Chapter 1490 - Would You All Believe Me?

MGA: Chapter 1490 - Would You All Believe Me?

“Wait a moment.”

Even though shock was written all over Sima Ying’s face, Chu Feng decided to ignore her. He then closed his eyes once again.

Earlier, Chu Feng had observed the Divine Lightnings for so long. His action was not done in vain. From his observation, Chu Feng had managed to come to some sort of realization. Thus, he had to grab hold of this opportunity.

As long as he could grasp it, he might be able to use a portion of his Divine Lightnings’ power. Even if it was merely a tiny bit, it would be extremely precious to Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, what’s going on with you?”

When Sima Ying saw that Chu Feng had quickly entered into a sleep-like state, she was deeply angered.

“Just wait a moment, he might be training,” Su Mei said.

“Training? This guy’s cultivation method is too strange, no? Is he even human?”

“How was he able to make a breakthrough this quickly? Furthermore, he instantly broke through two levels in the blink of an eye. You must know how difficult it is for us to make a single breakthrough. We will have to try repeatedly again and again in order to sense and comprehend the opportunity to break through. Yet, this guy, he actually managed to break through two levels in succession. This is truly too unnatural, too strange!” Sima Ying said in a very emotional manner.

“Shhh, lower your voice. It might be that he had reached rank eight Martial King to begin with, and had been deliberately hiding his cultivation the entire time. Perhaps he was careless earlier and exposed his true cultivation,” Su Mei tried to help Chu Feng conceal this matter.

“You can drop that. I’ve known him for so long, so how could I possibly not know his character? He is not someone who would conceal his cultivation. He most definitely just broke through earlier,” Sima Ying was extremely confident.

“What are you two arguing about?” Right at this moment, Chu Feng spoke. He had already opened his eyes now. Furthermore, he had a joyous smile on his face.

“Chu Feng, tell me honestly, exactly what happened earlier? Did you manage to make a breakthrough? Furthermore, how long ago did you break through?” Sima Ying questioned demandingly.

“Truth be told, I have indeed achieved a breakthrough. Merely, it was not just earlier, but instead a while ago. Merely, it was only earlier that I revealed my appearance after my breakthrough.”

Chu Feng did not try to hide. Furthermore, he also knew that he had broken through for a very long time. That was because he had spent a very long time observing the Divine Lightnings after he broke through.

When he had entered his bedroom, the sky had still been bright. However, the sky was dark now. This was proof that a long time had passed.

“In that case, you managed to break through two levels in succession?” Sima Ying asked with a serious expression.

“Mn,” Chu Feng nodded.

“Crazy! Abnormal! You’re completely abnormal!”

“Quickly, tell me, how did you manage to accomplish this? If there’s a special trick, teach me that too,” Sima Ying grabbed onto Chu Feng’s sleeve and asked determinedly.

“This, I am naturally able to do,” Chu Feng said.

“Really?” Sima Ying was overjoyed.

“Of course,” Chu Feng said with certainty.

“Then, quickly tell me,” Sima Ying urged.

“In that case, you must promise me that you will not tell others,” Chu Feng said with a low voice.

“Rest assured, I will definitely not tell others. Quickly, quickly, tell me about it,” Sima Ying moved closer to Chu Feng and spoke with a whisper-like voice. It was as if she were afraid that Su Mei behind her would hear it.

However, Chu Feng smiled mischievously and said, “Secret.”

“Secret my ass! You bastard! Are you playing with me?!” Hearing what Chu Feng said, Sima Ying was nearly driven mad. She started to jump and stamp her feet in anger.

“Enough, don’t fool around anymore. Everyone’s waiting outside,” Su Mei walked forward to calm the situation.

“Everyone? Who has come?” Chu Feng asked.

“Who else? Other than our World Spiritist Alliance’s disciples, there are only two extra people, Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er,” Sima Ying said.

“Why have the two of them also come here?” Chu Feng was surprised.

“The two of them lost. They have come to express their thanks to you,” Sima Ying said.

“Lost? Express their thanks? What are you talking about? Why are you being so confusing?” Chu Feng was completely muddled.

“It’s better that I explain,” Su Mei started to speak, “Qin Wentian indeed challenged Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er. Furthermore, he started fighting them right on the spot.”

“Sure enough, Qin Wentian was a rank one Half Martial Emperor. Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er ended up being no match for him and lost.”

“Since they’ve lost, why have they come to express thanks?” Chu Feng asked.

“Listening to your advice, they instantly used their divine powers. Although they still lost, they did not lose that miserably.”

“Thus, they wanted to express their thanks to you. If it weren’t for your advice, they would definitely have been careless. With Qin Wentian’s performance today, Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er would definitely have lost very miserably.”

“Furthermore, after Qin Wentian defeated Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er, he publicly announced that he would fight against you tomorrow, and teach you how to conduct yourself, as well as let you know who the number one disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain is,” Su Mei said.

“This Qin Wentian is truly impatient. He has defeated the Nie sisters today, and is already challenging to fight me tomorrow?” Chu Feng smiled. He then asked, “In that case, how is Qin Wentian’s strength?”

“Very strong. He did not go all-out against Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er. He did not even use any martial skills.”

“Thus, Chu Feng, if you are to fight him, you must be careful,” Su Mei advised. She had seen the fight between Qin Wentian and the Nie sisters with her own eyes. Thus, she knew how powerful Qin Wentian was.

“Chu Feng, junior sister Su Mei was not joking. You really must be careful. Qin Wentian is very strong. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I would not have believed it either. He actually managed to defeat the Nie sisters with a single attack,” Sima Ying added.

“A single attack?”

“Interesting,” Chu Feng smiled. He was not afraid that his opponent would be too strong. The only thing he feared was that his opponent would be too weak. An opponent like Qin Wentian would only help him become even stronger.

The saying ‘those who encounter strong people become strong, and those who encounter weak people become weak’ was not without justification. If one wished to become stronger, one must challenge strong experts.

It was like climbing a mountain. If you wished to see further away, you would have to climb higher and higher up the mountain, challenging the peak of the mountain. Only by doing this would one be able to improve, stand taller and see further.

“Chu Feng, let’s go out. They’re still waiting for you,” Su Mei said.

“Mn,” Chu Feng nodded his head and then walked out. After arriving at his guest room, he discovered that Lin Yezhou, Fu Feiteng and the other World Spiritist Alliance’s disciples were all present. Furthermore, Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er were also present.

“Chu Feng, thank you for your warning. It was only because of that, that we sisters did not lose too humiliatingly.”

“However, we were still defeated. It is because our skills are inferior to our opponent’s. We hope that you will be able to defeat Qin Wentian on our behalf,” Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er said together. There were actually glistening teardrops at the corner of their eyes.

After they finished saying those words, the two of them bowed to Chu Feng.

After they finished doing all of this, they did not wait for Chu Feng to reply and hurriedly left.

“What’s going on with them?” Chu Feng asked.

“What else? They’ve likely been humiliated,” Sima Ying said.

“Humiliated? Did Qin Wentian do something?” Chu Feng asked.

“Who else other than him? This Qin Wentian is truly inhumane.”

“No matter what, Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er are girls. Even if he had won, he shouldn’t have done such a thing,” Sima Ying said.

“What did he do?” Chu Feng asked.

“He publicly scolded them. Furthermore, his scolding was extremely unpleasant to hear. Many of the people present were unable to continue listening to his words, and the Ten Thousand Flowers Garden’s headmaster even wanted to step forward to teach him a lesson. If it wasn’t for Dugu Xingfeng stopping her, I think the Ten Thousand Flowers Garden’s headmaster would have hacked Qin Wentian in two,” Sima Ying said.

“It was actually this excessive?” Chu Feng was not present and therefore had not heard what Qin Wentian had said. However, when even a grand headmaster was unable to contain herself and was about to attack him, he could very well imagine how excessive Qin Wentian’s words of humiliation had been.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, you really must not be careless. I have heard a rumor saying that Qin Wentian and Qin Lingyun are actually blood brothers.”

“If that rumor is real, then in your fight against Qin Wentian tomorrow, he might try to avenge Qin Lingyun and attack you with the intention to kill.”

“Even though Dugu Xingfeng protected you extremely excessively today, he has also protected Qin Wentian today. Furthermore, his protection of Qin Wentian was also extremely excessive.”

“After all, Qin Wentian is a rank one Half Martial Emperor. Someone like him is also a rarely seen talent. In fact, the talent that he has displayed right now surpasses even yours.”

“If Qin Wentian truly plans to attack you with killing intent tomorrow, it is uncertain whether Dugu Xingfeng would stop him.”

“Thus, you cannot rely on anyone in the battle tomorrow. The only person you can rely on will be yourself,” Lin Yezhou warned.

“Thank you, senior brother Lin for your warning. I understand,” Chu Feng patted Lin Yezhou’s shoulder. He then looked to the crowd that had worried expressions across their faces and smiled. He said, “If I were to tell you all that I will certainly win tomorrow, would you all believe me?”