Chapter 1463 - An Expert Withdrawn From Worldly Affairs

MGA: Chapter 1463 - An Expert Withdrawn From Worldly Affairs

At the instant when Chu Feng received the Invitation Letter from Half Martial Emperor White Ape, a voice transmission also entered his ears. “Chu Feng, remember, you are different from them.”

“To put it bluntly, for disciples like Lin Yezhou, even though they’re extremely outstanding, there will still be several disciples of his quality every hundred years.”

“However, for a disciple like you, not to mention a thousand years, we will likely not even be able to see another in ten thousand years.”

“I am aware of this. Thus, that is why I think so highly of you. As for Lord Headmaster, he is also fully aware of this. That is why he asked me to look after you.”

“Thus, you must not blame Lord Headmaster. He too is merely concerned about you.”

“Chu Feng understands.”

Chu Feng did not blame Dugu Xingfeng. He understood what Half Martial Emperor White Ape meant by those words. It was precisely because Dugu Xingfeng thought very highly of him that he did not wish for him to be associated with the World Spiritist Alliance. He wanted Chu Feng to be only Cyanwood Mountain’s.

Yet, Chu Feng had already associated himself with the World Spiritist Alliance. Thus, there was no way to change this matter anymore. Therefore, even if Dugu Xingfeng was unhappy about Chu Feng’s decision, he had no choice but to accept it.

Just the fact that he had Half Martial Emperor White Ape come to deliver the invitation letter to Chu Feng was enough to show that he had accepted this. Furthermore, it also showed that he still thought very highly of Chu Feng.

How could Chu Feng blame someone that thought so highly of him?

It was just like someone who was concerned about him and scolding him for his own good. How could he bear grudges against that person?

“Little friends, this old man still has things to do. I shall take my leave first.”

“Oh, that’s right. Tomorrow is the date of the announcement of this Nine Powers Hunt’s rules. You all must make sure to be present. Perhaps a few among you might become your power’s banner holders,” After he finished saying these words, Half Martial Emperor White Ape left with a smile on his face.

When they heard the words ‘banner holders,’ Lin Yezhou and the other disciples looked to one another, and looks of anticipation appeared on their faces.

The banner holder was a sort of honor in the Nine Powers Hunt.

For the Nine Powers, if there were twenty people among them, each of the powers was given the option to choose two banner holders.

These two banner holders possessed the power to lead the other disciples. As for who the banner holders would be, that was determined by the headmasters of the Nine Powers.

However, regardless of who it was, everyone wished to obtain this rare honor. Becoming a banner holder was a verification of one’s strength and, for someone like Lin Yezhou, a verification of one’s confidence.

In fact, Lin Yezhou had been the first choice for the World Spiritist Alliance’s banner holder the entire time. However, it was slightly different this year around. With Su Mei here, he knew that he was no longer the first choice anymore.

However, even if Su Mei was the first choice, it remained that there were two banner holder positions. He was confident that the second person would be him.

However, he had to thank Chu Feng for that. He was glad that Chu Feng would be representing the Cyanwood Mountain and not the World Spiritist Alliance.

If Chu Feng was to represent the World Spiritist Alliance, it was very clear that he would not have any relationship with the position of the second banner holder.

“I truly wonder what this year’s Nine Powers Hunt will be like?”

“I’ve heard that this year’s Nine Powers Hunt will be held in an Ancient Era’s Remnant. You must know that all the Ancient Era’s Remnants are extremely dangerous places.”

The rules of the Nine Powers Hunt had been different every single time it'd been held before. Thus, when they thought about how the rules for this Nine Powers Hunt were about to be announced, Sima Ying and the others all became curious and excited.

When Sima Ying saw that the others were all discussing this with one another intensely, while Chu Feng was not speaking and appeared more like a spectator, she asked curiously, “Chu Feng, it seems like you’re not interested in the rules of this Nine Powers Hunt. Could it be that you’re really this confident that you’ll be able to obtain first place?”

“First place? I don’t really care about that,” Chu Feng smiled. What he had said was the truth. Chu Feng’s main purpose in participating in the Nine Powers Hunt was the treasure contained in the Ancient Era’s Remnants.

The only thing in Chu Feng’s mind was how to obtain the treasure, and not how to obtain first place in the Nine Powers Hunt.

Thus, the rules of the Nine Powers Hunt or who would be the banner holder were all meaningless to him. The only thing he cared about was whether he would be able to obtain the treasure successfully. After all, to him, obtaining first place in the Nine Powers Hunt was only meaningless fame, whereas obtaining the treasure and increasing his cultivation was most important. After all, that was the reason why Chu Feng had joined the Cyanwood Mountain in the first place.

And now, Chu Feng’s destination was finally before his reach.

Suddenly, Fang Tuohai said, “Oh, that’s right. Senior brothers and sisters, you’ve all just arrived here today. So you must know that an amazing person has come to our Cyanwood Mountain, right?”

“Amazing person? Who?” Fang Tuohai’s words managed to perk the interest of the crowd. As they were very youthful, they were filled with curiosity and loved this sort of gossip.

“Amazing person? When even the Nine Power’s headmasters are present, who can be considered even more amazing than them? Could it be that a Martial Emperor-level expert has come?” Lin Yezhou asked in a disdainful manner.

He knew that the Nine Powers all possessed Martial Emperors. However, they were all very high up and out of touch with the common people. They would wholeheartedly train and pursue even more strength. Very few among them would actually bother with worldly matters. Thus, they would naturally not bother to participate in something like the Nine Powers Hunt.

Other than Martial Emperors, very few people would be able to draw Lin Yezhou’s interest. Thus, compared to the others, Lin Yezhou was not interested in this matter.

“He’s neither a Martial Emperor nor someone from the Nine Powers. However, this man has beaten up a management elder from the Nine Powers,” Fang Tuohai had clearly not noticed the disdain contained in Lin Yezhou’s words. Thus, he continued.

“An outsider beat up a management elder of the Nine Powers? What sort of nerve does he have?” Hearing those words, some people came to a realization.

Although the Nine Powers were always the leading roles in the Nine Powers Hunt, they would always invite other powers to join in the fun. In fact, some of the disciples from the other powers would even join the competition.

Hearing what Fang Tuohai said, they were all able to guess that it must be someone from another power that had beaten up someone from the Nine Powers.

However, when compared to the Nine Powers, all of those powers were very small and weak, simply incomparable to the Nine Powers. Even their disciples would not dare to provoke the disciples of the Nine Powers. Thus, how could there be someone daring enough to beat up a management elder of the Nine Powers?

“Exactly what happened? Quickly, tell us.” At this moment, Sima Ying and the others grew even more curious. Even Lin Yezhou who was feeling disdainful grew curious and stuck his ear over to hear the story.

“It happened like this. Out of kindness, the Jadewater Temple’s Daoist Silver Snake gathered many of the other power’s headmasters and elders and decided to teach them some profound aspects of martial cultivation. However, one of the other power’s headmasters pointed out in front of everyone that what Daoist Silver Snake told them was incorrect and would only hamper their progress.”

“Hearing those words, Daoist Silver Snake was immediately enraged. He then decided to teach that person a lesson. However, in merely a single bout, Daoist Silver Snake was defeated by his opponent,” Fang Tuohai said.

“Are you certain that it was the Jadewater Temple’s Daoist Silver Snake who was defeated by another power’s headmaster in a single bout?” Fu Feiteng asked.

Daoist Silver Snake was no small character. Although he was not a peak Half Martial Emperor, he was still a very powerful expert. Both his strength and his reputation were on par with the Cyanwood Mountain’s Half Martial Emperor White Ape. Among the Nine Powers, he was someone very well-known.

Yet, how could someone like him be defeated by another power’s headmaster in a single bout?

“Absolutely! It is indeed Daoist Silver Snake. This matter later alarmed many people and the Jadewater Temple’s headmaster even personally arrived. However, for some unknown reason, this major issue was turned into a small issue and then into no issue at all. No one did anything to that other power’s headmaster who defeated Daoist Silver Snake.”

“Most importantly, before that man left, he even said to the Jadewater Temple’s headmaster to control his elder properly so that he would not speak things to hamper others’ progress again.”

“Say, is that man amazing or not?” Fang Tuohai asked with an expression of adoration.

“Amazing, truly amazing. Most likely, an expert that is withdrawn from worldly affairs that has come to the Cyanwood Mountain. Else, it is impossible that even the Jadewater Temple’s headmaster cannot do anything to him.”

“Junior brother, quickly tell me, exactly which power’s headmaster is that person? What is his name?”

“That’s right, quickly tell us,” Fu Feiteng and the others all grew curious.

“Speaking of it, it’s quite a coincidence too. Like you all, he’s from the Alliance Domain.”

“I do not know his name. However, I think his power is called the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest,” Fang Tuohai said.