slightest. Just like that, he stood there motionlessly.

“I shall see how long you can resist,” Seeing this scene, Xian Kun was even more enraged. He clasped his palms together and began to accumulate the martial power within his body. As he clenched his teeth, he began to pour even more martial power into his Earthen Taboo: Heaven Devouring Mouth to increase its might.

With Xian Kun pouring his all into the Earthen Taboo: Heaven Devouring Mouth, the Earthen Taboo: Heaven Devouring Mouth began to emit demon-like snarls. It was extremely frightening.

The space in which Chu Feng was standing, and even the space in which Xian Kun was standing, began to tear and shatter before being devoured by the Earthen Taboo: Heaven Devouring Mouth.

At this moment, the space surrounding Chu Feng no longer looked like the sky. Instead, it was as if Chu Feng was standing in the void. Surrounding him was just the empty and dark void. It was an extremely frightening sight.

However, Chu Feng remained completely unflustered. It was as if he was on a completely different tier from Xian Kun. No matter what sort of technique Xian Kun used, he was unable to affect Chu Feng.

“This… how amazing of a fixation power is this?” As the crowd saw the scene in the sky, they were unable to help themselves from gasping. The way they saw it, the Earthen Taboo: Heaven Devouring Mouth that Xian Kun was using was an extremely frightening martial skill.

Not to mention others, even Yan Lei was not confident that he would be able to withstand the might of this Earthen Taboo: Heaven Devouring Mouth.

Yet, at this moment, Chu Feng had managed to accomplish this feat. However, Chu Feng was merely a rank eight Martial King. A rank eight Martial King was able to accomplish this sort of thing, this was truly too frightening to think about. How powerful must Chu Feng’s battle power be?

“He is truly worthy of being a royal-cloak world spiritist. His world spirit techniques have reached a superb level of perfection.”

“It is not that he is not affected by the attractive power. Instead, the attractive power is simply unable to reach him at all.”

“On Chu Feng’s body is a layer of spirit formation. That spirit formation is protecting him. It has completely isolated the attractive power being emitted by the Earthen Taboo: Heaven Devouring Mouth, keeping it from reaching Chu Feng.”

“Merely, that spirit formation he has used is extremely well hidden. It is simply impossible for ordinary people to see it. I presume that Xian Kun has not yet realized it either. He must be thinking that his martial skill is ineffective.” Yan Xie was indeed a very powerful person. He was actually able to see through Chu Feng’s technique, that he had used a world spirit technique to accomplish this feat.

“It’s actually a world spirit technique?” When they heard what Yan Xie said, the crowd was even more shocked.

Although everyone knew that world spirit techniques were very powerful, they also knew that there were extremely few world spiritists, besides the ones who were like legends, who could contend against martial cultivators with world spirit techniques. As for all those who could accomplish this sort of feat, they were all grand world spiritists worthy of the greatest admiration. They were people who possessed extraordinary talent, geniuses that would not even appear in a population of ten thousand.

Yet, at this moment, this Cyanwood Mountain’s disciple, this person of their same generation by the name of Chu Feng, was able to accomplish this feat. How could they not be shocked by this?

It turned out that the person standing before them was not only a royal-cloak world spiritist, he was also a grand world spiritist worthy of the greatest admiration, a world spiritist who could use world spirit techniques to their pinnacle, and furthermore, to contend against martial cultivators with world spirit techniques.

“It would appear that your Earthen Taboo: Heaven Devouring Mouth is not much after all. When it’s not even able to devour me, Chu Feng, how could it dare to falsely claim that it could devour the heavens? The person who named it this way must be a moron, isn’t that right?” Chu Feng said mockingly.

“You dare insult my race’s seniors! You’re truly courting death!” Xian Kun was deeply enraged. As he gnashed his teeth, layer upon layer of martial power that contained overflowing killing intent were unleashed.

Everything in their surroundings was affected by him. This sort of might was capable of bringing about the destruction of a region and killing countless living things.

Under this sort of change, that Earthen Taboo: Heaven Devouring Mouth’s power also became more and more frightening.

Not to mention that the sky had been completely overturned by it, the people down below also began to find themselves hard pressed to resist the attractive power. Many people with weak cultivations like Tian Liang began to grab onto experts like Yan Lei in fear of being sucked into that Earthen Taboo: Heaven Devouring Mouth.

Even Yan Ru, a genius with the cultivation of a rank eight Martial King, started to stand closely beside Yan Lei out of fear that an accident might occur.

Before this frightening attractive power, the flowers and plants of this garden were long since gone. All of the beautiful flowers and the exquisite buildings had been sucked into the Earthen Taboo: Heaven Devouring Mouth. This garden was a complete mess. It was as if it had experienced a very bitter battle.

“Even if you are to completely exhaust yourself, it will still be useless. Here, allow me to show you what is meant by the power to actually devour things.”

As Chu Feng spoke, his palm slowly spread open, and he pointed it toward Xian Kun. Then, a golden spiral-shaped world spirit gate appeared before Chu Feng.

Compared to Xian Kun’s Earthen Taboo: Heaven Devouring Mouth, this world spirit gate was much smaller. However, when Chu Feng abruptly closed his hand and began to turn it around, that golden world spirit gate began to spin. Following that, a very frightening attractive power began to emit from that world spirit gate with ear-piercing noises from the wind that was being sucked in.

This was a spirit formation from the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram. Its name was the Devouring Gate.


At this moment, screams began to sound from the garden below. The crowd that had been strenuously resisting the attractive power was unable to resist anymore. Those with weak cultivations like Tian Liang were all sucked up from the ground. If it wasn’t for Yan Lei grabbing onto Tian Liang, he would most definitely have been sucked into the battle between Chu Feng and Xian Kun.

“Lil Bro Yan Xie, quickly, save them,” Yan Lei spoke to request Yan Xie’s help. That was because he had also grown afraid. The spirit formation that Chu Feng had used was truly too frightening.

If this were to continue, not only would he not be able to protect Tian Liang and Yan Ru, he himself would likely be sucked into it and lose his life in the process.