Chapter 1491 - Exactly What One Wanted

MGA: Chapter 1491 - Exactly What One Wanted

The next day. A lot of people were gathered at the Cyanwood Mountain’s largest and most luxurious plaza.

It was not only the Cyanwood Mountain’s elders and disciples who were gathered at the plaza. The other eight powers’ headmasters and management elders were also present.

What was about to happen could be said to be a feast for the eyes. Merely the amount of grand characters that were present at the plaza was enough to feast the eyes of the Cyanwood Mountain’s disciples.

However, all of these grand characters had their gazes focused on one person -- Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian had arrived at the plaza extremely early. It could be said that he had arrived when the sky was still dark. After he had arrived, he had stood there motionlessly the entire time.

However, his eyes were shining with excitement. Qin Wentian was extremely excited. He had been in closed-door training for so long because he wanted to prove himself. And now, his day had finally arrived.

Compared to Qin Wentian, Chu Feng’s arrival was relatively late. It was only when the appointed time arrived that Chu Feng slowly walked into the line of sight of the crowd.

“I had thought that you would not dare to come,” Qin Wentian said.

“Not dare? Heh…” Chu Feng smiled, “Qin Lingyun told me the same thing once. As a result, he died.”

“You…” Hearing those words, Qin Wentian’s eyebrows creased downward, and his blue veins started to bulge forward. Regardless of whether the rumor that Qin Lingyun was his brother was true or false, it was evident that Qin Wentian cared deeply about him.

As for the reason why Chu Feng said such a thing, his intention was actually also very obvious. He was planning to attack Qin Wentian psychologically.

Qin Wentian pointed at Chu Feng and said, “Chu Feng, I wish to conduct a life and death battle with you. Do you dare to accept?” Sure enough, his anger had been evoked by Chu Feng.

However, before Chu Feng could answer, Dugu Xingfeng from the viewing platform spoke first. “You cannot.” His expression was very serious. With a very serious tone, he said, “Qin Wentian, listen carefully. Today, you and Chu Feng are only allowed to spar and swap pointers. Neither of you are allowed to kill one another.”

“Lord Headmaster, I know what you are thinking. However, I might as well speak honestly with you.”

“Today, either Chu Feng dies or I die. Between the two of us, only one shall remain. You cannot stop us,” Qin Wentian said arrogantly.

“That guy, he actually dares to speak to his headmaster in such a manner?”

Hearing those words, the crowd began to discuss this spiritedly. None of them had expected that Qin Wentian would be this arrogant and daring enough to speak to his headmaster in such a manner.

The Qin Wentian from before did not have this sort of arrogance. The current him was like a completely different person, someone who did not place anyone in his eyes.

“Chu Feng, do you dare or not dare to accept my challenge?” Qin Wentian asked again.

“There is nothing that I Chu Feng do not dare. Since you wish to die, I shall help you attain your goal today,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“Haha, brat, you are truly arrogant. I know that your cultivation is very weak. You’re merely a rank six Martial King. The only reason why you dare to act this arrogant is because of your world spirit techniques.”

“I too know a bit about world spirit techniques. However, I am no expert in them. That said, I shall use my weak point to fight against your strong point today. I’ll let you know that even when using the thing that I am least proficient in, I will still be able to defeat you in what you are most proficient in,” After Qin Wentian spoke, he flipped his palm, and a mastered Royal Armament appeared in his hand.

“Heh… is this what you meant by world spirit techniques?” Seeing that Royal Armament, Chu Feng laughed.

“Ignorant fool, you’re a royal-cloak world spiritist, yet you do not even know about this? I am merely using my Royal Armament as a primer. However, it will be spirit power that I will be using with it.”

As Qin Wentian spoke, golden spirit power surged forth from his body and covered the mastered Royal Armament in his hand.

At the same time, his other hand began to rapidly change as he formed hand seals. In this sort of situation, the spirit power that covered his Royal Armament began to transform. He had managed to create a spirit formation.

Sure enough, Qin Wentian was using his Royal Armament as the primer for his world spirit techniques. Although he did not use any martial power, he had made use of his spirit power to increase the power of his Royal Armament. As a result, his battle power was also increased.

“Listen carefully, this technique of mine is called the World Spirit Weapon Control Technique. Relying only on this technique, I will defeat you,” Qin Wentian said.


Right at this time, Chu Feng’s body suddenly moved. Like a phantom, he arrived before Qin Wentian. With a beautiful roundhouse kick, his leg landed on Qin Wentian’s spirit formation-covered Royal Armament.

“Clank!” The Royal Armament was kicked flying by Chu Feng.

“World Spirit Weapon Control Technique? You should first learn how to hold on to your weapon,” Chu Feng sneered.

“Hahahaha~~~~~” Hearing those words, the crowd burst into loud laughter.

Qin Wentian had exhausted so much effort to prepare this technique. Yet, with a single kick, it was defeated by Chu Feng. This was truly extremely funny, so funny that the crowd was unable to contain its laughter.

“Courting death!” Qin Wentian realized that his world spirit technique was too inferior to Chu Feng’s. Thus, he no longer bothered with superfluous words and began to activate his martial power and release his rank one Half Martial Emperor’s aura.

In an instant, Emperor-level martial power filled the air, creating many shockwaves that pounded toward Chu Feng.

Sure enough, this Qin Wentian was not weak at all. While he was a rank one Half Martial Emperor, Qin Wentian also possessed heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting three levels of cultivation. Thus, he was capable of fighting against ordinary rank four Half Martial Emperors.

“Yoh, a rank one Half Martial Emperor, oh how mighty you are.” Chu Feng stood before Qin Wentian. Although the shockwaves and gales from Qin Wentian’s martial power bombarded him, they were unable to injure him in the slightest. In fact, even Chu Feng’s hair was unmoved by the shockwaves and gales.

It was a spirit formation. A layer of spirit formation was shielding Chu Feng. Naturally, mere martial power would not be able to injure Chu Feng. After all, Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques had reached a superb level of mastery and could be said to be miraculous.

“Arrogance!” Qin Wentian clenched his five fingers into a fist and shot a fist strike toward Chu Feng. Although this fist strike appeared to be ordinary, it contained enormous power and was actually capable of cleaving mountains and splitting rivers. The might of his attack was exceedingly devastating.

However, Chu Feng was smiling when facing such a devastating fist strike. Without dodging, he allowed Qin Wentian’s attack to come toward him.


The fist landed. Energy ripples immediately began to sweep through their surroundings. However, in the center of the violent energy ripples, Chu Feng was not damaged in the slightest. Instead, it was Qin Wentian who was knocked several meters away.

At the moment when Qin Wentian managed to steady himself, many people present were startled.

That was because the left portion of Qin Wentian’s clothes had been shattered. As for the arm attached to the fist that he had used to attack Chu Feng, it was so badly mutilated that even his eerie white bones were showing.

It was clearly Qin Wentian who had attacked earlier. Yet, why would he be the one injured? This was simply something that the crowd could not understand, something that they found to be unbelievable.

“It’s a damage reflection world spirit technique! Chu Feng has most definitely used a damage reflection world spirit technique. Otherwise, it would be impossible for this to happen.”

“Truly brilliant. He actually used such an ingenious method. Even I am unable to notice his damage reflection world spirit technique. This child’s world spirit techniques are truly divine, truly miraculous.”

A World Spiritist Alliance’s royal-cloak world spiritist was unable to contain himself and started praising Chu Feng. He knew of the existence of damage reflection world spirit techniques. However, they were generally extremely easy to discover. To be able to use it without a trace the way Chu Feng did was extremely rare. Thus, he was truly convinced by Chu Feng’s abilities.

“That fist strike of yours earlier was not an ordinary fist strike. Instead, it was a kind of martial skill. Furthermore, it was a Mortal Taboo Martial Skill on top of that. Its might is extremely fierce.”

“Qin Wentian, you deliberately used ordinary attack methods to conceal your actual attack. I know that you did so in the hopes of making me act carelessly so that you could defeat me with one strike.”

“Unfortunately, you didn’t know that I had placed a damage reflection world spirit technique around my body before I arrived here. The stronger your attack was, the greater the backlash would be.”

“If you had attacked me with only an ordinary fist strike earlier, not only would you have been able to break through my damage reflection world spirit technique, you would also not have received such a severe injury.”

“However, unfortunately, you thought yourself to be clever, but your bits of wit only ended up causing you to harm yourself,” Chu Feng said with a very ridiculing tone.

After learning the truth, Qin Wentian angrily shouted, “Despicable, you are thoroughly despicable!” He knew that he had been greatly humiliated this time around.

He had thought of scheming to obtain victory. However, never did he imagine that he would end up being the one who was played. Furthermore, he ended up doing exactly what Chu Feng wanted.